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thumpermorning robert_ancell21:23
robert_ancellthumper, hello21:23
thumperrobert_ancell: who knows about ATI graphics stuff...21:23
thumperrobert_ancell: I have a friend having issues trying to install ubuntu ... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/22602721:24
robert_ancellthumper, RAOF and bryceh are probably the best people to ask21:24
thumperI'll hit up RAOF once he starts...21:24
RAOFthumper: Launchpad Answers? Oldschool!23:39
thumperhi RAOF23:39
thumperRAOF: apparently someone on irc pointed him there :)23:40
thumperand he didn't know better23:40
RAOFthumper: So, there's not much to do without some form of logs.23:44
thumperRAOF: how can we get logs when he is left at a blank screen?23:44
RAOFThis is a good question.23:45
thumperI feel bad for him because he asked me prior to buying this machine if it would work23:47
thumperand I said: I don't see why not23:47
thumperand now he is having trouble23:47
* thumper sighs23:47
RAOFI also don't see why it wouldn't work.23:52
thumperme neither, but my understanding of graphics stack is somewhat limited23:55
popeythumper: can he not drop to tty and "apport-collect <bugnumber>" ?23:56
thumperpopey: I think it is during the installer process, so no...23:57
thumperpopey: or put another way, I have no idea23:57
thumperif he turns off secure-boot, he can get the live DVD working23:58
popeysorry, missed that bit23:58
thumperpopey: np23:58
popeyalso, fun bug of the day - bug 116592723:58
thumperso the graphics card obviously works to an extent23:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1165927 in linux (nUbuntu) "List with CRITICAL tons of bugs, dont have the time to add them seperately" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116592723:58
popeythumper: yeah, I have zero experience of ATI - for exactly this reason23:58
thumperpopey: because it doesn't work?23:59
RAOFIt's not clear whether he's tried booting normally after disabling secure boot (which should not be necessary).23:59
thumperRAOF: well, if he disables secure boot, he can't see his win8 partition23:59
thumperor more precisely, the installer doesn't recognise the win8 partition as an OS23:59
thumperso wants to blow it all away23:59
RAOFthumper: He can get the live DVD *working*? The question suggests that he gets only a blank screen?23:59

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