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keeshalfie: right, PIE and BIND_NOW aren't default. (relro and all the rest are)07:04
keeshowever, the push in Debian has been to make PIE the default on amd64.07:04
keesso packages that have converted to dh(1) in debian are getting PIE on amd64.07:05
keesI need to check :)07:05
keeshalfie: ah, no, I lied. that's the plan, but not how it's implemented yet.07:06
halfiekees, thanks for the info!07:06
halfieselling PIE and BIND_NOW is hard07:07
keessee http://outflux.net/debian/hardening/07:09
keesand http://outflux.net/ubuntu/hardening/ (though I need to fix the release -- that's showing quantal)07:10
keesand note that're using different max values -- ubuntu has more packages, so the graph auto-scaled the y axis07:10
keesIMO, selling PIE is easy on amd64 :)07:10
keesand selling bind_now is easy too -- there's no measureable perf hit any more since the hashed symbol tables07:11
ogra_doko_, gcc did buiold fine for me over nicght, no issues09:17
ogra_(oh my ... /me needs coffee and type training)09:18
infinityogra_: Yeah, it eventually completed on sigbin too.09:26
ogra_yeah, i noticed he had restartred a build in parallel to calling me09:27
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dokoogra_, \o/09:41
dokoinfinity, the armel and armhf gcc-4.8 builds on precise did fail, will retry these too09:43
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dokomeh, the gcc-4.8 builds on precise did fail in dh_shlibdeps for the non-default multilib. will just ignore the return code then for precise10:03
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jtaylordoko: the python configure failures is not fixed without predepends :(12:31
dokojtaylor, ok, thanks. good to know12:37
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IDWMasterI'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this discussion, but I was wondering if there are plans to implement multitouch support for Unity, and if so, how could I contribute?17:22
penguin42IDWMaster: I'm not sure; but there is a https://blueprints.launchpad.net/canonical-multitouch  section in lp, and there are a series of blueprints hung off that, including one or two unity ones17:32
penguin42IDWMaster: You might also try #ubntu-unity17:33
penguin42 add the missing u ^17:33
IDWMasterOK. Thanks17:38
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infinityapw / BenC: Want to rebase lowlatency and ppc against the shiniest raring upload?20:40
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