Blinkizdarkxst, Hi, are you here?07:59
darkxstBlinkiz, hi07:59
Blinkizdarkxst, You helped me yesterday with problem that gnome/gdm did not start07:59
Blinkizdarkxst, I solved the problem which is a bug07:59
darkxstBlinkiz, oh cool, details?07:59
Blinkizdarkxst, Under the installation, I choose that I live in Sweden and use Swedish keyboard. That writes this into /etc/default/locale: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5685442/08:01
Blinkizdarkxst, But that will prevent datetime.js extention to start in gnome-shell08:01
darkxstare the locale's written incorrect?08:02
Blinkizdarkxst, I have not pinpointed the exact problem but I installed "apt-get install language-pack-sv" and then changed all "sv_SE" to "sv_SE.UTF-8" and then gnome-shell/GDM started to work08:02
BlinkizLogin into unity or KDE is not effected by the default locale file08:03
darkxstBlinkiz, oh right, can you file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell'08:03
Blinkizonly gdm/gnome-shell that fails08:03
darkxstadd all those details, and then we can follow it up with upstream08:04
darkxstand good detective work!08:04
Blinkizdarkxst, ok, can you give me a url pointed where I should submit this bug?08:04
darkxstBlinkiz, just type that command in a terminal ;)08:04
Blinkizdarkxst, aha, okay :)08:04
darkxst 'ubuntu-bug gnome-shell'08:05
Blinkizdarkxst, Should I do this when it is not working or does it not matter?08:05
darkxstBlinkiz, in this case it does not matter08:05
darkxstbut that does collect logs and other information off your system, so is the recommended way of filing a bug!08:06
darkxstBlinkiz, however if you can get a stacktrace of the datetime.JS failure that would be helpful08:08
Blinkizdarkxst, Sure, I can do that. How? :)08:08
BlinkizI guess it is not simply running strace..08:08
darkxstwell normally they end up in the session.log08:09
darkxstbut I don't recall seeing anything last time08:09
darkxstbut perhaps try change the locale file from within g-s and then just restart it from the terminal with 'gnome-shell --replace'08:10
darkxstand look for any errors there08:10
Blinkizdarkxst, Many many more people will have this problem. It seems like when it is not UTF-8, GDM will fail.08:11
Blinkizdarkxst, Am guessing simply "sv_SE" means ISO-8859-108:11
darkxstBlinkiz, I have had 5-6 people complain of possibly the same issue08:16
darkxstI suspect the intel thing was just a co-incidence08:16
darkxstfile the bug and I will follow up with relevant people, not many people around now, since its the weekend08:17
darkxstBlinkiz, oh and CC me on the ubuntu bug once you have filed it08:24
Blinkizdarkxst, okay08:25
Blinkizdarkxst, Am trying to figure out what to write. hehe :)08:25
darkxsthmm, just what you told me here, is enough08:26
Blinkizdarkxst, Should I change anything in the description so it will be easier to find/troubleshoot?08:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 1165681 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "GDM/gnome-shell fails to start" [Undecided,New]08:28
darkxstBlinkiz, that is fine08:29
Blinkizdarkxst, I change a few things to make it cleaner.. w808:29
darkxstsemente_, are you using non-english locale?08:31
darkxstif so, see the above bug report08:32
Blinkizdarkxst, Is it possible to create subjects in bug reports so it becomes easier to read? Some kind of bbcode or something?08:36
Blinkizdarkxst, Am after bold text08:36
darkxstno don't think so08:39
Blinkizdarkxst, I found this, same as my bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/90710308:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 907103 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell unicode problem" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:46
darkxstyes might be, will have a look later, dinner time now08:56
semente_darkxst: hi14:25
semente_darkxst: I don't remember what I was using... I usually use LANG as english and the remaining locales as pt_BR. I'm on debian now, going to install again ubuntu beta14:26
semente_so I enable gdm debug14:26
bd__Hi. jbicha should the people who will use unity in 13.04 activate the gnome 3 ppa? Thanks16:48
jbichabd__: maybe? we try not to break things for Unity users but sometimes there are regressions like bug 115943016:51
ubot5bug 1159430 in Ubuntu GNOME "Nautilus 3.7.92 breaks desktop background on Unity" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115943016:51
bd__jbicha: So the nautilus 3.8.0 currently in the PPA breaks unity's background too?16:52
bd__and what are the most signifficant differences from nautilus 3.6 to nautilus 3.8?16:54
jbichabd__: yes, https://git.gnome.org/browse/nautilus/tree/NEWS?h=gnome-3-816:56
AbsintheSyringedoes anyone else have problem with nautilus consuming 100% CPU when opened?16:59
AbsintheSyringethis problem makes my nautilus unusable17:02
bd__thanks jbicha . Do you know why is not ubuntu integrating gnome 3.8 components like nautilus by default?17:02
jbichabd__: GNOME development is moving very quickly and there just isn't enough time for the Ubuntu & Canonical developers to integrate the latest GNOME without a high risk of regressions so Ubuntu 13.04 was built on GNOME 3.617:04
bd__jbicha: I see. It is better to go with the stable then. My nautilus 3.8 has just crashed some moments ago with an Ubuntu internal error. Still I suppose you will be able to iron out many bugs by release :)17:06
jjmarin_jadams: I think is better to ask the question and wait to see if anyone can answer :)17:58
jadamsjjmarin_: so I kind of waffled - I can get by with eclipse crashing because of libsoup right now, and I've already put in my $0.02 on launchpad bug tracker in the gnome3 ppa18:18
jadamsso I figured I might just not waste anyone's time :)18:18
e1337reconHas anyone tried the 13.04 beta 2 build yet?22:36
wolfganghi, anyone here know how nautilus' scripts submenu will show up on one 12.04 box and not show up on another 12.04 box? yes, same environment, scripts in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/, 755, doing its thing, too, on one box23:58

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