benonsoftwaregodbyk: Ping.00:51
godbykbenonsoftware: pong00:55
benonsoftwaregodbyk: Hiya, I'm working on the pandoc conversion currently, you mentioned that you had troubles with it in the past, do you by any chance remember any of them?01:01
godbykbenonsoftware: When I tried using pandoc, it didn't like working with XeLaTeX documents and choked on some of our custom ubuntu-manual.cls macros.01:01
godbykbenonsoftware: I haven't tried it recently, so those issues may be resolved by now.01:02
benonsoftwareMmm, alrighty. My quick and dirty try is up on http://people.ubuntu.com/~benny/ubuntu-manual.epub .01:04
benonsoftwareI might sit down tonight and carefuly look at the ubuntu-manual code and pandoc to see if I can get to work.01:05
godbykI just downloaded it. I'm looking at it in Calibre now.01:05
godbykCool. I'm happy to help.01:05
godbykFeel free to ping me if you have any LaTeX-related questions.01:05
benonsoftwareWill do. :)01:06
godbykI'd love to be able to provide our manual in as many formats (including ebook formats) as possible.01:06
benonsoftwareYeah, it would be nice to see the manual on my iPad.01:07
godbykiPad? You traitor! ;-)01:09
godbykI need to look into how to get our manuals in the Apple bookstore.01:09
benonsoftwareHaha. I had to get one for school. :)01:09
godbykI've set up a Google account to get our books but in there, but I haven't submitted them yet.01:09
godbykI also need to move all our books from lulu.com to amazon.com. Lulu is still having trouble printing our books and some of our translated books are only available on Lulu right now.01:10
benonsoftwareStill the printing problems? o.o01:11
godbykWe never managed to pin down the source of all of the problems we were having.01:13
godbykSo I finally gave up and started using the Amazon.com route instead.01:13
benonsoftwareGood idea.01:15
benonsoftwareOh, I was looking at Kindle Direct Publishing last night, I think we can even just submit the PDF file and it gets converted from there.01:16
benonsoftwaregodbyk: https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=A2GF0UFHIYG9VQ#adobe but there may be some formatting issues.01:17
godbykYeah, it won't look good on a Kindle, though.01:19
godbykThe large page size doesn't mix well with the smaller Kindle screen sizes.01:19
godbykI'd prefer to have native (proper) file formats for each e-reader so that our work always looks its best.01:20
benonsoftwareAh, alrighty.01:20

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