SteveH0I had a harddrive crash and did a clean install of 12.04 mythbuntu.  On previous release, it was in one partition, and I figured that I would have a better chance of saving my programs if I kept prograams and data on separate partitions.  Now I can set schedules, but nothing records.  Before I repartition and reinstall, does anyone have troubleshooting steps that I could use to see why the...00:11
SteveH0...programs aren't being recorded?00:11
SteveH0I partularly would like to verify that my permissions are set properly.00:12
afmfresh instal of mythbuntu 12.04…having some issues retrieving the lineups from schedules direct… went to manually add, and i notice there are only 2 mysql databases… mythconverg depricated now?  did i somehow miss a step?03:35
afm2 default databases that is...03:35
afmwhere is my mythfilldatabase going?  heh or am i over thinking things03:40
afmi can't for the life of me get retrieve lineups to work… manually pulling with tv_grab_na_dd --download-only --dd-data works just fine13:53
afmi tried editing the timeout on tv_find_grabbers, but it's still bombing after 15 seconds…  where else should i be looking?14:08
qwebirc99789Can someone please help me figure out why my MCE remote won't work with a new install of 10.04.2? I have tried 2 installs with different media, tried 2 different remotes and 2 different USB IR receivers with no luck. irw doesn't display any codes, and all of the modules seem to be loaded. My lsmod shows this: http://pastebin.com/aADzM8f417:56

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