cjwatsonUrgh, those really shouldn't have been saying Beta 200:08
cjwatsonstgraber: ^- nusakan is posting to "Raring Daily" - is the mapping to Beta 2 happening at the iso.qa end?00:08
stgrabercjwatson: yes, post release someone needs to mark the milestoned as released00:35
infinitystgraber: Is there an obvious toggle for that? :)00:40
infinitystgraber: Also, speaking of intuitive interfaces, how the heck do I change "ubuntugnome" to "ubuntu-gnome", so the isotracker matches reality?00:40
stgraberinfinity: where are you seeing ubuntugnome?01:10
stgraberinfinity: for milestone status, it's in: admin => milestones => beta2 => edit01:10
stgraber(I just marked it released)01:10
infinitystgraber: It's what I got from publish-image-set ... Oh, maybe the bug is there.02:28
infinityHrm, hard to tell now, since you marked it released. :P02:30
infinitystgraber: Yeah, nevermind, the bug was in publish-image-set, fixed.03:09
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dokocjwatson, is it correct that gir1.2-gwibber-0.3, gir1.2-gwibber-gtk-0.3, libgwibber-dev, libgwibber-gtk-dev, libgwibber-gtk3, libgwibber3 need manual removal for having gwibber migrate to raring?11:53
cjwatsondoko: Manual removal is the wrong answer for this (because it means there's a publishing cycle when things are broken).  It may need a hint - I'll have a look after lunch12:20
cjwatsonOr, well, at some point today12:21
rtg_cjwatson, infinity, stgraber: please approve the Raring kernel packages if you're around today.14:50
rtg_linux, linux-signed, linux-meta14:50
dokojbicha, daniel chen did upload ekg first16:29
jbichadoko: ekg wasn't me :)16:30
dokoRiddell, ScottK: the only package ftbfs in the kde update is pykde419:10
infinitydoko / cjwatson: That's probably another manifestation of NBS in -proposed blocking migration, no need for removals in -release.  I'll poke it in a sec to confirm that theory and fix.19:24
cjwatsoninfinity: Mm.  I could have sworn I'd fixed that ages ago19:30
cjwatsonThat logic is complicated though19:30
cjwatsonWorst case, hint it19:30
infinityActually, it's not that.  Hrm.19:31

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