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maddymanAnyone with experience in trying the preview on the Wingray?00:44
wade|awayman I give up00:48
wade|awaymaybe when I come back a year from now it will be developer freindly00:48
wade|awayI am done00:48
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Guest33231with version 64, i can't access keyboard for wifi passaword , any idea or bug ?07:39
Guest33231nexus 7 ...07:39
unitymanhello is ubuntu phone os called touch?08:10
unitymanIs it possible to dual boot android with ubuntu phone OS?08:11
unitymanNot reffering to loading ubuntu OS via sd card either.08:12
unitymanWell no one is around got to run. later :)08:13
unitymanTime to watch netflix on ubuntu08:14
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AndChat533225can anybody see me?13:34
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RexfromChinacan anybody see my typing?13:37
gena2xHi all. My n900 is dead, so now i am thinking about changing phone. Is the ubuntu-phone usable as daily phone?14:12
gena2xAnybody using it daily?14:13
gena2xIdeally i want SMS, GSM, charging, bluetooth gsm routing, packet data, wifi and kind of internet browser14:14
gena2xand ssh access for file transfer14:15
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IDWMasterHow do I enable multitouch support for Unity?17:25
wilee-nileeIDWMaster, This is the ubuntu-touch channel, however here is some info. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch17:35
gaelI just finished to install ubuntu touch on my nexus 7 but only the clock seems to works18:08
gaelthe touch screen didn't respond to my fingers18:09
gh1234gael: Are you sure that you are seing the clock? It might be the twitter lockscreen. Do a left to right swipe from offscreen and see if something happens...18:10
gaelthanls u gh1234 ! In fact it's the twitter lockscreen. I tried a lft to right swipe but it didn't work -_-18:11
gaelokay something happen but only when i swipe at the bottom of the screen18:12
gaelthanks for the help gh123418:13
gaelIt's okay i think. Thank you for your help18:14
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b4dave_I just installed ubuntu touch to my nexus 7. Not sure what to do next.21:28
tux_use it?21:30
tassadar_get a cup of tea?21:30
b4dave_I know you all are busy but can anyone tell me how to removed the default stuff on the tablet?21:36
RobbyFb4dave_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes21:37
RobbyFscroll down to sample content21:37
b4dave_Thank you. i was just going to ask where i can get some extra info.21:37
tux_b4dave_, its in the topic21:43
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b4dave_Thanks guys. I am loving this. I am sshed into the tablet. Wow. Ubuntu on a table.22:02
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