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MartijnVdSDespondentPotato: can you please just keep ONE nick?09:33
MartijnVdSmorning SuperEngineer09:40
* MartijnVdS is sad09:41
SuperEngineerhi MartijnVdS, things good?09:41
MartijnVdSAccording to the data sheet, the switch chip in my router supports "jumbo frames", which I would need to get larger PPPoE packets (with MTU 1500 packets inside)09:41
MartijnVdSbut I'm too scared to update the constant in the kernel and re-flash :)09:42
MartijnVdSif the ethernet ports don't work anymore I'd have to open it up and solder in a serial header09:42
MartijnVdSand that's too much effort :)09:42
* SuperEngineer knows that feeling well... especially on a Sunday ;)09:42
MartijnVdSalso, apparently, the "CPU port" might not support the MTU09:42
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: playing with OpenWRT is cool though :)09:43
SuperMattanyone good with postfix?09:43
SuperEngineerthat looks like "stop right there, go no futher" o me09:43
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: what do you want to know/do?09:43
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: I'll stick to filing a bug then :)09:43
MartijnVdSSuperMatt, SuperEngineer: your names! they confuse!09:44
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: You configured Postfix to do greylisting, and Thunderbird to connect to that Postfix?09:44
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MartijnVdSSuperMatt: Or did you configure TBird to connect to Postfix which connects to the internet and finds a server with greylisting?09:45
SuperMattI tried to send an email from myself to myself09:45
SuperMattI have greylisting enabled09:45
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: the point of greylisting is that it sends a "temporary failure" message first.. so thunderbird is hitting the greylist :)09:45
MartijnVdSyou only want greylisting on _incoming_ smtp-servers, not outgoing09:46
SuperMattwhat if you're using the same server for both?09:46
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: then you tell postfix to enable to "Submission" port, and use that in thunderbird09:46
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: and don't enable greylisting on that port09:46
MartijnVdSbut DO enable auth09:46
MartijnVdS(and I'm not sure, but maybe SSL as well)09:46
SuperMattyuh, I have auth enabled09:46
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: submission is a different port.. submission587/tcp# Submission [RFC4409]09:47
SuperMattI think I understand now09:47
MartijnVdSit's also a great way around ISP's "port 25" blocks :)09:48
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: there are lots of Postfix docs about the "submission"p ort09:49
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:52
SuperMattdang, now I'm getting auth rejected on 587 D:09:58
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: I think you have to configure it on a per-port basis09:59
SuperMattah, I think I've got it10:00
SuperMatthow silly of me, I forgot to enter my username and password into thunderbird >.<10:07
dwatkinsThunderbirds are go!10:07
SuperMattok, now is there a way to flush what servers have been greylisted?10:13
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: you should have configured a greylist database10:15
SuperMattI know what I'll do, I'll just use one of my other domains to test :D10:16
SuperMattactually, nm10:17
SuperMattI think I'm OK now10:17
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SuperEngineerhmmmm... confused!  just checked synaptic - my linux headers seem out of step with linux image http://imagebin.org/25309010:46
G|LinuxusermriadDude I bought a Yeelong Lemote notebook last night at 1am off ebay 50%off .. I'm thinking I'll get 'all the signatures' and milk it for all it's worth .. should arrive May-  1st-week.11:12
penguin42 'yeelong lemote' ?11:14
MartijnVdSpenguin42: no-brand Chinese knockoff11:14
penguin42I notice there are a couple of no-brand highres tablets11:15
SuperEngineercomplete with built in key logger no doubt11:16
penguin42shrug, not sure they're all that bad11:17
SuperEngineer[just joking]11:17
G|Linuxusermriadpenguin42: I had somewhat of an ethical orghasm when I saw the price !!11:20
MartijnVdSG|Linuxusermriad: but.. keylogger?11:20
G|Linuxusermriadthere's no keylogger, you derisor !11:20
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G|LinuxusrmyriadUsually they cost about £375 to get them to the uk using Taobao.com [ http://loogson.taobao.com/ ] but beckii showed me the system .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFheq8ic1H811:26
G|Linuxusrmyriad.. that's if they get through customs which can take over a month ..11:27
penguin42aren't there any amazon/ebay UK people who've already done that hard work11:29
mungbeanand who would u return it to?11:30
mungbeanzero post sale support11:30
mungbeanyeelong lemote sounsd like an rms special11:31
penguin42yeh I'm ok with doing that for cheap converters/leads/etc on the basis you haven't lost much11:31
penguin42although the 3-4 ship from HK annoys me11:32
G|LinuxusrmyriadIt's not about being a customer .. it's about Libre citizenship .. I'm part of the noosphere when it arrives.11:38
G|Linuxusrmyriadwhich part ?11:39
penguin42most of it11:39
mungbeansomeone spike ur drink?11:39
* penguin42 holds up some flippers - how many do you see?11:40
G|Linuxusrmyriadwell the rght one is partly covered , but two , defo two.11:40
G|Linuxusrmyriadbest thing is that I get an entry into the h-node hall of fame as my " 8089b " is not entered yet, but the " YeeLoong 8101B " is :: | http://h-node.org/notebooks/view/en/89/YeeLoong-8101B11:43
penguin42oh, one of the mips jobbies11:43
mungbeanbuying stuff online is so difficult nowadays, its hard to know whats fake and genuine. trying to get new airbrush.11:44
penguin42what are you going to run, Debian/mips ?11:44
G|Linuxusrmyriadme ?11:44
mungbeanpeople even reuse model numbers11:44
penguin42G|Linuxusrmyriad: OK, I thought you were just buying a cheap laptop - that would be insane - but buying one of the open mips ones is a little less insane11:46
G|Linuxusrmyriadpenguin42: There aren't many posts on it .. but AFAs Debian .. here's one .. https://mulenmar.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/yeeloong-8089b-some-performance-tweaks/11:47
penguin42G|Linuxusrmyriad: Ouch that's pretty low spec11:48
* SuperEngineer guesses it gets slowed down by the perpetual keylooger! :D11:49
G|LinuxusrmyriadThe whole thing is like that rope bridge walk in Indiana Jones  ... surprised it still endorsed by the China LUG !11:49
penguin42 <breakfast>11:49
G|LinuxusrmyriadThere's an interesting Last post on ::: http://goo.gl/xmSDO :: " It sounds like you'd need to use a 64-bit version of MSVC so it doesn't run out of address space and crash hard, then ? "11:54
SuperEngineer<cream tea>11:54
G|Linuxusrmyriad<Coco & shortbread>11:55
SuperEngineerG|Linuxusrmyriad: hang on! nobody's done <cheese & biscuits> yet!11:57
* SuperEngineer watches The Simpsons11:58
shaunoreads like that's solving the wrong problem.  if it grows forever until you run out of ram, giving it more ram isn't a solution11:58
G|LinuxusrmyriadSuperEngineer: It was chronological, I was on night-cap, or else I would've.11:58
DaraelYou think model-number reuse for similar products is a problem - try one model number that appears to refer to at least seven *entirely different* products.11:58
* brobostigon watches the simpsons also.11:59
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: ;)11:59
G|Linuxusrmyriadshauno: So it's a snow-ball effect ?11:59
brobostigonSuperEngineer: :)11:59
DaraelSpeaking of which, I encountered an interesting thing recently:  A mobo where a short had actually burned through it, but somehow the components hadn't been fried.12:00
MartijnVdSDarael: ESD?12:00
shaunothey make it sound like it's growing forever.  all 32 vs 64bit is going to change is the particular message it dies with12:00
shaunoeither it eats 1GB physical, 3GB swap, and then dies because it's hit the 32bit barrier.  or it eats 1GB physical, all your swap, and then dies because it hit the real barrier12:01
DaraelLaptop motherboard, some git had accidentally shorted the negative pin on the DC jack to one of the positives.  It was working well after the burning-plastic-smell-and-no-longer-charged, up until it ran out of battery.12:01
MartijnVdSDarael: HP?12:01
MartijnVdSMy old HP had that..12:01
DaraelMartijnVdS: Nah.  Some no-name outfit.12:02
MartijnVdSit would run fine off batteries, but couldn't charge them12:02
G|Linuxusrmyriadshauno: I think that was my post .. I was trying to troll in '09 .. Can you see " Mednafen " other posts ?12:02
DaraelThe machine in question had that problem once, because the DC jack was actually broken.  It was out of warranty, so it was taken to a chap who soldered on a new jack.  But he caused the aforementioned short and eventually the mobo burned right through.12:03
SuperEngineertalking of ESD... have been asked to aquire a pair of ,conductive. safety boots!  - there's nothing like turning yourself into an earthing rod!12:03
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: Just get a Faraday cage suit :)12:04
MartijnVdS(rubber-lined on the inside)12:04
shaunowhen they put metal studs in the seat of your chair, you'll wish you'd have taken the boots12:04
* SuperEngineer starts eating rubber12:04
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: sure they may TASTE like banana or strawberry.. but they're not for eating!12:05
DaraelSuperEngineer: There are limits to "you are what you eat"...12:05
SuperEngineer[the conductive boots are for a new [major] client... apparently blowing up a whole petrol station can be injurious to one's health12:06
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: health & safety gone mad!12:06
SuperEngineertherefore no static discharge is preferred... but I still prefer the eat rubber methd!12:06
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS:  /me composes email to boss titled "health & safety gone mad!"12:08
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: "I read in the Daily Mail that..."12:09
SuperEngineer...but holds back from copy/pasting this IRC into it :D12:09
shaunoyou consider this less authorative than the daily mail?12:10
* SuperEngineer read the daily mail once - took 3 weeks to stop laughing12:12
penguin42SuperEngineer: Yeh I think a lot of safety boots have some dischargey thing in12:12
SuperEngineer...trouble is - people kept on saying it's meant to a joke - it's meant to be a newspaper12:13
* penguin42 likes steel toe cap boots - they let you wiggle your toes12:13
G|LinuxusrmyriadMan, I've got Evapoated Milk and a stack of Columbian Coffee .. . .. is this a good combination ?12:13
DaraelIs it time to mention kill-or-cure?12:13
MartijnVdSpenguin42: wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah?12:13
penguin42MartijnVdS: Hell yeh12:13
SuperEngineer...& they your toes get cut off by the steel when it gets impacted! .. but don't let me worry you12:14
SuperEngineer...use composite toe caps12:14
MartijnVdSooh.. BTC = €119.9912:14
penguin42SuperEngineer: Yeh but at least they get cut off cleanly!12:14
MartijnVdSpenguin42: no gangrene to worry about 8-)12:15
SuperEngineerpenguin42: :D12:15
* penguin42 doesn't do any heavy stuff any more; but I still wear them - my first were a pair of Doc's12:15
* SuperEngineer wonders if safety boots really stop cars running you over when working on forecourt computer kit :)12:18
MartijnVdS\o popester12:19
SuperMatthullo hullo12:19
penguin42SuperEngineer: No, but if they nearly run you over you can put a much bigger dent in them12:20
SuperEngineerpenguin42: [and get annoyed - saying " oi! you damaged my boots!]12:21
penguin42SuperEngineer: is this the pumps, sineage or some other monitoring stuff?12:21
* SuperEngineer recalls having done what penguin42 suggests once or twice in a previous incarnation ;)12:22
SuperEngineer..so my email to boss goes... "following intense discussion, I will wear composite toe-capped boots whilst eating rubber - and kick any car that nears to me!"12:26
SuperEngineerthat should do it!12:26
SuperEngineer*comes near to...12:27
* popey suffers from bug 116209312:31
lubotu3bug 1162093 in Unity "Unity broken after latest update; compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in getCompPluginVTable20090315_unityshell()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116209312:31
penguin42popey: What's the character at the end of your lp name?12:33
popey㋛ <- that12:33
penguin42hmm, my web browser wasn't rendering that but my irc is12:34
SuperMattmine's other way around12:35
SuperEngineerpopey: did you get to try "Amnesia - The Dark Descent"?12:37
popeynot yet12:40
mungbeanim confused, what decent sync does tomboy offer now?12:40
popeyssh, file, snowy12:40
popeysame as it always did12:41
mungbeanlooks like they are discussing still12:41
mungbeanIt would seem possible that if we started a branch for the development of12:42
mungbeanGDrive and or Dropbox and piled into it, both could be implemented within a12:42
mungbeanfew weeks.12:42
ali1234is skype broken on 12.10 too?12:42
SuperEngineerpopey: recommend it! best played as suggested - darkened room + headphones [though I would recommend keeping a spare brain in the fridge!]12:42
ali1234!info qtwebkit12:43
lubotu3Package qtwebkit does not exist in quantal12:43
popey!info libqtwebkit412:44
lubotu3libqtwebkit4 (source: qtwebkit-source): Web content engine library for Qt. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.1-4ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 5629 kB, installed size 23785 kB12:44
ali1234why is it 2.2.1?12:45
popeywhy not?12:46
popeythats whats in quantal12:46
ali1234well shouldn't it be 4.something?12:46
popeyno, separate component12:46
ali1234libqt4-webkit (1 4:4.7.0~beta1)12:46
popeybuilt against 4 hence the name being libqtwebkit4 AIUI12:47
ali1234i also have qtwebkit 2:5.0-1ubuntu2912:47
popeyfrom a ppa perhaps?12:47
popeythere was a package rename happen to allow 4 and 5 to be co-installed12:48
ali1234we need a proper release between now and the release of ubuntu-touch in which you can develop apps without needing ppas12:48
ali1234because at the moment it's a mess12:48
mungbeanlike a touch devs spin?12:50
ali1234no not like a spin12:56
popeya proper release of what?12:56
popeyubuntu or the qml bits?12:56
ali1234a proper release of ubuntu12:56
popeywhats wrong with 13.04?12:56
ali1234which includes the QML bits required to develop mobile apps12:57
ali1234and which remain stable for 6 months12:57
SuperMatthow can I make apt think a package isn't installed?12:57
ali1234well, last time i checked, 13.04 still requires a ppa?12:57
DaraelSuperMatt: Uninstall it?12:57
popeynot anymore12:57
ali1234and that ppa is still highly unstable and quite likely to mess up your system12:57
SuperMattwell.. that's a problem because it won't uninstall12:57
popeySuperMatt: what package?12:57
ali1234i see12:58
popeywhat happens when you try to?12:58
SuperMattbasically I trashed my /opt, forgetting spotify was installed in there12:58
popeyyou plum12:59
SuperMattand now my packages are in an inconsistant state12:59
popeyreinstall it12:59
popeysudo apt-get install --reinstall spotify12:59
popeythen uninstall it12:59
SuperMatttrying to, that's not working either12:59
popeywhat happens/12:59
SuperMattit seems there are pre-removal scripts which are not working because I trashed the data :(12:59
popeyeven with reinstall?13:00
popeypastebin it13:00
popeyeasy to fix...13:02
popeyjust bin /var/lib/dpkg/info/spotify-client.prerm13:02
popeyor edit it and comment out the single line in it13:02
popeyprefarbly the latter13:02
SuperMattthat's it!13:03
ali1234there's a good tric for that actually13:16
ali1234you can query the package database for a list of packages that installed files in a directory and then reinstall them13:16
ali1234i did this when i accidentally deleted /usr/bin13:16
SuperMattat least you didn't remove /usr/sbin, or dpkg and apt would have faaaailed13:17
ali1234oh they did13:17
ali1234i had to boot live cd, copy a few missing binaries, and then chroot13:18
SuperMattI'm always glad I can do this stuff in Linux though13:18
SuperMattyou'd have to go for a complete reinstall in Windows13:18
penguin42yeh you can dig really deep holes on Linux - and climb out of them13:20
ali1234this is totally why i stopped using windows13:20
ali1234too many reinstalls13:20
ali1234press wrong button, receive smoke13:20
SuperMattI reinstall Ubuntu about once a year13:20
SuperMattnormally when I upgrade something13:20
ali1234i reinstall it every 6 months13:21
ali1234i was reinstalling windows every 2 weeks13:21
penguin42only reinstalls if I change distro or change main disk13:31
MartijnVdSsame here.. or if the installation is messed up somehow13:35
MartijnVdSwhich can happen.. after years of running/upgrading/messing13:35
penguin42it's got to get pretty messed up for me to do that :-)13:37
* SuperEngineer celebrates... what the firm's IT dept has failed to resolve in 2 weeks - I just resolved in 1/2 hour15:36
* SuperEngineer 1 -It dept. 015:36
brobostigonok, any ideas, my machine is getting an ipv6 global addr from radvd, on the router ipv6 forwarding is set in sysctl, and said router can ping an outside ipv6 addr, however said client machine connected to it cant. any ideas.15:38
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: yeah - go have a beer - I'll look into it when you're not at work and can't see what I'm doing ;)15:40
brobostigonSuperEngineer: haha,15:40
* SuperEngineer takes to bathroom... gotta wash all that filthy Windows 7 from self - it,s making me all itchy15:43
SuperEngineer...if *only* I was as good at Linux :(15:45
SuperEngineer...but gettin there15:46
Daraelbrobostigon: check ip -6 route; see if it's actually picked up the route and not just the address.  Also check that IPv6 forwarding is enabled on the router - I seem to recall it's dropped in iptables by default.15:53
brobostigonDarael: ip -6 route, on the client?15:54
Daraelbrobostigon: Yup.  Just check that it *has* a route via the router.15:54
brobostigonDarael: ok.15:55
brobostigonDarael: ok, there we go, yes, missing.15:56
Daraelbrobostigon: Well, there are two options:  The quick fix and the reliable fix.15:56
brobostigonDarael: lets have both, and i will make notes.15:57
diddledanquick fix, quick fix!15:57
Daraelbrobostigon: ip -6 route add default via $routeraddress (or something very close to that; check man ip just in case)15:57
brobostigonDarael: on the client?15:57
Daraelbrobostigon: But for a faster one, there's probably something missing in the router's radvd.conf.15:57
Daraelbrobostigon: Yup.15:57
Daraels/faster/more permanent/15:57
brobostigonDarael: lets fix radvd, yes.15:58
DaraelI don't even know what happened with that typo15:58
Daraelbrobostigon: I'm sorry, I abandoned thee, didn't I?!16:35
brobostigonDarael: nah, i worked it out, added the ip mentioned in radvd.conf to the actual device it referred to, fixed it.16:35
Daraelbrobostigon: Excellent.  Glad to hear it's working now.16:36
brobostigonDarael: not the ip, but the referring ip, from the start of its subnet.16:36
Daraelbrobostigon: Yes, indeed.16:38
brobostigonDarael: then restarted radvd, and it worked. the forwarding was set correctly, also.16:38
bigcalmHi peeps :)17:05
bigcalmWot ho mgdm17:12
mgdmhow goes it?17:13
bigcalmSplendidly thanks. Is it the weekend yet?17:14
mgdmbigcalm: sadly it is almost over17:20
gebbionehi, whats the best application to manage an android mobile from ubuntu17:56
gebbionelike music and so on17:56
jacobwgebbione: Rhythmbox or Banshee17:56
gebbionerhythmbox just crashes for me17:57
gebbionebanshee i dont see the device17:57
mungbeanis it regular usb device or mtp?17:57
mungbeani.e. can nautilus see it?17:57
gebbionei see the samsung android device but right now i cannot mount it17:58
gebbioneclicking on it does not open it17:58
gebbioneit is a samsung s317:58
DJonesgebbione: Try installing Airdroid on the android device & connect via a web browser17:58
jacobwgebbione: I have the same experience with Rhythmbox18:01
SuperEngineergotta go - bye bye folks18:09
gebbioneafter installing airdroid for some reason my usb worked and banshee is fine18:26
zleapHi tombrough18:56
* Laney decides he can get a tax refund19:49
mgdmisn't it HMRC that usually make that decision for you? :)19:55
Laneythat's what they want you to think19:56
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bigcalmJust watched last week's Dr Who, was quite fun20:16
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mungbeanbigcalm: yesterdays ?20:27
mungbeanyesterdays was worst one ever20:27
bigcalmmungbean: no, last week's20:28
bigcalmWe've been busy20:28
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