Unit193stlsaint: Heh, howdy again.03:41
stlsaintUnit193: o/03:55
thafreakugh...finally getting second old machine up for my younger daughter18:01
thafreaki freaking hate compiz...18:01
thafreakbasically, plain ubuntu, not gonna work18:01
thafreakAnyone have one of the newer super low end nvidia cards, like a gt 210 or 61018:02
thafreakand know if it works well for basic 2d stuff?18:02
thafreakOr I'll just say screw it, and give xubuntu a go on it instead...18:03
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skellatgilbert Any nominations floating around that I didn't catch from the mailing list?19:02
jrgiffordi think it's just one, right now.19:10
jrgiffordyours, right?19:10
gilbertskellat: just yours19:18
gilbertwill send a mail in a bit19:18
gilbertyeah, i suppose its an "interesting" situation19:26
gilbertseems like a top priority for the group is going to need to be attracting participants19:27
gilbertwhich can later become leaders19:27
skellatI'd say at this point that since there were less nominations than seats, the election failed.  The council would just go away leaving gilbert as Point of Contact.19:30
gilbertdon't agree19:31
skellatgilbert: How do you wish to proceed?19:31
gilberthaving new people take leadership roles is important19:32
Cheri703I think we could have a "yes/no" vote on "do you want skellat to take one of the empty seats?"19:47
Cheri703it doesn't have to be a choice between multiple people necessarily19:47
Cheri703and perhaps you could do something like "ok, q2, <person> is going to be the go-to point person on anything that gilbert and skellat need help with" "q3 will be <other person>" it'd give a chance for folks to take on a bit more responsibility without feeling like "omg commitment!"19:48
jrgiffordcongrats skellat20:26
Unit193skellat: Congrats.20:29
Unit193gilbert: Sorry to see you go as well. :/20:29
gilbertUnit193: thanks :)20:30
gilbertUnit193: i'll still be in irc for the forceable future20:30
jrgiffordgilbert, while i am sorry to see you leave, i understand.20:33
gilbertthanks jrgifford20:33
jrgiffordi've been thinking on similar lines, but ubuntu is still the OS of choice for me.20:33
Cheri703so I guess this makes skellat gadfaw20:34
Cheri703group appointed dictator for a while20:34
gilberthaha, yes indeed20:34
Cheri703vs sabdfl20:34
gilbertjrgifford: debian is quite nice :)20:35
skellatAs was said often on "Quantum Leap": "Oooooooooohhhh boy..."20:35
gilbertplus there are me and paultag as DDs :)20:35
Cheri703I am liking xubuntu20:35
jrgiffordgilbert, yeah, i know.20:35
Unit193jrgifford: That's why it doesn't hit me nearly as much, Xubuntu is very community based.20:35
Cheri703it's free of at least some of the overreaching changes, has a bit of autonomy, and so far is working pretty nicely for my setup :)20:35
skellatUbuntu Ohio to me includes all the flavors too20:36
Unit193It'd kind of have to.20:36
jrgiffordi really like the polish of unity. argue about it all you want, it fits my workflow. although, i am starting to enjoy crunchbang. ;P20:36
skellatAfter all, I've got Xubuntu and Lubuntu running at home yet no machine has a graphics card capable of coping with Unity20:36
Cheri703jrgifford: it worked for me until I got bigger monitors :) the bar on the far left was just too far away20:36
paultagDebian's my first and only real love20:36
Unit193Last Ubuntu was 6.10.20:37
paultagsure that fling with Ubuntu was fun20:37
paultagbut Debian. That's where I need to be :)20:37
gilberthaha, paultag had a "fling" :)20:37
Unit193Xfce4 in debian isn't as up to date, sadly.20:37
jrgiffordCheri703, see, i am really a laptop guy. don't have multiple monitors, for the most part20:37
paultagUnit193: sounds like you found a way to contribute!20:37
skellatDo we need to talk about my adventures in openSUSE?20:37
paultagUnit193: also; did you check exerpiemental?20:37
Cheri703ah, yeah, on a laptop it'd be fine. :)20:37
Unit193paultag: I think it may be in there.20:38
Cheri703I have 2 24" 16:10 now20:38
gilbertUnit193: xfce is 4.10 in experimental, which is what i use. i like to live dangerously ;)20:41
gilbertUnit193: plus wheezy will be releasy real soon now, and you'll be able to get your latest and greatest fix in jessie or sid again20:51
jrgiffordis jessie whats next?20:51
gilbertjrgifford: yep20:52
gilberti will readily admit that debian freezes are annoying20:56
paultagthey are now that they're so long20:57
gilberteven when they were 6 months they were annoying21:03
gilbertskellat: i just gave you voice status, hopefully that persists21:11
jrgiffordstirring speak from our gadfaw!21:11
jrgifforder, email. ;P21:12
jrgiffordman, it's that time of year again. check all my ISOs, delete most of them, and spend more bandwidth downloading more. ;P21:13
Cheri703hehe http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2013/04/07/do-not-disturb-pic/23:31
canthus13well... *this* is scary.23:45
canthus13Ehh.. forgot to paste. :)23:52
Cheri703I was like, "well THAT is scary"23:52
dzhooh, yeah.  that.23:53
dzhoView -> Page View ... No Style23:53
dzhoor, view source23:53
dzhoor, copy it and paste it into a text file, first.23:53
* canthus13 nods.23:57
canthus13most people will blindly copypasta, though.23:57
dzhohow sad for them23:58

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