OmnifrogI haven't got stuck in a while03:59
* cyberanger has a sudden urge to play frogger, anybody else?04:13
cyberangerhow's it going Omnifrog ?04:17
Omnifrogfine now, lol04:18
Omnifrogfun evening04:19
cyberangersame here, retro gaming04:25
cyberangerGex though, not frogger04:29
cyberangerand some crash bandicoot04:29
Unit193At leas whoever got stuck seems to have a drink. :)04:47
Omnifrogwife was a passenger04:48
Omnifrogwe both had drinks though04:48
Unit193See?  Not all bad!  Anything good?  Coffee or tea?04:49
Omnifrogno drinks were spilled during the filming of this event04:49
Omnifrogcoffee, tea? hahahahaha04:49
Omnifroglike a true southern redneck04:50
Omnifrogeven though I'm from California04:50
Omnifrogthat was a long time ago though04:51
OmnifrogI've put that part of my life behind me04:51
cyberangerOmnifrog: about 2000 mi behind04:55
cyberangerand you know, san fran. has microbreweries too04:57
OmnifrogI grew up there04:59
Omnifroglived there for ~30 years04:59
cyberangerso then it'd be more like 2,500 mi behind you ;-)05:00
cyberangernice city, but I think I'd run from there too05:00
Omnifrogthe drive was interesting but it wasn't the first time I drove across country05:00
cyberangerthere are places you visit, places you live, to me at least, san fran. is the former05:00
OmnifrogI didn't actually live in San Francisco. I lived in the east bay. ~45 miles inland05:02
cyberangermaybe a better deal then05:02
Omnifrogalong the Sacramento Delta05:02
cyberangeridk, chattanooga is my city now05:02
OmnifrogI've been in TN for about 16 years. Chattanooga twice.05:03
Omnifrogthe first time was 16 years ago. then East Ridge for a time. then up to Nashville...Madison.. Murfreesboro and then bach here05:04
Omnifrogand here is where I plan on staying05:05
cyberangeridk about staying, depends on what's next, but uh, not planning on leaving without a good reason05:07
OmnifrogI am tied to family land here05:07
Omnifrogit's not so much a choice as a ....05:08
cyberangercommitment to them?05:23
cyberangeryeah, I get it, but don't know how to phrase it either05:24
OmnifrogI'm tied to this bit of dirt.05:45
OmnifrogI've worked this land for many years05:46
OmnifrogI'm no California boy any more05:46
Omnifrogand I really love this patch of dirt and woods05:47
OmnifrogI'll be happy to stay here for the remainder of my days05:47

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