georgelappieshi all08:45
Kilosmorning all09:07
Squirmhello Kilos, georgelappies, Cantide 09:54
Kilosohi there Squirm Cantide georgelappies 09:55
Cantidehello Squirm and Kilos :)09:56
Cantideand others :)09:56
Symmetrialol boredom leads to strange things10:21
Symmetrialike me going and buying an xobx10:21
SquirmSymmetria: now that you're occupied otherwise. you can send your S3 to me10:23
Symmetrialol when I get my s4 will think about it ;p waiting for the damn thing10:23
SquirmI'm trying to get the Nexus 4. But with shipping and customs it's pretty expensive :/10:24
Squirmneed to find someone coming from the US10:24
Symmetriaheh I'll stick with my s3 or s4 for a phone, and an ipad for a tablet10:24
Symmetriabecause ipad > any android tablet I have seen10:25
SquirmNexus 4 beats S310:25
Squirmeven incl. shipping to SA10:25
Squirmbut just too expensive for me10:25
Symmetria*shrug* so long as it can read email, make phone calls and type sms's10:26
SymmetriaI dont really care about 99% of the other features10:26
Symmetriaa decent camera on it is cool as well, but reality is if Im taking decent pictures, I have my canon 7D for that 10:26
Squirmlol. then you could spend <R1000 :P10:26
Symmetriasquirm, I'd bet 99.999% of people who have smart phones10:26
SquirmI'll give you R1000 for your S310:26
Symmetriadont use many more features than that10:27
Symmetriaits call gimmicky ;p10:27
Symmetriaoh, an mp3 player on the phone is a decent idea as well10:27
Squirmmeh, I did what I could on my little 800MHz Android phone10:27
Symmetriaheh you can buy an android phone in kenya for $20 10:28
Squirmbut it was little, 3.5"10:28
Squirmmovies lagged10:28
Symmetriamade by hauwei 10:28
SquirmI have the Hauwei Ideos X510:28
Symmetriaor you can buy a chinglish nokia that looks like a nokia, says its a nokia, acts like a nokia, but if you read the help all the menus are in chinglish ;p10:28
Symmetriaand it has typos :)10:28
SquirmSymmetria: I found an S3 clone here in my tiny town on Thursday10:29
Squirma "high copy"10:29
Squirmwas pretty good10:29
Squirmthough I had no way of telling the processor speed, even though the little sticker on the fron said quad core10:29
Symmetrialol knockoff phones are everywhere10:31
Squirmif it really did have a quad core, though chinese made10:31
SquirmI think it'd have been good :P10:31
Symmetriaheh I just posted a complaint about game in east london10:37
Symmetriaon hellopeter10:37
SymmetriaI have never been to a shop with worse service in my life10:37
Symmetria(I eventually walked out and went to incredible corruption and got my stuff there instead)10:38
SquirmI need to post a few things there10:38
Kiloshi not_found , work tonight?12:01
not_foundKilos, yes, second night shift13:07
psyatwhi not_found 13:08
psyatwhi koiosify 13:08
Kiloshi psyatw 13:08
psyatwhi all13:08
Kilosyou at work on sunday?13:08
psyatwnot really13:08
Kilosor you have internet in the church13:08
psyatwbut I need to complete some questionnaire, scan it and send it13:09
psyatwand it has to happen today, so I'd better be safe than sorry13:09
nuvolarioh hi oom Kilos :)13:09
nuvolarihi psyatw, not_found 13:09
not_foundhi all13:09
psyatwhi nuvolari 13:09
Kiloslo nuvolari 13:10
nuvolariI'm addicted to creamcrackers13:10
Kiloslol , bacon kips are better13:10
nuvolarinu-uh, I don't like too much salty stuff13:11
Kilosi even add a pinch of salt in my tea13:11
Kilossalt help for cramps13:12
psyatwhoi smile4ever :)13:12
Kiloshi smile4ever 13:14
smile4everhi Kilos & psyatw :)13:40
* smile4ever was driving13:40
psyatwhow did it go?13:40
Kiloslo superfly 16:19
superflyhi Kilos16:19
inetprogood morning Kilos17:20
Kilosgood morning inetpro you are awake rather  early17:21
Kiloswet the bed again?17:21
Kilosals goed inetpro ?17:22
inetprono new problemos Kilos17:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:34
smile4everbye :)18:35
nuvolario/ night20:38
Squirmnight nuvolari 21:02
superflyau revoir21:23
Squirmbye then superfly 21:26
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