smartboyhwzequence: Speaking about voting, there's a different voting system called CIVS.02:26
smartboyhwWhich the Kubuntu Members will use to vote on the Kubuntu Council members.02:29
smartboyhwTechnically speaking LP votes are better in doing Project Lead cotes 02:31
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "Technically speaking LP votes are better in doing Project Lead votes"02:32
len-dtsmartboyhw, I think the idea is that we need to grow the team large enough that a vote/poll is even needed in the first place.02:50
smartboyhwlen-dt: That's a +1. But in Xubuntu' case, their users LP team vote on their Project Lead 02:59
smartboyhwWe DO have that.02:59
smartboyhwHowever the problem will be that whether some people will get votes more equal then the others 03:01
smartboyhwI think, though, as zequence is still active he will still be the best choice for Project Lead 03:03
* smartboyhw is thinking to do a thank you section for the 13.04 final announcement.03:05
smartboyhwOff, back in 3-4 hours03:06
smartboyhwzequence: Do add me as friend on Ubuntu Forums:P07:17
len-dtzequence, holstein,  phasex is buggy. Sent a message to the developer. The preferences do not save. The only way to set preferences in phasex that will still be there next time it is started is to manually edit the file16:52
len-dtThe file to edit is ~/.phasex/phasex.cfg... should someone ask for help with this.16:53
len-dtI think the developer has copied over the patch save dialog where the the config save dialog should be and just not changed the values to reflect it's proper use. It seems odd that you would be able to save/load the patch in two places but not be able to save the config :)16:55
len-dtWow!, that was fast. Qjackctl 0.3.10 was released April 1 2013 and when I look at the one running in precise it says 0.3.10 build April 5 2013.21:15
zequencelen-dt: That is fast. backport?21:26
zequencelen-dt: Or, are you using some PPA21:27
zequencelen-dt: Doesn't look like it's been released from doing a package search21:28
zequenceI'm just about to boot into precise to test kernels. Will check21:28
zequencelen-dt: I guess you have kxstudio ppa. 21:31
len-dtI may.21:31
len-dtForgot about that. I haven't booted this drive for a bit.21:31
zequencels /etc/apt/sources.list.d/21:31
len-dtkxstudio-team-ppa-precise.list       opera.list21:32
len-dtkxstudio-team-ppa-precise.list.save  shnatsel-zram-precise.list21:32
zequencelen-dt: I doubt anyone is updating any of the pro audio packages on stable releases. Not even PA gets updated very often (last updated autumn last year)21:32
zequencePA had an update in November for precise21:34
len-dtDoes jack (not qjackctl) have any way of changing the name of it's ports?21:34
zequenceNo idea21:34
len-dtAh, I would love to rename ports 5 to 10 on my card.21:34
falktxI updated qjackctl for kxstudio, yes :)21:34
len-dtApril 5 no doubt :)21:35
falktxlen-dt: port-aliases kinda allow that, but qjackctl doesnt do that21:35
len-dtqjackctl allows it, but they don't show up in other programs.21:35
falktxyep, it doesn't use port-aliases21:35
len-dtI want it to show in Jack to other programs.21:36
falktxI support aliases in my catia app21:36
len-dtI have a delta 66 and ports 5 to 8 are not used. and 9-10 are spdif.21:36
falktxbut I think it's better to enable "hardware aliases" instead21:36
len-dtHow do I do that?21:37
falktxI have it enabled for kxstudio's jack2. use cadence to configure jack and enable it21:37
falktxsadly qjackctl doesn't read or set jackdbus settings either21:37
len-dtWell it does a few like rate and -p etc., but not all21:39
len-dtIt does allow the use of net as a back end but does not allow changing the settings.21:39
falktxno, qjackctl doesn't read jackdbus settings21:40
falktxas in, the one official jackdbus config in ~/.config/jack/21:40
len-dtHmm, OK, I guess it uses dbus to set things but then reads whatever from jack directly.21:41
zequenceqjackctl has its own settings, and also, edits ~/.jackdrc21:41
len-dtYa, When jack has settings changed through dbus it saves them too.21:42
falktxyes, but the problem is that it doesn't read them21:42
falktxso the settings are not shared with other jack config tools21:43
len-dtHmm, I can tell jack the number of ports I want to use, but not which ports I want to keep if they are non-contiguous.22:22
len-dtFor example 6 ports 1-4 + 9-1022:23
falktxjack doesn't do that afaik22:23
len-dtIt seems that way.22:23
len-dtStill 1.9.8 version of jack. Supports CELT but not opus.22:31
len-dtNope it says , I thought 1.9.9 came with opus support, release notes say "- Add opus support to NetJack2."22:41
len-dtzequence, I know it has been sometime since we looked at midi jitter.23:25
len-dtThe Jackd faq has this to say about it: "There is no canonical answer to that. The kernel clock freq (dev.rtc.max-user-freq, dev.hpet.max-user-freq) is irrelevant for JACK, JACK-midi and JACK's MIDI-backends including a2jmidid. However, applications that directly use ALSA-MIDI or ALSA-sequencer may be affected by this. There are many related factors. It depends which timer is used by the soundcard's driver (snd_timer, snd_hrtimer) and how the appl23:26
len-dtications schedules ALSA-MIDI data processing."23:26
len-dtzequence, it would seem we should try to set things up to default to using jack midi if they support it. 23:55

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