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edgardo1568i,m installing ubuntu studio as we speak and i just wanna to say THANKS FOR A HELL OF A GOOD PROGRAM.14:17
cfhowlettedgardo1568, have fun with it14:17
SuperRoachGood evening. Is there a way I can troubleshoot connecting to ad hoc devices? It appears to never connect and times out. Windows box connects ok to the wifi device though.14:28
D3n4riu5hi i have a problem with de .Xauthority at the conection my pass word does work i reinstall the beta version but i loose my music folder do you know if a soft like photorec but for the mp3 exist sorry for my english14:40
D3n4riu5do you know if i can resolve my problem with http://www.sysresccd.org iso14:44
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