SpamapSsaml: no, 'exec /path/to/your/script' is fine as long as it is directly executable. Otherwise exec bash /path/to/your/script03:42
samlSpamapS, thanks. I ended up using script block03:43
samlprobably because the script itself was wrong03:43
vedicI have a server which I want to start and stop using upstart. How to setup such a script? server is able to check sigterm signal to shutdown. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with python 2.6 . I would prefer to start the script in usermod so that all the files this server creates doesn't take root permission else some other script will have problems writing into them13:57
vedicI have created upstart script to start/stop a python script (its a tcp/ip server). There are two servers that I need to start (order is not a matter). When I start the first server using upstart script, it is starting well and works fine. But while first is running, if I start second server which is using prefork to spawn about 10 processes, it is not able to start.18:47
vedicIt just complains: /home/user1/virtualenv/bin/python already running.18:49

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