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knomegood day.17:12
knomeis the pad lagging again?17:13
Guest25113so, running the beta2 amd64 install and it hangs indefinitely at the preparing to install xubuntu prompt where it asks you if you want to dl updates while installing/install 3rd party software20:26
pleia2Guest25113: thanks, can you submit a bug report?20:27
pleia2(they may need some follow-ups on your hardware and such)20:28
Guest25113if you tell me what info I should grab from the live system20:28
pleia2Guest25113: are you in the live system now?20:29
pleia2open a terminal and type: ubuntu-bug ubiquity20:29
pleia2that will launch the bug reporting tool and collect logs and things it needs :)20:29
pleia2ubiquity is the installer software you're submitting the bug against20:29
Guest25113yepp, ok will do20:29
Guest25113should I quit the hanging install first or does it not matter?20:30
pleia2if you can submit the bug report while it's running, I'd do that20:31
pleia2you don't want to reboot though20:31
Guest25113so much is clear20:31
Guest25113one can only attach one file?20:53
Guest25113or can I add more after filing20:54
len-dtYou can add more after filing20:58
len-dtYou may find it already adds more than one.20:58
Guest25113https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1165880 looks okay? I'd like to boot to a more functional system again21:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1165880 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "raring beta2 amd64 install hangs indefinitely at the preparing to install xubuntu prompt" [Undecided,New]21:01
len-dtDo you have a USB stick in the drive with a linux file system on it?21:02
len-dtSorry in the machine.21:02
Guest25113nope livecd21:02
len-dtOk, becasue I had that happen to me when I was trying to install onto a USB stick. When I reformated it back to FAT it worked fine.21:03
len-dtThe system hard drives were not a problem.21:03
len-dt(the USB stick had xubuntu 12.10 on it if I remember right)21:05
Guest25113I only have input devices and an empty card reader attached via usb21:06
len-dtNot the same then.21:07

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