AmberJ_I installed Xubuntu using image 'xubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso' ... Now if I want to upgrade to 'xubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso', which command should I use?00:29
SunStarsudo apt-get dist-upgrade00:30
AmberJ_Thanks a lot, SunStar!00:30
David-ASunStar: did you see the i386 => amd64 ?  will dist-upgrade look for other architecture of same dist?00:32
SunStarif your running 32, it will stay 3200:35
David-AAmberJ_: ^00:36
AmberJ_err, sorry.... I meant amd64 -> amd6400:37
AmberJ_that "i386" was a copy/paste typo :(00:37
AmberJ_I wanted to know how to upgrade from 12.04.1 -> 12.04.2 (both amd64)... and yes, "apt-get dist-upgrade" is working fine.00:39
MattRanAnyone active?00:58
MattRanHaving some trouble installing xubuntu, anyone willing to help? :[00:59
packetfrogCan try.00:59
packetfrogsunstar my friend!00:59
MattRanWell, I'm trying to install 12.04 on my windows 7 machine01:00
MattRansaved the .iso to a CD01:00
packetfrogburn or saved?01:00
MattRanburned, sorry01:01
packetfrogjust checking :>01:01
MattRanI hit restart and don't get a prompt to boot xubuntu or anything,01:01
MattRannot sure what's up01:01
MattRanhave I skipped a step?01:02
packetfrogwhen your BIOS screen pops up01:02
MattRan(yes I have the disc in)01:02
packetfrogwhen you first turn the computer on   it should say something like:01:02
packetfrogHit F2 to enter bios setup,   Hit F12 to change boot order.01:02
packetfrogif not the boot order  maybe just in the BIOS setup>Boot or Boot order01:03
packetfrogmake sure your computer is even trying to boot off cd01:03
MattRanI see01:03
MattRantwo seconds, I'm typing from a different machine01:03
MattRanI'll just try that01:03
MattRanI'm in Boot Settings01:08
packetfrogBoot order01:08
packetfrogmake sure cdrom is above harddrive01:09
MattRanok, done that01:09
MattRantry again?01:09
packetfrogsave settings01:09
SunStarsave n restart01:09
MattRanthere she goes :]01:10
MattRanThanks guys01:10
packetfrogNo problem.01:11
packetfrogsunstar did most of the work01:11
* packetfrog is lazy01:11
autifIs there an #xubuntu+1 equivalent channel?03:24
Picinope, just use #ubuntu+103:25
holstein!13.04 | autif just the main one for the upcoming release.. AFAIK03:25
ubottuautif just the main one for the upcoming release.. AFAIK: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+103:25
HerbertWestHi there, a little question... xubuntu + empathy?06:46
Unit193What's the question?06:48
HerbertWestempathy works well with xfce?06:49
Unit193You can install empathy, if you want.  May be a little heavier on the depends.06:49
HerbertWestty fyi06:50
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xubuntu565hi, i tried xubuntu last release, I can't found the where to configure xdmcp ( in ligthdm)07:50
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ijeremiehi everyone09:35
jaysqlhow do i increase the sensitivity of my keyboard letters? its really hard to press them? i feel some sort of delay between i type a key and its display09:46
TheSheepjaysql: what do you mean?09:47
bazhang!crosspost > jaysql09:49
ubottujaysql, please see my private message09:49
jaysqlthey are different channels09:50
bazhangthe helpers are largely the same09:50
jaysqlbut thy are different channels09:50
bazhangjust dont do it, simple09:50
jaysqli wil09:50
jaysqlubuntu is not xubuntu09:50
TheSheepjaysql: so you are using ubuntu or xubuntu?09:52
jaysqlone in vm09:52
jaysqlone as host09:52
TheSheepjaysql: and which one of them has the problem with the keyboard?09:52
TheSheepjaysql: how do you connect a kphysical keyboard to your virtual machine?09:54
jaysqlare you a troll?09:55
bazhangjaysql, thats enough09:55
bazhang!guidelines | jaysql09:55
ubottujaysql: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:55
jaysql!crosspost bazhang09:56
TheSheepjaysql: I'm trying to get to know which system you have problems with, so that I can advise you where you can get help with that.09:56
TheSheepwhat is "letter sensitivity" anyways :/09:56
knomei suppose the rate how fast new letters appear when you keep a letter pressed down10:17
knomeand the time after which the second one appears10:17
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Guest81940Why is Xubuntu so heavy?10:46
bazhangit's not10:46
Guest81940I've only got Firefox open and a terminal, yet it's using over 2GB RAM?10:46
Guest81940it's meant for netbooks, but if this is the case then idk how they cope on just 1-2GB10:47
bazhangopen up terminal and type top10:47
Guest81940xorg, firefox, xfce4-terminal10:47
Guest81940aswell as xfce4-panel10:47
Guest81940cpuset, init.. all stuff that is included and runs with Xubuntu by default.10:48
Guest81940I don't get it :O :'(10:49
Guest81940essentially, you would need at least 2.5GB RAM to be able to run Xubuntu properly10:50
Guest81940that's similar to KDE..10:50
Guest81940bazhang: http://pastebin.com/5dzq8JP410:51
baizonGuest81940: well, firefox is using 1.5GB memory10:53
bazhangwhats the actual question Guest8194010:53
Guest81940Why is Xubuntu so heavy10:53
InokiGuest81940: What do you mean "heavy"?10:53
bazhangthats not a support question...10:53
Guest81940Inoki: uses so much RAM and CPU10:53
MyrttiGuest81940: browsers do that.10:54
bazhangperhaps you mean why does firefox use so much ram10:54
MyrttiGuest81940: you're running a browser.10:54
InokiGuest81940: like others said, turn off your browser ;)10:54
InokiGuest81940: My Xubuntu takes about 440 - 500 MB RAM on idle.10:54
bazhangdisable the plugins/extensions10:54
baizonGuest81940: xubuntu isnt heavy, if you open 100 tabs and run multiple falsh videos it can happen that the system is getting "heavy"10:54
Guest81940I would close it but I'm using webchat10:55
Guest81940but Xorg is still using more RAM than firefx10:55
baizonGuest81940: you can google how to optimize that10:55
InokiGuest81940: sudo apt-get install xchat OR sudo apt-get install pidgin10:55
MyrttiGuest81940: do you know what xorg does?10:55
InokiGuest81940: and configure it to run IRC.10:55
Guest81940I use irssi usually10:56
InokiGuest81940: Whatever you like :)10:56
Guest81940Myrtti: yes...10:56
Myrttijust checking.10:56
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InokiAnyone here used the new Intel Driver Installer for x64 system and could tell me does it work?11:02
heoyeathere was a fix released11:03
InokiCoz I've used it previously and then it broke my entire Xubuntu installation.11:03
heoyeadont use then11:03
Xenobiusis anyone here?11:28
juubisHi! do anyone of you know what could be riddling by xubuntu 12.10 installation? it always stops when it says "Retrieving file 31 of 81". The pc doesnt stop completely, just the installation process seems to stop...13:39
icoffeeWitam ;>16:24
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nicofsI need help restoring my desktop. I reverted from nvidia experimental to recommended drivers and after that i could only boot to the cli. I purged all nvidia* and reinstalled nvidia-173. now I get to the login screen but after logging in, the screen turns blank for a few seconds and reverts to login after that. what's wrong?18:39
nicofs(password is correct and I renamed xorg.conf)18:40
nicofs(guest account can log in - some user specific conf to delete?)18:41
bekksnicofs: Check your diskspace and investigate the .xsession-errors of the user failing to log in.18:45
nicofsbekks, disk space as before, some 40GB left - OS is a week old... .xsession-errors complains about some OpenGL issues...18:46
nicofsOk - solved. .Xauthority had the wrong owner.19:04
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xubuntu783Hi, anyone, I can watch PBS, Hulu, and youtube and can watch something on BYU.org, but I can't seem to get BYU's "Studio C" to load up. The commercial comes on, but after that, the loading circle goes around and around and never loads. I've tried different Studio C episodes, but it won't load. Does anybody know why?23:36
xubuntu783Another question, sometimes my keyboard seems a bit flighty. I'll be typing away online on some site, and my curser will jump back somewhere. Is there a fix for that?23:42
packetfrogare you touching ur trackpad?23:44
xubuntu783o.k. I'm dumb here. Track pad meaning what?23:45
packetfrogare you on a laptop?23:45
packetfrogthe little box in front of the keyboard you use to move the mouse cursor around...23:46
packetfrogwhen your typing if your wrist hits it... you move the cursor....23:46
xubuntu783oh so if I touch that, it jumps around?23:46
SunStaryou can set it to disable the touchpad when typing23:46
xubuntu783how do you do that?23:46
packetfrogMenu > Settings menu > mouse/trackpad23:46
packetfrogclick the trackpad tab in that window23:47
packetfrogclick disable trackpad while typing.23:47
packetfrogsame thing23:47
xubuntu783o.k. but you have to go back in and set it again to use the trackpad right?23:48
SunStarit figures it out23:48
packetfrogit just disables it while your actively typing23:48
packetfrogits on right now23:48
packetfrogand I can move my lil mousie!23:48
xubuntu783so I can use my trackpad (mouse thingy) still. sooo I fix this trackpad and I can still use the mouse to navigate?23:50
SunStaryeah it just has a delay untill its sure you wanted to do that23:50
xubuntu783so, I can permantly turn the trackpad off and everything still works, the controlled typing and the mouse?23:51
SunStar"disable touchpad when typing" is the option23:51
SunStarit is possible to totally disable which you dont want23:51
packetfrogthere is a program to turn the touchpad off when you have a mouse plugged in23:51
xubuntu783so only when you want to type do you want the touc pad off, not permantly unless you have another mouse.23:52
SunStar.....one "disable touchpad when typing" is enabled, the mouse gets disabled when you are using the keyboard. when you go to use the mouse again, there will be a delay untill it is sure you intend to use the mouse23:53
xubuntu783o.k. so, I can leave the touch pad off and then when I want to use the mouse there will be a delay and the mouse works again. So, what do you do? Do you leave the  touch pad off because you have a lot of typing and just wait for the mouse?23:55
packetfrogYour thinking to critically23:56
SunStaryou dont do anything. the OS decides when the mouse should and should not be on23:56
packetfrogEnable the option we told you about.23:56
packetfrogYou start typing and when you goto use touchpad again there is  MILLASECOND delay in it moving   but while ur typing it wont move around on you when you accidentally touch the touchpad23:56
packetfrogsimple. easy. try it. move on :>23:57
SunStarmy system delays for too long so i just live with the mouse "spin out"23:59

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