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thejoecarrollis there any way to search all the past commits/diffs of a repo for a particlular string?11:27
jelmerthejoecarroll: see the bzr-search plugin11:31
thejoecarrollnothing like "git grep" built in?11:31
jelmerthejoecarroll: there is bzr-grep as well11:33
thejoecarrollbut as a plugin11:33
jelmerthejoecarroll: later versions of bzr include the "bzr grep" command11:33
jelmerthe 2.6 betas do11:33
thejoecarrolli have 2.1.4 on this particular server, haven't installed any plugins. just using it in conjunction with etckeeper11:34
jelmerthejoecarroll: in that case, you can install the bzr-grep plugin for the "bzr grep" command11:35
jelmerthere are packages around as well11:35
thejoecarrollthanks. is there a quick, easy way to add the plugin at the CLI?11:35
jelmermkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins; bzr branch lp:bzr-grep ~/.bazaar/plugins/grep11:36
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felipecI'm trying to check if a tag is in a branch15:44
felipecbut revision_id_to_revno is too slow15:44
felipecah, lock_ead()16:08
jelmerhey mgz16:41
jelmermgz: Yep, settling well - moved in my new place on Monday. And the weather has actually improved!16:41
mgzjust when you thought snow was what the uk was about...16:42
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