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* popey wonders if anyone is planning on looking at bug 115902010:52
_mup_Bug #1159020: SyntaxError: invalid syntax <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1159020 >10:52
mgzpopey: you need to poke someone capable of fixing it10:54
popeyname names! :D10:54
mgzit's good to keep bugging, but... this seems python distro/lxc related, rather than juju per se10:54
popeyah, good point10:54
mgzso, serge or barry would be my starters10:55
mgzI also want to know what's going on with it so I can announce the 0.7 release and get it in raring10:55
mgz...hm, may be worth a mailing list post10:57
mgzpopey: have sent an email asking for help11:15
popeyoh thanks!11:16
popeyso in the meantime I have used juju on my home server running precise..11:41
popeyI did the bootstrap, juju deploy etherpad-lite, then juju expose etherpad-lite11:41
popeywhich all seemed to work well \/11:41
popeyer, \o/11:41
popeyhowever it's given the instance a private address on the server, how can I easily make that accessible to other machines on my network?11:41
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5689155/  is what it looks like at the moment11:42
popeyhmm, guessing that's some kind of lxc bridged connection?11:44
popeyhttp://s3hh.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/lxc-with-bridged-network/ looks handy \o/11:45
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marcoceppi_popey: I would hope that works, but I'm not confident as I think Juju sets up it's own bridge interface during bootstrap12:36
* popey tries it out with a fiddle to the lxc.conf12:43
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marcoceppiI know I asked a little while ago, but at this point we're pretty serious about breaking charms during upgrade-charm event cycle. (just to confirm)13:00
jcastropopey: if you figure that out, please document it!13:42
jcastrom_3: heya how did the jenkins thing go?14:11
jcastroyou hook up with IS?14:11
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m_3jcastro: nope, I'm just gonna hook up with jamespage to debug it14:23
jcastromarcoceppi: oh hey, you're on queue duty this week (see topic)14:23
marcoceppiyup, looking at the queue now14:23
mgzpopey: are you up for some raring experimentation for your lxc issue?14:26
popeysure mgz14:27
mgzpopey: okay, can you try using the branch lp:~gz/juju/lxc_env_testing locally?14:45
mgzshould be able to just branch and do `python setup.py install --user` then run from your ~/.local/bin14:47
hazmatmgz, no need to warn, path manipulation is part of local to allow for dev envs14:52
mgzI just want to see if it appears in the log, I don't think this is the right fix14:53
mgz(if it's this, the lxc scripts are what need changing)14:53
popeyok, so I have installed..14:57
popeyjust cd ~/.local/bin && juju status  ?14:57
popeyprobably need to bootstrap on this actually, not run properly yet14:57
popeyok, thats better, bootstrap is working, status returns something sane14:58
popeyand its now deploying etherpad-lite14:58
popeymgz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689628/15:01
mgzheh, I can't code15:03
mgzneed to work out what the lxc tests require apart from TEST_SUDO to run15:05
mgzeither way, shows that you did have some PYTHON envvar breaking things15:05
mgzpopey: pull, setup.py install --user again and re-run that command15:06
mgzthen paste the same log please15:06
popeymgz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689965715:08
popeyhang on, my mess, let me start again15:09
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5689662 mgz15:10
mgzokay, so that's resolvable15:11
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