soeegood morning06:28
lordievaderGood morning07:20
lordievaderHey yofel, how are you?07:58
yofellordievader: back at work, otherwise well ;)08:00
lordievaderGood to hear, yofel. Hey smartboyhw, how are you doing?08:05
smartboyhwlordievader: Good. Came back from first day after school.08:06
lordievadersmartboyhw: Ah and how did it go?08:10
smartboyhwlordievader: Quite well.08:10
shadeslayeryofel: vHanda tells me http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/nepomuk-core/view/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_strigi_ram_detection.diff won't work08:13
shadeslayernepomukstrigiservice is no more08:13
vHandasince 4.8 actually08:13
yofelcan we drop it then?08:13
vHandaIf you want to fix it then you need to change the "nepomukstrigiservice" to "nepomukfileindexer"08:13
vHandaThe patch disables the file indexer for systems with less than 1 gb of ram08:14
vHandaI'm not sure if that is a good thing or bad08:14
ovidiu-florinif I may, I think it's a good thing08:16
smartboyhwWow a lot of leaving news today on Planet Ubuntu.08:17
smartboyhwjbicha leaving docs team, Ohio LoCo contact change + jono leaving for holidays in Australia.08:17
shadeslayernot much actual leaving there :P08:18
smartboyhwshadeslayer: leaving doesn't mean permanently:P08:45
yofeldoes the akonadi nepomuk feeder actually work for someone?09:52
yofelit doesn't here09:52
kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1166102] Cannot mix incompatible Qt library @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1166102 (by Mohamed IKBEL Boulabiar)09:53
jussiyofel: what is that? 09:58
yofeljussi: not exactly sure, I think it's what manages the email indexer for example09:59
jussiyofel: so what are the signs it "works" or "doesnt work" ?10:00
yofelthe issue in the thread was that mail address auto-completion stopped working10:00
yofeland here the feeder says "Nepomuk is not operational: Nepomuk is not running"10:01
yofelwhile nepomuk *IS* enabled, and the file indexer works fine10:01
jussioh. Ive never had autocompletion working, except for recent addresses... ever10:01
* yofel -> lunch10:01
yofelmore debugging later10:01
ovidiu-florinI'm curious about something, do you guys work for kubuntu or kde, or an organization that supports kubuntu or kde? or do you have other jobs and lots of free time? how do you manage?10:03
smartboyhw_ovidiu-florin: Whoa that's complex. I think Riddell is employed by Blue Systems (originally it was Canonical, but they quit sponsoring Kubuntu) to make Kubuntu nice. (Maybe wrong)10:06
ovidiu-florinI've also read that somewhere10:06
smartboyhw_For others, we just are contributors. Spending our free time in this.10:06
ovidiu-florinhow come you have so much free time?10:06
smartboyhw_ovidiu-florin:Not me:P10:07
smartboyhw_I only contribute after school.10:07
ovidiu-florinmay I ask, smartboyhw_ how old are you?10:08
smartboyhw_ovidiu-florin: 1410:08
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: I'm employed by Blue Systems as well, to work on Kubuntu/KDE10:09
shadeslayerQuintasan: you're no longer the youngest10:09
smartboyhw_shadeslayer I dunno that much.10:09
smartboyhw_shadeslayer: LOL10:09
ovidiu-florinwho is the youngest?10:09
ovidiu-florin(how old?)10:10
smartboyhw_We do have quite some people in the community that are 14-15 (even 13)10:10
smartboyhw_James Grifford, an Ask Ubuntu mod, is 16.10:11
smartboyhw_Josee Antonio Rey, the Ubuntu On Air guy, is 15.10:11
ovidiu-florinthat makes me feel very old10:11
smartboyhw_Doak Jackson, a QA contributor, is of the same age as me.10:12
smartboyhw_Amith KK, a really high-rep guy in Ask Ubuntu and is a developer of the Unity Tweak Tool, is 13 (or 14)10:12
ovidiu-florinoh, the odacity. Why did I not discover this durring highschool?10:13
smartboyhw_Thankfully we don't have elderly.. 10:13
ovidiu-florinsmartboyhw_: what do you mean by that?10:13
Riddellovidiu-florin: I've just answered an e-mail from someone who wants to help out and says "I am 76; I have worked through computers from valves to transistors as programmer"10:16
Riddellso it takes all ages :)10:16
ovidiu-florinI was hoping for that10:18
yofelovidiu-florin: I have a day job unrelated to kubuntu, I just spend most of my free time here10:21
jussiovidiu-florin: Im 31, on the KC and have a day job that is not for Kubuntu, although the company I work for does create linux based emedded systems10:22
ovidiu-florinyofel: what about time to spend with the family?10:22
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer Riddell if you are hired to work on kubuntu/kde do you work on a specific part or you are mostly overseeing how the progress works?10:24
jussiovidiu-florin: shadeslayer works on kde telepathy... mostly because I would shoot him if he ever abandoned it :P :P :P :P :P10:26
* jussi hugs shadeslayer10:26
yofelovidiu-florin: well, I'm still single so that helps ;P. I don't go out that often either, but for the rest, it's not like you see me here all the time (or when you do quassel nicely hides where I am)10:27
* ovidiu-florin remembered he had a question about telepathy and kopete10:27
* ovidiu-florin does not want to change the subject yet, so he postpones the question10:28
Riddellovidiu-florin: I work on anything that's needed10:29
Riddellboy/girlfriends are a big limiting factor for free software :)10:30
ScottKChildren too.10:31
=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
* ScottK is down to one at home, so it's less of an issue now.10:32
Riddelluntil you teach those children how to help out :)10:32
ovidiu-florinI had an ideea on how I could combine free software and alos make money and have time for the family10:32
ovidiu-florinbut I'm not sure yet if it could work10:33
ScottKRiddell: True.  Daughter #2 is now studying information technology at University, so there's hope.  She's doing something with C++ this semester.10:33
ovidiu-florinwhat is your opinion, is kubuntu ready for use in schools and work?10:34
ovidiu-florinif yes, than my ideea could work.10:34
ovidiu-florinI'm using kubuntu at work but I've had many problems with it and I'm not that sure that other people might not, or even be so patient with it to fix the problems10:35
yofelwe need more help on the Q/A side, otherwise I don't see why not10:35
yofelwth. just restarting the akonadi nepomuk feeder agent makes it work...10:36
yofelneed to watch this on next reboot10:36
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: I'm more or less making sure packaging is fine, some automation work, some kde work10:36
shadeslayera bit of everything :P10:36
ovidiu-florinmy idea is to start a company that will offer support and training on KDE/Kubuntu. The OS and applications are free but the training and support are not.10:37
ovidiu-florinI believe I'm not the first with this idea. 10:38
ovidiu-florinbut I have not seen it implemented anywhere.10:38
shadeslayeryou'll need to get a copyright exemption from Canonical I think10:38
shadeslayerRiddell knows more10:38
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: for what?10:38
shadeslayerovidiu-florin: to start the support/training thing10:39
kubotushadeslayer: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"10:39
ovidiu-florinI was thinking that I just need the Kubuntu councils approval10:39
ovidiu-florinand the same for kde10:40
shadeslayerdunno, there's some company that was going to provide support for kubuntu, and they had to ask for a Trademark exemption or sth with Canonical10:41
smartboyhw_ScottK: I am a child…10:42
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: and what happened to them?10:42
shadeslayerstill waiting on Canonical for some paperwork I think10:43
ScottKshadeslayer: I think that they chose to do so because it reduced their business risk.  I also think Canonical believes you have to ask, but I also think they are wrong.10:46
shadeslayerI see10:46
ScottKsmartboyhw_: Yes, but you are not getting in the way of your parent's contributions.  10:46
ScottKThat's my challenge.10:46
smartboyhw_ah lol10:47
Riddell"Adam Conrad (adconrad) renewed their own membership in the Kubuntu Members (kubuntu-members) team until 2014-04-14" cor infinity still loves us10:48
Riddellovidiu-florin: of course kubuntu is ready for schools and work, the world's biggest linux desktop rollout is Kubuntu in every school in Brazil10:49
smartboyhw_Riddell: What's infinity's history in Kubuntu?10:49
smartboyhw_Riddell: Any replies?10:51
ovidiu-florinsmartboyhw_: not yet10:51
smartboyhwAnd hello on laptop:P10:52
apacheloggerthere are weird bug reports in my inbox again :(11:01
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: whatever happened to you :'(11:01
smartboyhwapachelogger, :(11:01
smartboyhwWhat happened to JontheEchidna !?11:02
apacheloggerhe's not workign on kubuntu bugs anymore11:02
Riddellsmartboyhw: infinity personally compiles every package, if we don't let him in we'll have to create some sort of computer programme to do the compiling11:03
smartboyhwRiddell, :(11:03
smartboyhwRiddell, wow:)11:03
smartboyhwDamn the :( is targetted at apachelogger ...11:03
smartboyhwA 14-year-old Italian LoCo person is going for Ubuntu Membership... Seems young people are really good at contributing11:24
BluesKajHi all11:29
smartboyhwWelcome BluesKaj 11:30
BluesKajhi smartboyhw11:31
* smartboyhw finds that the 4 candidates for KC election are all approved during 2010-201111:36
smartboyhwand clearly, there were much less people approved for 2012.11:36
smartboyhwapproved = membership11:36
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: KC election?11:38
smartboyhwTm_T, yep. You don't know that!?11:38
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: are you talking about kubuntu council or something else?11:38
smartboyhwTm_T, Kubuntu Council:)11:39
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: with memberships you mean kubuntu membership?11:40
* smartboyhw doesn't know anything having a KC abbreviation except Kubuntu Council11:41
smartboyhwTm_T, yep.11:41
* smartboyhw really isn't clear this time11:41
smartboyhwOne reminder: NEVER use LibreOffice while updating packages.11:41
Tm_Thmm, rather good if ar nominees are rather new faces in that sense11:42
smartboyhwTm_T, er after the last Council candiadate approved for Kubuntu membership (yofel) there are only 7 new Kubuntu members. 11:43
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: aaah11:43
smartboyhwTm_T, yep:P11:44
Tm_Tbut this "smartboyhw finds that the 4 candidates for KC election are all approved during 2010-2011"11:44
smartboyhwTm_T, yep11:44
smartboyhwTm_T, yofel at EARLY 2011 (March)11:44
smartboyhwHe was approved at that time.11:44
Tm_Twould be rather sad if all candidates would be back from 2006-200711:44
smartboyhwTm_T, Grrr that I think will be for next year's election:P11:45
smartboyhwThe much more older generation :P11:45
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: reminds me of IRC team, many of us have been around since 2005 or so ...11:45
* yofel notes that we have 3 open seats and 4 candidates. So it's likely that you'll have one person apply next year ;)11:45
smartboyhwyofel, +1 though.11:46
* smartboyhw might run in 2015, who knows:P11:46
smartboyhwTm_T, that makes sense.11:46
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: why that late?11:46
smartboyhwTm_T, erm I am a NEW Kubuntu member. And I am quite young.11:46
smartboyhwNot good for leadership.11:46
Tm_Tone year is a long time11:46
Tm_Tand you're not alone in the council (:11:47
smartboyhwTm_T, erm then look at yofel and shadeslayer and valorie they all got aproved in 2010-2011 and they are running for the first time (I think, maybe not valorie) ...11:47
smartboyhwTm_T, :)11:47
Tm_Tdon't be like me and wait 5 years before stepping up for council11:48
smartboyhwTm_T,  you mean the IRC one?11:48
smartboyhwOr the Kubuntu one?11:48
Tm_Tsmartboyhw: in this case I'm referring to any council11:48
Tm_Tor any similar position11:48
smartboyhwTm_T, I mean in YOUR case where you ran for a certain council after 5 years11:49
smartboyhwYou said "don't be like me11:49
Tm_TI mean my activity was at its highest back in 2007-2008 or so, and I waited quite a long before stepping up11:49
smartboyhwTm_T, oh11:49
Tm_Tit's easy to wait too long and you find out you don't have all the time you used to have anymore11:51
smartboyhwTm_T, that's a +111:51
Tm_Tthis with life in general btw11:51
smartboyhwMaybe I should run in 2014, I'm not sure I can do anything in 2016.11:51
yofelshadeslayer: you're not by any chance familiar with the procedure to keep the last kernel installed after a release upgrade? (as we now auto-remove kernel < current_kernel-1)11:51
Tm_Twaiting a better moment that never comes (:11:51
smartboyhwThe public exam:(11:51
yofelshadeslayer: that's what fails on http://yofel.dyndns.org/kubuntu/upgrade3/11:51
shadeslayeryofel: not really, no11:52
shadeslayerafaik there is a post-install script that removes the old kernels11:52
yofelaah, /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal right11:56
yofelok, this seems sensible. It marks the running, and fresh kernel as not-auto-remove11:59
yofelas my test box already runs on 3.8.0, 3.5.0 obviously isn't whitelisted and gets removed making the test fail11:59
Quintasanshadeslayer: You have to do precise backports12:04
QuintasanI'm totally ill12:04
QuintasanI felt like crap yesterday and though it was just me being tired from the conference but I guess not12:06
shadeslayeronce I get back12:06
* Quintasan hits the bed12:07
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
MamarokQuintasan: get well soon!12:22
smartboyhwQuintasan, we hope you get well soon:)12:23
Riddellug, this kubuntu install was an ubuntu unity install and now whenever I look at a web page in firefox it says "do you want to install google calendar" or whatever, no explanation of what that means12:38
apacheloggerfor some reason I get the GTK upgrader12:38
smartboyhwRiddell, LOL It means the Unity Webapps12:39
lordievadersmartboyhw: Ugh my chromium install allways complains about that Unity Webapps thing. Luckily you can disable the plugin :)12:40
Riddelllordievader: yeah I noticed that too, so annoying12:40
Riddellevery time you look at a web page in chrome it complains about missing plugins12:40
smartboyhwRiddell, :)12:40
smartboyhwlordievader, :)12:40
lordievaderIts quite funny, on my own website the plugin tell me I need an additional plugin to view everything...12:41
smartboyhwlordievader, :O12:41
Riddellthe unity launcher seems slow too, open it and it just shows a spinning cursor for ages12:42
smartboyhwRiddell, ;P12:42
smartboyhwRiddell, that's why KDE exists!12:42
lordievaderRiddell: Since when are you using Unity?12:43
smartboyhwAnd all the other DEs.12:43
smartboyhwlordievader, yesterday I think. He installed vanilla Ubuntu to test something (dunno what it is)12:43
apacheloggerthat world view seems a bit off....12:43
Riddelllordievader: wanted to test if my printer got automatically set up12:43
Riddellwhich it doesn't in unity or kubuntu12:43
smartboyhwapachelogger, world view?12:43
smartboyhwRiddell, how old is your printer?12:43
Riddellsuse does but only if you enter your password 5 times then find a box marked "freeze this" to untick12:43
apacheloggerRiddell: talk to Till?12:44
Riddellsmartboyhw: dunno, a few years, drivees are all there12:44
apacheloggerworked last I tried it with mine12:44
smartboyhwRiddell, hmm12:44
apacheloggersmartboyhw: the other DEs being there because unity is shit12:44
smartboyhwapachelogger, +112:44
Riddellgosh, harsh, nuff flaming please12:45
apacheloggerwhat the view should be is that unity is there because canonical likes control12:45
smartboyhwYou guys do know what happened when a guy asked about why Studio doesn't use Unity? (Should 've mentioned it days ago)12:45
smartboyhwapachelogger, +112:45
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer: what's with the telepathy removal?12:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: telepathy removal?12:46
smartboyhwshadeslayer, plasma-widget-telepathy-chat...12:47
smartboyhwAnd -presence12:47
shadeslayerapachelogger: everything is now in kde-telepathy-desktop-applets12:47
* apachelogger gets the feeling that he has excessive amounts of gnome installed12:48
apacheloggerthere should be a command 'shrink-my-upgrade'12:48
smartboyhwapachelogger, not good12:48
smartboyhwapachelogger, LOL12:48
apacheloggerwhich purges libqt4 and libgtk :P12:48
smartboyhwNot good:P12:49
apacheloggersmaller upgrade for sure :P12:49
apacheloggerRiddell: where do we go with kdesudo in the long term?12:50
smartboyhwapachelogger, I won't like purging libqt4 and libgtk....12:51
apacheloggershrink-my-upgrade will do that :P12:51
apacheloggerso you upgrade with less crap around and then install-on-need12:51
apacheloggeror for all I care, purge and then install kubuntu-desktop12:52
Riddellapachelogger: mm, does it have any problems?12:56
Riddellapachelogger: it would be nice to have it in kde I suppose12:56
apacheloggerit is unmaintained12:57
apacheloggerbug 116585212:57
ubottubug 1165852 in KdeSudo "If a fingerprint is enrolled under fprintd the password window will take a long time to show up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116585212:57
smartboyhwapachelogger, you mean in upstream or Ubuntu? (Or Debian?)12:57
apacheloggeralso it's session feature is broken IIRC12:57
apacheloggerhas bene for quite a while12:57
apacheloggersmartboyhw: upstream is all of those12:57
apacheloggerRiddell: would it not perhaps be better to transit to pkexec?12:58
smartboyhweee OK12:58
apacheloggeror something polkit based anyway12:58
apacheloggerRiddell: what do we do with apport-kde?13:02
=== mck182 is now known as mck182|lunch
apacheloggeranyone tested dist-upgrade from quantal to raring?13:07
smartboyhwapachelogger, not me 13:07
apacheloggeryofel: did you get the GTK UI?13:08
smartboyhwSpeaking of that, let me set up three VMs for KDE SC testing:P13:08
yofelwhile trying to set that auto-upgrade thingy up13:08
yofelapachelogger: no, even in VM's I always upgrade on cli13:08
apacheloggerqa fail13:08
apacheloggerkubuntu-devel-release-upgrade and docs are broken13:08
apacheloggerwith python3 do-release-upgrade became case sensitive it seems13:09
yofelk-d-r-u worked the last time I tried it though - was a month or so ago13:09
apacheloggerso -f kde will not work as there is no DistUpgradekdeView13:09
apachelogger-f KDE works though13:09
yofelor oxygen-gtk is too good lately13:09
apacheloggerprobably latter13:09
apacheloggerRiddell: ^13:10
apacheloggerRiddell: I have no clue who to talk to or where the release-upgrader thingy is that is downloaded by do-release-upgrade13:10
apacheloggerit either needs code changes in the MainView.py to remove the case sensitivity OR a symlink of DistUpgradeViewKDE.py to DistUpgradeViewkde.py13:11
apacheloggerformer seems more reasonable13:11
Riddellapachelogger: ubuntu-release-upgrader is the source package13:19
Riddellapachelogger: various people work on it e.g. mvo, mterry13:19
* apachelogger can't type h in rekonq hooray13:21
smartboyhwRiddell, !?13:22
kubotusmartboyhw: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"13:22
smartboyhwYay for kubotu!13:22
apacheloggerwanted to log in at a site, can't type h13:27
lordievaderThat is one odd bug, can you still type "http://"?13:28
apacheloggernot in the website I can't13:33
smartboyhwapachelogger, that is really a weird bug.13:34
smartboyhwapachelogger, does work for me here13:34
apacheloggerRiddell: it appears to have been broken for ages13:42
Riddellapachelogger: kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade ?13:43
Riddellhmm it worked when I tested it13:43
apacheloggerit only works by chance ... in that if no other views can be loaded it will use the KDE one13:43
apachelogger-f kde is not a legit argument, never has been apparently13:44
apacheloggershould be -f DistUpgradeViewKDE13:45
apachelogger!find kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade13:45
ubottuFile kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade found in ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt13:45
apacheloggeroh well13:46
apacheloggerapparently bzr is busted as I am upgrade right now13:47
apacheloggerRiddell: can you please fix it?13:47
Riddellapachelogger: okay dokay13:48
apacheloggerthx :*13:48
* apachelogger also thinks that this-will-install/remove/upgrade: dialog needs redoing13:49
apacheloggerright now it is an insanely long list of "Remove: foo\n Install:bar\n..."13:49
Riddellthe release upgrade tool has been surprisingly overlooked by canonical's design team13:50
=== mck182|lunch is now known as mck182
apacheloggerRiddell: perhaps they don't do upgrades14:13
smartboyhwapachelogger, um we DO test upgrades. However I don't like testing it.14:13
smartboyhwIn Ubuntu Studio we almost want to dump the upgrade tests.14:13
smartboyhwWe actually have to include "UPGRADE IS NOT RECOMMENDED" in the release notes LOL14:14
smartboyhw 14:14
apacheloggerjust haxx0r whatever package manager ui you use14:14
sreichso basically the advice is "reinstall"14:14
sreichaka like windows?14:14
smartboyhwsreich, yep. We aren't supposed to do that but...14:14
apacheloggerwindows does a really good job at upgrading itself!14:15
smartboyhwAnyway we rather want to work on better upgrades from 12.04 to 14.04 :P14:15
sreichi hope ;)14:15
sreichbecause upgrade failing is..embarrassing as hell14:15
apacheloggertell that to the ubuntu firefox people14:15
apacheloggerbricking firefox upgrade on kubuntu for the 30000th time14:16
apacheloggersmartboyhw: stop doing interim releases I guess14:16
smartboyhwapachelogger, uh hum you do know stop doing interim releases is the No,1 HATE for me?14:17
apacheloggerthey still can upgrade to them and whatnot14:17
apacheloggerthere just is no supported studio release 13.0414:18
smartboyhwapachelogger, we DO support.14:18
apacheloggerstop it14:18
apacheloggerif you want kickass experience on LTS versions then stop spending time on other stuff14:19
smartboyhwapachelogger, we do want to implement some of that in 13.10, then make it perfect in 14.0414:19
apacheloggerthat does not mean 13.10 needs to be any sort of supported release14:20
smartboyhwapachelogger, and why won't we support?14:20
apacheloggerbecause it's not LTS14:20
smartboyhwapachelogger, and why won't we support non-LTS releases?14:20
apachelogger<smartboyhw> Anyway we rather want to work on better upgrades from 12.04 to 14.04 :P14:21
apacheloggerthat's why14:21
smartboyhwapachelogger, um because we don't have that for 10.04 -> 12.04 already14:21
smartboyhwSo if we really don't go and improve upgrades we will get shot14:22
apacheloggerif you want LTS to rock then stop putting resources in stuff that does not improve LTS14:22
apacheloggerand having/supporting interim releases does absolutely nothing for LTS other than being a testing version of what will be the next LTS (in which case you'd still not want to support it as release)14:23
* Mamarok hates moinmoin with passion, their markup is really weird14:23
smartboyhwapachelogger, the strange thing is: People do like interim releases for a taster.14:24
apacheloggerMamarok: also it's slow 14:24
apacheloggersmartboyhw: that does not mean you need to support it14:24
apacheloggerthat also does not mean you need to actually give the an interim release full QA14:24
apacheloggerit's like when you develop some library14:24
apacheloggerand a release an alpha14:24
Mamarokyeah, dreadful, and there is no markup in kate for it, only mediawiki14:25
apacheloggeryou then do not start supporting that alpha and release alpha1.1 alpha1.2 alpha1.3 just to ensure people using alpha1 actually have no bugs14:25
smartboyhwapachelogger, well we don't do full QA:P We just do Beta 2 + final14:25
apacheloggerstill too much14:25
smartboyhwapachelogger, what's the point of doing an release while we don't support it?14:26
apachelogger[x] does it do full disk install with all default options [x] does it boot\n done.14:26
apacheloggersmartboyhw: I just explained that14:26
apacheloggerif you care about LTS14:26
apacheloggerthen an interim release is nothing but a alpha/beta of the LTS14:26
smartboyhwapachelogger, well then: Why care for LTS = no care for interim releases!?14:27
apacheloggeryou have limited amount of people, limited amount of people have limited time; support requires time; limited time - support time = development time; development time := time spent on making next version excel14:30
apacheloggerthe more time you spend supporting versions you do not care about the less time you have to spend on the versions you actually care about14:31
apacheloggerresult is that all versions are mediocre in quality and/or features and/or support14:31
smartboyhwExtremely quiet today.15:05
Riddelltrying to book travel15:07
Riddellhow do I get to Bilbao?15:07
Riddellhmm, not easy by train http://www.seat61.com/Spain.htm#Pamplona15:08
smartboyhwRiddell, plane?:P15:08
apacheloggerRiddell: ship?15:13
genii-aroundAccording to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilbao-Abando there are daily runs between there and Segovia15:15
Riddellthere is a ferry from the south of england but only a couple times a week15:17
Riddelland I need a car15:19
smartboyhwRiddell, rent one:P15:20
Riddell"The flight requested is no longer available"  oh skyscanner, why are you so cruel?15:22
smartboyhwRiddell, oh oh:P15:22
QuintasanRiddell: Why are you going there?15:34
* Quintasan got some rest and is feeling better15:34
RiddellQuintasan: Akademy!15:35
Quintasanstill I don't feel like I have the strength to move around15:35
QuintasanRiddell: Oh I see.15:35
RiddellQuintasan: you coming?15:35
QuintasanRiddell: not really15:36
Quintasanill + no monies15:37
RiddellQuintasan, shadeslayer: what's the status of telepathy?15:41
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger surely a spaceship is the best medium of travel15:41
shadeslayerRiddell: Quantal + Raring is up15:41
Quintasanprecise needs work15:41
shadeslayerI'm working on precise now15:41
shadeslayermight have a bit too much whisky though, let's see15:41
QuintasanYou're a heavy drinker I see :P15:42
shadeslayerthis my second whisky after the one with you :P15:42
smartboyhwshadeslayer, you really have a big alcohol volume:P15:42
shadeslayernot really15:42
shadeslayerthe label on the bottle said scotch + whisky15:43
shadeslayerthough aren't the two the same?15:43
Riddellshadeslayer: what's a look link to put on the Dot story?15:43
QuintasanThose are definitely not the same shadeslayer15:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: https://launchpad.net/~telepathy-kde/+archive/ppa15:43
shadeslayererm, Riddell ^15:44
Quintasanshadeslayer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotch_whisky15:44
Quintasanif it was not made in Scotland then I'd ask for refund :P15:44
shadeslayeryeah, I'm reading the same thing15:44
shadeslayerQuintasan: do you have a backport script for quantal?15:45
QuintasanI was too lazy to write one15:45
shadeslayerdaw, how did you do it yesterday then?15:45
Quintasanbackportpackage -d quantal -u ppa:telepathy-ppa .dsc15:45
shadeslayeruh 0.o15:46
Quintasanmy head hurts now that I had to think about something technical15:46
Quintasandamn you shadeslayer15:46
Quintasanshadeslayer: You are going to Akademy?15:46
smartboyhwSwitching to mobile, preparing for sleep.15:46
RiddellQuintasan: they really are the same15:47
QuintasanRiddell: scotch == whisky?15:47
starbuck1ping Riddell15:47
Riddellhi starbuck1 15:47
shadeslayerQuintasan: yeah15:47
shadeslayerif I get visa stuff sorted out15:47
Riddellshadeslayer: Dot story updated15:48
shadeslayerRiddell: I thought the dot story already had that link? ( from what I can see on kde-promo15:48
QuintasanRiddell: pls throw some bricks at shadeslayer for making me use my brain today15:48
Riddellshadeslayer: not the vesion jos put to be publishes on the dot15:49
shadeslayerQuintasan: If things work out Riddell might be my roomie15:49
RiddellQuintasan: I'm nonviolent!15:49
starbuck1tried to install kubuntu today over a machine that already had netrunner with swap installed and ubiquity failed with the message, that it cannot create swap... neither if i chose use whole disk or if tried to partition manually....15:49
Riddellum, erk15:50
Riddellstarbuck1: can you file a bug and attach or send me logs in /var/log/syslog /var/log/installer ?15:50
starbuck1its very similar to this:15:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 905628 in partman-basicfilesystems (Ubuntu) "Precise ubiquity fails with existing swap, must manually "swapoff"" [High,Fix released]15:51
starbuck1ubottu :)15:51
Riddellstarbuck1: what version of kubuntu is this?15:51
starbuck1beta 215:52
Quintasanregressions in installer?15:52
shadeslayerin beta 2 :(15:52
starbuck1well, it installed fine on another machine15:52
Riddelland it didn't come up in testing at all15:52
Quintasanshadeslayer: our installer is python, isn't it?15:52
shadeslayerQuintasan: yus15:53
shadeslayerneeds more testcases I say15:53
QuintasanI'd blame it on python then15:53
starbuck1another thing i noticed: if you are connected to the inetenret, the check first shows a green arrow, so its okay15:53
smartboyhwWhat happened?15:53
starbuck1then, if you waited for 30 seconds before htting "next", it did become red "X", and never green again, although i am pretty certain the internet was fine all along, since it is ethernet cable15:54
starbuck1pinging google at the same time showed nothing wrong15:54
starbuck1so after that, timezone, etc. was all not set right and had to be adjusted by me manually15:55
starbuck1on that other machine where it did install15:55
starbuck1maybe i have odd machines :/15:56
Riddellodd machines or no this shouldn't happen15:56
Riddellstarbuck1: but we really need logs to say much more, do you still have them?15:56
starbuck1since it was from live-usb, i can try again tomorrow at work :)15:56
starbuck1and then send over any logfiles15:57
Riddellstarbuck1: yeah I think that's what it needs15:57
starbuck1okay , was just chekcing if someone nopticed this other already15:58
Riddellstarbuck1: no I'm afraid it's new to me16:01
Quintasansame here16:01
Riddellshadeslayer: what ho(s)tel are you using for akademy?16:04
shadeslayerwhatever hostel KDE is booking16:05
shadeslayerRiddell: didn't you apply for sponsorship?16:05
RiddellseaLne: what hostel is KDE booking?16:06
seaLneRiddell: Blas de Otero16:07
seaLneRiddell: see http://akademy2013.kde.org/accommodation for details16:07
apacheloggerkde bug 18420216:11
ubottuKDE bug 184202 in general "Pages with a colon in their URL path have no default filename in the Save As dialog" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18420216:11
shadeslayerseaLne: somehow KDE seems to have acquired a bunch of awesome web designers16:11
shadeslayeryeah, akademy.kde.org seems really awesomely designed to me, the whole neverland theme across the wiki's also seems quite awesome16:12
RiddellseaLne: any idea on the best way to fill in the PDF booking form?16:16
seaLneRiddell: print; take photo; email sadly16:19
seaLneshadeslayer: yeah i like the continuity accross sites16:19
shadeslayerQuintasan: fwiw ktp-call-ui is ftbfs16:22
shadeslayerprobably because you forgot to remove the patch :P16:22
RiddellseaLne: and do we have to sort out our own room shares?16:27
seaLneRiddell: we haven't fully discussed that, if you can pick someone thats less work16:28
RiddellseaLne: shadeslayer put me down as partner but presumably that's on a sponsorship form somewhere I'm not filling in16:29
seaLnesorry the booking process isn't great we are constrained by the university16:30
shadeslayerQuintasan: what the flying fsck16:31
shadeslayerQuintasan:   "* 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊" in the changelog16:31
Quintasandnt ask me16:31
shadeslayerI don't even ...16:32
Quintasanlook up one of those in dictionary\16:32
Quintasanlike hell, google it16:32
Quintasanshadeslayer: >exclamatory particle16:32
shadeslayer"ah ah ah ah"16:32
Quintasanit's like OH!16:32
Quintasanas in OH SHI-16:32
smartboyhwQuintasan, shadeslayer; That's exclamation words16:33
QuintasanI know that16:33
QuintasanI still have no idea how to pronouce it16:33
smartboyhwBut why on Earth would Chinese (Traditional) words appear in the changelog?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!16:33
Quintasansmartboyhw: tbh when you zoom in, it looks like ABAJ16:33
QuintasanI did that :P16:34
smartboyhwah ah ah ah ah ah ...16:34
smartboyhwQuintasan: LOL16:34
smartboyhwQuintasan: Heh very funny eh?16:34
Quintasansmartboyhw: not sure, just felt like testing how launchpad deals with that16:35
Quintasanturns out it works just fine16:35
shadeslayer"ftplib.error_perm: 550 Requested action not taken: internal server error"16:35
QuintasanI was kind of expecting a timeout16:35
Quintasansmartboyhw: Last time I uploaded something with kanji in changelog it did timeout16:35
Quintasansmartboyhw: it doensn't have any vulgar meaning or sth?16:36
smartboyhwQuintasan: It is a bit unsuitable.16:38
Quintasanwhy is that?16:38
Quintasanshould that be a part of sentence or something?16:38
smartboyhwIf the voice gets uploaded to YouTube it will get immediate removal due to ****** content....16:38
Quintasanshadeslayer: kill that package16:39
shadeslayerkill what 16:39
Quintasanthe 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 package16:39
shadeslayerheh, already uploaded again16:40
smartboyhwdamn it:O16:40
* shadeslayer waves fist at backportpackage for being slow16:40
Quintasansmartboyhw: That's what you get for using random symbols xD16:40
smartboyhwshadeslayer: Where are you uploading the backport to?16:45
smartboyhwThe Backports PPA or?16:45
shadeslayerthe ppa16:45
shadeslayernot the kubuntu one16:46
shadeslayerbut the telepathy-kde one16:46
shadeslayersmartboyhw: https://launchpad.net/~telepathy-kde/+archive/ppa16:46
shadeslayeroh fun16:47
shadeslayersomeone bought up the "aptitude by default on the ISO" debate16:48
shadeslayerdoes aptitude even work wrt upgrades?16:48
smartboyhwI use apt-get sorry I don't know how to use aptitude16:49
shadeslayerwell, it's more or less the same :P16:49
macodist-upgrade was renamed to full-upgrade since that makes more sense and aptitude includes searching, so you dont have to remember apt-cache16:50
Riddellshadeslayer: aptitude should work but it's not supported16:51
shadeslayerRiddell: thought so, I don't think it works all the times16:51
BluesKajaptitude has architecture issues with 64 bit I believe...kind of a braod statement ,but forget the particulars17:16
BluesKajerr broad 17:16
lordievaderGood evening17:38
Riddellhi lordievader 17:38
lordievaderHey Riddell, how are you doing? Already figured out how to get to Akademy?17:39
apacheloggerRiddell: new konversation snapshot should appear shortly in new17:42
apacheloggerRiddell: https://trello.com/c/lRxnI0fD17:55
apacheloggerit's sad how my konvi 1.5 card is the only one that seems to deliver sensible release results -.-18:00
apacheloggerScottK, Riddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-settings/+bug/116485418:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1164854 in kubuntu-settings (Ubuntu) "[UIFE] Kubuntu Boot Artwork Update" [Undecided,New]18:01
yofelshadeslayer: it had long broken multiarch support18:01
yofelshadeslayer: should work fine these days18:01
apacheloggerRiddell: https://trello.com/c/lk6tPTxt18:02
yofelexcept that it would be reduntant (except for a few features that are rarely used)18:02
apacheloggerso much crap to do -.-18:02
apacheloggeryofel: can we defer 'make pkg-kde-tools add -dbg packages automatically' to 13.10?18:02
yofeldo it18:02
apacheloggeralso the package test?18:03
yofelanything that affects the tooling18:03
apacheloggerQuintasan: pretty please make me admin on the 13.10 trello board :S18:03
Quintasanapachelogger: done18:05
apacheloggernow public18:05
* apachelogger needs to write that trello 101 he was talking about :S18:06
apachelogger-> dinner18:06
lordievaderI got another strange bug. When I go to a tty and return to KDE my keyboard (PS/2) doesn't respond for some 30 seconds or so.18:38
Mamaroklordievader: on a laptop?18:47
lordievaderMamarok: Desktop.18:48
Mamaroksilly me, should have been obvious from the connection type :)18:48
lordievaderAlso system load seems to increase a lot.18:49
Mamaroknot related to the problem I had, then18:49
lordievaderAfter a while it goes back to normal. Well not entirely normal, load spikes now and then... strange.18:49
yofellordievader: long running session? I'm seeing plasma getting sluggish and hanging sometimes when switching desktop effects on/off. But only happens when the session has been running for 5 days or so18:58
lordievaderFrom this morning, does that count as long? I'll switch the desktop effects.19:01
Mamarokno, that is quite short19:01
RiddellScottK: yay pykde4 looking good22:03
valorieapachelogger: I tested dist-upgrade from raring to quantal, on both 32 and 6422:48
valorieduring beta 122:48
valorieif there was somewhere to report that success, I didn't see it22:49
valorieer, do-release-upgrade22:49
Riddellvalorie: iso tester is the place to report it22:50
yofelthe iso tracker has test cases for the upgrades as well22:50
Riddellvalorie: do you remember if you used kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade ?22:50
apacheloggernevermind, the issue is understood now :P22:52
apacheloggeriff you have the pygtk and friends installed it will use the gtk ui22:52
valorieI did not22:53
apacheloggerif you don't but have pykde you get the kde ui22:53
valoriethe iso tester had no place for an upgrade, at least when I looked22:53
apacheloggerit may well be that there is no trackingin place22:54
valorieperhaps I looked in the wrong place -- I've tested and reported on an upgrade before22:54
valoriebut this time around saw the rest of the testcases, but not that one22:54
valorieperfect success, but I haven't done much actual testing on what works and what doesn't22:55
yofelvalorie: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/243/builds22:55
yofelsee last test group at the bottom22:55
yofeler, 2nd last22:55
valorieshoot, why isn't it with the rest of kubuntu?22:56
valoriehmmm, url to the hardware profile?22:57
valoriegot it23:01
yofelthat's meant to be a link to a profile generated by checkbox. Just pastebin lshw somewhere and link to that23:02
valorieI'm doing it the launchpad way23:09
ScottKRiddell: Cool.23:12
ScottKapachelogger: I'm letting Riddell decide that one.23:12
RiddellScottK: which one is that?23:15
ScottKThe one about redoing all the boot time/startup artwork.23:16
Riddellhmm, no screenshots attached23:22
valoriethis is me on Konvi as packaged in raring23:38
valorieVersion 1.5-branch #421523:38
valorietrello says test it..... so far, so good23:39
valorieI like how logging into the KDE bnc works on two 'puters23:49

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