Aaronhello i have a question.... since my cloacks was "Timido" and now it's aaron. but i cannot use the email address for my user example aaron@ubuntu.com any hints. or tips?02:29
wgrantAaron: Your @ubuntu.com email address is based on your Launchpad username, not your freenode cloak.02:30
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Aaronwgrant, what i want it to change it.... is it possible?02:30
Aaroni know that.... ;(02:30
Aaronthank you....02:30
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frankb_hi all10:26
frankb_why is it not possible actually to upload a file which size is 175M. The maximum is set to 200M.10:27
frankb_The request is falling in timeout.10:27
wgrantfrankb_: Can you try from an Internet connection with more upstream bandwidth?10:29
frankb_I was at home when i tried to upload my file and I can't do it from work10:31
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zygais it possible to upload binary-only third party executables to launchpad (as a source package) ppa12:49
zygathe executable litsel is accompanied by this document: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5689307/12:49
zygait's not explicitly covered by https://help.launchpad.net/PPATermsofUse12:50
zygaI wonder if there is any similary to packages that are a part of restricted repository12:53
zygabinary drivers, ec12:53
dobeyzyga: i think it probably fails the restricted/main test, becasue it requires you to contact the author if you want to distribute via "cd/dvd or other bundles"12:55
zygadobey: oh, good point12:55
wgrantThe restriction against being sold is also problematic12:55
zygadobey: thank you very much12:56
dobeyand that12:56
zygathanks, I think that settles it12:56
wgrantYou certainly can't upload it under the PPA Terms of Use12:56
dobeyyou can, i guess, perhaps do what the flash package does (download it from orig source on install, rather than redistribute)12:56
zygayes, we've considered that already12:56
zygasadly it's not possible in the specific use case (it would not be of value for us then)12:57
dobeywhy is that?12:57
zygadobey: being a part of a deb-based offline bundle that one can install and perform some testing12:58
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zygaso the case gets interesting13:00
zygaapparently we're in touch with the author and got his consent to package it in a deb file13:00
zygaI wonder what kind of legal document / license would we need to obtain, in written form, to put this in a PPA13:00
zygawould the very same license, sans the bundle/sale clause work?13:01
dobeyyou'd need the restriction on sale, and/or cd/dvd bundling removed i'd guess13:01
zygaok, that's a start then13:01
wgrantzyga: It needs to comply with http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/licensing13:02
wgrantOr just open source the thing ;)13:02
zygaI'd wish he did13:02
zygawgrant: thanks, that will be our guideline13:02
dobeyopen source would be good. because then at least you could also build it on 32 bit13:03
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RabidCicadaHey there fella's.  Is there a way to edit your bug submissions?...I've only found I can add more (error containing comments) rather than correcting the old one.  Am I missing something?16:49
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RabidCicadamy searching on launchpad help and FAQ's are not turning up any answers either16:49
czajkowskiyou cna edit the summary16:53
czajkowskiRabidCicada: what bug in particular16:53
RabidCicada#1166211 tools/xen/install_os_domU.sh Fail with enable_service() call. <https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/1166211>16:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1166211 in devstack "tools/xen/install_os_domU.sh Fail with enable_service() call." [Undecided,New]16:56
RabidCicadaI ended up adding more comments16:56
RabidCicadabut it would be cleaner for me to just edit the original16:56
RabidCicadaand keep it concise16:56
czajkowskiRabidCicada: can you not just click the pencil icon around the bug description16:57
czajkowskithat changes that16:57
czajkowskithe same appears for the bug title16:57
RabidCicadaok...I can edit hte bug description but not the comments?16:58
czajkowskino not a comment16:58
RabidCicadaI can edit the attachment to the comments...just not the comment body itself16:58
RabidCicadaahhh...ok....Same for attachments?...As in people are going to have to look at every comment to get the attachments I want with the main bug description?16:59
RabidCicadaor do attachments appear in a unified location from different view?16:59
czajkowskithye view them from there17:00
RabidCicadato make sure I understand "they must scan all comments that happen to have attachments to get the attachment"17:01
RabidCicadaso...make sure I put everything I want in the main description/comment...and don't forget stuff too many times17:01
czajkowskiRabidCicada: yes exactly, ever time you comment on the bug17:02
czajkowskiall that list of people down the side may get notified if they have notifications turned on17:02
RabidCicadaThanks...relatively new...and thought it was wierd you cannot fix typos etc17:02
RabidCicadain comments17:02
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