Compysheesh, no matter where I go, I can't get away from chalcedony!00:04
chalcedonygreetings dear Compy :)00:05
chalcedonymissed you around00:05
Compyyeah, I've been keeping super busy. How are you?00:07
chalcedonyCompy, ok ty00:09
chalcedonyjust hanging around mostly00:09
Vivekanandahey there00:30
Vivekanandaanyone here ?00:31
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kewelhi lubuntu 12.04 piii1ghz 512mb -- did 'sudo apt-get install radiotray'.  I've got the RadioTray icon in my menu under sound/video but it does nothing.  anyone got any ideas?06:22
kewelhmm .. ran 'radiotray' at the cli and it mentions gnome a couple times.06:25
kewelnot kewel06:25
wxlnot sure what that is kewel06:25
wxlwill check it06:25
kewelit's supposed to be a lightweight internet radio client06:26
wxlthe only way to use it is through the tray?06:26
kewelpfff i dono!06:26
keweli saw somescreen shots that were in ubuntu06:27
kewelbut welp this isn't ubuntu ..06:27
kewelhowever when I *did* install radiotray-lubuntu!!06:27
kewelstrike the when part06:27
wxlno, you installed radiotray06:27
wxlevery screenshot i see shows a gnome system tray06:27
wxlwhich you don't have06:28
kewelI did 'sudo apt-get install radio-tray' but the packages it installed had lubuntu in their names06:28
wxland widgets made for it are not compatible with lxpanel06:28
wxlhowever nowhere does it make it clear that it's specifically gnome-related06:28
kewelwelp, I'm just hoping to find a [*really*] lightweight internet radio prog06:30
wxlcan't get lighter06:30
wxlbut it's cli only06:30
wxland that assumes you only use mp3 stations06:30
kewelehh.. I wouldn't mind, but this machine is used by other folks06:30
kewelin the past I used live365.com which is a streaming web page .. but on this old puter it's really slow at getting some sound to come out!06:31
wxlmplayer works, too06:31
wxlso does vlc06:31
wxli'm sure audacity, aqualung, etc.06:31
kewelstreaming stations?06:31
wxlalmost everything will do the trick06:31
kewelshows how much I know about that06:31
kewelI tohught audacity was a sound editor .....06:32
kewelaudacious perhaps?06:32
wxlnot audacity06:32
kewelgot that06:32
kewelopen url06:33
kewellooking for sumpin a bit more user friendly06:33
wxllightweight != user-friendly as a general rule06:33
wxlwhat is it that you want?06:33
kewela helicopter to rdo06:34
kewelpoint and click radio stations06:34
wxlmiro maybe?06:34
wxlnot sure if there's a linux version to be honest06:34
wxlbut it's NOT light06:34
wxlyep there is one06:35
kewelthen it prolly won't do.06:37
keweljust not enough stuff out there for lubuntu sometimes06:37
wxlbut what i'm trying to tell you is that you can't have your cake and eat it too06:37
wxlthere's lots of things about lubuntu that aren't user friendly06:37
kewelmaybe best off trying out webbased stations06:37
wxlbut they're light06:37
wxlbut there's TONS of stuff available for lubuntu. cuz almost everything is06:38
kewelmaybe I should be typing about lxde06:38
kewelwait that is the window man right?06:38
wxlwhat i'm telling you is everything that's available for ubuntu is available for lubuntu06:39
kewelgot that06:39
kewelwhat am I thinking of06:39
kewelnot gnome, not kde06:39
kewelbut ....06:39
wxlyep, lxde06:39
wxlif you want things that don't require gnome or kde there are STILL tons of things06:39
wxlmany apps don't require any one of those, but run off of qt or gtk or other libs06:40
kewellxde can use those libs too?06:40
wxlyep because they're not de specific06:41
wxlmy guess is this will fix your problem: http://www.nongnu.org/streamtuner/06:41
wxl!info streamtuner06:41
ubottuPackage streamtuner does not exist in quantal06:41
wxl!info streamtuner206:41
ubottustreamtuner2 (source: streamtuner2): Browser for Internet Radio Stations. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.0.8-5 (quantal), package size 262 kB, installed size 900 kB06:42
wxl…which, as an example, uses gtk06:42
keweldoes it work with lubuntu?06:47
wxlapparently you're not paying attention :)06:47
wxlif it uses gtk or qt it works universally06:47
wxlthis uses gtk06:47
kewelchecking itout ...06:48
kewelis it as simple as an apt-get command?06:48
wxlthey all are06:49
kewelnot squeemish but tired. =/06:49
kewelwxl: you still around?07:50
keweluh installing a deb package, and it tells me a newer version is found in the 'software channel'.  wth is that?!07:58
ubottuHi! I'm #lubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:07
wxlkewel: sorry disappeared. sudo apt-get install streamtuner208:17
wxlanywho off to bed08:17
kewelhey cool08:20
keweljust wanted to say I got streamtuner2 working and it's badass08:20
keweltons of stations and launches audacious to the correct urls08:20
keweloh and streamtuner2 isn't what I was really looking for.  but it is badass.08:26
keweldono if I can teach my housemates to use it is what I mean. =/08:26
kewelo wel.  peace08:26
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pjotrHello, I have a question about the Lubuntu download page12:51
pjotrPerhaps it's a good idea to present the LTS version as the primary eye-catching download option. Not as a semi-hidden option under "Previous releases". So that beginners with Lubuntu, will usually pick the LTS.12:51
pjotrReason: as we know, starting with Raring, support for intermediate ("standard") releases will be halved to nine months.12:51
pjotrAs Mark Shuttleworth said: "Our working assumption is that the latest interim release is used by folks who will be involved, even if tangentially, in the making of Ubuntu, and LTS releases will be used by those who purely consume it." http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/124612:52
pjotrWhat do you think?12:52
Touhou11I disagree, interim releases should still be usable for an "average" user and stable, otherwise they're pointless being called a release12:57
Touhou11Packages in LTS releases can be drastically out of date after a year or two12:57
pjotrThe main issue here is support period, I think. It's not nice for a beginner to be forced to upgrade very quickly...12:58
pjotrkey word is "forced"12:58
Touhou11It depends what level of support a user expects13:02
pjotrsecurity updates13:02
Touhou11We could mimic the approch of this page: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop13:02
Touhou11It makes it clear to the user they need to choose between long support or features13:03
pjotrTouhou11: that's an idea... Do you know who's in charge of that?13:07
phillwpjotr: lubuntu 12.04 will continue to receive security updates, however it is not an LTS in so far as the 'lubuntu specific' parts will receive updates.13:08
phillwit already has been discussed about having 14.04 as an LTS.13:08
phillwthe rules actually state you need two 'normal' releases prior to your 1st LTS, 12.04 was our second 'normal' release, albeit that it will have security updates for things like the kernel for a longer period of time than is expected for a 'normal' release.13:10
pjotrphillw: I see... Yes, that complicates matters for now13:14
pjotrNevertheless, for a beginner with Lubuntu, 12.04 will often be the better choice after April 25, I think13:16
pjotrHave you maybe an idea how that "fact" could be presented on the download page?13:17
pjotrfor "fact", read "consideration". More suitable, I think. :-)13:25
pjotrit's not just new kernels you'll keep getting in 12.04, but also things like a new Firefox and a new Flash Player13:29
Touhou11pjotr: Flash player on Linux has been abandoned, so there won't be newer releases13:36
pjotrTouhou11: so it is, but the old Flash version does still get security updates (no feature updates, only security updates). Anyway, it was just an example...13:46
grouver_wxl, your here?20:01
wxlgrouver_: what up20:01
grouver_You remember me from the wired internet problem?20:01
grouver_It was the NIC it was broken or something. I replaced it and internet works now.20:02
wxlweird that it worked for a bit but not surprising20:02
grouver_But now i have a new problem. Horay.20:02
wxlgoodie! probably an easie rone ;)20:02
grouver_wxl, my usb ports are not working.20:02
grouver_I tried different sticks. And they all do not light up if i plug them in in any port.20:03
wxlgrouver_: first thing first, what is the result of lsusb ?20:03
grouver_I tried:  lsusb.  but it gives: unable to initialize libusb: -9920:03
wxlis this quantal or raring?20:03
grouver_come again? :p20:04
wxllsb_release -a20:04
grouver_No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Release:12.04 Codename:precise20:05
grouver_wxl, didnt install the newest version yet fyi.20:05
wxlthat's what i just figured out :)20:05
grouver_cocky me.. :p20:05
wxlwell this is really curious.20:06
wxlwhat about lspci | grep -i usb?20:06
wxlcuz i think lsusb will give you the hubs but lspci should give you the controller itself20:06
grouver_i doesnt display anything.20:06
wxlwhat machine is this?20:07
grouver_wxl, a compaq i believe.  Let me check.20:07
wxlspecifics please20:07
grouver_i dont really know. Is there a command to retrieve all hardware info?20:08
wxlwell not that's going to give you info on the model name per se20:08
wxlyou can get the cpu and all that20:08
grouver_oh know.. the case says: "Micromaxx"20:08
grouver_its a really old pc i can tell you that though.20:09
grouver_defenitly 10 years old at least.20:09
wxlnot a laptop?20:09
wxlyeah doesn't help20:09
grouver_its running an AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+20:10
grouver_so yeah its a old one lol.20:10
wxlit's a presario most likely20:10
wxlbut could be one of many20:10
grouver_that cpu is made in 2002.20:11
grouver_anyways... arent the usb ports broken if the usb sticks doenst light up?20:11
wxlsomething is amiss for sure20:12
grouver_i mean it isnt about any driver or whatever then right? It doesnt even get power.20:12
wxleither drivers or hardware20:12
grouver_shoot.. i need them usb ports. :(20:12
grouver_got the model nr.20:13
grouver_hold on a sec.20:13
grouver_micromaxx pcmt620:14
wxlthat's just the mainboard, no/20:16
grouver_well the case says also Micromaxx at the front so.20:17
wxlgoogle searches don't seem to suggest that's the model number of the computer20:17
wxlor anything to do with anything outside of the internal hardware20:17
grouver_well i cant find anything in the inside of the case either. :(20:20
grouver_Should I try the ubuntu channel. Maybe somebody over there knows a trick to know if its the driver or just a hardware problem?20:21
holsteingrouver_: i usually just try different live CD's.. have you tried a knoppix live cd? have you tried seeing the usb hardware on a bios level?20:34
holsteinthe issue for me would be, i waste a bunch of time trying to make the USB hardware work when its actually broken20:35
grouver_holstein, since the NIC was broken to..  i think this may be the cause yes.  Iam asking at the ubuntu channel now.20:36
grouver_holsten, will try to take a look in to the bios yes. Good one.20:36
holsteingrouver_: sure, but thats actually my point. if the hardware is bad, it'll be bad no matter what OS you are on.. the OS (any os) will just say "hardware not present" in whatever way it says that20:37
grouver_gonna reboot... will check bios. see you guys. thanks for the help.20:41
holsteingrouver_: if my bios didnt boot usb...20:43
holsteini would burn a plop iso, and boot that.. see if the USB hardware presents its self, and can be booted20:43
holsteinif i booted a plop CD and it didnt show any usb hardware, i would assume an issue with the hardware20:44
grouver_holstein, gonna take a peek now. Thanks. wxl, holstein.   Goodnight.20:45
grouver_holstein, wxl, fixed :D20:51
grouver_USB was disabled in the bios.20:51
grouver_So was the onboard lan connection.20:51
grouver_lol thats why the onboard connection didnt work wxl.20:52
grouver_anyways.. gotta go.  thanks.20:52
holsteingrouver_: thats why i suggested checking the bios for the LAN issue before.. if the harware is off or broken, there is *nothing* *any* os can do to support the hardware20:52
holsteingrouver_: cheers!20:53

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