Captain_Protontring to install kubuntu 13.04, after i hit start kubuntu i receive "unable to boot please start with no pae"00:25
Captain_Protonanyone no what the kernel flag is to turn PAE off00:26
delacinstalled raring on virtualbox. sometimes it boots, mostly not. It hangs on acpid (if I send ctr-alt-del, it says "acpid exiting"). Tried already acpi=off. thoughts?00:40
allu3delac: hum when all fails my generic set is nomodeset noacpi, but not sure if it will make any difference00:48
delacallu3: going to try, thanks (I got it to boot finally, so not going to shut it down anytime soon :) Althoug I have no idea why it booted this time. Seems to require at least half a dozen tries every time)00:51
delaccant seem to start any of the Gnome desktops (gnome3 ppa set, gnome-package installed and everything upgraded) did I miss something?02:59
delacoh, sory. actually the fallback session starts, but the screen is totally black and nothing works (except you get the logout dialog with ctrl-alt-del)03:05
bjsniderdelac, did you switch to gdm?03:06
bjsnideryou can't log in to gnome 3.6 with lightdm03:06
delacbjsnider: yes, I do use gdm03:08
delacalso, I have updated to 3.803:08
bjsnideri don't know that it's very reliable at this point03:09
delacwell indeed it does not seem to03:09
jbichadelac: did you run dist-upgrade03:19
jbichabjsnider: I believe you can use gnome 3.6 with lightdm, it's been a few months since I've done it though03:19
bjsniderdidn't work for me when i tried it back in the fall03:20
delacjbicha: no, should I?03:22
jbichadelac: yes, otherwise I believe you'll get exactly the kind of problem you got :)03:24
delacjbicha: well, it didn't do anything more (nothing to upgrade).03:26
jbichadelac: what's gnome-shell --version tell you?03:27
cpatrick08I was wondering if there has any new info on the rolling development, how to activate it.03:28
jbichadelac: ok then ppa purge the gnome3 ppa03:29
jbichaoh and file a bug using ubuntu-bug gnome-shell before you do that03:30
delacjbicha: nah, this is virtualbox. maybe I just try gubuntu instead ;)03:31
cpatrick08delac, try a daily-live from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/03:33
delacjbicha: oh, the software updater did find some new python packages, and installing those helped03:34
delacthe desktop background is white, except when on the overview, then the wallpaper shows...?03:36
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lordievaderGood morning07:20
Dreamangood :)07:35
ktogias-officeHi. I own a mutitouch x86 (not arm) tablet/ultrabook hybrid device and have done some testing with ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04 beta2. I have posted results, fixes and other related info on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/1121379 . The touch screen does not work out of the box with 13.04, but there is an updated module (that will make it into linux 3.9) that fixes the problem. Could this be included in08:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1121379 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev (Ubuntu) "Multiple finger touch fails on Sony Vaio Duo 11 running Ubuntu 12.10 (N-Trig DuoSense MultiTouch)" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:30
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zero_coderhey , can i get download link of raring ringtail beta 2?10:57
DJoneszero_coder: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/10:58
smartboyhwDJones, no not that10:58
smartboyhwzero_coder, ^10:58
FOADHi.  Just did a fresh install of Kubuntu 13.04.  In de Date and time settings my local time zone is Europe/Amsterdam, but Kubuntu still uses UTC.  What am I missing?11:00
smartboyhwFOAD: Tell us in #kubuntu or #kubuntu-devel will be good:)11:01
Touhou11Does anyone know why the new version of Ubuntu isn't updating GNOME to 3.8? Seems like a major regression11:19
smartboyhwTouhou11, the Ubuntu GNOME team thought it too risky to put 3.8 in the archives since it needs a lot of supporting work11:20
smartboyhwso they are just doing 3.6 for Ubuntu GNOME releases11:20
Touhou11Supporting work? Such as?11:20
Touhou11It's been released as stable and is shipping on other distributions already11:20
smartboyhwTouhou11, but the team can't.11:20
smartboyhwTouhou11, the Ubuntu archive for Raring is on freeze now.11:21
Touhou11I guess you're right, the time would be tight11:21
smartboyhwAlthough the team can file an FFe (and UIFe and ...)11:21
Touhou11Shame the timelines aren't more in sync11:21
smartboyhwIt would be very tight on schedule11:21
smartboyhwTouhou11, shame indeed.11:21
smartboyhwTouhou11, try to find the Ubuntu GNOME guys on #ubuntu-gnome :)11:21
BluesKajHi all11:29
BluesKajhi Touhou1111:42
tyrogHello. Did anybody here manage to successfully run Xscreensaver in 13.04? thanks11:53
MistaMikehi guys, i need a little help.11:57
MistaMikewelp anyways, I'm trying to install google chrome (ubuntu 13.04) and I've been told to install libudev, but i get an error during the process.11:57
tyrogMistaMike: Better use chromium for now, till google fixes the udev problem11:59
BluesKajMistaMike, have you updated and upgraded lately ?11:59
MistaMikeI've upgraded ubuntu, yes.11:59
MistaMikealright, thanks.11:59
BluesKajyes MistaMike , chromium-browser is tweaked for linux , chrome , not so much12:01
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qenghoMistaMike|away: rather, chromium-browser is maintained by some clever and attractive bloke in Ubuntu, and will always work with Ubuntu.12:20
BluesKajqengho, nice to see such optimism :)12:22
qenghoWell, that bloke is me, so I know something of it.12:23
qenghoAnd I know what Google did wrong.12:23
BluesKajok , qengho I would use chromium , but the small tab fonts prevent me from using it on a large monitor/tv , the fon't don't integrate qith gtk or kde font settings , whereas firefox fonts do.12:26
smartboyhwqengho, LOL12:27
qenghoBluesKaj: have you filed a bug report?12:27
qenghoComplaints outside of bug reports do not exist.12:27
philinuxBluesKaj: howdy, 13.04 is really boring now. no crashes to sort out12:27
BluesKajis it a bug or is it just not linked to system font settings ?12:28
BluesKajphilinux, yeah , very stable so far12:28
philinuxBluesKaj: I've never known one so stable as this12:28
BluesKajphilinux, the guys/devs have definitely done good job so far12:29
philinuxBluesKaj: Impressive QA too12:30
BluesKajhmm, maybe time to change the batteries , KB is dropping letters again12:30
smartboyhwphilinux, +112:31
philinuxBluesKaj: I'm keen on hearing news on this rolling dev release system12:33
haukewHi everyone!  I just installed Kubuntu 13.04 Beta (today´s apt-get upgrade) and the screen management (from systemsettings) crashes on me, when i want to switch from single to dual-screen. Here is the crash-report: http://textdump.net/read/1866/12:36
BluesKajphilinux, think there's already a proposal in the works that just needs approval/adoption , some thing about a compromise . That's all I know . Could ask in #ubuntu-devel12:36
lordievaderhaukew: Is the package kde-workspace-randr installed on your system?12:36
haukewlordievader: no it was not, i installed it, still crashes :-(12:38
smartboyhwphilinux, and I am strongly against the rolling dev thing:P12:38
lordievaderhaukew: Hmm, that fixed a similair issue for me once.12:39
philinuxsmartboyhw: why's that?12:40
lordievaderhaukew: Perhaps it requires a reboot.12:40
smartboyhwphilinux, try to find it at smartboyhw.tk/wordpress_smartboyhw ;P12:40
haukewI´ ll try that. Here is the new debug-output: http://textdump.net/read/1867/12:40
qenghoBluesKaj: bad behavior is a bug.  Bug doesn't mean code error, it means intent mismatch.13:19
BluesKajqengho, I don't think it's intentional , neglectful maybe ...13:21
qenghoYou're not going to file a bug, are you, BluesKaj?13:22
BluesKajqengho, I guess i should have kept it to myself , filing bugs hasn't been successful for me.13:26
qenghoBluesKaj: you can be sure silence will be less successful.13:26
BluesKajyeah , but it doesn't really matter , FF works fine13:28
haukewIt seems to work now, maybe installing  kde-workspace-randr fixed it. Thanks, lordievader13:30
lordievaderhaukew: No problem ;)13:30
haukewbye :-)13:31
BluesKajanother happy customer :)13:31
lordievaderBluesKaj: That is why we do it :)13:31
BluesKajyup :)13:32
BluesKajnew kernel version coming down the pipe13:41
smartboyhwBluesKaj, \o/13:41
smartboyhwBluesKaj, it should anyway, this week it is Kernel Freeze.13:41
BluesKajuhoh , bad kernel build for the 310.32 nvidia driver13:46
* BluesKaj takes a chance , reboots13:51
c2tarunhi friends, anyone here using ubuntu 13.04 over ATI RADEON 5XXX series graphic card?14:18
smartboyhw4XXX here so no:P14:19
c2tarunsmartboyhw, are you facing any heating issues while playing videos in vlc or playing videos over youtube?14:19
smartboyhwc2tarun, I don't do that:P14:20
c2tarunsmartboyhw, you never played any video or you use some surrogate for vlc?14:20
Touhou11What driver are you using?14:22
c2tarunTouhou11, the one from Additional Drivers14:23
c2tarunI tried installing latest from ATI site also, same problem14:23
c2tarunTouhou11, problem seems to be stable these days though, now temp never goes over 75-80 but sometimes it use to reach 90 degrees centigrade so I just shut down my machine.14:24
c2tarunin case I leave my machine idle for 5-10 mins temperature decreases to 55-6514:25
c2tarunTouhou11, I read about 13.04 today and found that there is lot of polishing done and I would like to try it, but I don't want to mess my current 12.04 LTS install. So if anyone using it on ATI series card and not facing heating problem can help me in selecting proper driver or setting.14:26
Touhou11c2tarun: Use the open source driver instead14:26
c2tarunAlso I tried installing 12.10 but it was heating too much, I am using ubuntu 12.04 because of Ubuntu 2D it heats less.14:26
c2tarunTouhou11, how can I get open source driver?14:26
Touhou11Uninstall the "additional drivers"14:27
Touhou11And it should revert back14:27
c2tarunTouhou11, ohh.. you mean no drivers, ubuntu by default includes open source driver for ATI card? If I uninstall from additional drivers, my laptop will start heating again. Actually heating forced me to install driver, I was ok with no or open source driver.14:30
Touhou11If you use the default open-source driver, you could diagnose why it's heating up14:32
Touhou11Not possible with a closed source one14:32
c2tarunTouhou11, how to do that? the diagnosis of why system is heating too much!14:36
Touhou11c2tarun: You're familiar with C and Linux debugging?14:37
c2tarunTouhou11, yup14:38
starbuckhi, i discovered theres no whitelist for the tray icons in the panel anymore, how do i get the minimized programs into the tray, atm if i minimize to tray the program just disappears and has to be killed via console to end it15:15
philinuxBluesKaj: spoke too soon earlier. lol. new kernel has borked system15:16
genii-aroundnvidia-experimental ( both 310 and 304 ) can't install for some reason, only nvidia-current. The make.log indicates it can't decide what the currently running kernel is15:25
genii-around( this is after a reboot where the kernel version should not be in transition between the old one and a newly installed one). The proper prerequisites are installed ( linux-image-generic, linux-headers-generic, dkms, build-essential, linux-source )15:31
BluesKajwow that last kernel version upgrade mucked things up in the grqphics driver dept , had to revert to the same driver I used when 12.10 was new. nvidia-30415:35
bjsnidergenii-around, can i see the log15:38
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genii-aroundbjsnider: It's not that informative, but I'll pastebin it15:38
genii-aroundbjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689728/15:39
genii-aroundIt's the same for -experimental-30415:40
bjsnidergenii-around, what kernel version did you upgrade from?15:41
genii-aroundbjsnider: The immediate preceding one, I dist-upgrade twice a day15:44
BluesKajbjsnider, the nvidia module for that new kernel (3.8.0-17) fails to build properly here , too many apport and jockey errors to post15:44
bjsniderok, well it's a minor change. i doubt it's going to break dkms15:44
BluesKajbjsnider, try the kernel upgrade and see for yourself :)15:47
genii-aroundShould I try to install one of the experimental ones inside of dbg or so?15:48
BluesKajyou might be safe with the 313 nvidia tho15:48
bjsniderdo the headers and everything match that version?15:50
genii-aroundBluesKaj: I don't see that as a current option. Then again, I recently disabled kubuntu-ninjas15:50
BluesKajgenii-around, I installed the nvidia-current here , which is the 304..8415:51
BluesKajsorry genii-around the 313 suggestion was meant for bjsnider'15:51
bjsnideri am not using raring15:52
bjsnidertry to install 310 from the console and pastebin the result15:55
genii-aroundI have -17.32 here for linux-image, linux-headers, and linux-source. for dkms, 11.6ubuntu4 for build-essential15:55
genii-aroundbjsnider: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689785/16:00
BluesKajgenii-around, yup , had the same errors ..just to confirm16:01
bjsniderline 3616:01
bjsniderand run dkms status16:02
genii-aroundnvidia-304, 304.88, 3.8.0-17-generic, x86_64: installed     and: nvidia-experimental-310, 310.14: added16:03
FunnyLookinHatHey - friendly suggestion - don't run updates today if you have nvidia proprietary drivers running.16:06
bjsniderbug 109911816:06
ubottubug 1099118 in dkms (Ubuntu) "dmks fails building module as of missing dependency" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109911816:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1166253 in unity (Ubuntu) "Regression: Unity does not launch on startup" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:06
FunnyLookinHatYup that too.16:06
bjsnidergenii-around, they guy says "After installing the "python-apport" package this issue was fixed."16:07
genii-aroundI'll try shortly, work requires me for 5-8 minutes right now16:07
bjsnidervery well suh16:07
genii-aroundSame error output, without the apport lines. eg: "Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.8.0-17-generic (x86_64)" remains and the make.log is identical as before.16:10
genii-aroundAlso I just got a crash notice16:11
genii-aroundIdentical results again for -experimental-30416:14
BluesKajFunnyLookinHat, already updated the kernel , had to revert to nvidia-304.84 driver16:16
FunnyLookinHatBluesKaj, Ah ok - I was on 31016:16
FunnyLookinHatMaybe -experimental is the issue ?16:16
BluesKajFunnyLookinHat, so was I , the 310 kernel module failed build errored out with a dkms apport error16:19
BluesKajerr , module failed to build16:20
FunnyLookinHatGonna try 313 updates16:20
BluesKajthe 304 is looking good to me right now :)16:20
BluesKajitried the 313 updates but it failed to bring the driver in16:21
BluesKajstill not listed in synaptic16:21
FunnyLookinHathmm -16:23
FunnyLookinHatI'm gonna try 313 quick - rebooting16:23
genii-aroundHm. In the var/lib/dkms/nvidia-experimental-304/304.48/build/makefile  it wants to set KERNEL_SOURCES to /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/sources    but that subdirectory of "sources" doesn't exist.16:24
FunnyLookinHat313 works.16:26
FunnyLookinHatSo anything not -experimental- it seems16:26
BluesKajFunnyLookinHat, which card ?16:27
BluesKajor gpu16:27
BluesKajthe 313 is supposed to work with my 8400gs, but think I'll wait til the dust settles16:28
FunnyLookinHatyeah heh16:31
genii-aroundapt-cache policy linux-headers-generic    produces a result of -17.32, but apt-cache policy linux-headers-$(uname -r) produces a result of -17.2716:57
trashmottesomebody here?16:57
trismgenii-around: that's not a big deal, the linux-meta and linux packages have different versions17:01
trashmottehi, how can i get pidgin or xchat into the systray on minimize or close?17:01
lordievaderGood evening17:38
fm__hi, could someone open https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1113831 again?17:40
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1113831 not found17:40
fm__it has been accidently marked as private17:40
trismfm__: might ask in #ubuntu-bugs17:41
fm__thanks trism17:43
Twilohello, i use kubuntu 13.04 and i have a problem with starting scite, strace output http://paste.debian.net/248302/ + http://paste.debian.net/248303/. What is the problem?18:00
genii-aroundBluesKaj: nvidia-313-updates installed fine.18:06
genii-aroundOddly, nvidia-304 actually gets all the way to the end and the module gets successfully created but not installed. -310 chokes before getting anywhere near making the module18:07
BluesKajyeah , but what about the driver genii-around ? I see the update packaged , but no driver18:07
BluesKajno 313 driver listed in synaptic18:10
FunnyLookinHathmm - I don't use synaptic... but it's definitely there.18:10
FunnyLookinHatUpdate ?18:10
genii-aroundBluesKaj: /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-313-updates/313.26/3.8.0-17-generic/x86_64/module/     shows a driver there18:10
genii-aroundeg: nvidia_313_updates.ko18:10
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BluesKajgenii-around, the 313 updates file doesn't exist here , the /var/lib/dkms/ file contains the 304 driver only18:18
genii-aroundBluesKaj: It seems to have installed here: /lib/modules/3.8.0-17-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_313_updates.ko     .. for me, the 304 makes the driver in the dkms hierarchy but doesn't install it for some reason to /lib/modules/<kernel-version>18:21
genii-aroundRebooting, returning shortly18:21
audiowhat is the proper way to install new amd drivers on 13.04?18:27
socketubshi, nobody just dist-upgrade to 3.8.0-17 and have nvidia drivers just failed to build ?18:27
audioi tried selecting the fglrx updates prop driver from the software>additional drivers tab and resulted in a AMD unsupported hardware icon on the bottum right.18:28
BluesKajyes, there's a bug , socketubs18:28
socketubsBluesKaj, damn it, there are no unittest or build test seriously u_u18:28
socketubsThanks for your answer18:28
audioanyone mind helping with amd driver probs18:29
genii-aroundBluesKaj: 313 driver dumped me to console, so I reinstalled -current again.18:30
BluesKajyeah , genii-around the 313 updates install but leaves the nvidia-313 driver behind , dunno what good the updates are if it doesn't pull the dtiver in18:31
socketubsI've tried (experimental|current|nouveau) with latest 3.8.0-17 and nothing works. Just have to fallback to 3.8.0-16 with experimental.18:32
audiowhich drivers are working for amd cards?18:32
BluesKajsocketubs, the 304 , nvidia-current driver works18:32
genii-aroundsocketubs: nvidia-current works for me on -17 but none of the -experimental-304 or -experimental-31018:32
socketubswith 3.8.0-17 ?18:33
socketubsthank you guys18:34
BluesKajaudio, amd what cards , sound or graphics18:35
audioi just removed the prop drivers and reinstalling the xorg ones, and looking for another way to install the new drivers for amd18:36
audioi tried installing from the software & updates additional drivers, and after reboot had the amd unsupported hardware on bottum of screen18:37
BluesKajaudio the ati/amd graphics driver situation is very confusing atm , especially to me so I'll let some knowledgeable ati experienced ppl take over18:38
audioBluesKaj, dang the luck, you're the only one who's responded to my question i nthe past hour xD18:39
audiowas also askin gin the 12.10 chan lol18:39
BluesKajif you do don't mention that you're on 13.04 :)18:39
BluesKajit doesn't make a whole lot of diff from what I've seen18:40
audioyea i failed on that note.. xchat decided to slap me in that chan xD18:40
audioyea that's what i told him18:40
audiosome people, shrug18:40
audioand here i thought it was going to be a lot easier than my laptop with dual nvidia 9700m gts cards18:41
audiothat was a nightmare18:41
BluesKajmust be some laptop18:41
audioya it still compares to newer gaming rigs today, bout 9 years old too xD18:41
audioqosmio x70818:42
BluesKajooops I see18:42
audionever did find a working solution for the drivers.. but xorg worked pretty well with a dual monitor setup on kde18:42
socketubsUnity still doesn't want nvidia-current with 3.8.0-1718:42
audioany other desktop i tried was pretty bad with hangs/hard freezes18:42
audioso what dang cards do they support, intel only or what lol18:43
BluesKajsocketubs, bummer , I'm on kde , should ahve mentioned that18:43
audioi need to go buy one of these new linux gaming pcs with linux pre installed, and see how their getting these things workin18:43
socketubsBluesKaj, no problem!18:44
audiotook me 2 days just to get linux stable with a working boot loader on this uefi hardware crap18:44
socketubsgenii-around, you use nvidia-current with 3.8.0-17 and Unity ?18:44
BluesKajthat efi thing is causing alot of trouble ..why have they replaced the bios with it18:45
genii-aroundsocketubs: I'm on KDE, but otherwise yes18:45
socketubsok guys so its time to kick out unity \o/18:45
audioto own the industry later down the road18:45
socketubsbug reported on launchpad ?18:46
audioi actually found a pretty good and easy fix for it18:46
bjsniderBluesKaj, efi is much more advanced than bios. boots much faster19:02
BluesKajwell , bjsnider , maybe for those can actually boot in :)19:03
bjsniderme for instance19:03
BluesKajguess I'll be using the nvidia-304 for a while , but it's working fine ..so I guess one has to be thankful for small mercies :)19:05
audioima linux noob and i got it workin fine19:10
audioreading some of the forums and walkthroughs peoples main probs were the easiest things like turning uefi off and secure boot19:10
audioand getting to their bios lol19:10
audiomy kids could do that xD19:11
audiobjsnider, did you get them both booting from windows boot manager, or are you using grub?19:11
bjsnideri do not use windows19:12
audiooh ok, nm then19:12
audioalright wish me luck BluesKaj , gonna try n reboot and see if the install went well xD19:14
Twiloi use kubuntu 13.04 and i have a problem with starting scite, strace output http://paste.debian.net/248302/ + http://paste.debian.net/248303/. What is happen?19:14
genii-around!info scite19:18
ubottuscite (source: scite): Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.2-3 (raring), package size 1047 kB, installed size 2708 kB19:18
genii-aroundTwilo: How did you install it?19:25
Twilogenii-around: with apt-get install scite19:26
Twilogenii-around: i also tried apt-get purge scite; apt-get install scite:i38619:28
cmos_i think i got it ;P19:33
cmos_now to 86 this ugly testing use only watermark o.O19:34
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audioOpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.19:36
audioOpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics19:36
audioOpenGL version string: 4.2.12173 Compatibility Profile Context 12.10.1719:36
audiothat means driver was installed successfully right?19:36
BluesKajaudio, the version string indicates the installed driver , but I don't know what that string means19:47
BluesKajno clue whether that's an ati driver19:49
audioya ati/amd are the same19:50
audioi think aslong as it doesnt say mesa or vesa or something than it's okay19:50
audioplus i ran the 00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Wrestler [Radeon HD 7340]19:51
audioplus i ran the fgl_glxgears and it ran fine19:51
audiono errors or tears or anything. so i guess it's okay o.o19:51
BluesKajthen you;'re ok19:51
audionot sure what else to check19:51
audionice, not bad on the second try ;P19:52
BluesKajthat's about all19:52
audiomuch easier than nvidia i have to say lol19:52
BluesKajwell nvidia works fine as long as the devs don't forget to include important libs and packages19:53
BluesKajI didn't have trouble until today when the new kernel came down19:53
audioya if you have 1 card, or the hybrid with bumblebee. but not if you have 2 cards on a laptop19:53
audioya i read something about it messing up on every kernel update19:54
audionever quite got that far tho to figure it out19:54
audioonly thing i could think of was possibly my card going out, or hardware issue, but every benchmark i ran had fine results19:54
audioso i donno19:55
audiolaters, thx for the help19:55
audioonly thing i could think of was possibly my card going out, or hardware issue, but every benchmark i ran had fine results20:06
audioworked ;P20:14
lee98632Ok high guys, I have bug that needs squashing20:26
lee98632ready to squash it?20:26
lee98632in Kubuntu,13.o4 , I s this, I am not allowed to trandfer files from my camera to my "Videos" area, How ever, I can transfer files to the Public folder?20:29
lee98632a second Bug is that when ever I add an app, it gives me soem wierd thing that the files has may have been tampered with..which I am pretty sure it hasn't been‎ it has to do with when adding programs, how ever they do get installed.20:30
lee98632its the not being able to transfer video files that has me intrigued..20:31
lee98632it will down load video from the net and store it that way20:31
lee98632Hmm, is there any humans in here?20:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:35
lordievaderHmm not really the answer I was hoping for, anyhow many idlers ;)20:35
lordievaderlee98632: To me your first "bug" sounds like a permission error. You do have rw access to the "Videos" area?20:39
lee98632re write?20:43
lee98632oh yes I h do have access to the folder20:44
lee98632I can open it I jsut can not transfer20:44
lee98632to it20:44
lordievaderlee98632: How are you trying to transfer files? With Dolphin?20:46
lee98632Direct copy and paste ie typical open camera file copy it and paste it. that kind of thing.20:47
lee98632cam is nothing special.20:47
lee98632the selection "paste is greyed out"20:49
lee98632how ever on and external drive it will show up20:49
lordievaderlee98632: From this I take that you use Dolphin, what happens when you try to do the same thing with the good old terminal?20:50
lee98632hmm, not skilled in that area yet, havn't tried it, but pretty good at following directions, I have used the terminal to down load things, but not to trasnter a file20:51
lee98632terminal is up and running20:52
lee98632oh and the error occurred right after I upgraded.20:53
lee98632so before the upgrade I was able to transfer, after the upgrade is when things went PFFT20:54
lordievaderUpgrade from what to what? 12.10 -> 13.04?20:55
lordievaderAnyhow do you know the mountpoint of your sd card (camera)?20:55
lee98632hmm no, after loading 13.04 it said ther was an up date so I did that, then it said that there was an up grade so I did that20:56
lee98632you know, just to make sure everything was updated20:57
lee98632and I understand this is an Alpha 220:57
lee98632but, then a gagain how do we know whats working and whats not if people don't report in lol20:58
lordievaderlee98632: True, true. It is very good that you report this ;)20:59
lee98632not a fraid to dig in either, its a beta, i know the risks.20:59
lordievaderBut do you know the mountpoint?20:59
lee98632hmm define mountpoint21:00
lordievaderlee98632: You could consider joining the Kubuntu Testers Team :) https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTesters21:00
lee98632lol i don't even know what a mount point is lol21:01
lee98632the last time I touched code was when i had a c-64 and c 12821:01
lordievaderI think Wikipedia can better explain it than I can: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_(computing)21:01
lee98632and i wrote a virus by accident.. bye bye c 12821:02
lee98632and since then I didnt do any more peeking and poking21:03
lee98632so what is this idea about transferring a file using the terminal?21:05
lordievaderlee98632: The idea is, it might give you a hint as to what is wrong ;)21:05
lee98632well then lights try it lol21:05
lee98632whatis the command line I need to try it?21:06
lordievaderlee98632: We first need to know the mount point ;), could you pastebin the output of "mount"?21:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:07
lee98632he ok21:08
lee98632mount point21:08
lee98632hmm looks like I am going to have to register21:08
audiodoes the new gnome not support transparency or what?21:08
lordievaderlee98632: For paste.ubuntu.com you shouldn't have to register...21:09
lee98632eh I am in Kubuntu21:09
johnjohn101getting close to release party time.. few weeks away21:09
lee98632ok I go it up, ok so how do I do the mount point thing?21:10
lordievaderlee98632: I'm in Kubuntu too ;) Did you pastebin the output of mount?21:11
lee98632not yet trying to figure out the mount point21:11
lordievaderlee98632: We are getting to that, just paste the output of mount ;)21:13
lordievaderOr are you struggeling with the command mount?21:13
lee98632ok posted it , I hope that is correct21:14
lee98632eh Do I need to paste the link here?21:14
lordievaderlee98632: Yes, please.21:14
lee98632I took the folder and stuck it in terminal and that is what terminal said21:15
lordievaderlee98632: I have a feeling that is not the entire output of "mount"...21:15
lee98632hmm ok , so how do I get the entire mount entry?21:15
lordievaderlee98632: Ah, no in the terminal you type "mount" and hit enter, what you get back is what I want to know ;)21:16
lee98632ah ok21:16
lee98632ahh that is better mr terminal liked that lol21:17
lee98632ok retry that21:17
lee98632eh how do I add to that paste bin or was it a one shot deal?21:19
lordievaderGo back to http://paste.ubuntu.com/21:19
lee98632erk did that and I have a well baby appointment at 3:0021:21
lordievaderI'm almost going to bed ;). Anyhow your sd card is probably mounted to /media/disk. Does the output of "ls /media/disk" (<-- terminal command again) seem familliar?21:24
lordievaderHehe I have a VM running here with hostname R2D2 :)21:24
lee98632Yeah the mounted cam is my Sony HD and my Phone21:24
lee98632my Phon is my modoem21:24
lee98632ok i have to go, offline...what a bad time to try and start this lol21:26
lee98632get some rest21:26
lordievaderlee98632: Oh well, my advice is to check to see if it works in the terminal, if it does. Report this in #kubuntu-devel.21:27
santagadahow can I debug my unity that isn't starting... it stops after changing the background picture21:32
santagadagnome fallback is working fine21:33
santagadacompiz seems to be working fine also21:35
santagadano one can help?21:36
wilee-nileesantagada, You have left out pertinent details such as the upgrade to this release and what led you to this problem for example.21:37
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:38
santagadawilee-nilee: I upgraded it using update-manager -d and then ran aptitude safe-upgrade after because it was not wanting to install new stuff21:38
santagadathen I had a problem with nvidia drivers21:39
santagadanow I'm using nvidia 31321:39
wilee-nileesantagada, Not to me but the channel, I was just commenting. ;)21:39
santagadawilee-nilee: ok21:39
santagadaI'm running 13.04 now21:39
santagadaand was using unity before on 12.1021:40
santagadathat I think sums it up21:40
santagadawilee-nilee: its pretty complete now21:40
wilee-nileesantagada, The general consensus on running a development don't do it unless you can fix it, and don't run it as a main OS. You upgraded in spite of having errors to a beta, personally I would never upgrade a distro there are easy ways to have all you had in the original in a fresh install.21:43
wilee-nileeI hope you get it fixed, but you have followed a path not built on logic21:44
santagadawilee-nilee: well there is a button to update the os, why the hell would I not trust it? Also I want to fix it I just don't know where to start21:48
santagadawilee-nilee: betas are for people to use, if they didn't want it to be run by people it should not be called a beta21:49
santagadafuck it21:49
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=== MistaMike is now known as MistaMike|away
phunyguySo I have a question, I am up to date on 13.04 thus far, but I am getting facebook notifications, and since Gwibber has been purged, I have no idea what they are coming from.....22:16
phunyguyfunny thing is, every time I sign in, it is the same few (old) updates that are popping up.  They are a week or two old.22:16
phunyguyI also don't have the facebook unity plugin installed (that I know of)22:17
phunyguyI disabled integration prompting for all websites.22:17
quemneither banshee nor rhythmbox work for me.. any ideas?22:19
quemthe programs launch and everything.. but i can't play any songs.22:20
|Slacker|have you checked sound config?22:21
|Slacker|my 13.04 plays sounds normally22:25
quemsound works fine in browser, and with mplayer22:25
quemworks fine in audacious too22:25
* quem is dumbfounded22:26
|Slacker|well...I have 13.04 in a vm here and I've just played some music on rhythmbox22:34
|Slacker|is you system up to date?22:34
sevenhillI'm getting Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.8.0-17-generic (x86_64) after lastest linux-image update22:53
quem|Slacker|: yes, it is23:17
Alin`when is out ubuntu 13.0423:35
Alin`can you tell me23:35
Alin`i love ubuntu23:35
audioi thought gnome 3.8 was suppose to be highly customizable?23:36
|Slacker|Alin`, april 28 I guess23:46
Alin`Thank you23:48

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