AdrintHello, everyone. Newbie here.03:08
AdrintIs anyone currently on?03:08
pleia2Adrint: this channel is pretty quiet, might have more luck on the mailing list :)03:09
AdrintI don't know. The mailing list sounds scary D:03:09
AdrintI'm essentially looking for a place where I can get together with others in the Ubuntu community and toss around ideas :>03:11
pleia2Adrint: about what specifically?03:11
pleia2(just trying to figure out where I can point you :))03:11
AdrintI was sort of wondering exactly how one would go about getting involved with design. Wether it be wallpapers, promotional banners and whatnot.03:12
pleia2ah, so the artwork team doesn't do a whole lot these days, but they're generally told when there are wallpaper contests each cycle (notification sent out on the mailing list when that starts)03:12
pleia2and whenever teams need artwork done, they can come to the mailing list to ask artwork folks to design logos and stuff03:13
AdrintYeah. I was aware of the wallpaper contest. (I even submitted one myself once.) I wondered if there was much else to dive into.03:13
pleia2most recently was the call for submissions for the updater: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-art/2013-January/013634.html03:14
pleia2unfortunately not really much03:14
pleia2but the mailing list is really the best place to sign up, since that's where most discussion happens and calls for help/participation03:14
AdrintYeah, I subscribed a few moments ago. I thought I'd check out the irc channel to see what might be going on :P03:15
pleia2there was talk on the list a couple months about more people coming here, but it kinda died off03:16
AdrintI see.03:16
AdrintI find it a little bit amusing, we have all of these people working on new icons for Nautilus, the software centre and the software updater.03:19
AdrintBut when it comes to the default wallpaper, they flip the old one upside down?03:19
AdrintI never really understood it.03:19
pleia2yeah, I don't know :) Canonical is funny03:20
AdrintYeah :P03:20
AdrintI love Ubuntu. I use it as my main OS. But I'm scared of scaring people away with the next release partly because of the wallpaper which in my opinion, dosen't fit too well.03:21
pleia2I dunno, I think a lot of people change the default anyway03:21
AdrintYeah, that's a given.03:21
AdrintBut Imagine being entirely new to ubuntu and you turn the machine on for the first time.03:22
* pleia2 shrugs03:22
pleia2it doesn't bother me, but I'm not actually an art person :)03:22
AdrintI'm sort of a noob.03:22
AdrintI have some experience playing around a little in Gimp.03:23
AdrintNot much else.03:23
AdrintSo what do you think about the way they're taking Unity?03:24
pleia2I use it on one of my laptops, it's fine for basic work for me, and I love the keybindings03:25
pleia2but I'm a Xubuntu user most of the time ;)03:25
AdrintI see.03:25
AdrintI primarily use unity aside from on my netbook where I use Lubuntu03:26
AdrintI notice that a lot of the wallpapers that won in the contest had more of a nature-like theme with the occasional mascot.03:29
pleia2yeah, I think people like flowers03:30
AdrintPerhaps mine was trying too hard to be the default? :P http://www.flickr.com/photos/88058558@N07/8173666046/03:30
pleia2hah, perhaps :)03:30
AdrintMaybe next time I'l do the same old frost and flowers things that we see every release.03:31
pleia2time for me to head off for the evening, good luck03:32
AdrintGood night.03:33
AdrintAnd good luck to you too.03:33
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