rusmanlong time i used gnome 203:29
rusmanand now i installed ubuntu 1203:30
rusmanit very slow for my 2 Gz 2 Gb laptop03:30
rusmanis it possible install gnome 203:31
rusmanfor improving performance&03:32
wilee-nileerusman, THere is a gnome fall back that comes with the gnome-shell install which is gnome 3, it is similar to gnome2 which is end of life from gnome. There is also the mate desktop many like, xubuntu and lubuntu.03:32
rusmanwilee-nilee how can i switch os to gnome 3?03:34
wilee-nileerusman, In the terminal sudo apt-get install gnome-shell then choose it from the gear dropdown at login.03:35
rusmanoh, thanks03:35
wilee-nileerusman, You don't want to mess with removing unity though just a heads up, there is a gnome 3 only remix though if you wanted just that.03:36
rusmani want high performance03:37
rusmanlike in ubuntu 1003:37
wilee-nileerusman, This website is a good resource for removing whole desktops and installing another, however make sure you are doing it with the correct release, and are prepared for any problems. I have not had any myself, but you would be removing and installing large amounts of stuff at a time, look at the playing around section in the left panel.03:40
rusmanthank you wilee-nilee03:44
wilee-nileerusman, my pleasure.03:44
r4yFor some reason the ip address changed under right click edit connections of Ubuntu05:11
r4ySo deluge was working but stopped then I had to change the ip passthrough option in my nvg510 motorola router05:12
r4yIt's working again now though05:12
r4yWhy perhaps do you think my ip address changed, I thought IP address don't change05:14
r4yFor some reason the ip address changed under right click edit connections of Ubuntu05:15
r4ySo wrong channel05:15
r4yIt works like a dream at the moment05:16
r4yIs Sergio the same Sergio from the Myspace group called Linux Geeks from back in the day?05:18
r4yI ended up changing the upload speed to -1.00 and I saw "100 KiB/s", so I will needto re-adjust it like geirha said to05:20
r4yFor now I will keep it at 50 Kibs instead of 30 because I want to re-upload the Ubuntu oses I had downloaded05:22
r4yI am pretty happy right now and like I said I am sorry about things this morning. I haven't had much sleep trying to get my head around what to do to fix this05:23
r4yPlus I've been remodeling our house here05:24
r4yI think the Sergio I was thinking of is a different guy05:26
SergioMenesesme what?05:26
SergioMenesesI dont have myspace05:27
r4yI don't use Facebook05:27
r4yMy brother does to keep contact with his friends but I am a home body so05:27
r4yNever had Myspace, OK, I think the guy I was thinking of was in the Army or something05:28
r4yWhat do you think about my ip address changing under edit connections?05:29
r4yI guess I shoudGoogle it05:29
SergioMenesesr4y, no worries05:31
r4yI hope I didn't upset anyone here earlier05:32
r4yI don't want to lose any friends in life05:32
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r4ypeepsalot from the deluge channel said r4y, depends on your ISP how often it may change if at all, some offer static IP address as an option for extra cost. otherwise your IP address is assigned via DHCP and may expire at any time.05:40
r4yMy answer back is O, OK05:40
r4yOK, thank you all again for putting up with me. Bye, I have to go try to do good things, take care all.05:41
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IveBeenBitCan someone tell me how to make a bootable USB drive? I have an ISO file. The "startup disk creator" crashes at the end while installing the bootloader, so something from the terminal would be nice. I'm using Ubuntu 12.1015:56
kevin999can anyone help me with a bind9 problem - base zone files deleted in error21:23
kevin999127.   0.  255. etc21:24
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