pleia2mhall119: saw jono's vacation blog post, does that mean we have to wait another week for UDS announcement?00:35
pleia2by then it's only a month away, that gets hard for people to ask for time off00:35
pleia2and even though I know the dates, I don't know the time zone, which will impact the days I need to take off00:36
mhall119pleia2: no, he sent me an email asking me to write the announcement00:39
pleia2thank goodness!00:40
mhall119time/timezone will be same as last time00:40
pleia2ok cool00:40
dholbachgood morning06:44
philipballewgreetings dholbach06:53
dholbachhey philipballew06:53
dholbachdpm, do you have time to hang out a bit?10:01
smartboyhw_Hello dholbach:)10:01
dholbachhey smartboyhw_10:01
dholbachdpm, I'm off to lunch - let's chat later10:43
czajkowskihttps://twitter.com/Ubuntu_Borat/status/321159857182998528  ROFLOL!!11:41
nigelbThere's an Ubuntu_borat!11:52
* nigelb follows11:52
smartboyhwPoor jono he didn't expect that joke when going to Australia:P11:53
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mhall119upvotes please: http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1bx8w3/building_an_ubuntu_sdk_app_rev_1/15:52
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow15:59
bkerensapleia2: Ubuntu's Google Summer of Code Application was declined for 2013.18:54
pleia2bummer :(18:54
czajkowskibkerensa: well done for applying though19:17
jcastroheya pleia219:17
jcastrocan you add the HP Ubuntu mirror announcement on planet to the newsletter?19:18
bkerensaczajkowski: thanks... There is a meeting on the 19th in #gsoc so declined orgs can get a better understanding of the reasons as to why they were declined... So I might attend that so we have a better understanding and can improve our application next year19:18
czajkowskifeedback is good19:18
pleia2jcastro: yep, it's in the planet section for UWN next week19:21
bkerensalooking forward to jcastro's session at openstack summit19:24
bkerensahe is going to teach me about Juju :P19:24
pleia2I can't believe it's next week x_x19:25
bkerensahopefully there will be sun here before then... We had two really warm days and then winter came back ;p19:26
jcastronext week?19:26
jcastroI BETTER GET READY!19:26
pleia2pro tip: don't go to a work conference a week before your wedding19:29
pleia2this way leads to madness :)19:29
pleia2deep breaths19:29
bkerensapleia2: There will be donuts :D19:29
pleia2I have a wedding dress to fit into!19:30
* bkerensa hides19:30
bkerensapleia2: I thought you were having this type of wedding http://imgur.com/a/nVFzm19:32
czajkowskipleia2: https://plus.google.com/102921374554385564572/posts  sums it all up :)19:32
bkerensapleia2: atuljha is coming from India19:37
bkerensafor openstack summit19:37
pleia2I don't think I know them19:37
bkerensapleia2: uhh you might know him as koolhead19:37
pleia2oh right19:38
pleia2in person too, he was in my SF tourist group at Oakland UDS :)19:38
bkerensahe is a funny guy... he came up for OSCON and me and phillip ballew had to go help him around :)19:38
mhall119pleia2: since I'll be blogging about UDS, what's the process for getting that on fride.ubuntu.com as well?20:28
czajkowskimhall119: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/submit-news/20:40
czajkowskipoking pleia2 doesnt scale :)20:40
mhall119it usually does :)20:41
mhall119thanks czajkowski20:41
pleia2of all the submit-news things dropping by #ubuntu-news with the link is probably the easiest for you, a bunch of people there can add it :)20:52
pleia2also if you announce it on the -devel mailing list, please send to community-announce@lists.ubuntu.com too (both czajkowski and I can approve :))20:53
czajkowskipleia2: \o/20:54
mhall119pleia2: will do, thanks21:04
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