pleia2thanks jbicha, bkerensa and godbyk!00:11
shaunmgodbyk, jbicha: does check_validation.sh do something special? some reason you can't just use yelp-check?01:45
godbykshaunm: "./check_validation.sh blah.page" just runs "xmllint --noout --xinclude --relaxng ../../libs/mallard-1.0.rng blah.page"01:47
shaunmah, a local copy of the rng file01:49
godbykLooking at the yelp-check script, it appears to do roughly the same thing.01:50
shaunmwell, yelp-check relies on you having xml catalogs set up to use a local copy of the schema01:51
shaunmbut it does do schema merging, which is nice if you use a lot of mallard extensions01:52
godbykshaunm: Ah, cool. i just ran yelp-check validate and it appears to work, too.01:53
godbykyelp-check is a bit less verbose, too, which is nice.01:53

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