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czajkowskianyone in dublin tomorrow10:15
czajkowskiMeetup tomorrow in Dublin learn about Riak!! http://meetu.ps/Jv9sK thanks to the folks at Basho and Engineyard10:15
tdr112is it worth it11:35
czajkowskiyeah very useful and you get to meet others which in turn can help you or your projects or you know networking11:39
czajkowskibut the talks can be very good11:39
tdr112I mean Riak, has anyone used it11:40
czajkowskioh yes11:40
czajkowskiengine yard :)11:40
tdr112not mad on the idea of them hosting so many meetups11:56
czajkowskihow come?12:00
tdr112I just think its not a good thing to have some many event hosted by a private company12:14
czajkowskiI can see that but also know how hard it is to find independent venues that dont cost and arm and a leg12:15
czajkowskiand you want a venue that's not a pub, has wifi, close to X it becomes a long list to sort out12:15
tdr112yes but its not like group y is using them as a venue , its Engineyard running x meetup12:30
czajkowskibut if noot them then who12:31
czajkowskiat least talks are happening which tbh12:31
czajkowskiis a good thing as that encourages discussion and mingling12:31
czajkowskigood for business and for people who work12:31
czajkowskislight trade off I know12:31
czajkowskiideally it'd be in some neutral place, but that's not always possible.12:32
tdr112aside from the not neutral place its the not neutral people running them , most meetups are being run by their staff12:34
tdr112where is the community ownership12:34
czajkowskiwell bbasho are sponsoring it, the makers of riak at least in this instance12:35
czajkowskiso the community here are engineyard who are users12:36
czajkowskiI'm not saying it's perfect12:36
czajkowskibut I prefer to see this than no talks12:36
tdr112just good to be mindful12:37

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