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psivaainfinity: we have still to do linux-ec2/lucid and will try to do asap. sorry about the delay07:54
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ppisatilp 116407408:36
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164074 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "[Highbank] Quantal to Raring upgrade issues" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116407408:36
apwdiwic, i have no sound on todays updates, on an all intel dell, 3 years old.  any suggestions as to diagnostics?  everything alsamixer shows for output is unmuted09:19
diwicapw, 13.04 ? did you have kernel and/or pulseaudio updates ?09:20
apwi had kernel at least, i had 450M so probabally most things09:20
apwfor raring indeed09:20
diwicapw, let's assume kernel - last PA update was 3 weeks ago09:21
apwquality in action09:21
diwicapw, for initial investigation "ubuntu-bug audio" 09:22
apwdiwic, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/116609709:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1166097 in alsa-driver "[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel, playback] No sound at all" [Undecided,New]09:27
diwicapw, did you test speaker only or headphones too?09:28
apwdiwic, i have personally tested all outputs, nothing09:29
apwinfinity, yep09:31
diwicapw, but USB headset (if you're having any) is still working as usual I assume?09:33
apwdiwic, don't think we have a usb headset here...09:33
diwicapw, ok.09:33
apwdiwic, i do have some usb speakers, but they are not physically proximate09:34
diwicapw, let me look through recent patches to the driver and see if I find something09:34
diwicapw, argh, nothing there either09:36
diwicapw, I guess you're down to bisection then09:36
diwicapw, i e boot an older kernel to verify the kernel is the fault09:37
apwdiwic, yeep09:37
apwdiwic, daily quality guarenteed ... sigh09:37
diwicapw, how many days of update was it?09:38
apwdiwic, a lot ... i have had no network for weeks, i was last 'here' with b/w about 2 weeks ago09:41
apwdiwic, rebooting into a 3.5 kernel and i have sound09:42
diwicapw, you must have had sound with an earlier 3.8 kernel too?09:49
apwdiwic, so ... 3.8-8 is ok, 3.8-9 is bad, i must have only used my usb output since then i assume to have not noticed for so long09:51
diwicapw, what dates are that approximately?09:51
apwcommit 31b67ffaf4f9e72dce22d028180fc10a66dfec7709:52
apwAuthor: Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>09:52
apwDate:   Tue Feb 26 12:15:23 2013 -070009:52
apw    UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.8.0-8.1709:52
apwcommit f7c0639bf5538a557a1f05ea6a81fb237776e2fa09:52
apwAuthor: Tim Gardner <tim.gardner@canonical.com>09:52
apwDate:   Thu Feb 28 08:47:51 2013 -070009:52
apw    UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.8.0-9.1809:52
diwicapw, what's the command for finding out the commits in between, for the sound/pci/hda directory?09:55
apwdiwic, tricky cause it is a stable update ... ick09:55
apwgit log 6071a7768562b970491c66127779de1f5b1250a3..Ubuntu-3.8.0-9.18 --oneline09:55
apwis the only changes we made ... so it must be a mainline change, working out what that is now09:56
apwdiwic, it also includes 3.8 -> 3.8.1 stable09:58
diwicapw, hrm, I'm looking at gomeisa's ubuntu-raring tree and the only v3.8 tag it has is v3.8-rc509:59
apwcould be i have them locally separatly10:00
diwicapw, yeah, just haven't synced raring because I haven't got around to buy a bigger ssd :-)10:00
apwdiwic, looking what was in the .1 updae10:01
apwdiwic, 10:02
apwca36807 ALSA: hda - hdmi: ELD shouldn't be valid after unplug10:02
apw97ec241 ALSA: hda - Fix broken workaround for HDMI/SPDIF conflicts10:02
apw13ba2f7 ALSA: hda - Workaround for silent output on Sony Vaio VGC-LN51JGB with ALC88910:02
apw6a9c847 ALSA: hda - Fix default multichannel HDMI mapping regression10:02
apw41e19bd ALSA: hda - Release assigned pin/cvt at error path of hdmi_pcm_open()10:02
apw45d13ae ALSA: hda - Disable runtime PM for Intel 5 Series/340010:02
apwlooks to be the delta for hda10:02
diwicapw, I looked through all those already10:03
diwicapw, none of those looks applicable to your problme10:03
diwici e your hardware10:03
amitkwhat does linux-image-extra contain (in the mainline builds) ?10:03
* apw goes test that it _is_ 3.8->3.8.110:03
apwamitk, 'the other half of your modules', linux-image is 'virtual' linux-image+l-i-extras is 'generic'10:04
amitkapw: so probably useful on a desktop10:04
apwamitk, indeed yes10:05
amitkapw: thx10:06
apwamitk, np10:06
apwdiwic, identifying whether it is stable or our changes next10:06
apwwill let you know10:06
diwicapw, thanks. Yeah, I think we're down to a real bisect at this point no matter what10:07
* apw secretly blames diwic :)10:07
apwdiwic, ok 3.8 mainline is good,  3.8.1 is bad10:13
apwdiwic, what was my bug number?  i've lost it already10:14
diwicapw, bug 116609710:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1166097 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[HDA-Intel - HDA Intel, playback] No sound at all" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116609710:15
apwdiwic, ta10:22
apwdiwic, so it is deffo one of those 6, just reverted just those off -9 and its working10:32
diwicapw, the annoying thing is that most of those are HDMI related 10:33
apwdiwic, yes10:33
diwicapw, hmm, you do have an HDMI codec on the same sound card though10:34
apwdiwic, it does have hdmi as well10:34
diwicapw, btw, I assume you have not tested HDMI audio?10:34
apwdiwic,  i have not10:34
apwit is not something i use regularly10:34
diwicapw, ok. well, continue searching. My guess is "Fix broken workaround for.."10:37
* diwic wonders if we'll need a "Fix for fix for workaround for" patch...10:38
* diwic goes for lunch, bbl10:41
apwdiwic, ok ... bisect says:11:25
apwcommit ca368073ffcbdd25486d65c150039423f677f82111:26
apwAuthor: David Henningsson <david.henningsson@canonical.com>11:26
apwDate:   Tue Feb 19 16:11:22 2013 +010011:26
apw    ALSA: hda - hdmi: ELD shouldn't be valid after unplug11:26
apwis at fault.11:26
diwicapw, eh11:29
diwicapw, ouch ?11:29
diwicapw, probably it triggers some other bug in a strange relationship11:29
apwdiwic, what now :)11:39
diwicapw, I'm still in denial ;-)11:42
diwicapw, it's not a dangerous patch to revert11:43
apwdiwic, i'll reset to latest kernel and confirm it reverting it there solves it too and its not just luck11:43
diwicapw, could you also attach the contents of /var/lib/alsa/asound.state to the bug?11:44
apwdiwic, attached11:46
diwicapw, can't see it, are you sure the attachment uploaded correctly?11:47
apwdiwic, try that (i hate LP)11:48
diwicnow it's there11:48
apwdiwic, ok confirmed that reverting that patch against the 3.8.0-16 base also fixes my issues.  am trying to debug now, as your patch seems reasonable assuming no other bugs12:11
diwicapw, it should only affect the output of a file under proc. 12:16
apwdiwic, ok i have just added some prints (no functional change) on top of your not-working patch and it starts working ... this is well peculiar13:05
diwicapw, oh, a heisenbug13:11
diwicapw, out of curiousity what prints did you add?13:11
apwdiwic, ^^13:12
diwicapw, also, I saw something in your dmesg; "alsa restore exited with status 99" or something similar. 13:12
diwicapw, do you know if this is related, i e, if this message only comes when it's working, non-working, or unrelated?13:12
apwdiwic, interesting ..13:12
apwwill check13:13
apw[   12.683939] init: alsa-restore main process (1436) terminated with status 9913:13
apwdiwic, present when working as well13:13
diwicapw, okay13:13
diwicapw, then it's not that13:13
smosercan i poke someone about https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1164739 ? i'm not sure if its regression or not, but at very least i'd expect a kernel package to not have missing dependencies inside it.13:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164739 in linux "Can not mount cephfs in VM from cloud image" [Medium,Confirmed]13:20
smbsmoser, Could require the extras package. Or someone asking to move certain modules to the main package...13:24
smosersmb, right. read my comment at the bottom.13:24
smoseri dont have strong feeling either way on that.13:24
smoserbut ceph.ko should not be in a package if libceph.ko is not (as it former depends on latter)13:24
smoseri'd assert thats a packaging bug if significant priority. i'm surprised if humans are maintaining the kernel module list without automatic dependency resolution13:25
smbsmoser, Right probably one or the other. I think there was at some point a request to have ceph in virt so if it is only 200k more I guess you or Ben would not mind the difference13:26
smosersmb, well, i'd like to see the justification.13:26
smoser200k is not insignificant at all. installed size is ~ 12M, so 200k is 2% growth.13:27
smoserbasically, i dont want to willy nilly be adding things there.13:28
smbsmoser, That would be coming from the bug report, right? But yeah, it has not been a problem yet to maintain the list by hand. 13:28
smoserso it is maintained by hand, ok.13:28
smosersmb, ok. i'll open another bug that you can triage as you like for "module dependencies should not be managed by hand"13:29
smoserand then i'll ask the user here for some use case as to why they want ceph.ko in -virtual13:30
smbsmoser, Yes, it is. Basically whenever someone tells us something needs to be supported in the cloud image we add it. 13:31
smoserwe should have some sort of policy to guide us in such decisions 13:31
smbsmoser, Hm, I am not sure this really qualifies (should not be done by hand). Whoever wants something now should test what is required. I wonder whether there was an actual request for ceph...13:32
smosersmb, well this user wanted ceph, but really only because they wanted to use ceph and didn't know about the -extra (and i told him).13:35
smoserclearly if you're given the choice between "do you want to have 1 extra step to use something" or "do you want to just use it", you'd pick the second.13:35
smoserbut we have the size concern to consider.13:36
smbsmoser, Its just that I *think* there has been someone asking for it before. I just cannot remember13:36
smosersmb, right.13:36
smosersmoser, can you git blame that list ?13:36
smoserand see?13:36
smoserat least who did it13:36
apwdiwic, ok confirmed removing those printks also makes it break again13:36
smbsmoser, thats what I currently try13:36
smosersmb, reguarding the dependency resolution, i'd suggest just failing a build if you're missing dependencies. 13:37
smoserthere are no cases where that is not a bug.13:37
diwicapw, I assume the "restring cap" printk was never printed?13:38
apwdiwic, correct13:38
smbsmoser, Not sure this is that simple. At least now, the build is done completely and just the packaging step splits the modules up.13:39
smoserhm.. i dont know. but personally i'd rather have a developers build fail then have 'modprobe' fail on a user system in this way.13:40
smbsmoser, http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/106378413:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1063784 in linux "Ceph module not installed" [Medium,Fix released]13:40
smbSo added around quantal13:41
smbBut might be the other module did not exist then13:41
smosersmb, and then broken in raring to a kernel change probably.13:41
smbsmoser, right13:41
smoser(which gives more credence to my argument :)13:41
smoser(the argument that there should be some test to stop this from being released)13:42
smbsmoser, Hm, there is a libceph already (in q)13:43
smosersmb, the reporter claims this is broken in 12.1013:43
smoserthat is a 3.5 kernel in the report.13:44
smbsmoser, That would be Q, so someone did not test things after asking for it... :-P13:45
diwicapw, the thing is, eld->eld_valid should have been false always anyway, since you don't have an hdmi monitor plugged in.13:45
smbsmoser, But ok, if it is possible to run a dep check on a package subdir that would catch those things13:47
smosersmb, its definitely doable. it might take some re-work of the kernel build though. i dont know.13:49
smoserbut anyway.13:49
smoseri guess the right thing to do at the moment is to include libceph.ko13:49
smoserand probably sru that.13:49
smbsmoser, Yeah, in theory it looks like one can point depmod at a different base dir and a system map file... so it should be possible. So let me know the bug for that. And for libceph, yes, sounds reasonable as having ceph.ko was already done, too.13:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1166197 in linux "included kernel modules may miss dependencies (-virtual)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:52
smosersmb, you definitely can do that. i use depmod that way in cirros13:52
smbsmoser, Ok, I will try to add it to the build process then.13:53
plarsinfinity, bjf: we are almost through with the pile of SRUs from last week, there's a precise one that psivaa is working on now, and I'm about to start the ec2 one14:05
bjfplars, ack, looks good14:14
* ogasawara back in 2014:46
ppisatiinfinity: i know you took care of the transition from Q/omap to Q/generic14:55
ppisatiinfinity: we need to the same for Q/highbank to Q/generic14:55
ppisatiinfinity: and i didn't find any patches in our kernel tree about it14:55
ogra_ppisati, meta should handle that14:56
ppisatiogra_: i know, but since he already handled that15:00
ppisatiogra_: he knows what to do better than me15:01
ogra_yep, i just mean it should be visible in your package somewhere :)15:01
ppisatiactually was rtg who handled that15:06
ppisatiand i *think* we need a transitional pkg like we did for omap15:08
ogra_the right conflicts/replaces/breaks and a transitional package shoudl do15:09
ppisatiogra_: ok, i'll hassle rtg tomorrow about it15:21
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infinityogra_: No need for conflicts, breaks, or replaces, it's just a straight up depends.16:01
ogra_ah, k16:02
ogra_you dont want the old package to be removed ?16:02
ogra_even though its likely impossible to roll back16:02
infinityWhen the "old package" happens to be your running kernel, forcing it off the system would be a silly idea.16:03
ogra_ah, indeed16:03
* ppisati -> gym16:15
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infinitypsivaa: precise/omap4 seems to also be stuck in regression-testing.16:32
psivaainfinity: it's progressing now, started a little late on that and i should be able to finish it this eve. roughly in about 4 hrs16:34
infinitypsivaa: Cool, thanks.16:34
psivaainfinity: just completed the regression testing task for linux-ti-omap4: 3.2.0-1429.38 (1160194)21:00
infinitypsivaa: Danke.21:01

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