hanniehi cqfd93 can I ask you something?15:20
cqfd93Oops, sorry, Hannie!!!16:01
CarstenGcqfd93: Hi Sylvie!19:48
CarstenGThanks for uploading some screenshots!19:50
CarstenGI thought the icon for the Ubuntu Software-Center has changed?19:51
CarstenGIt looks, like you uploaded an older version?19:51
cqfd93Hi CarstenG19:53
cqfd93No, all the screenshots I uploaded were made with Raring in my virtual machine19:54
CarstenGAt the moment I have no access to my raring laptop and there I saw an other icon for the USC, but this is still some days ago, so it might have changed again... :-)19:55
CarstenGOn small hint for your bzr setting:19:56
CarstenGIt looks like your name setting in bzr is not right in syntax19:56
CarstenGit should be something like this "Name <email@address.org>"19:58
cqfd93yes, I noticed that, but I didn't know what to do19:58
CarstenGOtherwise your contribution will not count as karma on LP :-)19:59
cqfd93can I change it?19:59
CarstenGah, one moment19:59
CarstenGgo to the terminal19:59
CarstenGand type:19:59
CarstenGbzr whoami "My Name <email@address.org>"20:00
CarstenGwith the "" and <>20:00
CarstenGsee also: bzr help whoami20:01
cqfd93ok, it's done20:02
cqfd93I remember I tried several whoami commands, but I was probably not using the right syntax20:02
CarstenGto check your input type: bzr whoami20:03
cqfd93I did it20:03
CarstenGok, let's see, what happens in the next commit :-)20:04
cqfd93it returns my launchpad name and address20:04
cqfd93I'm having troubles doing some screenshots, because the descriptions of some of the packages are in Frence20:05
CarstenGWell, you could create an account with English language setting.20:06
CarstenGThen all should be ok, or?20:06
cqfd93I only installed the English version of raring20:06
cqfd93and I'm using the united states server20:07
cqfd93in the VM20:07
cqfd93yes indeed20:07
CarstenGfrom where does the VM know, that your host is in French setting?20:09
CarstenGI just try it here too, but with German host...20:09
cqfd93I have no idea...20:10
cqfd93for example, if I search "chess" in USC, I get almost a dozen of software with French descriptions20:14
CarstenGok, I will try it. Download of the iso is nearly finished...20:15
cqfd93CarstenG, can you take a look at the suggestion I made in software-management.tex earlier today, I'm not sure I did it the right way20:19
CarstenGYou mean your change in rev 101?20:34
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/101 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 10120:34
CarstenGWell, you can directly change what you want to modify. Not only the comments.20:36
CarstenGBe brave and change :-)20:37
cqfd93I'm not sure what I wrote is better...20:37
CarstenGYes, it sounds more fluent, not twice "known as a..."20:41
cqfd93Should I just rephrase? Keep the old version in a comment?20:44
CarstenGWell, the old version will be available over the bzr history.20:48
CarstenGSo IMHO, this is not necessary.20:48
cqfd93Well, just edited the file with the old version in a comment, if someone wants to remove it, it's OK :-)20:51
cqfd93Now to commit and push...20:51
cqfd93but first, a make20:51
CarstenGYes, a make is always recommended :-)20:52
cqfd93and I didn't forget a pull :-)20:53
CarstenGwell done :-)20:53
CarstenGok, my raring installation is now going in a VM.20:54
cqfd93rev 106 done20:56
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/106 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 10620:56
CarstenGYes, it looks good. Also your bzr ID is now ok :-)21:01
CarstenGNow your karma grows more due to the bzr contribution :-)21:02
cqfd93just uploaded another screenshot (rev 107)21:37
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/revision/107 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual -r 10721:37
cqfd93Time to go to bed21:38
cqfd93Good night!21:38

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