dufluthomi: That glmark2 build failure... Don't fix it yet. I suspect the bigger problem is the API change, which I would like to revisit in Mir01:25
thomiduflu: ok01:42
RAOFOh. Maybe *that's* why.02:30
RAOFAdding a new mir_egl_mesa_display_is_valid() without removing mir_egl_native_display_is_valid() seems a bit hostile :)02:30
* duflu wonders if he's meant to understand RAOF's comment02:58
RAOFI was just wondering why I can't get racarr's enable-inprocess-egl branch to work with more sensible mesa changes.02:59
RAOFIt was calling mir_egl_native_display_is_valid(), and mysteriously getting "false" for the answer.02:59
* duflu nods cluelessly03:01
RAOFBAH! mir_demo_inprocess_egl is a Mir compositor itself. Of course it is.03:48
RAOFIn related news: we *really* suck at useful error messages :)03:48
RAOFthomi: How's github mesa autopublishing coming?03:49
thomiRAOF: hmmm, good point - last I heard Martin said "leave it with me". then he had a baby03:50
thomiwell, not *martin*, so much as his wife, I guess03:50
RAOFThat would have been even bigger news :)03:51
thomieither way, I somehow doubt he's going to look at it in the next few days.03:51
thomiI'll make a note to ping Larry tomorrow - we just need network access added for the jenkins instance, shouldn't be a biggie03:51
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smspillazso can someone explain to me how chromium can use 2GB of memory in the space of an hour ?06:03
smspillazeverything is getting oom-killed ... this is stupiud06:04
* smspillaz reboots06:04
RAOFHm. grep /**/*.* is unlikely to return anything useful in a short period :)06:07
duflusmspillaz: Assuming it is real memory and not just address space bloat, it's likely some web page/script you had open06:12
smspillazduflu: google docs06:12
smspillazI'd like to see what Google does with docs given that they've forked webkit and want to focus on delivering NaCl06:13
smspillazit'd be kinda awesome to have docs without the massive overhead that comes from js06:14
smspillazduflu: also, something tvoss and I figured out yesterday that's worth watching out for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.7/+bug/116573206:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1165732 in gcc-4.7 (Ubuntu) "GCC 4.7.3 internal compiler error when using std::make_shared" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:16
smspillazI was wondering why I periodically got them when working on compiz with boost::make_shared06:16
RAOFsmspillaz: I've also got a bug filed about that, but I'm not sure that it's as well-specified.06:16
smspillazRAOF: ah, I knew you'd beaten us to it06:16
smspillazRAOF: bug link? we can mark it as a dupe06:17
smspillaz(the one tvoss filed at least)06:17
tvossRAOF, smspillaz there is a comment on the bug report saying that it works fine with gcc 4.6 and 4.806:17
smspillaztvoss: this is usually the case :)06:17
RAOFAlso, clang :)06:17
smspillazthey will still backport the fix if you ask06:17
tvossRAOF, yup :)06:17
smspillazalso, hi06:18
tvossRAOF, didn't know that you tracked down the multitude of ice bugs :) should have asked :)06:18
RAOFHey smspillaz!06:18
RAOFtvoss: I didn't so much track it down as get annoyed enough to hit "submit" on one of the apport popups :)06:18
tvossRAOF, ;)06:18
tvossRAOF, same here06:19
smspillazit'd be nice if gcc would print a trace of which line it was trying to compile when it hit an IRC06:20
smspillazI had the same problem when I was working on the compizconfig test suite some time ago, and it was a matter of blindly trying different designs until I didn't hit the bug anymore06:20
RAOFhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.7/+bug/1156457 is my go at the ICE bug.06:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 1156457 in gcc-4.7 (Ubuntu) "Invalid google mock code causes ICE" [Undecided,New]06:24
* tvoss loves variadic templates07:08
duflutvoss: Scary. What for? std::function/bind?07:19
tvossduflu, compile-time signature generation for dbus messages :)07:19
dufluFree karma: https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/generalize-event/+merge/15731007:31
dufluI actually have a couple of branches depending on it already :P07:31
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RAOFduflu: Enjoy.07:53
Ranomier_Hey whats wrong with it to write mir as a wayland client and work with wayland upstream, to release wayland2 wich is compatible with the  proprietary amd inten and nvidia driver?07:53
dufluRAOF: Thanks. I just can't see it right now. Having excessive LP timeouts today07:58
RAOFRanomier_: The last four posts of http://blog.cooperteam.net/?view=magazine have some details.07:58
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Ranomier_Im not shure, it is right that u becoming the rights of my code if im developing on mir.08:20
Ranomier_sry -becoming +get08:21
dufluRanomier_: Mir's libraries are meant to be LGPL so that you do not have to release the source to your code. Any library headers that mention GPL are a mistake and need to be fixed (changed to LGPL)08:22
RAOFRanomier_: You need to sign the contributor agreement for us to accept patches to Mir, yes. That's not taking the rights to your code; it's essentially getting you to contribute patches under a MIT/X11/BSD-like license.08:22
dufluAuthors do keep their own copyrights, so long as they're adding new features, right?08:23
RAOFAuthors always keep their own copyrights, regardless of what they're doing.08:23
dufluRAOF: ... unless you work for a company that owns your copyrights. ;)08:23
RAOFWell, yeah.08:24
dufluYou keep your own copyrights, unless you have signed them away in a contract08:24
RAOFBut then the company is essentially the author, and *they* keep their own copyrights :)08:24
dufluAnd if you're a consumer (not contributor) of Mir, then LGPL means you are not required to give away your source. You can keep it private.08:25
duflu... although if you ask IBM's lawyers they will tell you LGPL is very weak and you should always use MIT/X11/BSD instead08:25
RAOF*As long as you can swap out the Mir libraries that you're using.08:26
dufluWhich ironically are much more terse licenses08:26
RAOFI don't know how weak LGPL is in practice, but in theory it's significantly stronger than MIT/X11/BSD.08:26
dufluI've had this argument, for years on end. I just did what the lawyers told me08:27
dufluThat doesn't mean they're definitely right08:27
RAOFI'm using MIT elsewhere; it's kinda required for anything that you want to be useful on mobile.08:28
dufluRAOF: I mean the other way round -- it is high risk to use LGPL is proprietary code, because you're not necessarily fully protected in being able to conceal your own IP08:28
RAOFAh, right.08:28
dufluI forget the exact reasons why. Weird given that's the point of LGPL08:29
RAOFYeah, that wouldn't surprise me.08:29
RAOFBecause it's like 20,000 words of licence? :)08:29
dufluYeah, more words lead to more ambiguous clauses08:29
dufluIt takes a special kind of person to enjoy law ;)08:33
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tvosskatie, ping10:32
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katietvoss, am just in a meeting10:43
tvosskatie, can you ping me after that?10:46
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katietvoss, sure10:47
* duflu goes to organise dinner10:48
tvosskatie, thx10:50
katietvoss, ping11:39
tvosskatie, pong :) my question is answered with your reply to the edge thread11:40
katietvoss.. great, i hoped that would be what you were looking for11:40
tvosskatie, yup :)11:40
alf_alan_g: Any more thoughts on display-server-main-loop?12:02
alan_galf_: was just looking at that again12:05
alf_alan_g: ok12:06
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kdubgoood moring15:04
alf_kdub: goood eveing15:11
alf_status: iterating main loop proposal15:11
kdubstatus, iterating on the fbnative window....  hooking hwc into the framebuffer posting15:14
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racarrstatus: Working more on xkbcommon stuff, I got a prototype going by doing the mapping in Qt16:27
racarrI think...it might be time to remove droidinput::InputEvent though?16:28
alf_alan_g: updated display-server-main-loop MP16:37
alan_galf_: looking16:37
alf_alan_g: updated (but waiting for diff to update too...)16:58
alan_galf_: ack16:58
racarralan_g: btw I merged trunk on enable-inprocess-egl if you can remove your needs fixing16:58
racarrso I can land it with raof and kdub later16:58
alan_gracarr: ack16:59
alf_racarr: does the example still crash? :)17:01
alf_racarr: (when shutting down)17:01
racarralf_: Oh I guess.17:02
racarrIll look at that before RAOF shows up17:02
racarrRight now I think I convinced myself tht I can remove droidinput::InputEvent17:03
racarrso I am going to do that before I get nervous about it again and forget how to do it17:03
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racarrEasy https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/reorganize-shared-input-code/+merge/157702 :)17:18
racarrMore refactoring pulled out of this droidinput::InputEvent removal branch https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/remove-dummy-dispatcher-policy/+merge/15771618:25
BigWhaleIs there an update to Mir Hacking guide? Apparently I am missing some dependencies or I need to set some environment variables set:  EGL_LIBRARY EGL_INCLUDE_DIR18:51
CheeryI'm reading wayland specs right now, and soon I'll be reading yours.19:18
CheeryI've been proponent of both before, because I think choice is good.19:19
CheeryI get the feeling you've evaluated the wayland worse than I have19:34
Cheerythat allows input event handling to be extended for more advanced devices.19:35
Cheeryalso making the shell a client app is okay.19:37
racarrMorning thomi20:02
kgunnrobert_ancell: hey, was chatting with tedg earlier today around how we roll out mir/unity next...when things become default etc21:08
kgunnrobert_ancell: i was thinking mir/unitynext are sort of lockstep21:09
robert_ancellkgunn, yes, except for the system compositor which we can roll out before unity next. However if we're focussing on the phone then they are lockstep21:09
kgunnrobert_ancell: he was wondering about using mir as a system compositor21:09
kgunnrobert_ancell: cool...you beat me to it :)21:10
kgunnrobert_ancell: i'll note those slides about our road to convergence21:10
robert_ancellkgunn, my guess is if we'll end up doing the phone first so when we roll to desktop we might as well do both at once21:10
robert_ancellthough unofficially you can probably run the system compositor before then for testing/being ahead of the curve21:11
kgunnrobert_ancell: he was bringing this up in the context that the desktop guys would probably want as much to be default in 13.1021:11
kgunnfearing a frankenstein switch in 14.04...21:12
thomifolks: is there any way I can run the mir server on terminal X without having to start it from that terminal? I'm still struggling to get the mir benchmark stuff going from jenkins21:13
thomiideally I could do: "mir --run-on-terminal 2" :)21:13
robert_ancellthomi, no, it's not VT aware so it just runs on the VT you started it on21:13
robert_ancellkgunn, frankenstein or big switch?21:14
kgunnrobert_ancell: right...big switch...fearing lack of test/confidence21:15
kgunnbut i would think we could just slowing make things default on s-series towards convergence/14.04....and viola...you get testing feedback21:16
robert_ancellkgunn, yes, not sure the safest strategy here. We either go fully in for both phone and desktop or we bring the phone code across when we're ready with it21:16
kgunnrobert_ancell: my gut says the latter21:16
robert_ancellme too21:16
robert_ancellkgunn, though any slowing on desktop means putting the cost on the shell team to maintain the current unity. Easier decision to make from a Mir perspective than from theirs21:17
kgunnrobert_ancell: true...but in reality the "maintenance" of current unity is _extremely_ manageable...if you catch my drift ;)21:18
robert_ancellkgunn, :)21:19
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thomiRAOF: good news: mesa autolanding is back in action.21:53
racarr[       OK ] TestClientInput.clients_receive_us_english_mapped_keys (15 ms)22:57
RAOFracarr: Woo!23:01
RAOFthomi: Ta.23:01
thomiracarr: how come it takes 15ms?23:02
thomiRAOF: we should get notifications next time that job fails on Canonical IRC server23:02
racarrthomi: Eh. it doesn't always take that long but23:03
racarrit starts up a server and a client process and sends a few events and has some synchronization points23:04
racarracceptance test23:04
thomiracarr: ahh, ok, not a unit test, that's just fine then :)23:04
RAOFSam has just asked whether it's too early for coffee. Heresy!23:05
thomiit's never too early for coffee23:06

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