pittiGood morning06:08
dholbachgood morning06:45
jibelgood morning06:45
pittibonjour jibel06:46
jibelbonjour pitti06:47
smartboyhwNoskcaj: Are you here?07:59
Noskcajsmartboyhw, yeah?08:04
smartboyhwNoskcaj: PM?08:05
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chrisccoulsonis there anybody who enjoys debugging test failures and wants to get their hands dirty?12:06
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smartboyhwphillw: How ya doing today?15:54
phillwhi smartboyhw I'm well, how's things with you?15:55
smartboyhwphillw: good:)15:55
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chrisccoulsonjibel, is there any way to find out the binary package version installed for autopkgtest runs? i can find the source package version in the test logs. it seems that the test runs fire when there is a new source package, but before the binary packages have built and become available16:27
jibelchrisccoulson, oh right, looking at the logs for run #149 of firefox-trunk version of the source package is firefox-trunk 23.0~a1~hg20130407r127941-0ubuntu1~umd1 and version of the binary is firefox-trunk 23.0~a1~hg20130405r127690-0ubuntu1~umd116:36
jibelchrisccoulson, okay, I've an idea how to fix that. thanks for pointing this out.16:37
chrisccoulsonjibel, awesome, thanks16:40
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SergioMenesessmartboyhw, phillw \o17:14
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phillwhiyas SergioMeneses17:34
phillwballoons: you have mail :)19:11
* balloons looks19:12
SergioMenesesphillw, \o\19:21
phillwSergioMenesesit looks a bit of a mess :(19:22
balloonsbah, nosckaj isn't about20:08
balloonsphillw, my thoughts are 1500 and 1499 are not the same20:09
balloons1465 is supposed to be for the small changes for ppc for netboot20:09
balloonswe can easily re-assign testcases to products if they are incorrect of course..20:10
balloonsin this case, I need the ppc testers help..20:10
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phillwballoons: what is the difference between 1499 and 1500 ? apart from we do actually check that tasksel is there on 1500 (always a good move).20:19
phillwas for 1465 it is now an extension of 1499 (does the system re-boot), 1500 (we do actually have tasksel) and 1465 which says 'now install what you want'. I'm all for 1500, but what has 1465 got to do with testing the mini-iso has installed?20:23
phillwI can just as easily follow up 1500 and put ubuntu-unity on it?20:23
phillwlet me just go and pull in the 13.04 tasksel to see what it offers :)20:25
phillwballoons: It would be a good idea anyway, as I need to check it still offers LAMP :)20:27
phillwballoons: I suggest you install it and see the number of choices :D20:28
balloonsphillw, the difference is booting20:29
balloonsone uses a mini iso20:29
balloonsthe other uses a tarball and grub entry20:29
phillwAn application test case would be more fitting... launch it, offer how to navigate it, and then let a user flag up if one of the 42 options do not work.20:30
phillwballoons: are you refering to 1501?20:32
phillwballoons: ahh, 1500 ... yup, good application test, but it does assume you have a running system to edit the grub on. This is not really testing does the debian network iso actually work on a virgin system? As it is marked mandatory, it would mean that if the iso installs perfectly on a machine, it would not get passed because no one has carried out that test. Thus, it is, at best 'optional'.20:37
phillwsame as the pxe test also requires a running machine in order to tell it where to get the image from. If you have a blank formatted hard drive.... you cannot use either.20:38
phillwIIRC, pxe is more used on VM's than actual kit?20:38
phillwor on machines with a /boot partition which holds the minimal amount to actually get to "where do I boot from" :D20:39
phillwballoons: I recall a similar discussion, when things went a bit crazy at 12.10 release. we could not test all the 'madatory' test cases for ppc-server, simply because we did not have the equipment, it was none other than the guy who 'looks after' mini/netboot  who said that as long as it boots and runs, that is enough for the iso-tracker......20:42
balloonsif you want to remove the tests as mandatory, that's also an option :-)20:55
phillwballoons: I'll bounce the idea off colin watson, I cannot see him having an issue. the mini-netboot iso's simply 'arrive' from debian. Are you okay to have the mini-iso / netboot iso check to see that tasksel is actually there?21:01
phillwI do think that is quite vital!21:01
balloonscheck that you get a tasksel?21:01
balloonswhy wouldn't you? I certainly hope you would :-)21:01
Noskcajthe testing tracker is missing beta 221:04
phillwI will have a look through the test-cases and ensure that the check for task-sel does only list the options and not actually install anything (I am pretty darn sure that 1500 does this.21:04
phillwballoons: as second point with using mini/netboot we only offer 'use entire disk', do you want me to check on if it supports side by side as an option?21:06
phillwhe he, i now have the daily mini-iso on my dedicated server.... let me try that command again on my own computer..... darn these windows!21:07
phillwNoskcaj: you have a good point!21:08
phillwI'm really scoring 0% on my observency checks this evening!21:09
Noskcajphillw, for mini-iso it's not really a daily. it will randomly update. i've seen it update 3 times a day once21:10
phillwNoskcaj: all the beta 2's for the flavours are on http://phillw.net/isos/21:10
phillwNoskcaj: we were discussing that some of mandatory test cases, are not.21:11
Noskcajphillw, i'm able to get them, i'm just surprised they aren't on the tracker.21:11
phillwI'll let balloons go and check with the -release team where the Beta 2 entry went :D21:11
balloonsNoskcaj, yea, I noticed it was gone also21:12
balloonsit was misplaced as archived21:12
phillwI think stephane may have gone AFK.21:12
balloonsi'll fix it now21:12
Noskcajon the topic of the testcases, why do only kubuntu and ubuntu have lvm + encryption21:12
balloonsdone :-)21:12
phillwNoskcaj: I'm sure I saw it on lubuntu? It is part of ubiquity which we all share?21:13
Noskcajphillw, yeah21:13
phillwwell, not ubiquity, as that is the GUI.. but the script for part-man21:14
phillwNoskcaj: the mini-isos arrive as per release from debian, there has been one occaission when the -release team did not update the iso-tracker. And knowing full well "Sod's Law" it was the day when one of the L-QA team installed the iso, and it failed :D21:19
Noskcajfor anyone willing to help, i'm working on a magazine article foe xubuntu at http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-articles-testing21:20
phillwNoskcaj: well, you have the classroom sessions; along with news of what did not work in 12.10 and will be resolved in 13.04 :)21:21
Noskcajalso, i'm going for membership. can someone have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Noskcaj21:22
phillwNoskcaj: I've added mine, but it does need a bit of 'tidying up' :)21:37
phillw(not my refernce... the page).21:37
Noskcajphillw, yeah, i'll work on that soon21:37
JoseeAntonioRphillw: classroom sessions, you said?21:43
phillwJoseeAntonioR:  who did?>21:43
JoseeAntonioRphillw: you21:43
JoseeAntonioRmentioned Noskcaj he'd have the classroom sessions21:44
phillwJoseeAntonioR: indeed, I am guilty as charged.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom#Section_321:44
JoseeAntonioRoh, you meant the past sessions21:45
JoseeAntonioRgot it21:45
phillwit is for a reference, as in what he HAS done, not what he WILL do (although, he WILL be holding classroom sessions again :P )21:46
phillwas will all of us, plus some new comers :)21:46
* phillw looks at JoseeAntonioR and listens to SergioMeneses laughing :D21:48
SergioMenesesphillw, why?21:49
phillwSergioMenesesthe aren't that bad to do (classroom sessions), are they?21:49
SergioMenesesphillw, I don't know21:50
phillwwhere you not there for  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom#Section_4 SergioMeneses?21:50
phillwhas you listed!21:50
phillwDon't tell me you got a 'sick note; from your mummy and chickened out :P21:51
SergioMenesesphillw, what is wrong?21:54
phillwSergioMeneses you where on those classroom sessions ?!!!21:58
SergioMenesesphillw, yes, testing on laptops22:01
SergioMenesesphillw, why are you asking that?22:09
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SergioMenesesphillw, ?22:28
phillwSergioMeneses that was answered on ##phillw earlier?22:31
phillwstop confusing me as switch from chromium over to Ffox as my main browser!22:31
SergioMenesesphillw, lol22:31

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