hallyngeofft: you absolutely may do whatever you like with those, but I would think they'd be way out of date by now.02:13
hallyngeofft: if they end up being of help to someone, that'll be awesome :)02:14
geoffthallyn: The qemu stuff is pretty out of date, but I'd be surprised if libtpms has changed noticeably.02:14
hallynhave fun - good luck and ttyl :)02:15
asadsnowmanWould anybody be willing to help a pour soul get samba kerberos authentication running?03:43
aahpossible silly question.  vmware is driving me crazy by grabbing my mouse for my 12.04 server guest VM.  I'm trying to kill all vestiges of mouse-related modules and drivers, so I can blame the vm and not some ubuntu / vm disconnect.  I can easily unload the psmouse module, but not sure what to do about the kmoused process.. and not sure what else I may be missing.04:17
aahany hints appreciated04:18
aah(and if it's not clear, this is all text mode)04:18
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thejoecarrollanyone here using duplicity for backups?08:08
andolthejoecarroll: Been using it for small scale backups.08:09
thejoecarrollandol: have you used it in conjunction with backupninja, by any chance?08:10
thejoecarrollandol: i have some questions about using gpg with duplicity. i haven't needed to use gpg i this way before, so i'm unsure about best practice and and possible implications if i create keys for root to sign and encrypt our backups08:28
MadkissIt looks like I can not boot http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/^Cuntu-12.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img within an OpenStack Grizzly installation08:30
Madkisspanics and tells me that it could not find init08:31
andolthejoecarroll: In my usage scenario there weren't much benefit in using a public-private keypair, so I just went with symmetirc encrytpin, setting the duplicity PASSPHRASE environment.08:35
Madkissthe 13.04-beta2 image appears to work better08:36
thejoecarrollthat would probably apply for us too. maybe i'll forgo those options08:37
smbDaviey, gcc version looks good now. So the follow-up Xen could go to raring08:38
Davieysmb: for giggles, i might retry the i386 build first.08:39
smbDaviey, If you really want to see it fail. ;)08:40
Davieysmb: Shouldn't it succeed now?08:40
smbAt least it should fail now with a real error message and not internal error. (the previous upload)08:40
smbFor that to be fixed you would need to upload the ubuntu3 version I put to chinstrap08:41
feisarhi, I'm getting an error mail out to me from the Cron Daemon saying: /bin/sh: 1: -delete: not found08:54
R1ckfeisar: looks like a syntax error in the script thats executing08:55
feisarR1ck: thanks, the subject reads : [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -depth -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -cmin +$(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime) ! execdir08:57
feisarit's not a custom script I have created08:57
HarisHello all09:52
HarisI have a 11.01 box standing on grub rescue> prompt. How do I recover it, such that it boots to OS09:52
Harisor moves in that direction09:52
caraconanHi all. Can somebody here share with me server/client config in order to achieve OpenVPN server DHCP push commands to work in an Ubuntu client? Server side log error: http://paste.debian.net/248211/10:08
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Harisis there a way to check available disk partitions on disk via grub rescue prompt ?10:39
Harisor at the grub rescue prompt10:39
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Ryan1013hello :)10:52
Ryan1013is there anyone here who has experience setting up a postfix SMTP server?10:54
Ryan1013I've spent 2 days just trying to get my server to send and receive emails from an external host (gmail)10:55
Ryan1013it's mainly authentication details I'm stuck on10:59
feisarRyan1013: you want the smtp_sasl_password_maps option11:00
Ryan1013hmm I've tried that, but why does that command start with smtp not smtpd? most of my other ones are the latter11:01
feisarRyan1013: this works for me http://pastebin.com/LHQzMhdG11:02
feisarRyan1013: you might want to talk to #postfix11:02
Ryan1013ah right thanks11:03
Ryan1013will give yours a look over11:03
patdk-lapwhy would it be smtpd? that makes no sense11:04
Ryan1013no idea, most of them are..11:04
patdk-lapsmtpd is for authing incoming connections11:04
patdk-lapsmtp is for authing outgoing connections11:04
patdk-lapand no, most of them are not, there are settins for both11:04
Ryan1013that clears that up11:04
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Ryan1013so the username and password it uses are a linux user? or can I define anything in my password_maps file?11:08
nihilistahello, i'm trying to send some data with M2M GPRS module to my ubuntu server, to port 80. when i enter the command "netstat -an | grep :80 | sort" i can see that module did establish connection on same port, but can i see somehow what my server received (i suppose HTTP packet) in details?11:12
Ryan1013yus finally got it authenticating11:12
Ryan1013thank you!11:12
Ryan1013nihilista: you can probably use tcpdump to sniff the packets11:13
nihilistaRyan1013, ok thanks i'll try to google tcpdump than =)11:14
Hariscan I get a copy of the default, out of the box grub.conf for 11.01 ?11:29
Harisafter it is installed11:29
HarisI have scsi/sas or sata disk in this box11:29
Harisneed to check up the prefix line11:29
patdk-lapthere is no 11.0111:30
feisarRyan1013: : )11:31
Ryan1013feisar: do you know why I might be getting Relay access denied when I try and send an email from an external server to my mailbox?11:32
Ryan1013I have smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_sasl_authenticated,permit_mynetworks,reject_unauth_destination11:32
feisarRyan1013: try asking in #postfix11:35
Ryan1013I tried, ill try again11:35
ToBHoHi, I have a PC running on Ubuntu 10.04 that serves local files via NFS to a Windows Network. Therefore it has to speak with a Kerberos Server. After a reboot it got stuck with the following Message: "NFSv4 id <-> name mapper". I managed to get into a rescue console via Grub. There I was able to disable winbind but not the nfsserver. I really have only very few knoweledge of Linux. Anyone has an idea?12:01
Jeeves_ToBHo: You want to disable the nfsd?12:04
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ToBHoJeeves_: How? I cannot find it in init.d, only nmbd12:06
Jeeves_ToBHo: Are you using the kernel-nfsd?12:06
Jeeves_add 'blacklist nfsd' to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local.conf12:07
Jeeves_Should prevent the kernel from loading the nfsd-module12:08
ToBHoJeeves_: I do not know12:08
ToBHothere is no etc/modprobe.d ...12:08
ToBHonever mind the last ... have to get new goggles12:09
shafoxhi , how i can set up locahost mail server so that i can send mails through my localhost . i am on 10.04 desktop12:22
rbasakDaviey: http://people.canonical.com/~davewalker/delta.html seems to be an empty file. Please may I have an SLA credit?12:22
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Davieyrbasak: You'll get a discount from your next invoice.12:24
Davieyrbasak: I pretty much killed it off this cycle, i think12:24
Harispatdk-lap: Correction: I mean 11.1012:24
Hariscan I get a copy of the default, out of the box grub.conf for 11.10 ? after it is installed. I have scsi/sas or sata disk in this box. need to check up the prefix line12:25
JonLhi can someone give me example cron line to run command every Monday at 06:0012:25
rbasakshafox: look at nullmailer, or msmtp. Or for a postfix solution: http://askubuntu.com/q/228938/780812:26
shafoxrbasak: do i have to change anything in php.ini settings ?12:27
davegarathJonL: `00 06 * * 1 /bin/true'12:27
shafoxpostfix is asking me system mail name, i am going to use this on my localhost. what should i write ?12:35
noaXesshey all12:36
noaXessi try to config server sender address inside mutt, so server end with a specific email address.. but .muttrc will be ignored from the users dir, where mutt sends mail.. any hint why?12:37
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noaXessgot it...13:11
zulhallyn:  heh read libvirt ml13:28
hallynyeah i had reset my git tree and started bisecting for the other request after sending the longer FTBFS patch, now I'm re-resetting it bc they want to see every error in detail13:31
hallynmuch time wasting going on13:32
hallynoh, feh.  and now i see it's under bad #ifdefs.13:35
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OctavianI have a problem running kernel 3.8 on 12.04 LTS: the guest kernel is stuck when reseting ata_piix ports.13:37
Octavianthis did not occur with kernel 3.713:38
WalexOctavian: as a curiosity, this is 3.7/3.8 in the guest isn't it?13:38
OctavianI see the guest kernel being stuck in ata_msleep() in ata_sff_wait_after_reset()13:38
OctavianWalex: yes13:39
hachreOctavian: is that kernel officially available??13:41
Octavianhachre: not for you to test.  There are some patches in there, which are not upstreamed yet13:43
Octavianhachre: I can try to retest without these patches though13:43
hachregive it a shot13:44
zulhallyn:  lemme know when you worked through the libvirt ftbfs then we can get a FFE for it13:57
hallynzul: i've got a fix for the FTBFS, the thing i'm stuck on is a fix for the domxml to native conversion when no membaloon is specified13:58
hallynit'sa bug introduced after 1.3.013:58
hallyn1.0.3 that is13:58
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zuljamespage:  enjoy http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/14:27
Davieyzul: is that all of grizzly?14:29
zulDaviey:  yep14:30
jamespagezul, ceilometer typo in changelog - "   * New upstream release for the Ubuntu Cloud Arhcive."14:37
jamespagezul, ditto cinder14:37
jamespagezul, glance: +1 - but two versions in that folder14:38
zulack...we need to script this14:39
jamespagezul, horizon - OK14:39
jamespagezul, keystone: +114:39
zuljamespage:  ceilometer and cinder fixed locally14:40
jamespagezul, nova: +114:40
jamespagezul, python-ceilometerclient not needed - already up-to-date14:40
jamespagezul, python-glanceclient: +114:41
jamespagezul, python-novaclient: +114:41
jamespagezul, quantum: +114:41
jamespagezul, swift: +114:42
jamespagezul, python-cinderclient update missing14:42
zulok hold on14:42
jamespagezul, also need an update for libvirt14:43
zulill get back to you14:44
zuljamespage:  cinderclient is there now14:48
jamespagezul, lgtm14:48
zuljamespage:  libvirt there now as well15:00
jamespagezul, looking now15:00
jamespagezul, "   * New upstream release for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive." not technically true15:01
zul"New update for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive." better?15:02
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zulalright uploading everything to staging15:07
jamespagezul, cool - as soon as its built I'll copy to updates15:09
smbDaviey, if you had enough giggles seeing the old upload fail for i386, mind uploading the fixed version? :)15:09
zuljamespage:  ack15:10
jamespageDaviey, can we get a package removed from the Grizzly CA?15:10
jamespagedo I just need to delete it from the PPA's?15:10
Davieyjamespage: src and binary?15:11
jamespageDaviey, yep - rtslib can be dropped15:11
Davieysmb: ack15:11
Davieyjamespage: this will be the first removal, i suspect it might need IS involvement15:11
Davieyat least remove it from the PPA first15:12
jamespageDaviey, ack15:12
Diegonathi everyone!! Has somebody successfully installed spacewalk on ubuntu?15:17
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Underbytegood morning16:10
Underbytewhere can i find doc to set up an LDAP server?16:10
Underbytei noticed that the offical (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer) doc is using SLAPD, which i thought was deprecated16:10
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stgraberhallyn: lxc 0.9 uploaded to ubuntu16:22
hallynstgraber: excellent16:38
hallyni need to push new qemu and libvirts still16:39
WalexUnderbyte: depends on the LDAP server, of which there are several. Web searching will be helpful...16:40
sarnoldUnderbyte: there may be useful docs in /usr/share/doc/<packagename>/ for whichever ldap server you're using.. it might not be as nice as a first-time user's walkthrough, but hopefully good16:41
sarnoldUnderbyte: also check the server guide16:41
tracphilI have been on an ldap rampage last week and I think I have circled back around to openldap after tring 389 dir server and apache16:54
hallynzul: so while that memballoon issue percolates on the list, my recommendation is to assume s390 doesn't exist and just always print out a virito memballoon.  That should be ok for our package right?16:56
zulhallyn:  it should16:57
hallynall right let me try building such a pkg16:59
Aisoni've got a ubuntu server with multiple dvb-s cards17:08
Aisonbut on every reboot, the adapter numbering changes (/dev/dvb/adapterX)17:08
Aisonhow can I fix that? I know I have to create some kind of udev rules, but no idea how :(17:09
sarnoldAison: the network interfaces are given persistent names via /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules17:09
sarnoldAison: hopefully you can steal ideas from there17:09
Aisonsarnold, maybe :P17:14
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Shogootso i know i can apt-get remove program... but it is possible to do apt-get remove program* or someting similar to get ridd of all say mysql instlations at once?17:33
smbzul, Err, looks like Daviey had not the time to sponsor the ubuntu3 xen package I got on chinstrap. It should fix the i386 ftbs of the last version and adds another bugfix. Maybe you could sponsor it?17:50
zulsure which one is it?17:50
smbzul, in 4review the -0ubuntu3 one17:51
smbRemoved the other one now, so there is no confusion17:52
zulsmb: im only seeing ubuntu1 in the archive17:54
smbzul, the ubuntu2 is in proposed still. Maybe because the i386 build ftbsed... doh ok, then I need to re-create it with the larger changes17:56
smbzul, ok should be replaced now17:59
hallynzul: ok, i'm testing http://people.canonical.com/~serge/try1/libvirt_1.0.4-0ubuntu1~ppa1.dsc17:59
zulsmb:  on chinstrap/18:01
smbzul, chinstrap:~smb/4review18:02
zulhallyn: ill have a look in a sec18:03
zulhallyn:  it passed your qa stuff right?18:03
hallynzul: no.  it's passing right now :)18:04
hallyngive it 30-60 mins18:04
zulsmb:  sorry to be a bitch but can you update the debdiff?18:04
smbcan do18:05
hallynsmb: we (zul and I) wont' see you in oakland, is that right?  you're there the first week of may?18:05
smbhallyn, Yes that week, you are there before or after?18:06
hallynzul: would you like to run any tests with qemu 1.4.1 before I ask for a FFE?18:07
zulhallyn:  sure18:07
smbzul, check now u1-u3.debdiff18:08
hallynzul: it's in ppa:serge-hallyn/virt18:08
hallynzul: we can chat later about it whe you're done with smb18:08
zulhallyn: ack18:08
smbI am nearly done... :)18:09
zulsmb:  done18:10
smbzul, cheers18:10
zulhallyn:  why that ffe for qemu?18:13
hallynzul: well it has its own fix for bug 1157626, as well as fixes for usb bugs18:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1157626 in qemu "Unable to use "virsh migrate" on two hosts after moving to raring" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115762618:14
zul*sigh* ok18:14
zuljamespage:  ^^^ to keep you in the loop18:14
hallynzul: jamespage: though since libvirt 1.0.4 also fixes it, i'm fine with waiting on qemu18:14
hallynyou know what, let's not do the qemu18:15
hallynwe've already had final beta...18:15
hallynzul: will libvirt 1.0.4 give you other fixes that you need?18:16
hallynor is it only for the migration failure?18:16
zulhallyn:  migration failure18:16
Daviey.. migration is essential for this release. :)18:16
hallynnow unfortunately i notice that the ffe candidate qemu is the one running in my qa tests right now18:16
hallynDaviey: yes, but it is fixed by *either* enw qemu *or* new libvirt18:16
hallynwe don't need both18:16
hallynthe difference between the two is,18:17
hallynqemu 1.4.1 is a stable branch.  libvirt 1.0.4 is anything but18:17
hallynso if there is no other reason why we want libvirt, then perhaps we ought to go with qemu update18:17
zulDaviey/hallyn:  lemme do some local testing for libvirt here18:18
hallynzul: ok18:19
jamespagezul, pls can you consider any impact on cloud archive18:19
hallynall my tests passed, with *both* the new qemu and libvirt18:19
hallynguess i'll downgrade qemu real quick18:19
zuljamespage:  yeah ill do some tests with raring/precise18:20
jamespagezul, ta18:20
zuljamespage:  we should be able to stick it in the openstack-ubuntu-testing ppa shouldnt we?18:22
sw0rdfishin a ubuntu VPS openvpn will come automatically installed right?18:31
Picisw0rdfish: no, why would it?18:32
sw0rdfishjust asking.18:32
hallynroaksoax: oh, did you still need to talk to me about something relating to qemu signture on (idontknowwhatsomemaasrelatedthingithink)?18:36
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n000bIs it possible to build up an ActiveDirectory with Samba 4 together with an existing MIT Kerberos V infrastructure so that Windows machines could have access via the existing Kerberos accounts?19:01
roaksoaxhallyn: hey! yes!19:32
roaksoaxhallyn: so we are tying to find out a way of trying to ensure that a running instance is a virtual one, becuase for MAAS discovery process, a command we use to try to find out if there's IP simply takes forever19:36
hallynroaksoax: and is /proc/cpuinfo containing the string qemu atall reliable?19:42
roaksoaxhallyn: nope,  ubuntu@cluster1:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep qemu19:43
roaksoaxhallyn: oh I see now, QEMU19:44
roaksoaxhallyn: yeah that works19:44
* roaksoax wonders why I didn't think of that before19:46
roaksoaxhallyn: you get some pisco! :P19:46
hallynroaksoax: no thanks :)19:47
hallyni'll take one or two sours and stop there19:47
hallynthat was a bad morning19:47
roaksoaxhallyn: that's why I usually don't drink it19:47
hallynyeah, the dealer usually doesn't19:48
hallynanyway, hopefully there aren't any cases where that string doesn't show up.  heck lemme check where it comes from real quick19:49
roaksoaxhallyn: cause I recall having had check /proc/cpuinfo, but didn't recall seeing any QEMU string19:50
Davieyroaksoax: Pisco will be most welcome.19:54
hallynroaksoax: doy ou have any arm vms you can check on?19:55
hallynfor i386 i see where it's getting that string.  for arm, it's not clear ot me (bc it doesn't have a model_id)19:55
hallynhm, leseee.  rbasak!  do you have an arm vm lying around by chance?19:56
roaksoaxhallyn: nah cna't have acces to arm19:56
roaksoaxDaviey: have 2 bottles here waiting for the next gathering19:56
hallynroaksoax: not arm hardware, just a vm.  (i can try to set one up tonight if need be)19:57
hallynroaksoax: do we care about arm vms for maas?\19:57
roaksoaxhallyn: for us in maas really everything is the same19:57
hallyndon't know what that means19:57
Davieyroaksoax: Make sure you take your phys kit, team exercise every morning.19:58
hallynwhat's that, stretch bands?19:59
roaksoaxDaviey: yeah that's exactly what we need!19:59
hallynhow about parkour every morning?20:00
hallynzul will lead the lessons20:00
hallynparkour parkour!20:00
roaksoaxzul: likes climbing up stairs20:01
roaksoaxlike in san diego20:01
zulyeah 45 degree slopes with lots of slopes is not my friend20:03
rbasakhallyn: you want to know what /proc/cpuinfo looks like inside from inside a qemu emulating arm? I guess I can look into that for you, but I don't have anything handy - I use real ARM machines  :-)20:06
hallynrbasak: yeah that's what i wanted.  ok, thanks. i can run a test tonight to be sure, and warn roaksoax if it doesnt include 'QEMU"20:07
hallyni'd best re-try migration testone more time with that setup just to be sure20:13
hallynmigration succeeded.  i do still wonder why i get i/o errors after migration, though apparemtly (as it works for the bug reporter) it's something in my setup20:22
hallynjust can't imagien what20:22
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hallynjamespage: migrating a vm works ofr me with --copy-storage-all, but when i do it over shared nfs storage, i always ahve disk corruption after migration.  if you could try both of those as well that'd be much appreciated21:33
* hallyn out - back later tonight21:36
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal22:43

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