daftykinsNot sure if any of you own or intend to own a Samsung smart TV anytime soon...02:17
daftykins(They're really quite brilliant.)02:17
daftykinsBut spare a thought for us Channel Islanders who are denied services because of where we live :)02:17
daftykinsNo 4oD or Demand 5 for us! Yet if I VPN out via England, BAM! They suddenly appear02:18
daftykinshave a good week all :>02:23
sebsebseb 06:26
ikoniahello sebsebseb, not seen you active for a while06:44
SuperMattnice to see the first phone app to land on the desktop07:47
AlanBellSuperMatt: oh?07:49
AlanBell!info friends raring07:49
lubotu3friends (source: friends): Social integration with the desktop. In component main, is extra. Version 0.1.3daily13.04.05-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 15 kB, installed size 80 kB07:49
AlanBellinstalled the package, how do I run it?07:50
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
SuperMattuhm, I just searched and ran gwibber, but it came up with friends instead07:51
MooDoohello all07:52
AlanBelljust runs gwibber for me07:54
SuperMattoh, weird07:54
SuperMattwonder how I got it :/07:54
AlanBellpopey probably knows what is going on07:54
Nafallo!info friends-app raring07:54
lubotu3friends-app (source: friends-app): Aggregator for all your social network accounts. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.90.0bzr13.04.05-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 58 kB, installed size 271 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; armhf)07:54
SuperMattwell, I've turned it off for now. I prefer my things in browser07:55
* AlanBell runs friends app07:56
ali1234is it a proper contacts integration?07:57
AlanBelland gets a notification for every tweet mentioning me evar07:57
AlanBellwith unparsed HTML around links07:57
AlanBellit just has a blank window so far, maybe when it finishes doing all the notifications it will have some content07:59
AlanBelltweets are going back in time, now at last years BBQ and heading towards oggcamp08:00
=== alexis is now known as Guest38495
AlanBellSuperMatt: did it give you a functional timeline in the end when it stopped doing notifications?08:06
SuperMattyeah, it did08:06
AlanBellah, just restarted and I have a timeline now08:06
SuperMattthough it wouldn't give me a timeline of just replies08:06
AlanBellthe buttons at the bottom look grey and disabled, but they are active08:07
SuperMatttheming is something that's being worked on at the moment, I think08:08
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
ali1234firefox 2008:11
ali1234does it fix the crashing in 19?08:11
SuperMattI haven't had any crashes thus far08:11
ali1234does it fix the problem with hangouts where the video freezes, then the browser freezes?08:13
SuperMattno idea08:13
popeyfriends re-notifies me about stuff.. just got a load of happy birthday notifications from last week08:25
popey(which I have already seen)08:25
DJonesMorning all08:26
AlanBellfriends isn't refreshing at all for me, it has all the mentions and a few tweets from half an hour ago08:27
AlanBelland having a refresh button means it doesn't use the streaming API08:28
DJonespopey: I had that issue with friends over the weekend, it was notifying me of all direct messages since the year dot08:29
DJonesBut wasn't notifying me of current things08:30
AlanBellI filed some bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/friends-app08:30
DJonesBug 1166052 certainly affects me08:31
lubotu3bug 1166052 in friends-app (Ubuntu) "notifies on startup of every tweet ever directed at you" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116605208:31
* DJones ticks affects me08:32
AlanBellI have no idea if that is a useful place to file those bugs08:33
DJonesMost of the time I'm using polly, but I wanted to go back to friends because the window size is more configurable than polly & fits my screen better08:35
DJonesI had my mum panicing over the weekend, she uses Win7 and has MSN to keep in touch with people but uses Pidgin rather than WLM, she wanted to know how to change to SKype and how it would affect her, no matter how many times I pointed out that the only people she has on MSN are my wife & myself who also use GTalk (and we'd stopped using MSN anyway) she still couldn't understand that Pidgin would carry on working the same as before08:38
kvarleyRemasterSys hasn't copied my user account over, can I manually put /home/username into /etc/skel to achieve this?08:43
* Laney gets spammed by ancient notifications08:45
popeyI only have facebook attached to friends so i can test the mobile version of the facebook app08:45
Laneynow i'm only seeing the most recent two tweets08:49
AlanBellfriends appears to have no menus, no options, no nothing I have no idea how to do anything with it other than look at it08:50
popeycan you drag up from the bottom08:50
Laneyyou add the accounts in "online accounts"08:50
AlanBellno, it has a bottom bar, with top, refresh post in it08:50
AlanBellah, online accounts, right08:51
Laneyi pressed refresh and a couple of new tweets came up, clicked "two new tweets" and they went away again /o\08:51
AlanBellrefresh does nothing for me, I can drag down and it says release to refresh, but it doesn't08:52
Laneyah, they were there - it just was scrolled down08:53
AlanBellI sent a tweet and it received a few recent ones08:53
Laneynot sure facebook is working08:53
Laneyit's giving me a characters remaining countdown for a facebook status :)08:54
DJonesJust having a flash of inspiration, does friends show newest tweets at the top or the bottom of the window? If its bottom, that could be why I wasn't seeing any new tweets08:55
Laneyi'm not sure it scrolls up for you08:55
Laneybut they come at the top08:55
DJonesLogically, I'd expect them at the top, but was just a thought08:56
popeythere was a bug where it was ordered incorrectly08:56
popeybut i believe that's fixed now08:56
* Laney hopes it gets list support08:56
DJonesI'll have to give it another try when I get home08:56
Azelphurhad another somewhat funny go at my landlord this morning about his part in getting my neighbours kids taken away08:58
Laneyyeah, just seems the "1 new update" thing doesn't scroll up when you click it, so you have to do that yourself08:58
jacobwSomewhat funny go?08:58
AzelphurTold him he was disgusting and that those repair issues most definitely played a part in having their kids taken away, he said he'd told them to tidy up and that he'd have done the repairs if it was tidy, asked me if I'd been in there and if I would like to have kids living in there, I asked how the place being untidy stopped him from clearing the drains outside causing 2" deep sewage water to build up outside their front door, he had nothing to say.08:59
JamesTaitHappy International Day of the Roma! :-D09:00
* Laney is lulled to sleep by HMRC's hold music09:29
mungbeanbah, tried installing rainy on my machine, 10.04 is too old :(09:32
Laney24 minutes on hold so far09:47
davmor2Morning all10:06
Azelphurhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/4fcu26n9e9m21vz/Rec_2013-04-08-%2811-00-16%29.3gp you know you've got a slumlord when...10:10
popeyhe just walked away?10:14
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:14
Azelphurpopey: yup10:14
Azelphurno oven since I moved in back in November10:14
davmor2morning brobostigon10:15
brobostigonmorning davmor210:15
mungbeanwhy do you stay there Azelphur ?10:15
Azelphurmungbean: locked in to 6 month AST, as soon as it's over I'm out.10:15
mungbean(couldn't watch 3gp on my pc),10:15
mungbeanbut he's in breach of contract from other things u said10:15
popeytotem barfed it, mplayer played it here10:15
Azelphurmungbean: yea, I'm not sure if that allows me to just leave or not, lawyer hasn't been answering the phone :(10:16
davmor2vlc for the win10:16
Azelphurpopey: did you hear what he did yesterday?10:17
mungbeanAzelphur: citizens advice bureau?10:17
mungbeandid he break in an eat your easter eggs?10:18
Azelphurmungbean: they say it's not what they do and put me onto shelter, who put me onto legal aid, who don't answer the phone :D10:18
mungbeaneaster hols10:18
Azelphurpopey: my neighbours are in a much worse repair state than me, sewage flooding due to blocked drains, bed bug infestation since they moved in, mould in the walls thanks to the flooding10:18
Azelphurthey filed a health and safety claim like me, so in retaliation the landlord called child protective services and reported them for having kids in an unsafe environment (you know, the one that he caused by negligence) they had their kids taken away10:19
Azelphurcame home one night to the parents outside crying10:19
Azelphuryea, did what I could for them, I already had the local paper come out to do an article on the LL, so I called them and told them to come back and speak to that family too10:22
AzelphurI want to do everything in my power to either stop him from trading altogether, or to make people aware of his activity so they can avoid10:23
AzelphurI love their website, they have a chart which boasts how they only bothered to collect 7% of rent owed xD10:25
Laneyninja carded by royal mail :(10:35
Azelphurhaha, I like that one, ninja carded10:36
mungbeanhp touchpad replacement battery arrvied today. hope it fixes my tablet problem :S10:36
SuperMattI was once carded by city link. I'd stayed in all day, sat in the living room. head the tink of the mailbox and ran straight to the door. The city link guy hadn't even bothered to take the package out of his van, and had literally just walked up to the door with the card10:37
SuperMattwhen I caught up with him, he actually had to spend ages in the back of the van to find the parcel10:37
Azelphurhaha, naughty10:37
BigRedSThat's the one thing that most puts me off the idea of a job where I'd work from home10:38
SuperMatthe also deliberately parked quite a way from our door so we wouldn't see the van10:38
BigRedSI'd suddenly join this group of people who have trouble having packages delivered10:38
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
SuperMattYou know what I found out the other day?10:38
SuperMattCoop accepts parcels from Amazon10:39
SuperMattand my nearest is a mere 50m away10:39
brobostigonnow that useful, the nhs sending out reminders of appointments via sms,10:39
SuperMattI don't think they all do it, yet :(10:40
SuperMattthough it's a step up from all the times I've not recieved letters about appointments10:40
brobostigonSuperMatt: maybe they only do it for people with certain problems, like autism.10:41
kvarleyI have a virtualbox install, if I convert the .vdi to a .img file, write it to a usb drive and run grub-install on the usb drive - will it boot the system?10:41
popeyBigRedS: i dont get that too much but then I can see the van coming down the road10:41
BigRedSpopey: I've never had it even when getting stuff delivered to home. But I wonder if I've just not used the 'right' couriers there10:42
brobostigonSuperMatt: i have aspergers, and they know i tend to be very forgetful sometimes. so maybe as they know that, thats why they do it.?10:42
BigRedSActually, yeah, I'd just use that Amazon locker thing10:42
* BigRedS looks for work-from-home jobs10:42
Daraelbrobostigon: It's standard where it happens; I got texts from the uni health centre recently without a diagnosis for anything similar.10:42
SuperMattI hear there are a number of wfh jobs at canonical10:42
Darael(Although I *later* got a preliminary diagnosis for aspergers...)10:43
brobostigonDarael: ah, i see. that makes sense.10:43
AzelphurDarael: welcome to the cool club ;)10:43
brobostigonfirst time they have done it, so was a suprise.10:43
Laneyi can't think what i ordered10:45
SuperMattobviously not important then10:46
LaneyIt was too large for the letter box apparently ... If I end up travelling all the way to the office for a catalogue :|10:46
* Laney tries online redelivery10:46
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mungbeanSuperMatt: did you report the guy for the parcel in van trick?10:48
mungbeani wonder how much he does that, and whats the point? must hate his job10:48
mungbeani wonder enjoy giving parcels to happy geeks10:48
SuperMattmungbean: naw, it was aaaages ago10:49
SuperMattI'd do it today though10:49
SuperMattI was like 1610:49
popeyi would imagine he has sufficient non-deliveries to make it more time efficient to walk to the door, ring the bell and go back to the van ready to drive away10:50
mungbeanbut what satisfaction is there? the next guy has to deliver the parcel10:52
mungbeanand creates loads of extra work for everyone10:52
mungbeana carrer in public sector awaits10:53
SuperMattI don't understand not doing your job so others have to pick up the slack10:53
SuperMattall it does is gives the company a bad name and eventually gets you fired10:53
popeyi suspect it creates extra work on a nominal number of occasions10:53
mungbeanpopey: sounds like the guy probably made a habit of it10:53
mungbeanif he's that blatant10:53
BigRedSSuperMatt: surely you don't deliver the parcel, get it to the depot and then the recipient will go there to pick it up?10:54
SuperMattnot always10:54
Laneyor they arrange it for a day when they will be in, so you get a fairly guaranteed delivery out of it10:54
SuperMattfor a lot of people in central london, they just don't have the means of transport to get to most depots10:54
BigRedSI've in the past ordered something for delivery to an address that I knew would be unoccupied so that I could get it from the depot the next day10:54
SuperMattLaney: except for the fact that you were already in the first time they didn't deliever ;)10:55
Laneythey didn't know that10:55
SuperMattno, but they shouldn't be assuming it in the first place10:55
Laneyfrom their POV redeliveries are more likely to be successful10:55
SuperMattthat you wouldn't be in, that is10:55
BigRedSSuperMatt: I'd have thought that most of the people who live in central london have a work address they could get stuff delivered to10:55
Laneyi'm trying to guess why it might be happening as it is10:55
mungbeanno its pure work-dodging laziness10:55
BigRedS[citation needed]10:56
SuperMattwhat I tend to do these days is call up on the morning I'm getting something delievered and confirm that I'm in. That message gets related to the courier so they can't claim I'm not in10:56
Laneyi would assume that it's driven by difficult targets10:56
mungbeanget a neighbour you can trust, then write "leave with neighbour" on all deliveries10:56
Laneyfinish your round in X hours that can't be done if you wait around for each person not to be in10:57
SuperMattwell now coop accepts amazon delieveries, all my stuff is going there10:57
mungbeanmy wife is a mum-at-home so no need10:57
mungbeanbut handy10:57
mungbeanalso get stuff delivered to work if necessary10:57
mungbeanmostly the radioactive stuff10:57
BigRedSmungbean: if necessary? Why wouldn't that be the default?10:58
mungbeanbecause my wife is at home10:58
SuperMattI always thought my local pub, somewhere that I actually talk to the staff, would be a good place to get stuff delievered10:58
mungbeanand i got a heavy book and a tablet battery delivered today10:58
BigRedSyeah, but if you miss any deliveries at all at home surely it's worthwhile just getting it sent to work?10:58
mungbeancan't use them until i'm home10:58
BigRedSah, unless you're commute isn't powered by engines10:58
mungbeanwe don't miss any at home10:59
SuperMattoh dang it11:00
SuperMattmy local coop *doesn't* offer the locker service :(11:00
=== RadiumCat is now known as PsychoCandy
SuperMattalthough there is one *relatively* close11:01
mungbeanhow much space does ubuntu server 12.04 need?11:10
mungbeanfor a basic vm11:10
Daraelmungbean: Three unitless Sergeis.11:11
mungbeantalking of sergeis , i need to claim my meerkat11:11
DaraelMore seriously, it depends on the meaning of "a basic VM".11:11
mungbeanstandard ubuntu server install11:11
mungbeanminimin space requirements11:12
davmor2mungbean: how long is a piece of string, the base install is pretty small but if you add any services and a db it will grow and grow11:12
mungbeanyeah, just gonna be my rainy server11:12
mungbeanbut i have thick provisioned disk on a limited sapce11:12
mungbeanwondering if 10gb or 15gb11:12
davmor2mungbean: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements11:12
Daraelmungbean: The page linked above recommends a minimum of 1GB for a server install.11:13
Daraelmungbean: 10GB should be plenty if it's not *doing* much.11:13
mungbeani chose 15gb , i might end of using it more11:13
davmor2mungbean: you know there is this wonderful thing called google it has most of the answers if you type them in ;)11:14
Daraeldavmor2: WITCHCRAFT!11:16
MyrttiTesco's Finest rye cobbler ♥ almost like San Francisco sourdough11:20
* Laney sees Touch now has a calculator app11:23
* Laney writes 5800811:23
* Laney sniggers11:23
popeyERROR: powertemp.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1365420386 when last update time is 1365420592 (minimum one second step)11:29
popeywell thats odd11:29
popeyLaney: is yours still working?11:29
popeywonder if it doesn't like the time change, but I'd have expected failure a week ago11:29
popeyperhaps ntp just fiddled the time11:29
Laneywhen did it stop?11:30
Laneyhttp://home.orangesquash.org.uk/~laney/ seems alright to me11:30
popeyjust a few minutes ago11:30
popeyvery suspicious11:30
popeyi logged in, installed juju, lxc and a few other bits and suddenly got that11:30
Laneyyour time has gone backwards, i guess that's the problem11:33
Laneyi suspect ntp corrected it11:33
* popey waited until 1365420592 passed11:36
popeyits fine now11:36
popeynever seen it do that before, although it could conceivably have done it when I'm not looking!11:37
* Laney was amazed that the panda running those graphs stayed up for his whole two week holiday11:39
Laney(just you watch it go down now)11:39
Laneyalso that his dodgy C program which drives rrdtool hasn't crashed11:40
* Laney sets up a subscribe & save for tea \o/11:55
* DJones watches the breaking news that Baroness Thatcher has passed away. 11:57
popeyhttp://www.isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk/ confirmed12:00
Laneyvery tasteful12:00
popeyI personally found that less useful than the single use site which reminded me to buy a snow shovel12:02
MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.unicodesnowmanforyou.com/12:04
popeythat also is a good one12:04
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neuropopey: having to hear her voice repeatedly in the obit package being played out on bbc's one o'clock news is pretty grating12:06
BigRedSThere's an alarmingly large number of facebook likes on that page12:06
SuperMattpeople can be cruel12:10
davmor2SuperMatt: There is a lot of Hate for Mrs T, but equally there is as much Love.  Personally I'm in the hate group but am still sorry that she died :)12:15
G|LinuxusrmyriadI am wondering why I can't see this on my mom's wishlist http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00071DOU012:16
neuroSuperMatt: she evoked tremendously strong feelings12:18
lubotu3Please take political discussion to ##politics-uk. Thank you!12:18
neurowhen someone steals your school milk, i believe that transcends "politics".12:19
neuroI want my milk back! :)12:19
neuroi wonder if there's a ##milk12:19
davmor2popey: Blame DJones he started it then blame yourself for continuing it :P then work down the rest of the list :)12:20
DJonesdavmor2: I'd don't accept any blame, I didn't mention politics12:20
neuroif sabdfl ever stands for office somewhere, we're pooched! :)12:21
SuperMattI dunno, I think he'd be quite liberal, and all for not taxing disabled people for the gaul of having a spare room in a house that they were assigned12:22
SuperMattbut then one day we'd wake up and we'll all be driving on the right12:23
neuroyeah, but ... politics ;)12:23
neurothe right side is the left side!12:23
neuro(talking about roads, not politics)12:23
SuperMattactually, left is indeed the better side to drive on12:24
SuperMattmore people are "right eyed" which means assessing oncoming traffic is "easier" when driving on the left12:24
neuroas a right handed smoker, i have to agree12:24
SuperMattalso, many people mount bikes and horses from the left, which means you're facing the right way when you start riding12:25
SuperMattwhich is why we started driving on the left in the first place12:25
SuperMatteveryone else is just silly12:25
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G|LinuxusrmyriadQUESTION: Five minutes have past, and I am  captious as to why my query has not been answered in the usu. way :: :|   http://yhoo.it/XnIWDy12:30
G|LinuxusrmyriadMy Mother's wishlist is not publishing correctly.12:32
Myrttioh it's redtape12:32
=== G|Linuxusrmyriad is now known as redtape|renegade
popeyYou asked a question and linked to a book, not the wishlist in question, then link to a random youtube Q&A..?12:33
popeyalthough your first thing was actually a statement, not a question12:34
popeyfollowed by another "not a question"12:34
Myrttiwelcome to the club12:37
neuroi wonder about that boy sometimes12:37
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
Myrttipopey: http://www.lastucase.com/ time to get a case for the iphone? :-P12:38
Myrttiah man I forgot pulseaudio crashed last night12:39
popeyi have a bumper on it at the moment12:39
Myrttino audio for the Witch is Dead video12:39
neurodefinitely a decorative rather than protective case12:40
Myrttiwell, yes.12:40
neuroi can't be bothered with cases usually, makes it annoying to dock12:40
Myrttiunless you consider it protecting from some scratches12:40
popeyindeed, thats the problem i have12:41
popeywith the bumper on, none of my accessories work with it12:41
neuronot sure if i dig the ipad or macbook sticky things12:41
Myrttibut anyway, a) Finnish b) "Purchase a 'Lastu product, and support sustainability with us! We pledge 5 euros towards tree planting for each product we sell - greening Africa together, one tree at a time."12:41
mungbeanevernote : what do you get for free, what do u pay for?12:42
neuromungbean: https://evernote.com/premium/12:42
mungbeanoffline notebooks12:43
MyrttiI should continue learning ruby so I'd have some chance of programming my own apps since nobody ever seems to to the ones I want12:44
neurowhat apps do you want?12:44
popeyi used evernote for a while12:44
popeycan't recall what annoyed me about it now12:44
mungbeanis the message format weird or anythin?12:45
neuroit's a document store12:45
neuronotes are "rich text"12:45
popeyi dont think you "see" that12:45
mungbeanare the notes stored in readable text12:45
neurobut yeah it's not exposed as a filesystem12:45
popeyreadble with their client12:45
mungbeanah, because its an online client12:45
mungbeangonna spin up a rainy server for continuation of tomboy then12:46
neuroweb or native app12:46
popeywell no, the notes are local12:46
popeyand synced to the cloud12:46
popeymuch like tomboy actually12:46
neuroyup, that12:46
neuroso wherever you can get a client, you can see and organise your stuff12:46
popeyhmm, load average 41 on my microserver12:46
popeyless than ideal12:46
neurodepends what it's doing12:46
neuroiowait or just raw load?12:47
popeylots of IO wait actually12:47
neuroi've seen load avg in the thousands before but the server still responds12:47
mungbeanmust have been a reasonably compelling reason to stop using it though popey12:47
popeyyeah, its responsive enough, just "quite busy" :D12:47
popey12 btrfs scrub processes ☺12:48
mungbeanthere's a chrome & android app called scratchpad - anyone used? syncs with google drive12:49
neuroit's a google product, i wouldn't trust it to last :)12:50
mungbeani notice the winky ;) but its using google drive, not a google product12:50
mungbeanlasted longer than u1 sync :(12:51
neuro"By Google"12:51
mungbeanGoogle Stopping Development of ‘Scratchpad’ Note Taking App12:51
mungbeannew version released feb 2013 though12:52
mungbeanmaybe they resumed12:52
popeymungbean has the kiss of death to all apps12:52
* mungbean cries12:52
mungbeanrainy it is12:52
mungbeansteering away from evernote12:52
mungbeansince i have my own public server to play with,12:53
mungbeana little worried about security of rainy though12:53
popeyssh sync isn't bad12:53
mungbeani thought it had fundamental flaw the same as file sync12:53
popeyat least it's a known security method12:53
mungbeansince it uses sshfs12:54
mungbeanhence similar to just using ubuntuone/dropbox to do file sync12:54
popeynot really12:54
mungbeanhappy to be corrected.12:54
popeyssh sync doesn't try to be clever with conflicts like dropbox/u1 do12:54
popeyso is more of a known quantity12:55
mungbeanhence avoids the problem u had with file sync?12:55
popeyone of the issues12:55
mungbeanssh sync needs passwordless ssh key setup?12:55
popeyit needs ssh key12:55
mungbeandon't think this will work with tomdroid app though12:56
popeyit wont12:56
popeytomdroid doesn't support ssh sync12:56
mungbeansupports rainy now12:56
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)12:59
bigcalmSomewhat after13:04
mungbeansshfs sync seemed to go quite smoothly13:09
mungbeangoodbye tomdroid :(13:11
mungbeanmaybe i can write a script to copy notes to sd card when i connect my phone13:12
popeyor port the ssh sync stuff to tomdroid ? :D13:12
mungbeani don't have teh skillz anymore13:15
mungbeanthey atrophied and withered13:15
SuperMattI've been flexing my pythong muscles recently13:16
mungbeantomdroid is readonly so i could get my android to sync a dropbox folder regularly13:16
bigcalmSuperMatt: with email notifications?13:17
SuperMattbigcalm: oh yes!13:19
SuperMattone sec...13:19
SuperMattbigcalm: http://www.supermatt.net/?attachment_id=485613:21
SuperMattignore the fact that thunderbird is open, I was just ensuring I had some unread emails to report on13:22
popeywow look at you with no folders13:23
SuperMattI just whack everything in to archives13:23
SuperMattI only have to press a13:23
SuperMattand then get thunderbird to cache it all13:24
ali1234has anyone tried geary?13:26
ali1234i was surprised that it actually handles gmail features13:27
ali1234like it actually supports labels and archiving properly13:27
SuperMattI've tried it, and I've pledged, but it's not quite up to the level I'd like it to be13:27
SuperMattbut I'm waiting, and hopinh13:28
ali1234yeah it doesn't really feel finished13:28
ali1234it's already massively better than thunderbird though13:28
SuperMattit what way?13:28
ali1234(14:29:13) ali1234: like it actually supports labels and archiving properly13:28
SuperMattwell, it only supports archiving for gmail properly13:28
SuperMattI pressed the archieve button on my imap server, and the email just vanished13:29
ali1234oh it does that on gmail too13:29
ali1234(14:29:35) ali1234: yeah it doesn't really feel finished13:29
SuperMattI know it'll be great13:29
ali1234it has an archive button. it doesn't work properly yet, but at least it is there13:29
SuperMattit's just that thunderbird matches my work flow better, currently13:30
ali1234i also got an email stuck13:30
ali1234click archive, nothing happens13:30
ali1234sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't13:30
SuperMattI'm not sure yorba are going to make their target13:31
ali1234it doesn't fully thread conversations either, but again, it does a much better job than thunderbird13:31
SuperMattmaybe they should have set their goal a little lower13:31
ali1234it doesn't use reply-to: header at all13:31
ali1234it just threads based on subject13:32
ali1234if the subject is blank it does not thread at all13:32
ali1234(people send me emails with no subject all the time)13:32
ali1234but again, still better than thnderbird which does not thread anything, ever13:33
SuperMattI do miss gmail's threads, but I don't get enough emails to care so much :P13:34
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
popeythunderbird threads fine here13:42
neurohas threaded fine for me for years13:42
mgdmyeah, same here13:42
mgdmI've been using it since before it was called Thunderbird13:42
bigcalmSuperMatt: just seen the screenshot. What am I looking for here?13:44
SuperMattthat I've got some rudimentary functionality going13:45
SuperMattcheck the top right13:45
SuperMattthat's not been called by thunderbird, it's been done by my main.py13:45
bigcalmAha, OSD :)13:45
bigcalmSuperMatt: super13:45
SuperMattShould have got with "Matt: Super"13:45
* bigcalm steps away from facebook for the rest of the day13:46
SuperMattI could send it over in its current state, and you can run it via a cron job13:46
SuperMattor I could start work on daemon mode, and parsing config from a json file13:46
bigcalmWhat does it look at?13:46
SuperMattat the moment it just has my account details hard coded13:47
SuperMattthough it's about 10 minutes work to accept from a json file or from command line arguments13:47
SuperMattor I could read up about using gnome keyring13:48
SuperMatttake your pic ;)13:48
bigcalmI mean is it gmail specific or will it work with other IMAP servers?13:49
SuperMattat the moment it's only imap with ssl13:49
SuperMattso gmail will work13:49
bigcalmAnd MS Outlook13:49
bigcalmWhich is what my work email is13:49
SuperMattwell, if your outlook points to an imap server, sure13:49
bigcalmSuperMatt: outlook is the service name now, not just the client13:50
SuperMattoh funky13:50
SuperMattah, you mean outlook.com13:50
SuperMattwell, it should work13:50
bigcalmWell, in my case Office 365 and microsoftonline.com13:50
SuperMattI can test it for you13:50
SuperMattI should have an account13:51
bigcalmIMAP should be IMAP and just work :)13:51
SuperMattyeah, but I haven't configure imap without ssl yet13:52
bigcalmDid your system go *bing* when new mail arrived?13:52
SuperMattit's not too difficult, I just need to extend the class I already have13:52
SuperMattgeez, how do I still get emails to my hotmail account from bloomin laplink!13:53
SuperMattaren't they dead yet?13:53
SuperMattI swear I only used them for communicating over com port13:53
bigcalmOop, there goes the hearing in my left ear13:55
bigcalmColds suck13:56
SuperMattwell now, the outlook.com interface is pretty good13:56
bigcalmYes, it's a nice web mail interface13:56
bigcalmA json config would be a fine start :)13:58
SuperMatthmmm... I can't find any imap settings for outlook.com14:05
bigcalmMail -> Options -> Settings for POP, IMAP and SMTP access...14:07
bigcalmThat's on my Office 365 account though14:08
SuperMattyeah, I don't have 365 :/14:08
bigcalmIt'll be something like pod51017.outlook.com14:08
SuperMattI don't think I can get a free account14:10
SuperMattwell, how about this: would you like to test it for me?14:11
bigcalmHappy to :)14:12
SuperMattcan I email it to you?14:12
bigcalmOh bother. When did I take that lemsip? It's going to trouble me for the next 4 hours14:13
bigcalmThere ya go :)14:13
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
davmor2bigcalm: if you take a screenshot of the entire desktop does it snapshot the screen you are on or all three?14:36
bigcalmdavmor2: all three. I had to crop the image I put on G+14:37
davmor2bigcalm: nice I wasn't sure how it handled multimonitor screenshots hence the question :)14:37
bigcalmdavmor2: due to the central screen rotation, the extra space is black on the two other screens in the screenshot14:40
bigcalmSneezed and my glasses shot off my face14:59
bigcalmI'm really surprised I've managed to get so far into the year without a cold15:00
bigcalmNow I understand why the elder generation put tethers on their glasses15:07
davmor2bigcalm: oh I thought it was the fact they couldn't bend to pick them back up off the floor :)15:08
zleapbigcalm, well i have usb sticks here with  lanyards,15:11
bigcalmzleap: does that mean you are tethered to the machine? :)15:13
zleapbigcalm, no15:19
zleapi was just commenting that some have lanyards,  it is no different to having keys that clip to belts etc15:20
zleapwell the bit on trousers that the belt goes in to15:20
dwatkinsI have a cold, first of the year.15:22
* bigcalm blames dwatkins for his cold then15:22
dwatkinsI have cycling glasses that have a rubberised thing that goes around my head, so they don't come off.15:22
dwatkinsbigcalm: it's a southern cold, I think I got it visiting friends and relations down south. I've probably infected half of Edinburgh since I got back.15:23
dwatkinstransmission via IRC would be quite impressive for a cold virus...15:23
bigcalmI could try and blame davmor2 as I saw him on Thursday15:24
dwatkinsThat might be a little more plausible ;)15:24
bigcalmBut I'm thinking it was possibly something I picked up in the Jewellery Quarter on Saturday15:24
davmor2bigcalm: I've not had a cold this year so you can chuff off :P15:25
=== stgraber_ is now known as stgraber
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
MyrttiI kinda want a tether thing for my glasses because when I put my glasses on my forehead, I inevitably tangle my hair on/in them15:36
MyrttiI just don't seem to find good ones15:36
Myrttinot that I've looked too much15:36
bigcalmMyrtti: get magnetic glasses like Stephen Fry (as seen at Oggcamp)15:37
=== Adriannom is now known as rehgerh
Myrttithat would be good if I'd use reading glasses where I'd take them off often15:46
bigcalmThe only time I take my glasses of is when I need to leave my office for some reason. Haven't lost them yet *fingers crossed*15:47
mungbeanssh sync with tomby is super quick now :D15:49
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
andysucksatubuntIs there anyone available to help me with a Ubuntu Query17:01
Myrttidifficult to know if you don't actually ask the question first17:01
andysucksatubuntfair point.17:01
andysucksatubuntI have dual boot windows and ubuntu i have stupidly some how managed to get malware on my windows boot. I want to install a rescue disc from AVG to USB but i am unable to run teh setup.sh file17:02
popeyprobably not executable17:02
andysucksatubuntIve gone into the properties and allowed it to run as a application17:02
popeydid the setup.sh file come from the AVG website?17:02
popeyso its in your "Downloads" folder?17:03
andysucksatubuntcurrently extracted there yes17:03
popeywhat happens when you try and run it?17:03
popeycd ~/Downloads17:03
andysucksatubunti gives me optiosn tpo open terman view cancel or run17:03
andysucksatubuntbut nothign happens17:03
popeyI'd do it in a terminal, press CTRL+ALT+T then... cd ~/Downloads17:03
popeythen ./setup.sh17:04
andysucksatubuntand ive read that popey but what do u mean i i am very new t unbuntu and i wis i knew more so i could delete windows from my life17:04
andysucksatubunthmm seem a few keys are sticking to... awesome..17:04
andysucksatubuntok sec17:04
* popey squints17:04
andysucksatubunttelling me theres no such file there17:06
popeywhen you typed cd ~/Downloads, did the prompt change in the terminal?17:06
andysucksatubuntyes to dowloands17:06
popeyto look a bit like that17:06
popeyok, good17:06
andysucksatubuntbut when i type /setup.sh17:07
andysucksatubuntit said no such file etc17:07
popeyyou missed the full stop in front17:07
andysucksatubuntffs ok god im poop17:07
popeyeasily done17:07
popeyit's only 4 or so pixels17:07
andysucksatubuntsays the same17:08
andysucksatubuntthe downlaod rea dme said i needed to have dialog libraies installed17:09
andysucksatubuntif that means anything17:09
andysucksatubuntive been google and forum read until i had the idea to find this place17:09
dwatkinsis the file there, andysucksatubunt? do an 'ls'17:10
andysucksatubunthaha no17:10
Nafalloanyone got a BCM970015 and able to tell how well it runs on Quantal or Raring? :-)17:11
MartijnVdSNafallo: what does that do?17:12
andysucksatubunts>it ok to chat here?17:12
Nafallo1080p on a netbook ;-)17:12
MartijnVdSNafallo: ah, as long as there are drivers for it.. I guess17:12
Nafallolooks like it's in the kernel.17:12
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: it appears to be a video accelerator: http://www.amazon.com/BCM970015-Broadcom-Hardware-Decoder-Accelerator/dp/B0050QJUP017:12
Nafalloand there is a firmware package.17:12
dwatkinsandysucksatubunt: we do ;)17:13
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|life
dwatkinsalthough we tend to stick to vaguely linux-related discussions mostly17:13
Nafallobut then, the gstreamer plugin is at 0.10 and I can't figure out how the mplayer support is supposed to work :-)17:13
andysucksatubuntive checked it finds the folder the setup.sh is in17:14
andysucksatubuntbut when i type the ./setup.sh when its in the downloads it still tells me no such file excists17:14
Daraelandysucksatubunt, dwatkins:  *Very* vaguely, sometimes...17:14
dwatkinsandysucksatubunt: is the file in that directory, or a subdirectory? perhaps it was extracted from an archive.17:16
MartijnVdSwhat do you need setup.sh for?17:16
andysucksatubuntit iwas a zip folder ive extracted17:16
MartijnVdSisn't it packaged?17:16
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: of what?17:16
lubotu3You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!17:16
dwatkinsso 'cd' into the directory it's in, as indicated by 'ls'17:16
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: this is for AVG17:16
andysucksatubunta AVG virus boot to install a rescue disc to USB17:16
andysucksatubunti need to run the setup.sh to install it to a USB stick17:17
Nafalloright. no one knows about crystal hd? ;-)17:17
andysucksatubunti have windows and ubuntu dual boot and somehow im guessign was the GF i have malware that basically fucks my windows (wouldnt care but i have files there) and i need access so i need an rescue disc to run from boot to remove it17:18
andysucksatubuntif that makes sense...17:18
dwatkinsplease keep your language family-friendly, andysucksatubunt17:19
andysucksatubuntmy apologise17:19
andysucksatubuntwont happen again17:19
andysucksatubuntI can get the termial into the downloads but its just refuses to see the setup.sh17:21
dwatkinsandysucksatubunt: you're probably not in the correct directory17:21
dwatkinsas I said, find out what the subdirectory is called that it extracted to, then move into it with 'cd nameofdirectory'17:21
andysucksatubunti thought that so i went into the properties of the folder with teh setup.sh and tried that and it confirms the directory17:22
andysucksatubuntok sec ill see if that works17:22
popeyit could be that it's not setup.sh which is reporting the error but something it later calls17:24
andysucksatubuntreally frustrates me because i wish i was so much better with linux and i just get frustrated and stop trying17:25
andysucksatubuntwhen i try cd the directory in the downloads it says it doesnt excist17:26
andysucksatubunt~/Downloads$ cd ~/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a541117:26
popeyits case sensitive17:26
andysucksatubuntthen it says17:26
popeyno, wait17:26
popey~ means /home/andy17:26
popey(assuming that's your name)17:26
popeyso ~/Downloads is /home/andy/Downloads17:27
andysucksatubunt*face palm*17:27
popey~/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a5411 means /home/andy/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a541117:27
popeyso you probably want to cd ~/Downloads17:27
popeythen cd avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a541117:27
popeyor just cd avg   and then press the Tab key to autocomplete17:27
andysucksatubunti hope this isnt making u to annoyed at how stupid one human being can be17:28
DaraelUninformed and unused to bash is not the same as stupid.17:28
andysucksatubuntok tells me to try and run as root17:28
DaraelAll will come in time.17:28
andysucksatubuntwith an error of course17:29
andysucksatubuntHow would one Andy go about doing that?17:30
popeysudo ./setup.sh17:30
andysucksatubunt*Copy pastes*17:30
andysucksatubuntudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted sudo: setresuid() [0, 0, 0] -> [114, -1, -1]: Operation not permitted17:31
popeyare you logged in as you or as a guest account?17:34
andysucksatubuntnope but i can try and relog i had ubuntu then i installed gnome i can put it back to basic and come back if that makes any difference?17:35
popeyI'm kinda lost.17:36
andysucksatubuntok popey i will brb17:36
andysucksatubuntand btw i really super appricate all this help17:36
popeywhat version of ubuntu is this?17:36
popeyis it like mega old?17:36
popeythe following command will give you a version number:-17:37
popeylsb_release -a17:37
andysucksatubuntDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS Release:12.04 Codename:precise17:37
andysucksatubuntive run uodate manager and doesnt say anything17:38
popeyI don't understand why sudo fails17:38
dwatkinsdo you have another login account, andysucksatubunt?17:38
dwatkinsthat one doesn't have sudo priviliges.17:38
popeyneed to go and put the kids to bed, sorry17:38
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: can you paste the output of the 'id' command?17:38
MartijnVdS(that should clear some things up :))17:38
dwatkinsgood call, MartijnVdS17:38
andysucksatubuntAndy-rSffvo@ubuntu:~/Downloads/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a5411$ ./setup.sh ERROR: Try to run this as root. Andy-rSffvo@ubuntu:~/Downloads/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a5411$ ./setup.sh ERROR: Try to run this as root. Andy-rSffvo@ubuntu:~/Downloads/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a5411$ sudo ./setup.shsudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted sudo: setresuid() [0, 0, 0] -> [114, -1, -1]: Operation not permitte17:41
andysucksatubunthelp at all?17:42
andysucksatubuntuid=114(Andy-rSffvo) gid=125(Andy-rSffvo) groups=125(Andy-rSffvo)17:42
andysucksatubuntthat what u ment right?17:43
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: it is.. but why are you in that user/group?17:43
MartijnVdSthose are system-reserved..17:43
MartijnVdS(not for normal users)17:43
SuperMatthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J4QPz52Sfo well worth watching17:44
andysucksatubuntwish i knew17:44
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: How did you log in?17:44
andysucksatubuntshould i double check this is the admin user? would that effect it17:44
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: it's not, "id" just told us :)17:44
andysucksatubuntwhat numbers would i expect to see the admin then?17:45
andysucksatubunti have 3 users dont remember why so i can run teh id command and find teh correct one before i log here to bother u awesome people17:45
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: this might be the "guest" login, I don't know.. how did you create it?17:46
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: the admin user tends to have uid 1000, but that's not required (it can all be changed)17:46
MartijnVdSbut if you changed it.. you'd know17:46
andysucksatubuntorginally i downlaoded teh ubuntu exe on my windows desktop and installed17:46
andysucksatubuntbut i setup users and i cant remember why17:46
andysucksatubuntso ill do teh ID check and relog here once ive found it17:47
andysucksatubuntCould be me under Andrew instead of andy.. sorry to be so usless17:47
andysucksatubuntive not used this netboot in ages that why17:47
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: you could try this (don't paste the output here though)17:48
andysucksatubuntwas on a mac as my GF had a new one and wel the HD hd cable went so i came back to my old backup and then she botched this so im stcuk fixing it17:48
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: tail /etc/passwd17:48
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: it lists the last accounts in the password file.. usually the ones you created are in that :)17:48
MartijnVdSandysucksatubunt: go for the ones with id 1000 or higher17:48
andysucksatubuntok i will brb if thats ok?17:48
andysucksatubunti will do that find one and relog17:48
andysucksatubuntthanks and brb17:48
andysucksright im back17:58
andysucksnot sure how but i have two Andy accounts17:58
andysucksthat was weird17:58
andysucksill need to re download the setup.sh etc17:58
andysucksso ill eat while that happens if thats ok Popey and fellow helpers and eat17:59
dwatkins'ls' is your friend, andysucks18:14
andysucksye seems so18:15
andysucksalthough the extracting of the file has frozen18:15
ali1234what are you trying to do exactly?18:16
andysucksrun a setup.sh but it seems somehow i was in a guest user and commands wouldnt work18:17
ali1234what's the url of setup.sh?18:17
andysuckschecked with id im in a 1000 now18:17
ali1234is it that?18:17
andysucksjust need to extract and see if the advice given a few minutes ago works18:18
andysucksno matey its a REscue scan disc to scan my pc on boot to install it on a USB18:18
ali1234that is what that is18:18
andysucksok well i have the zip file in my downloads18:19
andysucksits just umm not un zipping18:20
MartijnVdSmaybe it is, but you should wait a bit longer?18:20
magpiehow are you trying to unzip it?18:20
andysucksright clik extract here18:20
ali12345411 is out of date. just fyi18:21
ali1234https://share.avg.com/arl/release/avg_arl_ffi_all_120_120823a5688.zip is the latest release18:21
ali1234there is also an iso version that you can just download and burn18:22
MartijnVdSali1234: that doesn't work if you have <1G RAM18:22
MartijnVdSali1234: tried that last month :|18:22
magpiewhat do you want this for ?18:23
MartijnVdSali1234: (ended up plugging 4G in that machine, and re-installing Windows)18:23
andysucksIm on a netbook i have no cdrom18:23
andysucksso needs be USB18:23
magpieunetbootin is your friend18:23
andysucksthanks for update link alil23418:24
andysuckswhats unetbootin?18:24
ali1234./setup.sh: line 113: /1024: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "/1024")18:24
ali1234lol, even with all the right dependencies, it doesn't work18:24
ali1234this probably won't work with unetbootin18:24
magpiei use unetbootin whenever i need to get files off my netbook after some crisis18:25
andysucksi will try the directory thing to see if it will run now once i have the most up to date etc18:25
andysuckshmm i will look into it magpie <318:25
magpieit's great way to save files before a reinstall18:26
ali1234hmm it does this awk '/^.* '$dev'$/{print $3}' /proc/partitions18:26
magpieyou can put some light distro on it18:26
ali1234but that outputs nothing18:26
andysuckswell after finding this place i plan to after fixing my windows issue banish it and install pure ubuntu18:26
magpiewhat's your windows issue?18:27
dwatkinsWhat do you need to do to the windows install, andysucks? copy data off it?18:27
andysucksMalware take over GF use it last18:27
magpieyou can just grab ur files off with the usb boot18:27
davmor2Man you don't appreciate how fast Raring is till you compare side by side with precise OMG it's fast18:27
magpieput them onto a hard disk and then set install over windows18:27
dwatkinsandysucks: in that case shouldn't she be fixing it?18:28
andysucksSome BS bla bla pay or police nonsense and takes over my pc cant even safemode boot it makes that blurry18:28
andysucksshe can barley turn this thing on matey18:28
andysucksand worst is... its my netbook18:28
dwatkinsthat's no excuse. when I started using computers, I could barely read ;) ... I was six.18:28
magpiedon't worry18:28
magpieget a usb18:28
ali1234but when you were 6 you did not have internet hackers trying to extort money from you18:28
magpieformat it to fat 3218:28
magpiethen download lubuntu or gnome if you want i'd say it's too bulky for a netbook tho18:29
andysucksye i need something light and user friendly to start18:29
magpierun unetbootin with your disk image of the distro18:29
magpierestart your computer and press f12 or whatever gets you into bios18:30
magpieand set bios to boot into usb18:30
magpiethen option will be "try without installing"18:30
magpiepick this18:30
dwatkinsisn't andysucks already running Ubuntu?18:31
magpie"then plug spare hard drive into (hopefully you have another usb socket)18:31
magpietake all files off18:31
magpiepick open to clean install18:31
magpienice new os18:31
magpiesaved files18:31
magpieno bother18:31
dwatkinsmake sure to virus and malware scan the USB disk, of course18:32
andysucksI have ubuntu and windows on my netbook18:32
andysucksim on ubuntu now18:32
magpiemeh dwatkins18:32
andysucksbecause the window partiton is f'ed18:32
magpiethe virus can't hurt just on a usb18:32
magpieur better off saving the lot and going through it later18:32
dwatkinsit might be in a .doc or somehing18:32
magpiechances are it's a windows virus anyway18:32
dwatkinsyeah, magpie that's what I mean, check it later18:33
magpiedon't worry andysucks18:33
andysucksits only because i startted another language after moving country that i care or id format and put pure linux on18:33
andysucksi have a document with my notes18:33
andysucksid like to get18:33
andysuckspar that id happily wipe it now18:33
magpieonce you know how to use the try without installing on your usb you will not have problems saving files anymore18:34
magpiei have one handy for whenever I want18:35
magpieyour netbook is going to be so much faster18:36
magpiei reccomended 32bit lubuntu 12.0418:36
magpieyou can get your documents off before you wipe it though18:37
magpieyou won't lose them if you hit "try without installing"18:37
magpieit will bring you into a temporary screen and from there yo will see your windows folder and you can drag and drop the lot into a spare HD18:37
magpieI think maybe he was panicking18:41
andysucksseems my netbook isnt powerful enough18:46
andysucksit keeps freezing18:46
andysucksSorry magpie missed what you said18:47
andysucksCan you recommend a decent light version on Linux for a netbook?18:51
magpielubuntu 12.04 32 bit18:52
andysucksAny offical websites i can download from?18:52
magpieit says desktop but don't worry it's very light18:53
magpieyou may need to configure the trackpad click a bit18:54
magpieonce you know how to use the try without installing on your usb you will not have problems saving files anymore18:55
magpie i have one handy for whenever I want18:55
magpie your netbook is going to be so much faster18:55
magpie i reccomended 32bit lubuntu 12.0418:55
magpie you can get your documents off before you wipe it though18:55
magpie you won't lose them if you hit "try without installing"18:55
magpie it will bring you into a temporary screen and from there yo will see your windows folder and you can drag and drop the lot into a spare HD18:55
magpiejjust to repeat what i said befoe your computer cut out18:55
andysucksif only this would stop locking up enough to even let me type19:00
magpiecan you not get onto another computer while you fix this one?19:00
magpieit's a good idea not to keep it running if it has a virus19:01
magpieespecially connected to the net19:01
b1ackcr0wandysucks: Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu but LXFE, I'm using it on a very old PC to run an XBMC center quite successfully19:01
b1ackcr0wmight be worth a look19:02
magpieyeah that's a good shout19:02
magpielxfe is very light too19:02
magpielubuntu is using the same thing to this19:02
mungbean+1 for lubuntu19:05
dwatkins+1 lubuntu19:06
andysucksDownloading lunbuntu now19:07
b1ackcr0w+1 for lubuntu. I only suggested Zorin because they've a version with all the pae extensions hacked out which can be helpful on low powered PCs19:07
andysucksin hope i can boot and rescue like you said magpire19:07
b1ackcr0wand so do crunchbang BTW19:08
magpiedon't worry just remember the order19:08
andysucksOnly thing is it only seems to give me a 64 bit download option not a 3219:08
magpieformat the usb fat 3219:08
magpieinstall unetbootin on it with the disk image ready to mount19:09
magpiego into bios19:09
magpieselect boot from usb19:09
magpietry before installing19:09
magpiecopy your files to a spare hard disk19:09
magpiethen clean install19:09
magpiemake sure you try without installing and then copied your files and you have nothing to worry about.19:10
andysucksjust need to somehow not stress because this is so slow right now19:12
magpieyeah just take this time to think through the steps in your head19:14
magpiewrite them down on a pen and paper for when you have to go offline19:14
andysucksthe install for unetbootin is that an exe coz that wont load from linux right?19:15
magpiedo you know the name of the virus attacking you?19:15
andysucksnope i wish i did19:15
magpiehmm good question19:15
andysucksill ask my gf what sites she was visiting to see if i can google anything sec19:15
mungbeanmalwarebytes is still good at detecting that stuff on windows19:16
magpieis it just your browsing that is affected?19:17
magpieor when your browser is not open does it affect the functionality of other programs?19:17
andysucksits the whole OS19:17
magpiesecond that @mungbean19:17
andysucksas soon as i log on theres a overding screen that wont allow ne to do anything19:17
magpiewhat kind of screen?19:18
andysucksjust a fake the police are watching u bla bla pay up19:18
magpiethat does sound like malware try mungbean's suggestion19:18
magpiemalwarebytes is free and it can be much better than antivirus at catching this sort of attack19:19
andysucksye but problem is it needs to be dos based as i cant log windows to scan19:19
andysucksthats why i wanted the AVG external USB scan thing19:19
andysucksbut thats when we had issues running the setup.sh19:20
andysucksbecause theres two andy users and one for some reason is a guest19:20
andysucksand it wouldnt allow me to run the setup.sh19:20
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magpieis it pretending to be polic then19:21
magpieSpecialist Crime Directorate19:21
andysuckssomething like that i think19:21
andysucksim just luck y i have a ubuntu parttion19:23
andysucksor id have nothing19:23
magpieif it's a common virus it's possible we can find the files and destroy them individually so that you can get enough functionality back to clean it completely19:23
magpiecan you boot into ubuntu?19:23
magpiecan you do that now?19:24
andysucksi am in ubuntu now19:24
andysucksits just a little slow19:25
magpieoh good19:26
magpiewell in that case19:26
magpiecan you see yourr windows directories?19:26
andysucksvery new to ubuntu how would i do that?19:27
andysucksterminal is open19:27
andysucksassuming i need it :P19:27
magpieit should be a folder with a windowsy name like C:/user/bla19:27
magpiemaybe someone who has a dual boot can help me out herE?19:28
magpieit's been a long time since i ran windows alongside ubuntu19:28
andysuckslet me have a poke around my drive19:28
andysucksthink i can see something19:29
andysucksim in the computer of ubuntu but fiddling19:30
andysucksone moment19:30
andysucksit seems i can see both drives (meaning windows always like a seprate parttion for recovery) but i can actually get any folders etc up19:30
magpiethe offending file is appently called ctfmon.lnk19:31
magpieyou can start windows into dos if that is easier19:31
magpieinstruction for that as howto'd Boot the system into Safe Mode. To do so:19:32
magpie     First, restart the system (Click Start, then Shut Down, select Restart in the drop-down dialog box that appears, then click OK).19:32
magpie    As the computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8.19:32
magpie    Use the arrow keys to highlight 'Safe Mode' and then press Enter.19:32
KevanVI've got a dual boot... but I'll have to go and get it19:32
andysucksif i boot safe mode19:32
andysucksthey have i think programmed something into it because19:32
andysuckseven thought it changes render i cant click or read anything19:33
magpien Safe Mode, find the file ctfmon.lnk in the Startup folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Program\Startup\ctfmon.lnk) and delete it.19:33
andysuckswas teh first thig i thought of19:33
andysucksboot safe mode scan and remove19:33
andysucksi cant19:33
magpiecan you use your keyboard?19:33
magpieif so you can navigate with the tab key19:33
magpieshift tab goes back and tab takes you to the next button19:34
andysucksits not that, its the fact that all the widnows are miss rendered i cant see antyhign within them19:34
andysucksi can move my mouse use teh keyboard but i cant read or see antyhing19:34
KevanVhas your tried ultimate boot disk... it runs from CD and has several antivirus software on it.19:34
magpieok then stick with finding it from ubuntu19:35
andysucksi would but i have an issue currently getting files to run from here ubuntu to set up on my USB19:35
andysucksas im on a netbook with no cd rom19:35
magpieyou should be able to do this19:35
KevanVandysucks: sorry I was late to this convo19:35
andysucksits fine im sure im annoying everyone with my spam im just really happy that there are awesome people about liek you guys who dont just ignore me and help19:36
magpiei'll have a look at the unetbootin and see what it says about running the ubuntu disk image from a windows version19:36
andysucksim so happy for all the help i can get19:36
magpieit's probably ok19:36
andysuckswell currently i have the zip files for lbuntu unetboting and the AVG USB run thing19:37
KevanVif I'm correct... 1. windows has a virus/trogen that is demanding money to access the computer. ubuntu works.19:37
KevanVhas is encrypted documents?19:38
KevanVhas it*19:38
andysucksi cant do anything i have no idea19:38
andysucksasap i log in i screen pops and i cant d anything its in the boot up i guess19:38
KevanVfrom ubuntu have you got a file browsers?19:38
andysucksi dont think so im not sure19:39
andysuckshow would i check that?19:39
andysucksi can see computer etc19:39
andysucksand all my drives including teh USB no plugged in19:39
KevanVon the screen can you see computer.... ah yes... clicking that19:40
andysuckstheres 2 drives teh main and the silly little rescue one that windows wants (tried that also it just errors even with a full recovery)19:40
andysucksif i go into the main and get to the first window19:40
andysucksall i see is19:41
magpieyeah i think it's fine to boot ubuntu from the .exe19:41
andysucksboot and system volume19:41
magpieit's only once your clean install is on you wouldn't be able to use it again because ur bootloader would be grub19:41
andysucksbut neither of those let em do much19:41
magpiebut that's not a problem for what you need19:41
KevanVnavigate to something in the windows drive "my documents"  it can be in one of many places depending on the windows version and if you upgraded from one version to another19:42
magpiesystem volume is the windows btw19:42
andysucksone file in it thought19:42
andysucksnothing else19:42
KevanVokay... what version of windows is it?19:43
andysucksstupid windows 7 starter19:43
magpieyou vcan just put lubuntu on unetbootin19:44
magpieas planned19:44
magpieit's ok19:44
magpieas long as you can format the usb to fat32 it will serve you properly19:44
KevanVokay... I've got that on a computer... will boot that computer to find where your files will be.19:45
KevanVmagpie: yes usb will be needed :)19:45
magpie@kevanV apparently it's in  C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Program\Startup\ctfmon.lnk)19:46
andysucksyes but i cant get to that19:46
andysucksas theres only one file viewable from ubuntu19:46
magpiedon't worry19:46
magpieunetbootin will work19:46
magpiehave you got a spare HD?19:46
andysucksI think so external just not sure if theres stuff on it19:47
andysuckswhat you thinking magpie?19:47
andysucks... GF!!!19:47
andysucksok cant use it19:47
andysucksshe has "things" she cant loose and are too big to temp put on her mac19:48
magpiei'm thinking i double checked and we can go back to the initial plan where you boot into try lubuntu without installing , rescue your files and then clean install with unetbootin19:48
magpiedon't blame your gf it's not her fault19:48
andysuckswell ill extract the unetbooting to the USB19:48
magpieit's just one of those things19:48
magpieanother reason not to use windows19:48
magpieof the many that exist19:49
andysucksand try and set the BIOS and prio USB/CD and try and use teh "try before install thing"19:49
KevanVmagpie: agreed... (but I have to use it at work!)19:49
magpiebut first u need to download lubuntu19:49
andysucksif i have one word documnet that i really need due to a whole years worth of language course notes19:49
magpiehave you been doing that?19:49
magpieand unetbootin19:49
andysucksid already be thinking clean wipe19:49
magpieyea do rescue the files first though19:49
andysucksi have Unetbootin but its taking for ever to unzip19:49
magpiethat malware won't be a problem once you're off windows19:50
andysuckswas on a MAC but that died too :P the HD cable keeps going19:50
magpiehow about the lubuntu download?19:50
andysucksgot that also19:50
andysucksbut i think its a 64 bit version19:50
andysucksthere was no 32 bit option19:51
andysucksor i coudl see at least19:51
magpieit's not too much of a problem but it's not going to be as good in the long run19:51
KevanVandysucks: normally that's not a prolem19:51
andysucksok well my 4gb USB is fomratted fat style19:52
magpiecan anyone remember how to use the terminal to unzip?19:52
andysucksi can right clik and unziop mate19:52
andysucksubuntu has almost a windows like UI19:52
magpieit'll probably be better to use the terminal rather than gui if it's being oddly slow19:52
andysucksits not basic linux so im not to screwed with commands19:52
andysucksits the the gui its teh actual unzip19:52
andysucksit just sticks19:52
directhex"unzip /path/to/file.zip" extracts in the current folder19:53
andysucksand then the whole OS locks19:53
andysucksand i have to hole the powerbutton to get back control with reboot to ubunutu19:53
andysucksgod read this problem sounds so damn stupid im so embrassed haha19:53
magpiego into task manager and cancel anything that is running which u don't need19:53
magpieunless you aren't sure what it does19:53
magpiethe kill command does this19:53
magpieok open terminal19:54
magpiecan you type this:19:55
andysucksright its going19:55
magpieand paste the contents19:55
andysucksHAHA says inflating: home/andy... etc etc19:55
andysucksok sec19:55
andysuckssec i cant get to terminal window... Grr19:56
andysuckswow thats alot of text19:57
andysucksyou sure im ok to paste that?19:57
magpieok hold on19:57
magpiei've a shorter one for you19:57
andysuckspretty sure 1) youd all hate me for spam 2) admin would kick me :)19:58
magpiesudo lsof -i -n -P19:58
mungbean| pastebinit19:58
magpieyeah n send link19:58
magpieit's not that long with this command, will he get kicked for it?19:59
andysucksits like 13 lines?19:59
magpiehttp://pastebin.com/ just in case20:00
andysucksCOMMAND    PID   USER   FD   TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME avahi-dae  782  avahi   12u  IPv4   8613      0t0  UDP *:5353  avahi-dae  782  avahi   13u  IPv6   8614      0t0  UDP *:5353  avahi-dae  782  avahi   14u  IPv4   8615      0t0  UDP *:48331  avahi-dae  782  avahi   15u  IPv6   8616      0t0  UDP *:39966  cupsd      802   root    8u  IPv6   8671      0t0  TCP [::1]:631 (LISTEN) cupsd      802   root    9u  IPv4   8672   20:01
andysucksit re ordered it but when i pastes went back20:01
magpiealso netstat -l | grep tcp this20:02
magpienetstat -l | grep tcp20:02
magpieon its own20:02
magpiehmm this is hard to read20:03
andysucks    COMMAND    PID   USER   FD   TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME     avahi-dae  782  avahi   12u  IPv4   8613      0t0  UDP *:5353     avahi-dae  782  avahi   13u  IPv6   8614      0t0  UDP *:5353     avahi-dae  782  avahi   14u  IPv4   8615      0t0  UDP *:48331     avahi-dae  782  avahi   15u  IPv6   8616      0t0  UDP *:39966     cupsd      802   root    8u  IPv6   8671      0t0  TCP [::1]:631 (LISTEN)     cupsd      802   ro20:03
andysucksany better?20:03
andysucksit wont order properlu20:03
andysuckssorry all for wall of text20:03
magpieis that it?20:04
andysucksthe last command anyways20:04
andysucksi didnt paste teh super huge one20:04
andysucksyou want me to do that?20:04
magpiedid you run20:04
magpie also netstat -l | grep tcp this20:04
magpiecan you run thaT?20:04
magpiealso kill all the avahi processes you don't need them20:05
andysucksok done20:05
magpiethey are local network discovery20:05
ali1234why are you killing things20:05
andysucksbecuse my tiny netbook cant run very well right now20:06
magpieso hes not struggling to run the programs he needs to run20:06
andysuckssad but true20:06
andysucksit wont complete20:06
mungbeansuddenly a load of albums i wanted that areusually 10£+ are 2.99 on amazon...BUY!20:06
andysucksand locks up ubuntu completley20:06
ali1234you are using livecd?20:07
andysucksnice mungbean!20:07
andysucksno alil234 im using teh achive thing built in20:07
magpienot uet but he will be20:07
magpietry runnig the command from terminal20:07
magpieunzip file.zip20:07
magpiebut make sure you are in the right directory first20:08
andysucks~/downloads will get me into teh directoy right?20:09
andysucksI wouldnt keep asking but i keep re booting due to the lock up and loosing the conversation20:10
andysucksand magpie the exe errors when i drop it into the USB20:12
andysucksfor unetbootin20:12
popeyI fully don't understand what on earth is going on here.20:14
popeyso I am out.20:14
magpieyou don't drop it20:14
magpiesorry popey20:14
andysucksNo im sorry20:14
andysucksfor spamming you all20:14
magpieandysucks has a virus20:15
andysucksand being so usless20:15
magpieand we're talking him through a clean reinstall20:15
magpieinto terminal20:16
mungbeanOn Linux systems, Cloud Player only supports downloading songs one at a time. To download your music, deselect all tick boxes, select the tick box for the song you want to download, then click the "Download" button.20:16
andysuckssec magpie its in the Downloads cd itslisting teh files there20:17
andysucksneed get back to home sec20:17
magpiethis tells you all thejust typ20:17
magpiecd Downloads20:17
magpieor did you already unzip it?20:18
andysucksi have the exe in downloads it came as one20:18
andysuckswas lookign at the AVG thing20:18
andysuckswould be easist20:18
andysuckssec sorry im confusing even myself20:19
magpieoh then you might need to download the unebootin for linux20:19
magpiecan you do this?20:19
andysucksye should be ok20:19
magpieunless you can boot into safe mode windows the unetbootin will need to be the linux one if ur mounting the disk image of lubuntu from ubuntu20:20
magpieit's a small file yeah20:20
KevanVI just subscribed tonight!20:21
KevanVsorry wrong window!20:21
magpiekevanV to what?20:21
KevanVlinuxoutlaws :)20:21
andysucksmagpie you use skype?20:27
andysuckswait nevermind its not install here...20:29
magpienope sorry20:30
magpiei just clicked on something and it took me out for some reason where have you got to?20:30
andysucksapart from pulling all my hair out you mean?20:32
magpiehave you got unetbootin downloaded?20:32
magpiethe linux version?20:32
andysuckscrashed before i could20:33
magpiehave you the spare HD?20:33
magpietry again20:33
andysucksnope just a small 4gb USB HD is GF and well isnt helpful to say the least20:33
andysuckswhat did u say the name of the file was in teh start up of windows mate?20:33
magpie unzip20:35
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andysuckshmm everything says safe mode but that doesnt help me bah annoying20:36
andysucksone moment please20:38
magpiehold on20:38
magpiei'll give you the full directory20:39
magpieyou need to go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Program\Startup\ctfmon.lnk20:39
andysucksquestion if i can get safemode with command prompt would i be able to do anything with that?20:39
magpiethats what you want20:40
andysucksok i think im able to get command prompt up but i have no idea what to write20:40
magpiethat lists the directories20:42
andysucksis teh extension .lnk a file or  program?20:44
magpieit wont be there we need to navigate to is20:44
Daraelandysucks: Windows Shortcut.20:44
magpiewhat did the dir print back?20:44
magpiewe need to find out what directoriy u are in before we can find the directory of the virus20:45
andysucksissue is idhave to log off here and boot the windows patrtion20:45
andysuckswhich is annoying and confusin or everyone here20:46
magpiewhy do u need to log off?20:46
magpienow you are in you may as well find the file and destroy it20:46
andysuckshuh ok u want me to do that from ubuntu?20:47
andysucksok sec20:47
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andysucksim in the home directory of ubuntu im not in the command propt for windows without re logging20:47
andysuckssorry if you thought i was i was just reading something on a website and i have been into safe mode with prompt but couldnt do anything as my dos knowledge is 020:48
magpieoh u confused me20:49
andysucksyes im sorry20:49
magpiejust install run unetbootin when it downloads20:50
andysucksis why  suggested skype as well easier to make sense of my rambling20:53
andysucksi have no unetbootin the linux version downloaded20:55
magpiei'm gunna have to head in a few20:55
magpieplease write the instruction down and check u understood20:55
magpieyou need the linux unetbootin20:56
andysucksi wrote it down earlie mate :)20:56
andysucksif u need to go its cool20:57
andysucksand im so sorry all and anyone who ive bugged annoyed and cofused this evening20:57
magpieok any problems i suggest you handle rest when you can get on a laptop so you can stay online whilst your booting and things20:58
magpiebut try to stay calm and just go through step by step20:58
magpieif you panic you can easily make a mistake but if ur methodical there'll be no trouble saving your stuff and fixing your net book20:59
magpietake care and good luck with it.20:59
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