pleia2team meeting in a couple minutes :)01:57
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pleia2ok, anyone here for the meeting? :)02:00
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13April0702:00
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13April07 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:00
pleia2^^ Agenda02:00
pleia2tough crowd02:04
pleia2well I suppose we can start :)02:04
pleia2#topic Release Parties02:04
pballewNo party currently in San Diego02:04
pleia2welcome pballew02:05
pleia2so the release is coming up on April 25th02:05
pleia2unfortunately I'll be out of town for the release (and a couple weeks after) so I won't be around to plan anything in SF02:05
grantbowI'll beat some bushes, lol02:06
pleia2so if anyone wants to do a Thirsty Bear or Panera Bread release event here, please :)02:06
pleia2or, you know, anything else02:06
pballewThat is my finals week so I am not gonna have any time to do anything really.02:06
pleia2I'll mention this at our SF Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday too02:07
grantbowmaybe we can get the EFF to host something :-)02:07
pballewIf it is after the 5th of may I should be in the northern ca area02:07
grantbowor another tech nonprofit02:07
pballewor pleia2 's apartment while she is gone is we dont tell her?02:08
pleia2so, anyone else have anything about release parties?02:12
pleia2#topic any other business02:13
pleia2anyone else have anything?02:13
pleia2I mentioned SF Ubuntu hour coming up on Wednesday: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2331-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/02:13
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:13
pleia2doing a Debian Dinner and Henry's Hunan after02:13
grantbowexpect some guests from next door on Wed, it was announced on the internal email list02:14
pleia2ok, well unless anyone has anything else I guess we can wrap this up02:17
pleia2going once :)02:17
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Apr  8 02:19:36 2013 UTC.02:19
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grantbowThanks for chairing pleia202:19
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The_Letter_MHello All06:44
philipballewThe_Letter_M, hey!06:53
philipballewwhats up?06:53
ryaxnb15oh hi jercos13:23
jercos'lo ryaxnb1513:25
jercoswhat's new?13:25
bkerensais it sunny in california?18:01
bkerensathere should be a site.... isitsunnyincalifornia.com18:01
pleia2it's sunny in SF18:01
bkerensarain rain rain here for days18:01
pleia2it was gloomy all weekend, rained last night18:02
raevolit's not sunny in SD18:02
bkerensaand I have to go teach xubuntu class Wednesday.... I take public transit but its a long walk from the closest stop so hopefully no rain18:02
bkerensawell time to go update my slides so they make better sense and I don't failwhale again :)18:04
The_Letter_MHello Hello Hello22:02
pleia2hoping to publish soon, but the wiki isn't cooperating22:07
pleia2(of course as soon as I say that, it loads :))22:08
The_Letter_MSo pleia222:13
The_Letter_MAre there any plans for a launch party for Raring?22:13
pleia2heh, if I knew what channel I was in22:13
The_Letter_MPreferably in the F region22:14
pleia2The_Letter_M: no one has planned anything, no :(22:14
pleia2(and I'll be out of town)22:14
pleia2grantbow said he was going to ask around to see if anyone wants to do anything22:14
pleia2and I'll ask folks at the Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday22:14

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