waldo323is there a meeting tonight?01:01
jjessei'm here but a bit afk as i put my son to bed01:02
snap-lThere's a meeting tonight01:03
snap-lsorry, I'm running a little late01:04
snap-lWho all is here for the meeting?01:04
snap-lhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-michigan/514/detail/ <- agenda01:04
AhukaI'm not here. I'm just an illusion.01:04
waldo323quite alright by me, i was lucky to get back with food for the meeting01:04
snap-lOK, let's get started then01:05
snap-lWe have a few things to cover for the meeting01:05
snap-lfirst off: Release party at Penguicon01:05
snap-lWe'll be once again having our release party at penguicon01:05
snap-lThat's on the Friday evening, from 7-801:05
snap-lI'll update the event with more information01:06
snap-lBut the short of it is it'll be at the hotel bar.01:07
snap-land you'll be able to buy drinks and have a good time01:07
snap-lin whatever combination of the two you care to do. :)01:08
snap-lIm not sure if the west side is planning a release party. brousch, do you have any plans set up?01:08
brouschI do not01:08
jjessewhat is the date?01:09
jjessetrying to see if i would be around01:09
jjessecool i'll be around on the west side i think01:09
snap-lIf you folks want to plan something, feel free to add it to the events list on the site.01:10
snap-lthat goes for anyone else who wants to set p a release party01:10
snap-lIf you don't have access to the loco calendar, please feel free to find someone who does to add it01:11
brouschug, that week is too busy already01:11
snap-lbrousch: Delegate. :)01:11
brouschmon: grwebdev; tue: friendlycode; wed: grmakers; thu: wmlug01:11
brouschnext mon: glsec conference01:12
snap-lWhat is it with the west siders and their conferences? :)01:12
brouschWe have a lot of stuff!01:12
snap-lSheesh, you'd think you were a tech hub or something. ;)01:12
brouschWorking on it01:12
snap-lAnywho, that's what's on the schedule at the moment01:13
waldo323the 25th is the actual release day right?01:13
snap-lagain, if you want to organize a party, please feel free.01:13
snap-lwaldo323: Not sure. Frankly I've not been paying attention. :)01:13
snap-lI'd be pleasently surprised if it releases on that date. :)01:14
AhukaI'll weait uintil after Penguicon anyway.01:14
snap-lAnyone running 13.04 at the moment?01:14
snap-lI've heard the video drivers are vastly improved.01:15
snap-las in it'll render in realtime. ;)01:15
snap-lAnything else on the release parties?01:17
snap-lDefinitely hope to see you all there. :)01:17
snap-lI tried to get a conference pack, but I have a feeling we won't have one in time01:18
snap-lBut there will be plenty of 12.10 DVDs and 12.04 CDs01:18
snap-lmy plan is to leave Penguicon with less DVDs than when I came01:18
snap-lso take some DVDs and distribute them.01:18
snap-l13.04 will not have DVDs, so that's a relief... er, good news.01:19
snap-lWhich brings me to the next topic.01:19
jjessebrousch, what is glsec?  link to it?01:19
snap-lThere was esome talk at the latest UDS about dropping the distinction between Approvedn and Unapproved Locos01:20
snap-lWhich I fully support. I think we've gotten way too hung up on the distinction between which groups are approved, and which ones are unapproved.01:21
snap-lBut regardless of the decision of the Loco Council regarding dropping the approved / unapproved statuses, I think it's time for us to seriouosly think about our approval status01:22
snap-land instead switch to unapproved status come the renewal.01:23
snap-lReasons are as follows:01:23
snap-l1) With the dropping of DVD shipments, and less resources for Canonical to distribute amongst the teams, the distinctions between approved and unapproved become moot.01:24
snap-l2) Our group has a lot of intertia, but we're dwingling in time and commitment abilities01:25
snap-ldwingling? That's a new one. ;)01:25
brouschplease keep your dwingling in your pants01:25
brouschjjesse: http://glsec.softwaregr.org/01:26
snap-l3) I think it's more honest with ourselves about what we're doing as a group. One of the reasons I kept the CHC stuff on the calendar is because it "looked good". But it hasn't been an Ubuntu Hour in over a year.01:26
snap-lAnd for selfish reasons, I hate the team reports that are required as part of the approval process. They're a pain in the butt.01:27
snap-lIs there anyone opposed to us going unapproved should the time come for us to make a decision?01:27
brouschIt is fine with me01:28
AhukaNo, I don't see any need for it anyway.01:28
snap-lMy hope is the council will do away with the distinction so we won't have to make the decision, but should we be called to make a decision, I think it's the better decision to take.01:28
waldo323would it make it more difficult for us to become approved again if we found that we wanted to attain that status at some point in the future?01:29
snap-lIf anyone wants to talk offline, please feel free to email me: craig@decafbad.net01:29
snap-lwaldo323: I don't believe so. There's a grace period and some reforming that can happen01:29
snap-lBut I think the process has become entirely too bureaucratic01:30
snap-lAnd the traditional reasons for approved teams are going away.01:31
snap-lThe sooner they remove the distinction, the happier folks will be.01:31
waldo323it would be better to spend the time doing other things than paper work01:32
snap-lWell, and not kidding ourselves either.01:32
* waldo323 nods01:32
snap-lOK, so if nothing else on that topic, our last topic:01:33
snap-lCommunity Service.01:33
snap-lThis is an idea that's been percolating in my head of just taking out some time (much like the global jam) that isn't tied to a particular event01:33
snap-land just do something related to Ubuntu01:34
jjessebrousch,  thanks01:34
snap-lNo pressure. No drum beating.01:34
snap-lI don't have much beyond those little notes, but if someone is interested, we could try for something in the next cycle.01:35
snap-lGive it some thought. There's no need to decide this meeting. :)01:35
waldo323are you looking for ideas like helping with habitat for humanity for a day and things like that?01:36
snap-lNot necessarily, but that's something we could do as well.01:36
snap-lAnywho, if you have any ideas, please feel free to post them to the list01:38
snap-land we can discuss at the next meeting01:38
snap-lAny other business to discuss?01:38
brouschI can't think of any01:38
snap-lOK, I think that's it for me01:42
snap-land for this meeting01:42
snap-lThanks everyone!01:43
waldo323thank you01:43
jjesseso i'm here in Brookfield WI and all the Caribou coffees in Milwaukee are closing and only 1 of them is reopening as a Peets02:57
snap-lYeah, it's pretty fucked up.02:57
jjessethey all close next sunday at noon02:57
snap-lHow very clockwork of them02:58
jjesseso going to load up before leaving :)02:58
snap-lI've been buying mugs every time I've gon there02:58
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brouschIn git, I want to include a certain directory and the README.md within it, but I want to exclude everything else in that dir. How do I do that?11:58
rick_h_add the rest to .gitignore12:02
rick_h_always keep a clean git st command12:02
brouschI think I got it12:04
brousch! backups/README.md12:04
brouschbrousch@foxmeat:~/Projects/viget-theme$ git st12:06
brouschgit: 'st' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.12:06
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/923/ fixed :P12:07
brouschWell other people will use this and I want to make sure they don't checkin a backup, which is about 2GB and contains information that shouldn't be in the repo12:08
rick_h_so why the readme in the backup dir?12:09
brouschTo explain why it exists12:09
brouschThe backup dir needs to exist becaus eit gets mapped into a vagrant guest12:09
snap-lGood morning12:30
brouschoooh, that's some sneaky shit http://thejh.net/misc/website-terminal-copy-paste12:38
rick_h_yea, Blazeix I think posted that over the weekend12:39
rick_h_oh so true12:39
rick_h_greg-g: _stink_ http://reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com/ brilliant!13:49
_stink_rick_h_: hahahaha14:01
_stink_i saw a link to that earlier14:01
_stink_gotta hit it later14:01
rick_h_http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/04/does-webkit-face-a-troubled-future-now-that-google-is-gone did not expect to see the word 'oracle' in this and now I'm afraid16:43
snap-lI don't get the hullabaloo17:06
snap-lMy only concern is that Google drags it's heels on releasing the source17:07
snap-lThis reminds me of the XFree86 vs. Xorg split17:07
snap-lin the end either they'll merge back together, or one will outpce the other one17:08
jcastrojrwren: is that AD Azure thing basically PAAS AD?17:47
jcastrolike, a company can just pay to have AD?17:47
jrwrenno, I didnt' see that scenario mentioned, although it might work with persistent azure vpn.17:48
jcastrooh so it's AD for the cloud instances?17:49
jrwrenyou can federate to your premise AD or extend your permise AD into azure.17:50
snap-lAnnette Funecello died today.18:05
snap-lAll that is good and right in the world is gone18:05
* rick_h_ googles Annette Funecello18:05
jrwreni was going to mourn by watching beach blanket bingo, but decided on psyco beach party instead.18:07
snap-lYeah, that's the problem; most of her work was Disney dreck.18:09
jrwrenarguably the first manufactured actress of disney18:10
snap-lThe proto-Britney18:10
jrwrenshe was before hailey mills18:10
jrwrenbritney left disney pretty early on.18:10
snap-lTried to find a list of Disney Actresses, but unfortunately it was all way too current18:11
snap-laka: didn't recognize any names on the list.18:11
snap-laka: old18:12
jrwrenI think of that red haired coke head girl as the more modern disney product18:15
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snap-lWho just turned on the regex on my machine?22:51

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