jrgiffordyes, that is scary canthus1301:18
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skellatAnybody got a clue why the website for Ohio Linux Fest is unreachable?16:32
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jrgiffordskellat, it's been unreachable for a long time.16:49
skellatI'm curious as to why and if there is any way to reach the OLF folks16:50
jrgiffordskellat, take a look at the whois stuff.16:51
skellatAlready went the WHOIS route and called the 888 number and left a voicemail16:51
skellatAnd what can be seen on Twitter is definitely **not** promising16:53
skellatIt is not cool to have links to submit a talk to an unresponsive website16:54
skellatI wonder how long the outage has been underway16:54
skellatThe last time the Wayback Machine at Archive.org saw them this year was in January16:55
skellatjrgifford: It looks like leaving the voicemail is all I can do16:56
skellatAnd this is not amusing either: http://www2.sos.state.oh.us/pls/bsqry/f?p=100:7:94463172479504::NO:7:P7_CHARTER_NUM:160469716:58
skellatAlrighty.  Back to cooking lunch then.  I've got pizza to bake...17:03
* skellat disappears to the kitchen17:03
jrgiffordskellat, :\17:18
Cheri703I could reach out to one of the board/head-whatnot people, I'm on an email list with at least one17:19
skellatCheri703: That may be a good thing to do.17:38
Cheri703can you compose a message you want me to pass on and I'll send an email?17:38
skellatHow about this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5690052/17:44
skellatThank you17:49
skellatAs I said earlier, the last time Archive.org's Wayback Machine has a scrape of the OLF website is from the end of January and none thereafter17:49
skellatKinda makes me nervous17:49
Cheri703"Thanks!  We're trying to figure out why the server ate itself.17:50
Cheri703I suspect space aliens."17:50
Cheri703so...you might expect a response soon17:51
skellatI can only hope17:51
skellatHow's the life in Mansfield?17:51
skellatThat's good.  Things have quieted down in Ashtabula thankfully.  After the Easter Day episode we also had the postal service threaten to withdraw delivery service from Conneaut last week over the craptastic state of roads there.  FedEx and UPS already don't deliver to all parts of Conneaut but at least the roads are finally getting fixed.17:53
Cheri703I have a local computer client coming by to drop off her "possessed" computer, and later this week have to go reset a win 7 admin password for her work. also going slowly insane with moving prep and am getting tasked to re-QA the new version of our site that went live last week.17:54
skellatDefine "possessed"17:54
Cheri703multiple >30 min rambling conversations are not easy to summarize17:55
skellatThat could be as simple as using an optical tracking mouse on a surface that it doesn't like and having the cursor fly all over the screen which gets fixed with just the addition of a mousepad.17:55
Cheri703basically I'm 99% sure it's just hijack-ware/whatever and needs a safe mode scan and possibly registry cleaning17:55
Cheri703she said a picture of the devil showed up on it17:55
skellatThat's a new one17:55
skellatThat's also why I stopped supporting Windows at home17:56
Cheri703yeah, I dunno. I'm having her drop it off and I'll poke at it17:56
skellatMom and Dad do quite alright with Lubuntu and don't nearly have the problems they did with XP17:56
skellatJust got the pizza out of the stove.  Used the "Jiffy Mix" pizza crust...looks like I have a communion wafer crust...17:58
skellatIt isn't bad...just really super-thin crust17:59
skellatIt's the first time I've used this brand crust.  I had been using the stuff in the squeeze/pop cans next to the biscuits you find near the dairy section to good effect.18:00
* skellat is out to lunch18:12
dzhowater yeast oil flour makes a pretty good pizza crust18:36
dzhoa little salt, maybe some sugar if you want to kick the yeast up a notch18:37
dzhousing the food processor takes most of the kneading work out of it18:38
dzhothen it's just a matter of a little practice and intuition about the consistency18:38
dzhopizza stone and pizza peel help, too18:38
dzhoand, lots of flour on the board/peel to help stuff slide around18:39
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