SamuraiAlbagood bacon to all and to all some good bacon!02:25
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:07
ChinnoDogmorning teddy-dbear14:37
ChinnoDogPingback spam is annoying. Anyone with a blog have a solution?15:01
jthanChinnoDog: wordpress?15:45
ChinnoDogOver the last few days I have suddenly gotten a deluge of pingback spam15:50
ChinnoDogI'm considering just turning it off15:50
MutantTurkeybash foo is so handy18:56
MutantTurkeylike right now I needed to do some cross-validation of many fasta files18:56
MutantTurkeywell I just used sort/ln/find/split/and some other stuff/ to generate seperate folders of links to the different fasta files18:57
MutantTurkeyresulting in equal but random parts folders full of data for cross validation!18:57
jedijfit does make life soooo much easier for us than the thems19:46
* waltman awaits the bash part :)20:12
waltmankids today, thinking 'shell' == 'bash' :)20:13
jedijfbash dash csh zsh shesh20:21
jedijfit's just like your perl foo20:21
jedijfuse whatever works20:22
MutantTurkeyexcept I don't want to use perl20:36
MutantTurkeyas for bashisms i'm not sure, are any of the cool redirect stuff only for bash?20:36
MutantTurkeylike <() and substitutions?20:36
waltmanAll I'm saying is that I probably would've called it 'shell fu', not 'bash fu' :)20:38
waltmanTotally agree that it's amazingly powerful, of course :)20:39
jedijfwaltman: btw where was that 'don't eat here' photo from?20:51
waltmanA Chinese takeout place in Garrett Hill called China Garden20:52
waltmanThe funny thing about that is that I totally took it as "don't eat at this table" and didn't see the other meaning until I'd uploaded it.20:55
waltmanI thought it was funny because they have a table that they don't want you to eat at, not that they don't want you to eat their food20:55
waltmanFor a neighborhood greasy wok it's pretty good.20:56
waltmanIt's next door to Garrett Hill Pizza, if you've ever heard of them.20:57
MutantTurkeygets really ugly though21:15
MutantTurkeyor y in oligo_HPY OprB Peripla_BP_1 SBP_bac_1 SBP_bac_5 Sugar_tr TOBE TOBE_2; do j=0; for i in ../nucleotide_lists/$y/$y-0*; do j=$((j+1)); for z in `cat $i`; do ln -s /data/calvin/PfamDB/nucleotide/$z $y/$j; done; done;done;21:15
MutantTurkeyi mean seriously... i wish bash had a easier to read for loop21:15
MutantTurkeyi'd like easy multi line creation of commands or something21:16
waltmanOK, that's somewhat bash-y21:16
waltmanI think at some point I'd probably put that into a shell script just for sanity's sake21:17
MutantTurkeywaltman: yeah21:18
MutantTurkeyit's one of those run once situations21:18
MutantTurkeyrun once. hope you didn't screw up 1,000,00 symlinks21:18
waltmanI think there's some flag you can set where it only echoes the commands but doesn't actually run them.21:22
waltmananyway, gotta run. later.21:22

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