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wrstafternoon chris458518:27
chris4585hey wrst18:35
wrsthow are things going chris4585?18:37
chris4585alright, just received my fractal define R4 case18:38
chris4585planning something nice with it :)18:38
chris4585how are you wrst?18:38
wrstnice, can you reveal your plans18:41
wrstthat case cost a lot more than the last cmputer I bought :)18:41
wrstand doing well chris4585, thanks18:42
chris4585lol awesome18:48
wrstchris4585: just got a raspberry pi in last week18:48
chris4585I'm just going to make it looks very nice18:49
wrstthat is a nice looking case18:49
chris4585yes, got it on a deal, $85, and I believe I got the last one18:50
wrstevidently its no longer available18:50
chris4585they have to restock it19:06
wrstall because of you chris4585... way to go ;)19:11
chris4585it was a steal :)19:13
chris4585I decided not to do anything to it until I get my fx8350 thursday19:35
wrsteight core?19:56
chris4585wrst, yes20:02
chris4585the beautiful fx8350 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core20:09
chris4585easily overclockable to 4.5ghz or so20:09
wrstwow that's a beast, adn to think I've been marveling at the raspberry pi would take like 57 million of them to do that :)20:14
chris4585wrst, its pretty much the beastiest amd cpu you can get right now21:47
chris4585one thing I love about amd is the am3 socket, I can upgrade this motherboard's cpu and at the same time upgrade two other computers with hand me down's21:48
chris4585well of course you could do that with intel, but amd has kept the same socket for a while21:49
chris4585wrst, the biggest down side is that it is multithreaded and can generate some heat22:03
chris4585but I foresee 8 threaded applications being made very soon22:04
chris4585especially with the new PS4 and Xbox both having 8 cores22:04

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