tjaalton4/win 2103:37
tjaaltonhmm, either mesa 9.1 has no bugs, or noone tested it03:59
ScottKNot testing is the more sure way to have no bugs.04:02
tjaaltonyep :/04:03
tjaaltonScottK: do you have intel gfx btw, and if so mind giving it a go with kwin?04:04
ScottKI do, but the relevant machine is dead ATM.  Need to do a reinstall first.04:04
tjaaltonah, ok04:04
ScottK(not happening tonight as it's almost time for bed)04:04
tjaaltonsure thing04:05
RAOFI've been using the Mir mesa for some time - that's based on 9.1-rc2 and so suffers from everyone's favourite terrible dash performance, but aside from that everything works.04:11
tjaaltonRAOF: yeah, and that's fixed on the ppa one06:12
mlankhorsttjaalton: hey I run mesa 9.1 here, though not the official packaged version, just the cherry picked git snapshot06:15
mlankhorstbryce: did you upload ubuntu5 xserver?06:27
mlankhorstok good :)06:31
tjaaltonhmm yeah I think we could just update mesa to the 9.1 snapshot06:36
tjaaltonand 9.1.2 coming next friday-ish06:38
mlankhorstjust keep what's there now and get it in ubuntu first..06:38
tjaaltonok :)06:38
tjaaltonI'll just add e6616948b06:40
mlankhorstlooks good to me06:48
mlankhorstI'm going to test the drm_device_keep_trying on panda first before I push it, seemed to have worked on my macbook now, tegra too, so just omap remaining07:38
mlankhorstmore annoying than I thought, blob is fragile, easiest way seems to be unsquashing squashfs, and trying from there09:23
mlankhorstwelp, it worked09:31
mlankhorst[    20.218] (II) config/udev: Adding drm device (/dev/dri/card0) card0 /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/0000:01:00.0/drm/card009:38
mlankhorst[    20.218] (II) config/udev: Ignoring already known drm device (/dev/dri/card0)09:38
mlankhorstcute, race triggers on nfs too09:38
mlankhorsthm maybe not a race, triggers second time too10:17
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tjaaltonso i915 gen5 still has slow blur10:55
tjaaltonwell, didn't even know it had regressed until now11:01
mlankhorstjust push and sru later?11:24
mlankhorstI think I found my suspend failure11:44
ppisatiguys, i heard there was a fix for x-input in R bt that was hard to backport to Q12:32
ppisatisomething about touchscreen input that impacts our nexus7 img12:32
ppisatican anyone confirm it?12:32
ppisati(and sorry for the lame description :) )12:32
tjaaltonther is no fix in raring12:33
tjaaltonwhat I have crashes the server after opening the dash and touching somewhere12:34
ppisatitjaalton: ah12:36
ppisatitjaalton: i was told different12:36
mlankhorsttjaalton: hm shall I try to figure out the touch crashing issue in 1.14 branch?13:40
tjaaltonmlankhorst: it's not the same crash13:41
mlankhorstbut I want to get 1.14 with patches working stably first13:43
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mlankhorstwow, reading through the input stack is weird16:00
mlankhorstit's like an onion, layers, layers, layers..16:11
ogra_and smelly ... 16:19
mlankhorsthm fun, guess it's a magic union16:48
mlankhorstany bets on the magic thing where it crashes on being pointer barriers?16:50
tjaaltonthe guy on the upstream bug says the crasher was there with 1.13 too16:58
tjaaltonso not that16:59
mlankhorsttjaalton: the specific function hasn't been touched since before 1.12 or so17:08
mlankhorstanyway it looks like I may have a fix17:09
tjaaltonmlankhorst: this was the memory corruption crasher you were able to repro with synaptics?17:11
mlankhorstyeah I think so17:20
mlankhorstif you look at ProcessTouchEvent, there are 2 destinct structs, ev->device_event and ev->touch_ownership_event, in a union with different sizes17:20
mlankhorstand first thing that function does is int emulate_pointer = ! !(ev->device_event.flags & TOUCH_POINTER_EMULATED);17:21
mlankhorstdevice_event.flags is at a different offset than touch_ownership_event.flags17:21
mlankhorstends up saving at some random offset17:24
mlankhorstseems to be a lot better at surviving now..17:41
mlankhorstyeah, that fixed the valgrind error for me17:42
mlankhorstno more random memory corruptions17:43
tjaaltoncool, i'll try if it fixes my crasher too17:59
mlankhorstconsidering each time you pressed you ended up corrupting some random memory, most likely18:30
mlankhorstseems I didn't fix my nouveau suspend bug when I leave my pc off for longer periods though, boo :((18:31
tjaaltonwell the one with 1.13 + backports happened almost instantly18:31
tjaaltonlook at the backtrace on the upstream bug18:31
tjaaltonopen dash - touch the indicators - boom18:31
mlankhorstrandom memory corruption is random :P18:32
tjaaltonwell the way to reproduce was different than on 1.14, and very easy :)18:37
tjaaltonbut anyway, I'll try it18:37
tjaaltonmlankhorst: doesn't apply on top of the backports ;)18:58
mlankhorstI'm sure you can find a way to do it manually :p18:58
tjaaltonyeah, tomorrow18:58
tjaaltonah, it was easy19:02
tjaaltonrebooting the nexus20:09
tjaaltonso it wasn't that :)20:11
mlankhorstboo different bug then, I could reproduce the corruption on 1.13.3 too though iirc20:11
tjaaltonhope it isn't fixed by the barrier work in 1.1421:12
tjaaltontesting one other commit now21:13
tjaaltonnope, not that..21:28
llstarksbryce, re your changes to the hybrid spec. shall i assume this work is postponed until amd and nvidia publish egl drivers?21:39
tjaaltonthe diff is just changing the assignee?21:41
bryceyeah just an assignee change21:41
llstarksto in-house?21:41
tjaaltonraof is in-house :)21:41
bryceraof's busy with mir now, so freeing the WI's for anyone else that might want them21:41
brycecommunity owners would definitely be fine; I probably should have set them to ubuntu-x-swat actually21:42
llstarkswhen i see canonical-x, i interpret that as "secret project for the next few months" :)21:42
brycellstarks, fair enough; updated21:44
llstarksthat wasn't the problem, i was referring to the changes a few days ago. i'm just wondering where this work fits in when slutty snail is going to probably focus on mir and the converged platform21:45
brycellstarks, I think you answered your own question there...21:46
llstarksthanks for the clarification21:48
brycellstarks, basically it's backburnered in favor of phone stuff, but as low hanging fruit becomes available we can certainly look into it.  And help on anything in this space is welcomed.21:49
llstarksi plan to do some experimental mir+optimus stuff over the next few weeks21:50
llstarksuncharted territory21:50
tjaaltonmlankhorst: so it's the same trace after all what I'm seeing, both with 1.13+backport & 1.1422:18
tjaaltonxi2mask_isset returns 022:18
tjaaltonenough for today..22:19
RAOFllstarks: Cool. You should be able to have a bit more fun with that soon, after use-dma-buf has landed.23:06
llstarksfun, but not much in the way of code though. maybe a script or two if i have time. modprobe.d hybrid stuff needs an overhaul, so maybe i'll look at that too.23:09

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