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inetprogood morning Kilos06:27
inetproand good morning to everyone else06:27
Kilosgood morning inetpro 06:27
superflyaloha inetpro06:27
superflyhi Kilos06:27
Kilosand superfly and others06:28
superflyKilos: oom is laat vanoggend. slaap oom nog? :-P06:28
Kilosnee ek gesels met ian. hulle het n inbraak gehad gisteraand terwyl hulle daar was06:29
Kilosgaan dit goed met julle superfly ?06:29
Kilosgellukig het die skelms gehol06:30
superfly:-( jammer om dit te hoor06:30
superflyoh good06:30
superflyKilos: ja, we're all good. just a bietjie tired, as usual06:30
Kilosai! julle moet nou en dan slaap ook06:30
superflyKilos: we do06:33
superflyoccasionally :-P06:33
Kilosburning the candle at both ends leaves you with a short wick and no base to rest on06:34
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:34
Kilosplease try make the meeting on the 15th, some guys wanna discuss what you want for your ubuntu thingie with postcards picks etc06:35
Kilosinetpro, maiatoday ,you wanna add it to the agenda?06:36
inetproKilos: we can discuss that in administrativia06:37
inetproif you want06:38
Kilosoh, doesnt it get added there06:38
inetprobut I think it is quite obvious what maia needs06:38
Kilosyes please, i think its a great idea06:38
inetproKilos: all she needs is evidence 06:39
Kilosya man but things like post cards, snail mail sucks06:39
inetprohmm... 06:39
Kilosso wanna know things like emailing photos etc06:39
inetpronot sure I noticed anything about postcards06:39
Kilosor photos06:40
inetpromaybe maia can just explain here Kilos06:40
maiatodayHi Kilos06:41
maiatodayI'll do my best06:41
Kilosare you well maiatoday ?06:41
Kilosno one can ask for more than your best06:41
Kiloshi Squirm 07:00
magespawngood morning 07:09
Kiloshi magespawn 07:09
magespawnhow do i copy all of a certain type of file from all folders on a drive to another folder on that drive?07:11
magespawnfor eg. all *.jpg files07:11
Kiloshave you tried just that07:12
superflydoesn't cp -r *.jpg dest/dir/ work?07:12
magespawnwill that take all the files regardless of the dir they are in?07:14
Squirm-r should be recursive07:14
Squirmso it'll move down the directory structure07:14
magespawnokay will give it a go 07:14
henkjwon't -r only recursively copy dirs matching the glob?07:15
henkjso it won't find anything in a directory in this case07:15
Squirmit'll be quick to test it though07:16
henkjI was thinking something like find /path/to/disk1 -regex "*.jpg" | xargs cp07:16
henkjbtu I'm not sure about the xargs syntax07:16
magespawnso then i could put all the files in the root of the external drive to have the first command work07:16
henkjoh wait, you can do it all with just find07:17
Squirmok, the -r never work for me07:17
henkjfind /path/to/disk1 -name "*.jpg" -exec cp '{}' /path/to/dest/07:18
henkjmay need a \; at the end there07:18
henkjhttp://content.hccfl.edu/pollock/unix/findcmd.htm actually says what I was suggesting with xargs won't work07:19
SquirmI have found a local, cheap supplier of the 8Gb Nexus 4. Is it worth actually buying the 8Gb version? I'm scared I'd run out of space seeing as it can't take a micro sd card :/07:20
magespawnfunny i was just reading that too07:20
henkjSquirm: depends how you use the phone, basically I only use storage for apps, and some music07:20
henkjI'm using ~3 gigs on my s307:21
magespawnso my specific example would be find /media/The Black Hole -name "*.jpg" -exec cp "{}" /media/The Black Hole/Recovered07:22
henkjthat may infinite loop07:22
henkjalso you need to escap the spaces in The Black Hole07:22
magespawni never got close to using the 16 gig on my n90007:22
Squirmcause the nexus 4 beats the S3, only issue is storage. was going to buy the 16Gb but it's too expensive to import it and I found this 8Gb locally07:23
magespawnokay not sure what that means07:23
magespawnlike so 07:23
Squirm /media/The\ Black\ Hole07:23
henkjwhat Squirm said :)07:23
magespawnah right ty07:24
henkjSquirm: things that eat storage on a phone, pics and music, think if you will need that much storage07:24
henkjapps will comfortably fit in a few gb07:24
SquirmI'd like some music. Pics are easy to copy to pc07:25
magespawnSo i just insert the back slash after the letter but leave the space too?07:25
Squirmmagespawn: yep07:25
henkjmagespawn: you need a backslash before every space07:25
henkjwell every space that doesn't separate different arguments07:25
Squirmbefore every space in a sungle directory07:25
Squirmwhat he said07:26
magespawnright thanks guys07:26
inetpromagespawn: rsync07:26
inetprorsync -a --include '*/' --include '*.mp3' --exclude '*' source/ target/07:26
magespawni have 749 directories that i need to move the pictures out of with an average of 500 files per directory all mixed types07:27
henkjrsync is probably better, I'm not as familiar with it though07:27
Squirmthen you could probably do something like07:28
Squirm--include '*.mp3' '*.jpg' '*.png'07:28
Squirmbut I don't know rsync07:28
Squirmor you'd need a seperate --include for each file type07:28
inetpromagespawn: see http://maururu.net/2007/rsync-only-files-matching-pattern/07:29
inetproand or http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76383307:29
inetproand man rsync07:29
inetprospaces in names can cause lots of headaches07:30
magespawni will remember that nest time i rename the external drive07:38
magespawnwould it be better if the source and target are two different drives?07:41
Kiloshi zeref what happened to debian?07:46
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zeref_debianlappy (zeref) is off08:02
magespawnyes to the alst question08:09
magespawnlast also08:09
SquirmI see I should be able to put the Nexus into usb host mode too08:12
magespawnand i do need a trailing slash after the source08:13
Squirmmagespawn: I don't think it would make a difference. but just put it there :P08:25
magespawnthe trailing slash after the source is supposed to stop the creation of new directories08:25
Kiloshi drussell hoe gaan dit08:53
drussellKilos: it's all good, how about you?09:06
Kilosgood ty drussell 09:07
not_foundgoeie more Suid Afrika09:10
Kilosmorning not_found 09:10
Kiloslost again i see09:11
not_foundhow are you uncle Kilos ?09:11
Kilosfine thanks not_found  and you lad?09:11
not_foundalive and kicking... got my normal 4 days off so I am pretty chuffed at the moment :)09:12
not_foundgoing to the big city tomorrow to buy my first guitar...09:12
Kiloshi theblazehen 12:33
theblazehenhi Kilos 12:33
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magespawnafternoon y'all13:57
Kiloshi magespawn Trixar_za 13:57
magespawnhow are things Kilos?13:58
magespawnwarm and sunny here13:58
Kilosyeah lekker. nights are kinda nippy13:58
Kilos31°c here they say13:58
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria13:59
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.13:59
Kilosoh no he be sick again13:59
Kilosinetpro, fix him13:59
magespawnnice time of year though, i enjoy it13:59
Kilosnope summer better14:00
inetproKilos: what must I fix?14:00
magespawnshould come down here for winter and go up there for summer14:00
Kilosthe weather from maaz14:00
inetproKilos: why?14:00
Kilosyeah thats the ideal magespawn 14:01
Kilosinetpro, why not?14:01
inetproKilos: just go to http://weatherspark.com/#!graphs;a=South_Africa/Pretoria14:01
Kilosjust now you will be saying==== man weather14:01
Kilosbad when one gets old and lazy hey?14:04
Kilosold is fine, its lazy thats the prob14:04
inetproKilos: there's lots of interesting info in the link above, much more than what your QA gives you14:06
Kilosall we want is the temp now at the moment14:07
* Kilos needs to reboot to kde 12.04 to get QA online14:11
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Squirmback to work tomorrow...14:38
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Kiloshi georgelappies 15:26
Kiloshaha magestudy 15:26
Kiloswhat you studying15:26
georgelappieshi Kilos, how are you?15:26
Kilosgood ty and you?15:27
magestudydiginet is cheaper than vdsl15:34
magestudyi wonder if those prices are going to come down more15:35
Squirmwe just got 4x4mb bonded lines at the school15:35
Squirmbut we're not running at full :/15:35
Squirmstart work tomorrow. so will find out what's happening15:36
Squirmbut it still means I download at 350kb/s :P15:36
magestudyleased lines are more expensive but it has no contention15:39
Squirmwe had a 4:1 contention with esn. but now we're with Mweb, still subsidised through esn though15:40
Squirmesn = e-schools network15:40
magestudymore info?15:41
Squirmmagestudy: like what?15:41
magestudyon the esn, first time i am hearing about it15:41
Squirmit's an ISP on the TENET backbone15:42
Squirmthey give good deals to the education sector15:42
* magestudy goes to google15:42
Squirmmagestudy: http://www.esn.org.za/15:43
Squirmthey even give cheaper rates to staff who work at a school with esn15:43
Squirmhave to run. be back in 2015:43
Squirmshops about to close :p15:44
magestudylater all15:58
kbmonkeygood eve16:43
Cantidehello '<16:43
kbmonkeywhat is up Cantide 16:45
Cantidenot much :p16:45
Cantidesipping coffee and contemplating typing a heavy email16:45
Cantidewhat about you?16:45
kbmonkeyit's the 8th. for some reason I thought it's the monthly meet :p16:45
Cantidewe can have an informal meet, just the two of us :p16:46
Cantideumm, that wasn't supposed to sound suggestive -_-;16:46
kbmonkeyevery meet on irc is informal then16:46
Cantidei just want someone to get 14.04 from the future for me16:47
kbmonkeyin that much of a hurry, huh?16:54
kbmonkeyI'm thinking to rebuild the media pc to include xbmc autoconfigured16:54
kbmonkeynot sure why I couldn't get xbmc installed on 11.04. major dependency collisions16:55
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Cantidei should check xbmc out sometime..17:01
Cantideit must be popular for a reason >_>17:01
Cantideah, and about 14.04 - I am eager to see Ubuntu Touch and the Ubuntu desktop converge, and Unity Next and Mir look promising :)17:01
kbmonkeyUnity must be popular17:04
Cantideit was rather controversial about a year ago17:04
Cantide but i think now that people can see the direction in which Canonical is going, Unity makes a lot more sense17:04
kbmonkeyah you know how users get when their candy changes flavors ;)17:04
kbmonkeypersonally I like trying new things17:05
kbmonkeyso I tried a different wm while unity teeths17:05
Kilosevening kbmonkey cantide17:07
Cantidehey Kilos :)17:07
Cantidewhich WM did you try?17:07
kbmonkeyhello Kilos my main man17:08
kbmonkeyhoe ganit?17:08
Kiloswhat you want?17:08
Kiloswell ty and you laddy17:09
kbmonkeyhey watch your ports ;)17:09
Cantideespecially your backport >_>17:09
Cantidej/k :p17:09
Cantidealso, backport != port17:09
Cantideerr, well in that sense anyway17:10
kbmonkeyI tried snapwm Cantide. 17:10
Cantideokay :p17:10
CantideI will look it up now >_>17:10
kbmonkeystill using it, it's groovy17:10
Kilosyou are a bit early for the monthly meeting kbmonkey 17:11
Kilosnext monday17:11
Cantidelooks nice17:11
* Cantide takes note17:11
kbmonkeyI am Kilos! I think you are getting through to me ;)17:12
Kilosnice to see you here on another night too17:13
kbmonkeyCantide, there is another one I am wanting to try: i3wm.org17:13
kbmonkey:D Kilos 17:13
kbmonkeythat is if you are into tiling wm's17:13
Kiloswhats a wm?17:20
Cantidewindow manager17:21
Kilosah ty not wireless module17:21
Cantidenot that, no :p17:22
kbmonkeyI use the i3 screen locker, it is pretty17:22
Cantidewe were discussing Unity17:22
smile4everhi Kilos & kbmonkey & Cantide :)17:32
Cantidehey smile4ever :)17:33
smile4everCantide: how are you? :)17:34
Cantidesmile4ever, awesome, thanks :)17:34
Cantideand you?17:34
smile4everI'm fine :)17:36
Cantidetrying to order my graduation gown online '-'17:36
Kiloshi smile4ever 17:40
smile4everCantide: good luck :p17:41
smile4everKilos: hi :) 17:41
Cantidethanks :)17:41
kbmonkeyhi smile4ever17:54
kbmonkeyhey good luck with that grad Cantide :)17:54
kbmonkeywow the 3g is flakey this whole week17:54
kbmonkeyI must have reconnected it over 10 times yesterday17:54
Cantidethanks kbmonkey :)17:55
superflykbmonkey: Ubuntu hour on Sunday the 2nd of June17:57
superflyI'm going to be up in KZN (well, the whole family is)17:57
Cantidewait.. where?17:57
superflyCantide: kinda all over. got a wedding in Port Shepstone the Saturday before (and will be in PS for the whole week), and then moving north up to Hluhluwe on the Sunday till the Wednesday17:59
kbmonkeyhi superfly 17:59
CantideI meant the Ubuntu hour17:59
Cantidebut that does sound like a nice trip :p17:59
kbmonkeyah good good, is there an event page or one I can help create?17:59
superflyCantide: not too sure. nuvolari is in ballito17:59
Cantideoh yeah, i remember we were talking about this a while ago17:59
Cantideand Umhlanga seemed like a good location18:00
superflykbmonkey: I asked nuvolari to organise, but I doubt he minds if you help out :-)18:00
superflyCantide: where are you?18:00
kbmonkeysure thing :)18:00
CantideQueensburgh :<18:00
smile4everkbmonkey: hi :) big hug ;)18:08
kbmonkeysure why not. hugs all round!18:09
* Kilos hides18:09
kbmonkeyag kom nou Kilos 18:10
Kilosjoking man18:10
charlgood evening all18:21
charlhow's it going18:21
charlhi Cantide 18:21
Kiloshi charl all well ty and you?18:21
charli'm good thanks Kilos 18:24
superflywe are very huggy at work18:25
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kbmonkeyreally? I think I'll go crazy, especially in the mornings before any coffee ;)18:26
Kilosloloh my18:26
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kbmonkeyusually it takes a good few metal songs for me to get huggy18:26
Cantideif we hugged at work, it would probably be seen as sexual harassment18:27
Cantidelame corporate environment :/18:27
kbmonkeywas listening to Severed Fifth today. Do you know them Cantide ?18:29
CantideI don't..18:30
Cantidei don't listen to much metal these days18:30
CantideRammstein being about the closest to metal that I listen to18:30
kbmonkeythe lead singer is ubuntu's community manager. lol :)18:32
kbmonkeytheir music is free, creative commons18:32
Cantidewho is the community manager?18:32
CantideI was thinking Jono Bacon18:32
superflykbmonkey: have you listened to Obsidian Shell?18:32
Cantidebut he's not quite that, is he?18:32
kbmonkeyyes, it's Jono18:32
smile4everbye :)18:32
Cantidebye smile4ever 'o'18:33
kbmonkeyeveryone hugs smile4ever bye!18:33
Cantidekbmonkey, do you have a link?18:33
superflykbmonkey: has the production quality improved over time? I found the first album sadly lacking :-(18:33
smile4evergood night both of you :)18:33
kbmonkeyyes the second album is much better superfly, indeed.18:33
kbmonkeyNo I have not heard Obsidian Shell, I'll investigate18:33
superflykbmonkey: have you listened to much of Demon Hunter?18:34
superflyI'm used to their quality18:34
kbmonkeyyes some of Demon Hunter18:34
superflykbmonkey: https://soundcloud.com/obsidianshell18:34
kbmonkeysure Cantide hang on18:35
superflyObsidian Shell is more like Evanessence18:35
superflykbmonkey: but their stuff is also creative commons18:36
kbmonkeythanks superfly18:36
kbmonkeyoh dear, browsing is stuck again. eish.18:37
kbmonkeyCantide, http://www.last.fm/music/Severed+Fifth18:37
superflythank nlsthzn, he was the one that put me onto them18:37
Cantidethanks :)18:38
kbmonkeyI'm getting some Obsidian now18:39
kbmonkeyah nice I like. nice chilled rock.18:41
kbmonkeyso much music, so little bandwidth18:41
kbmonkeyall CC content should be freely accessible18:42
CantideI am more into this sort of thing these days: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM5ApeYC4Iw18:43
* Cantide coughs18:43
CantideKPop alert '<18:43
CantideI find them more attractive than Jono (no offense to Jono)18:48
Cantideand their voices slightly easier on the ears18:49
Kilosoh kbmonkey have a look at connman, maybe it will work with some tweaking by you and then you might have an auto connect nm18:49
Kilosstill under developement i think18:49
superflyCantide: way too slow for me18:49
superflyCantide: I'll take Gangnam Style any day ;-)18:50
Cantideof course KPop love songs won't appeal to everyone18:50
CantideHe is making a new track apparently18:50
Cantidei hope it is better artistically :p18:50
Cantideoh, you might prefer 서태지 then..18:51
Cantideof all the Korean music i know18:51
Cantidethis : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwpLLxr2F0I18:54
CantideHe's often likened to Korn >.<18:55
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:57
Cantidenight Kilos18:58
kbmonkeynight Kilos 18:58
kbmonkeythat is an interesting name. +1 for those characters displaying properly 18:58
charlwow this is nice! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kQxh5N9jvM18:59
charlgravity powered lamps18:59
Cantidekbmonkey, hehe :) I am used to typing in Korean '-'18:59
Cantideoh, nice idea :)19:00
kbmonkeyah that is a nice light :]19:06
charlbeen looking at this today: http://cubieboard.org/19:08
kbmonkeynight all. sleep tight19:27
Cantidenight night19:28
inetproany sysadmins around here with a bit of experience looking for a new job in Pretoria/Jhb? See: http://sensepost.com/blog/8574.html19:30
zeref_debianinetpro: the Not essential, but bonus points for section is lols19:44
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Trixar_zaIronic. I would be perfect for that job except I lack reliable transport22:01
Trixar_zaMore reason to get a car22:02
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