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JamesTaitHappy International Day of the Roma! :-D09:00
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tony_lechSo I bought a CD from the ubuntu one store, it's trying to "transfer the mp3s to [my] ubuntu one storage" and not actually succeeding. There's also a giant bar at the top of rhythmbox about how "your purchased music folder is not subscribed", but the subscribe button on it doesn't actually do anything.15:08
tony_lechTL;DR where's the music I bought? :(15:08
davmor2tony_lech: if you go to https://one.ubuntu.com/music/player/#view=artists do you see it there?15:10
tony_lechdavmor2: Yeah. It looks like restarting rhythmbox got it working.15:11
tony_lech...or makes it crash repeatedly. haha15:13
tony_lechSo when I boot up rhythmbox and go to the UO downloads page, it will start downloading the songs, then crash after a few seconds.15:15
davmor2chaselivingston: is this something you have come across before ^15:17
dobeyi haven't seen that before15:20
dobeyronwhat version of ubuntu are you on?15:21
dobeytony_lech: what version of ubuntu are you on?15:21
tony_lechdobey: 12.1015:22
dobeytony_lech: if you open the ubuntu one control panel app and go to the folders tab is "Purchased Music" selected to be synchronized?15:22
tony_lechdobey: I'm at the point where the UO app on my machine is trying to download the files, but nothing is coming in - just the folder structure. wondering if the corp firewall is in the way15:22
tony_lechWill try with another connection15:23
dobeynot sure. i suspect that's not the issue though if you can get to the web site15:23
tony_lechassuming it doesn't download on port 80, it's probably getting toyed with15:23
dobeyit's 443 (same as HTTPS)15:24
dobeythe sync service is on a different sub-domain of the web site. so if you can get to the web site, then the client should connect and download stuff fine15:27
dobeyu1sdtool --current-transfers might show some more info15:27
tony_lechYeah that was it. It's going now.15:31
tony_lechYay music15:31
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