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pjotrHello, I have a question about the Xubuntu download page12:19
pjotrPerhaps it's a good idea to present the LTS version as the primary eye-catching download option. Not as the "mere" second. So that beginners with Xubuntu, will usually pick the LTS.12:19
pjotrReason: as we know, starting with Raring, support for intermediate ("standard") releases will be halved to nine months.12:19
pjotrAs Mark Shuttleworth said: "Our working assumption is that the latest interim release is used by folks who will be involved, even if tangentially, in the making of Ubuntu, and LTS releases will be used by those who purely consume it." http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/124612:20
pjotrWhat do you think?12:20
knomepjotr, it's probably something we should consider before adding the R release links on the download page12:20
knomepjotr, but i think the question is much broader than simply in what order the download page is in12:21
pjotrknome: can you explain what you mean by broader?12:23
knomei don't think LTS and normal releases currently have too much differences12:25
knomeboth in 1) the new features we are pushing in (though we definitely take more care with LTS releases to make sure nothing gets broken)12:25
knomeand 2) how stable LTS/normal releases are12:26
knomenormal xubuntu releases have generally been almost (if not) as stable as LTS releases12:26
pjotryes, even intermediate Xubuntu versions are very stable, in my experience. Fine pieces of work. :-)12:28
pjotrBut there's also the support period12:28
pjotrfor a beginner, it's not nice to have to upgrade very soon12:29
knomein my opinion, it always made sense to hop to the next normal release as soon as it was out anyway12:29
knome(if you had a normal version installed in the first place)12:29
knomei mean, i don't think the situation changes much in that respect12:30
knomethe question is if we want to go much more "wild" with the normal releases or not12:31
knomeif the normal releases will continue being as stable as they are now, the situation seems really similar to what it is now12:31
knomewe should simply tell people on normal releases to upgrade a bit quicker, but that's it12:32
knomepjotr, i've added the item on the meeting agenda (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings) feel free to add any questions you think should be gone through (though i think we pretty much need to resolve those ones in there first before thinking much else)12:33
knomethe meeting is after release, yeah, but we'll just take action really quickly.:)12:33
knomeor do a temporary decision before the actual meeting.12:34
pjotrknome: thanks. I'll try to attend the meeting. :-)12:35
knomethanks for bringing it up, i think it's a question worth thinking well12:35
baizonhi, i got a problem... http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-articles-themes gives me "Proxy Error" ... "Reason: Error reading from remote server"17:13
pleia2baizon: I just had IS fix it a few minutes ago, it should be ok17:16
baizonindeed, thank you17:17
pleia2there is someone else working on some stuff to, so I just asked him to move his content over17:18
knomebaizon, if there's something that neither of you are familiar with, i encourage you to find out, but if you can't, just leave a clear sign where you'd need some input, and i'll try to work it out when we review17:29
knomepleia2, libreoffice says our community article is at 1000 chars now17:30
knomepleia2, and that's without saying anything specific17:30
knomei wonder if it's with or without spaces17:31
knometesting is ~330017:31
knome(with spaces)17:31
knomehmm, i wonder if my mail to -devel got thourh17:32
knomeit did17:32
knomei don't mind it being lost of my sent items17:32
Noskcajpleia2, what still needs doing for the magazine article on testing? other than getting screenshots21:52
pleia2Noskcaj: I'd give links to info about each tool21:53
pleia2and you can just email me the screenshots (please do them with default theme so all our screenshots look similar :))21:54
Noskcajpleia2, i've changed theme too much. is there someone else who can get the screenshots?21:59
pleia2Noskcaj: maybe create a new user and just have it load up defaults?22:00
pleia2if not I'll see what I can do22:00
pleia2could also just fire it up in a VM if you have any left over from testing :)22:01
Noskcajok, i'll do that when i'm back from school22:05

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