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donnieSo yeah.. installed 12.04. did the updates. restarted as it told me too. then it error'ed me and failed to boot back up... Why I don't like any of the 12's01:41
donnie12.04 is trash! Mistake... Why does FF and chrome keep crashing?03:44
donnieFor the love of god. How do I stop this 12.04 from 'remembering where I left off" when I restart?04:05
Unit193Uncheck "Save Session" and remove ~/.cache/04:16
donnieSteps please :)04:18
donnieAlso. If there are so many 'bugs' in an distro... why release it?04:26
drekiI had a problem with pulse earlier and i tired everything to fix it, but in the end i had to reinstall pulse altogether to fix it. now my FN keyboard shortcuts wont turn the volume up and down. Anyone have any ideas what i can do to fix that?04:49
drekiWhen i use the shortcuts the little notification pops up in the top right of the screen and looks like its changing the volume but it doesnt, and when i click the icon in the top right to change the volume with the mouse the bar hasn't moved04:51
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xubuntu857hello I run the command lspci | less how can I exit the command, cannot find a way to go back to comand promt, thank you in advance!09:16
knomexubuntu857, q09:18
xubuntu857oh man it worked! Thank you very much, bye!09:18
cfhowlettneeded: xfce DIY theme tutorial09:30
knomecfhowlett, that's not a trivial task09:33
knomecfhowlett, otoh, if you want to do it, probably the best thing is to look at what other themes do09:33
cfhowlettknome, was hoping to find a tool set ... place wallpaper here, choose buttons there, apply window look this way ...09:34
knomeaha, so not "DIY theme" really, just theme settings09:34
knomecfhowlett, which version are you using?09:35
cfhowlettknome, xfce4 in ubuntustudio09:35
cfhowlettknome, I know how to edit settings, I really was hoping to DIY my own ..09:35
knomethem i'm reverting to my original answer that it's not a trivial task09:36
cfhowlettknome, noted.  thank you.09:36
knomelook at other themes in /usr/share/themes09:37
cfhowlettknome, will do.09:37
knomexfwm controls the window borders, gtk2/3 controls the overall look (buttons, sliders, ..., generally everything "inside" the windows)09:37
cfhowlettknome, ewwwwwww perhaps something easier then?09:38
knomethere is no shortcut09:38
cfhowlettthis line of thought began with my desire to change one thing; the generic computer icon at the login screen09:38
cfhowlettknome, if I could change THAT, I would feel affirmed and move on ... got a new icon picked out and ready to go but where to edit?09:39
knomeyou should first find out which icon theme US login screen (lightdm) uses09:39
cfhowlettwhere might I find that?09:39
knomethen replace the icon in that icon theme (which is in /usr/share/icons)09:39
knomeask #ubuntustudio or that+-devel09:40
knomeif you change the icon in the icon theme though, all other symbolic "computer" icons will change as well09:40
knomeif you only wanted to change that icon only there, i'd imagine you'd have to poke at the lightdm code.09:40
cfhowlettknome, yeesh.  whole lot easier to edit back in ye ole gnome days.  ah well.  thanks.09:41
knomethe developers don't think this is the most important feature in their products (and i agree) and since they don't have unlimited time in their hands, they have to prioritise09:42
knomeand no problem09:42
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xubuntu958hei how do i install xubuntu without a cd drive.13:43
TheSheep!install | xubuntu95813:43
ubottuxubuntu958: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:43
xubuntu958can i use memory stick to boot on.13:45
cfhowlettxubuntu958, absolutely yes13:45
cfhowlettxubuntu958, download the iso, use startup disk creator to make the usb a bootable media, reboot, edit your bios to prioritize USB boot and there you are13:46
xubuntu958ok but how, and thanks for your guide.13:46
xubuntu958Thanks folks, I will try my best.13:47
InokiHi all, anybody here who owns a HTC phone?14:03
InokiTouhou11: do you have the same problem, that you connect your device to Ubuntu but you cannot mount the contents of the SD card?14:04
TheSheepInoki: is that Android 4.x?14:05
InokiTheSheep: yer, 4.1.114:05
Touhou11I've never tried with Ubuntu, I primarily use Arch Linux and haven't had an issue14:05
TheSheepInoki: since version 4 android doesn't make the sd card available as an usb disk anymore14:06
InokiTheSheep: O.o14:06
InokiTheSheep: What am I supposed to do now :/14:06
TheSheepInoki: it is visible as a media device instead, and uses a MTP protocol to transfer files14:06
InokiTheSheep: I mean it worked before. After the latest update to 4.1.1 nothing on the phone works. Bass aren't working and I cannot mount it as a USB anymore, I could before, with Android 4.0.*14:07
TheSheepInoki: you can try this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-connect-your-android-ice-cream-sandwich-phone-to-ubuntu-for-file-access14:08
TheSheepInoki: the good news is that the next version of xubuntu, out this month, is going to support mtp out of the box14:09
InokiTheSheep: They are NOT serious! I so much regret of buying HTC. Had problems with it from the beginning. Thanks for the info though.14:09
TheSheepInoki: it's not just htc, all android phones and tablets have this14:10
InokiTheSheep: One more thing. I've read the press release on Ubuntu Studio and they mentioned, that with 13.04 it is not advised to do an upgrade, coz it introduces issues. Do you think that applies to Xubuntu and other flavors?14:10
Touhou11Yes, the upgrade procedure is pretty borked14:11
InokiVery well, thanks for all the info.14:12
Touhou11Development focus has moved to the phone/TV/other platforms, so less resources for the desktop versions sadly. Hence why Ubuntu is only doing 9 months support in the future14:12
InokiI still favor the idea of a rolling release.14:13
Touhou11Try Arch or Debian testing if you like rolling release :)14:13
InokiTouhou11: I did, had Manjaro, but it was a pain to get my printer to work.14:13
InokiTouhou11: Eventually, as I know myself, I will end up with a rolling release distro, coz I'm tired of re-installing the system every once in a few months.14:14
Myrttiwell there is going to be meta rolling release14:14
cfhowletty u no LTS install?14:14
Touhou11Myrtti: Where are you getting that from?14:15
Inokicfhowlett: simple, new versions introduce new features.14:15
Touhou11LTS installs are horrendously outdated after a year or two14:15
InokiI am so tired of this distro hopping...14:16
cfhowlettTouhou11, yes, but stable ... and I don't need the latest, greatest shiny stuff.  Just my opinion ...14:16
MyrttiTouhou11: as far as I'm aware, the technical board decided that the development repositories aren't shut down at release time but there will be aome sort of symlink system where people who want to keep running the developmental release can do so without fiddling with repo names.14:16
Myrttithey don't call it rolling release, and it's not meant for general consumption.14:17
InokiTheSheep: I think rather going through all that hassle I'll just sync my files to the phone over Dropbox. Far more convenient and faster, working 100%.14:17
TheSheepInoki: yeah14:18
InokiI'm just.... a bit disappointed with what's happening these days. Decisions boards make. Tired of hopping. Want something I don't need to constantly pay attention to.14:20
InokiOk, an important question, is there a way to re-install and keep currently installed software and would it work? E.g. I currently have swap, / and /home. I always re-install only /, but that erases all the apps as well. Is there a way to install apps separately, so I only re-install / and apps remain? Seetings I know are stored under /home.14:30
cfhowlettInoki, so you DON'T want to reinstall ...14:32
InokiOr the suggestion would to be create an install script, i.e. a file with the sudo apt-get install <package> <package> <package>14:32
Inokicfhowlett: I prefer not to.14:33
InokiAnybody know the terminal command to list all the software currently installed?14:33
cfhowlettinoki create a list and restore ubuntu installed packages ....   http://cpuug.org/index.php?topic=219.014:34
Inokicfhowlett: Registered, waiting for admin's approval, thanks.14:41
InokiFound the command. dpkg --get-selections lists everything currently installed.14:44
cfhowlettInoki, nice one.  gotta remember that one14:44
xubuntu624Hello Folks, how do I boot from memory stick.14:57
xubuntu624I tried but just wont boot.14:58
cfhowlettxubuntu624, reboot.  after POST hit the f6 key (might be different on your computer - watch the notice) to get the bios menu.  edit the bios to prioritize usb boot.  save.  reboot.14:59
Dr^Fetsf11 is also common14:59
xubuntu624thanks but what boot file do I have to have on memory stick15:00
Dr^FetsI use a cd iso15:00
Dr^Fetsyou could use UNetbootin to make the stick15:00
Dr^Fetsbut there are also other tools15:00
Inokicfhowlett: there, got all the software I need in one file. upon next re-installation I'll just paste into terminal and am back on track.15:00
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loiloi10101hello! does anyone know solution for xubuntu 12.04 slow login -bug?16:22
packetfrogIs there such a bug listed?16:28
drcThis one?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/99679116:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 996791 in accountsservice (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu 12.04 extremely slow login" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:29
SuperLagWhat can you use for screen sharing, if you're running Xubuntu?18:22
koegsSuperLag: what do you mean by screensharing?18:23
SuperLagkoegs: I have a coworker that I want to allow to connect to my active session18:23
packetfrogremote desktop?18:24
koegsSuperLag: if you want it to be 100% easy, i would suggest using Teamviewer18:24
koegsalthough i use x11vnc (server) as a VNC server18:24
packetfrogHow can I install the newest kernel?18:28
packetfroganyone got a link on that18:28
baizonpacketfrog: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/18:29
packetfrogThank you very much.18:29
packetfrogI just read that 3.9 has the fix for my optimus graphics crap18:30
packetfrogso i can get rid of this kernel hack18:30
MyrttiSuperLag: I've not tried it myself, but if you use Chrome or Chromium and so does your coworker, you could try their screensharing thing?18:32
SuperLagMyrtti: totally forgot about that18:34
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ner0xAny gannt chart software I can use that I don't have to install gnome or kde?22:20
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