EcuadorKevHello, my name is Kevin. I have a question about getting and installing the language updates on a computer that has no internet access. I installed Edubuntu 12.04 on some computers in a remote village here in Ecuador, but the language packages are incomplete (SPANISH) without an update. Is there a way to download the packages and carry them via portable storage (USB drive/CD) and have them install?01:08
EcuadorKevFor example the Ubuntu system is all in Spanish, but the Libre Office menus are all in English. This gets fixed after an update via the internet, but that is not possible in the remote village. (it is a 3 hour hike from the end of the road w/ no phone or cellphone coverage)01:10
EcuadorKevSo a way to carry in the needed updates would be a big benefit to me as I help the school maintain their computers.01:11

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