gary_posterhatch, fwiw scrollview-base-ie is definitely in all-yui.js.  Could this be a yui regression of some sort?00:55
* gary_poster tries yui 3.9.000:57
* gary_poster still gets same or similar errors00:59
gary_posterpretty much the same01:01
gary_posterso anyways hatch, if you look for scrollview-base-ie in build-shared/juju-ui/assets/all-yui.js, you'll find it01:03
gary_posterdunno beyond that :-/01:03
* gary_poster goes away01:07
hatchgary_poster: darn you're right - well without those tests they all pass in IE10 so once jc removes them tomorrow we can land this branch :D02:54
bcsallergary_poster: thanks for the review02:59
gary_posterwelcome bcsaller :-)02:59
* gary_poster runs away again02:59
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rogpeppefrankban: hiya08:13
frankbanmorning rogpeppe 08:14
rogpeppefrankban: i've got some branches up for review which give us unit and machine status08:14
rogpeppefrankban: if you wanted to have a look, that would be great08:15
frankbanrogpeppe: yay!08:15
rogpeppefrankban: these are the branches: https://codereview.appspot.com/8458044/ https://codereview.appspot.com/8487044/ https://codereview.appspot.com/8533044/ https://codereview.appspot.com/8534043/08:15
frankbanrogpeppe: will do asap.08:18
rogpeppefrankban: ta!08:19
frankbanrogpeppe: could you please take a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/8566043 ? This is the branch fixing the DerviceDeploy panic.10:08
rogpeppefrankban: will do10:08
frankbanrogpeppe: ty10:08
rogpeppefrankban: unit and machine statuses have landed10:35
frankbanrogpeppe: hah, I was taking a look too, cool!10:35
rogpeppefrankban: if you have any comments, please let me know, and i'll address them in the next branch (which adds service constraints)10:36
frankbanrogpeppe: the delta stream including statuses works great. Am I right assuming StatusInfo is only relevant when a unit or a machine is in an "error" status?11:00
rogpeppefrankban: wonderful!11:00
rogpeppefrankban: yeah, i'm pretty sure that's true11:00
rogpeppefrankban: might be worth double checking with fwereade or dimitern on #juju-dev11:01
frankbanrogpeppe: I'll do, thanks11:01
rogpeppefrankban: in your bug-1166224-service-deploy-panic branch, have you run all tests ok?11:07
frankbanrogpeppe: yes11:08
fwereadefrankban, rogpeppe: I would say that all the statuses are "important", but the error status is the only one to which a user might want to respond directly11:09
rogpeppefwereade: it was StatusInfo i wasn't entirely sure about11:10
rogpeppefwereade: not importance11:10
fwereaderogpeppe, ah sorry -- count me officially undecided there11:10
fwereaderogpeppe, I think there's opportunity for more richness in the future but as it is it's not used much (at all? not sure)11:11
rogpeppefwereade: ok11:11
rogpeppefrankban: seems like i wasn't the only one to be unsure :-)11:11
frankbanfwereade, rogpeppe: that's ok, I think we can show StatusInfo in the GUI only if it's not an empty string.11:12
fwereadefrankban, sgtm, matches the cli status11:12
rogpeppefrankban: that seems like a nice approach11:12
rogpeppefrankban: interesting that all tests pass. i guess we never call CharmStore.Get in any non-charm-package tests11:14
rogpeppefrankban: i'm pretty sure that if you use that branch for real, you'll get a panic11:14
frankbanrogpeppe: i tried it for real, just bootstrap and deploy charms via the API, are there any real operations not covered by tests?11:15
rogpeppefrankban: it'll work if you do everything via the API11:15
rogpeppefrankban: but a command line deploy will panic11:16
frankbanrogpeppe: trying now11:17
frankbanrogpeppe: you are right, so it seems that MachineAgent.Run is not called when the charm is deployed via the command line11:23
rogpeppefrankban: MachineAgent.Run is only called in the machine agent11:24
rogpeppefrankban: i'm just posted a review11:24
rogpeppefrankban: that suggests the fix that i mentioned yesterday11:24
frankbanrogpeppe: thanks. so the charm dir can be set by ma.Run OR by InitJujuHome, depending on the code path we follow (i.e. a cmd line call or an API call)11:27
rogpeppefrankban: that's right11:27
frankbanand InitJujuHome goes in conn.go (package juju)11:28
frankbanrogpeppe: ^^11:28
rogpeppefrankban: sounds good11:28
rogpeppefrankban: do you think that a set of constraints would be better json'd as a string or an object?11:37
frankbanrogpeppe: if it's a set than an object would work well. anyway, I am confused about them as a string, an example?11:39
rogpeppefrankban: there's a canonical representation of constraints as a string, e.g. "mem=1024M cores=2"11:40
bacteknico, frankban: fancy a review? https://codereview.appspot.com/853204311:44
teknicobac, actually right now I'm fancying something to eat :-)11:45
bacteknico: a perfect after-lunch activity!11:45
teknicobac, indeed!11:46
frankbanrogpeppe: oic, as they are passed on the command line. We can handle them both ways. FWIW, the object representation seems more appropriate to me, if the implementation is not complex.11:49
* frankban lunches12:01
benjithe board is still super flaky12:14
gary_posterteknico, frankban sorry we didn't have any one to finish up your bug yesterday.  thank you for bringing it to completion12:18
gary_posterrogpeppe, awesome that status is landed, thank you!12:28
rogpeppegary_poster: np12:28
rogpeppegary_poster: i'm now just doing the tests for service constraints12:28
rogpeppegary_poster: any particular priority on other attributes?12:28
gary_posterjust reviewing...12:29
gary_posterrogpeppe, config and constraints in the deltas are nice to have for 13.04 from our perspective going forward.  we want to focus on bug fixes that require juju core changes, so the current work on bug 1166224, the current work for bug 1164593, a fix for bug 1166222, a fix for bug 1161848, and repeated testing to see what else might be broken are where we need to focus on our side12:33
_mup_Bug #1166224: Panic when calling ServiceDeploy via the juju-core API <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-gui:In Progress> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166224 >12:33
_mup_Bug #1164593: GUI hangs on the service detail view when connected to juju-core <juju-core:New for bac> <juju-gui:In Progress by bac> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1164593 >12:33
_mup_Bug #1166222: Error when calling CharmInfo using the juju-core API <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166222 >12:33
_mup_Bug #1161848: Malformed charm metadata error when a charm is deployed using the API <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1161848 >12:33
rogpeppegary_poster: what about service config settings changes?12:34
gary_posterrogpeppe, we want them, and PyJuju provides them, but if we don't have them for 13.04 we can do an acceptable workaround on the JS side12:34
rogpeppegary_poster: ok, cool12:35
rogpeppegary_poster: frankban has the ServiceDeploy panic in hand12:36
gary_posterright, those first two are in review12:36
gary_posteron the juju-core side12:36
gary_posteractually rogpeppe, bac might want your review for that second one: https://codereview.appspot.com/8532043/12:37
rogpeppefrankban: have you got a reliable way of reproducing #1166222 ?12:37
_mup_Bug #1166222: Error when calling CharmInfo using the juju-core API <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166222 >12:37
rogpeppegary_poster: on it12:38
gary_posterthan kyou12:38
gary_posterugh, canonistack is killing our CI12:40
gary_posterjcsackett, hey.  I heard from hatch that you'll be removing the requirement to use the scrollview (and thus the scrollview-base-ie that is causing us problems with a "fix up tests" branch).  Is that already in review?  I'm basically wondering when we might be able to land our branch without having to figure out what why that file isn't being honored in production12:47
rick_h_gary_poster: it's the card for today. It'll probably be closer to EOD to get in review/landed 12:47
gary_posterok thanks rick_h_ 12:48
rick_h_gary_poster: there's a few cards from yesterday still in reveiw that I imagine will get finished/landed but after that should be a bunch of easy 'rm ...' commands12:48
gary_posterrick_h_, :-) cool12:48
rogpeppebac: ping12:51
bachi rogpeppe12:54
rogpeppebac: i'm just wondering if ServiceInfo.Charm should be ServiceInfo.CharmURL12:54
rogpeppebac: that way it can be used to cross-reference to all the charm metadata12:55
bacrogpeppe: are you referring to bug 1166222?  if so, that's frankban's branch12:55
_mup_Bug #1166222: Error when calling CharmInfo using the juju-core API <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166222 >12:55
rogpeppebac: i don't *think* so. i just noticed the use of Charm when reviewing your branch.12:55
rogpeppebac: i've been just called to lunch. back in a bit!12:56
bacrogpeppe: have a good lunch.  i'll have a look12:56
frankbanrogpeppe: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5692278/ reproduces the CharmInfo bug.12:59
frankbangary_poster: IIRC I cannot reproduce bug 1161848 anymore. I'll try it again after fixing the current deploy branch, and, if that's the case, I'll mark the issue as fixed13:06
_mup_Bug #1161848: Malformed charm metadata error when a charm is deployed using the API <juju-core:New> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1161848 >13:06
gary_posterfrankban, fantastic, thanks13:06
teknicobac, branch approved13:18
bacrogpeppe: i don't understand your question.  ServiceInfo has CharmURL13:18
bacteknico: thanks13:18
rogpeppebac: sorry, wrong type. i'm talking about ServiceGetResults13:19
rogpeppebac: in fact, eventually i think ServiceGet should just return a ServiceInfo13:19
bacrogpeppe: the names were originally chosen for compatability with the py api.  but we can change them13:20
bacrogpeppe: s/compatability/consistency13:21
rogpeppebac: it's not just the name - it's the information that's sent across13:21
rogpeppebac: the url is what we use to cross-reference charms elsewhere13:21
rogpeppebac: the charm meta name can be found from that, i think13:21
rogpeppegary_poster: here's the branch that adds constraints to the ServiceInfo: https://codereview.appspot.com/856804413:22
* gary_poster looks13:22
bacrogpeppe: with your addition of constraints it does make sense to change ServiceGetResults13:27
rogpeppebac: not quite yet, i think13:27
rogpeppebac: no config available yet13:27
bacrogpeppe: i didn't mean solely but as part of the return13:28
rogpeppebac: perhaps.13:29
bacrogpeppe: i mean ServiceInfo as a subset of ServiceGetResults13:29
rogpeppebac: yeah13:29
rogpeppebac: i'm not sure13:29
rogpeppebac: it depends how we want to deliver changes to service config13:29
rogpeppebac: if we want to put them in the ServiceInfo, then i think it makes sense to have ServiceGetResults be exactly the same thing as ServiceInfo13:30
rogpeppebac: if not, then perhaps not.13:30
rogpeppebac: is there any other stuff which might go into ServiceGetResults that we wouldn't want in the ServiceInfo ?13:31
bacrogpeppe: for the GUI the things in my branch are what we currently need and i don't anticipate that needing to be extended13:32
gary_posterrogpeppe, I really like the recent changes to the megawatcher.  I find it much easier to read the setup now for changes like this.  The table tests look like a good set as well.13:32
gary_posterCount that as an unofficial LGTM ;-)13:32
rogpeppegary_poster: cool, glad to hear it13:32
rogpeppegary_poster: 474 lines in one of those tables :-)13:33
gary_posterrogpeppe, yeah, even one of the tests is a bit overwhelming but I like the clear division between setup and test and so on13:34
gary_poster"overwhelming" is not fair, but I had to stare longer at that code than anywhere else :-)13:35
rogpeppegary_poster: which test was that?13:35
gary_posterstatus is changed if the service exists in the store13:35
gary_posterI think the rietveld wordwrap didn't help either13:36
gary_posterclearer without, like in https://codereview.appspot.com/8568044/patch/2001/300413:37
rogpeppegary_poster: yeah. there is actually a lot of repetition between the different sets of entries. i haven't worked out a way to factor it out decently yet though.13:37
benjibac: heh; something changed the option double-dashes in your blog post into em-dashes13:37
gary_posteryeah, and you want to be able to have someone read a single test13:37
rogpeppegary_poster: maybe i should put those MustParse expressions on a separate line13:37
gary_posterwould be nicer in 80 chars/rietveld certainly :-)13:38
rogpeppegary_poster: i think i could probably unindent the whole table by one tab, which would help13:39
gary_posterthat would be cool13:39
gary_posterand honestly this is just a rietveld thing IMO13:39
bacbenji: it is a little better now13:40
gary_posterso low priority in the small (though perhaps an argument for a line length goal for the project in the large?)13:40
rogpeppegary_poster: the current party line is "if someone has a problem with a line, make it smaller" :-)13:41
benjibac: by better do you mean that now there are two em-dashes?  :)  those still aren't hyphens13:41
gary_posterrogpeppe, lol, cool13:41
* gary_poster returns to writing fun rt email about canonistack problems13:41
benjitrue, they aren't quite long enough to be em dashes are they13:41
gary_posterbenji and bac, you are silly13:42
gary_posterand thanks for blog post bac13:42
bacgary_poster: you just wait until i get this sorted out.  its going to rock then.13:42
rogpeppegary_poster: i can't lose the indent without losing those handy section markers13:43
gary_posterrogpeppe, +1 on handy section markers13:43
rogpeppegary_poster: unless i use this style: }, /* Annotation changes */ {13:43
bacbenji: what about now?13:43
rogpeppegary_poster: which i'm not keen on13:43
gary_posterrogpeppe, agree13:44
benjiooh, look at those nice hyphens13:44
bacbenji: i wish i had need for a"mongolian todo soft hyphen"13:45
benjiis that the character mongolian people use when listing out their todos in a text editor?13:46
* rogpeppe loves the silky feel of those soft hyphens13:46
rogpeppefrankban: i can't reproduce your bug13:48
rogpeppefrankban: one thing: i had to change the charm URL to cs:precise/wordpress-1113:49
rogpeppefrankban: presumably someone has updated the latest revision of the wordpress charm13:49
rogpeppefrankban: but given that change, the script you pasted above worked perfectly for me13:49
frankbanrogpeppe: are you using a precise bootstrap node? could it be related to --fake-series?13:50
rogpeppefrankban: it's possible. did you bootstrap with --fake-series precise ?13:50
frankbanrogpeppe: yes, from a quantal juju-core trunk13:50
rogpeppefrankban: hmm. presumably you used the wordpress URL that was shown in the status?13:51
frankbanrogpeppe: at first I just used the URL generated by the GUI13:52
frankbanrogpeppe: I'll investigate further, in order to give you more details13:53
rogpeppefrankban: thanks. a full transcript of it going wrong, including status output, might be helpful13:54
frankbanrogpeppe: sure13:55
hatchgood morning13:55
rogpeppeso... if i want to try out the GUI, what do i need to do?13:55
teknicorogpeppe, how do we test code that calls os.Exit() ? starting subprocesses in tests is not common :-)13:55
rogpeppeteknico: in general, you don't13:55
rogpeppeteknico: although you can13:56
rogpeppeteknico: why is your code calling os.Exit?13:56
frankbanrogpeppe: this could help: http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/debugging-juju-gui-juju-core-connection/13:56
rogpeppefrankban: cool, thanks!13:57
teknicorogpeppe, checkJujuHome calls it13:58
rogpeppeteknico: ah, it should not!13:58
teknicoteknico, I guess we can neglect that code path :-)13:58
teknicoor maybe not :-)13:58
rogpeppeteknico: it should be different now that it's a library function13:59
rogpeppeteknico: one mo, i'll take a look13:59
teknicorogpeppe, thanks13:59
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rogpeppeteknico: it should probably just return an error14:00
frankbanrogpeppe: ok, so, we put os.Exit in Main(args []string)?14:01
rogpeppefrankban: yup14:01
frankbanrogpeppe: ack14:01
rogpeppefrankban: i hadn't seen the juju-gui blog before. nice!14:02
rick_h_hatch: jcsackett https://codereview.appspot.com/8491045/ review plead. hatch let me know if you can think of a better way to track those events for cleanup14:04
benjibac: I'm reviewing https://codereview.appspot.com/853204314:06
bacbenji: thanks.  i think rogpeppe is looking at it too.  more==merrier14:07
teknicoso, if I set a title in a post, then it's a regular blog post, while if I set no title, it's microblogging? ;-)14:07
Makyoassert.deepEqual(more, merrier)14:07
hatchrick_h_ on it14:07
benjibac: oh, I won't bother then; there were no tags, that's why I called it out so I wouldn't duplicate work14:07
rick_h_hatch: thanks!14:07
Makyoteknico, There are different types of entries, too, but I think that's the long and short of it :)14:08
benjiI'll add a Friday-talk-card so we can have a quick discussion about how we want to handle non-gui-team-project-review-claiming14:08
rogpeppebac: reviewed14:09
bacrogpeppe: thanks14:10
benjiMakyo: what was the outome of the yuidoc comment style cage match?14:11
Makyobenji, No asterisks, indented two spaces.14:11
gary_posterbenji, Makyo sent a great email to list with summary14:12
benji:(  my email volume has apparently reached the point where there is so little of use to me that I don't recognize the things that are of use any more14:12
* benji finds good email and enjoys reading it.14:13
hatchrick_h_ done LGTM- lemme know if you disagree with any of my comments14:22
rick_h_hatch: thanks14:22
* hatch tries to remember what he was doing lastnight14:23
gary_posterhey hatch, just as a representative check, did you get the rt email I just sent out a minute or two ago with title "More reliable canonistack usage"?14:27
gary_posterI have not yet received an rt reply, and had some trouble sending14:28
hatchthere it is14:28
gary_posteroh cool thx14:28
hatchgood email14:29
gary_postercool thx14:30
hatchI think my 'alt' key is going :/ I probably go through one of these keyboards a year14:36
hatchit might be time to upgrade14:36
rick_h_hatch: time to get a real keyboard. mechanical switches ftw14:36
hatchhttp://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/natural-ergonomic-keyboard-4000 is what I have14:37
hatchI really like the layout and whatnot14:37
hatcha couple of my dev friends swear by these http://www.kinesis-ergo.com/advantage.htm14:38
hatchbut daymn $30014:38
MakyoYeah, I use these http://www.goldtouch.com/p-1-goldtouch-v2-adjustable-comfort-keyboard-pc-only-includes-usb-and-ps2-connector.aspx Which are a bit much, but still, my wrists and fingers thank me.14:39
hatchyeah I used to have wrist problems until I switched to this keyboard14:39
MakyoOld boss used one of the Advantage keyboards.  Very, very loud :)14:39
hatchloud typing is more h4x0r though right?14:40
MakyoIf you work alone :oP14:40
rick_h_hatch: ugh, I got one of those. mushiest thing ever. :(14:40
MakyoSitting outside my boss's office, it was a little annoying.14:40
rick_h_I've got some unicomp that are really loud. buckling spring. I'm using a filco cherry blue right now which is kind of loud14:40
rick_h_but my friend got a leopold with cherry blacks that's pretty quiet14:41
hatchI'd be worried if I went to something like the kinesis that I woudln't be able to type on a laptop anymore heh14:42
rick_h_yea, I've got one of those. 14:42
rick_h_the big thing there is that some of the keys like {} and such are hard to hit with the pinky 14:43
frankbanrogpeppe: I see a test failure in trunk: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5692484/14:43
rogpeppefrankban: hmm, you're right, i wonder when that happened14:44
rogpeppefrankban: 112914:46
rogpeppefrankban: by someone called "Данило Шеган"14:46
frankbanrogpeppe: danilos14:47
rogpeppebac: i suspect you didn't run all tests after merging and before submitting your last branch :-)14:48
teknicofrankban, you can read that? I don't even know what language it is :-)14:48
bacrogpeppe: but i did14:48
rogpeppebac: hmm, odd14:48
bacrogpeppe: what's failing14:48
rogpeppebac: maybe you submitted at exactly the same time14:49
baclet me pull the newest and try again14:49
* rogpeppe wishes bzr showed timestamps in a consistent way14:50
rogpeppeteknico: looks like russian to me14:50
bacrogpeppe: yep, i just got a new constraints_test.14:50
teknicoshouldn't bazaar refuse landing a branch if that branch did not include the latest trunk revno?14:51
hatchMakyo bug 1166827 when I was working with the N7 the zoom worked with the slider until I attempted to pinch on the enironment then nothing worked14:52
_mup_Bug #1166827: Mobile: zoom does not work <juju-gui:Triaged by makyo> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166827 >14:52
hatchjust FYI14:52
Makyohatch, yeah, I'm noticing that pan is fragile like that, too - any bumps along the way, and it stops working.  That'll be part of the investigation, though, since it's the same function. Also, a recent branch removes the slider.14:53
hatchohh ok14:53
Makyohatch, mind QAing/reviewing https://codereview.appspot.com/8362048/ at some point?  I want to make sure I didn't get it working on Ubuntu only to break it on Android.14:56
hatchsure - can it wait till this afternoon? I've been trying ot get this relations code landed :)14:57
gary_posteryou could try bother rick too Makyo, because he has an android <shrug>14:58
Makyogary_poster, Ah! Didn't know.  rick_h_ ^^^14:58
Makyohatch, no worries.14:58
rick_h_Makyo: yea, I've got an N10 I can test it out on. 14:58
rick_h_Makyo: will look in a few min if you need.14:58
Makyorick_h_, Whenever's convenient.  Thanks.14:59
bacrogpeppe: so this constraints_test failure doesn't have anything to do with my branch.  do you know what's going on14:59
rogpeppebac: yeah, i've just found out15:00
rogpeppebac: you need to update your version of goyaml15:00
rogpeppebac: i went into the goyaml directory and did: bzr pull lp:goyaml --remember15:00
gary_posterMakyo, I'm going to have to give you a LGTM without QA: phablet keyboard not working today :-/15:21
Makyogary_poster, Alright, know how that goes.  Hopefully it's up for ODS15:21
gary_posterMakyo, was thinking once we find release that works over next two days we ought to both upload it and then not touch it15:22
hatchyou know what's awesome? When you write code....then go write a test and it passes first try with the correct output :D15:22
gary_posteractually, Makyo if we discover a revision that works we can phablet-flash -r REVISION15:23
gary_posterdo you know the revision of what you have by chance Makyo 15:23
Makyogary_poster, 59 is working well for me, with the only hindrance being that breakpoints in the inspector cause the browser to crash.15:23
gary_posterok will try15:23
MakyoBut that's a development thing.15:23
rogpeppegary_poster: so... i just tried the gui, and i can't log in. is the admin-secret stuff working currently?15:23
gary_posterfrankban, ^^^15:24
rogpeppefrankban: and i now realise that i'm surprised that your script can log in to the API even with a password of "passwd".15:24
rogpeppefrankban: this seems... not good. and it must be my fault!15:25
frankbanrogpeppe: var AuthenticationEnabled = false in apiserver.go15:25
rogpeppefrankban: ha!15:25
frankbanrogpeppe: you should be able to login to the GUI using user-admin and an arbitrary password15:26
rogpeppefrankban: it fails15:26
frankbanrogpeppe: looking15:26
rogpeppefrankban: i see the web site15:26
rogpeppefrankban: see https://ec2-54-234-173-151.compute-1.amazonaws.com/15:27
rogpeppefrankban: but it won't let me log in15:27
rogpeppefrankban: nice login screen, BTW!15:27
frankbanrogpeppe: have you deployed the GUI from the latest sources? (juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui)15:27
rogpeppefrankban: i'll have a look15:28
gary_posterthat's not in your blog post so I bet not15:28
rogpeppefrankban: i'm just using the latest version from the charm store15:28
rogpeppefrankban: rev 4015:28
frankbanrogpeppe: I mean, "juju set juju-gui juju-gui-source=lp:juju-gui"15:29
gary_posterrogpeppe did you deploy juju-gui or did you do what frankban's blogpost had ($GOPATH/bin/juju deploy cs:~juju-gui/precise/juju-gui)15:30
gary_posterour charm is supposed to replace the ~charmers charm once jujcharms.com is flushed, nbut has not been flushed yet.  will check with m_315:30
gary_posterhi m_3 :-)15:30
gary_posterforgot you were over here15:30
rogpeppegary_poster: the latter15:31
gary_posterok cool15:31
gary_posterthen all you need is what frankban said15:31
rogpeppegary_poster: i just did the juju set, but i still get the same results.15:31
rogpeppegary_poster: do i have to re-deploy the charm?15:32
gary_posterrogpeppe, it will take a while to build15:32
gary_posterfollow logs15:32
gary_posteror check back in 10 min :-)15:32
rogpeppegary_poster: it takes that long?15:32
frankbanrogpeppe: you might also want to refresh the browser very hard in 10 minutes :-)15:32
gary_posterlol, yeah15:32
rogpeppegary_poster: i thought it was javascript!15:33
gary_posterrogpeppe, :-) you are building the release, which involves downloading lots of dependencies15:33
rogpeppegary_poster: ah, it's downloading15:33
* rogpeppe wants a --all argument to debug-log15:34
rick_h_Makyo: so I can't tap on a charm in the environment any more to get up the optino to pick details/etc15:34
MakyoCan you drag a service with two fingers?15:35
rick_h_Makyo: yes, I can drag them around but nothing else it seems. 15:35
rick_h_tapping on zoom no good, panning no good15:35
hatchI don't think I'll ever understand this linter and it's indenting rules15:35
Makyorick_h_, zoom and pan are a separate bug, yeah, this was just for the service menus.15:36
rick_h_Makyo: ok, so yea I can two finger drag but no click15:36
Makyorick_h_, Alright.  Hmm.15:36
rogpeppegary_poster: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/116686315:36
_mup_Bug #1166863: debug-log should make it possible to see previous messages <juju-core:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1166863 >15:36
MakyoReally wish it worked on my phone.15:37
rick_h_Makyo: anything else I should test/qa then?15:37
Makyorick_h_, I don't think so.  Was just the clicking and dragging.15:37
* gary_poster tries to qa Makyo's branch again15:37
rick_h_ok, want me to reply in the CR or you cool here15:37
Makyorick_h_, Go ahead and reply just for completeness' sake.15:38
rick_h_Makyo: rgr15:38
rick_h_Makyo: what do you think of working to setup a Y.log console if something is set in the url or something? and dumping out some event/trace useful for debugging when we qa something?15:40
rick_h_hatch: gary_poster ^15:40
gary_posterThere was something bad about Y.log15:40
* gary_poster hopes someone else remembers15:40
MakyoLogging objects and logging multiple arguments.15:40
hatchit doesn't tell you where its being logged from15:40
hatchyou can log objects and multiple args just fine15:41
hatchbut I think rick is talkign about YUI debug messages15:41
frankbanrogpeppe: fwiw, I have a juju-gui instance here: https://ec2-23-22-239-162.compute-1.amazonaws.com/15:41
rick_h_yea, I want to get a console I can see in the browser to help copy/trace events and such 15:41
MakyoPreviously you had to pass an array, it wouldn't just console.log(arguments); new perhaps?15:41
rick_h_Makyo: in looking at your branch I wonder if the double event check stuff is what's breaking it now15:42
rogpeppefrankban: cool15:42
hatchhmm odd i've never ran into that issue Makyo15:42
rick_h_Makyo: but to verify that I'd want to console.log each event and see if it logged15:42
Makyorick_h_, Yeah, I think so, which has me miffed that the two browsers are so inconsistent.  I don't want to do browser detection.15:43
hatchisn't the Ubuntu browser still like pre-alpha?15:43
rick_h_Makyo: right, but I can't easily verify without setting up adb, adding the consoles, understanding the code/etc a lot more. So wonder if for QA'ing you could add some debug/trace, ask for a QA, and we could report back some debug info as part of the QA 15:43
hatchso it will come up as time goes on I would guess15:43
frankbanrogpeppe: quantal bootstrap node, fake tools. Just reproduced the CharmInfo error deploying cs:precise/wordpress-1115:43
gary_posterMakyo, svg does not render, maybe only when I first log in?15:44
gary_posterI only see status circles15:44
gary_poster(I know that is not what this branch is about, just reporting :-) )15:45
Makyorick_h_, yeah, I'll try for that in the future, or at least something like it, so long as it doesn't take up too much time (have to send the tablet out thursday morning)15:45
rick_h_Makyo: oh, :(15:45
rick_h_Makyo: hmm, so what's the long term plan for this then? I'd assumed we'd be doing this tracking/testing for a while yet15:45
rogpeppehmm, here's a potential problem15:45
Makyogary_poster, the rest are assets that are downloaded, and may take a second to populate the app cache.15:45
Makyorick_h_, I'll get the tablet back the week after, I believe, so we can still track, It's just this week is a little tight.15:46
rogpeppewhat password-oriented hash algorithms does javascript have available15:46
rick_h_Makyo: ah, rgr15:46
rogpeppecurrently we use pbkdf215:46
rogpeppebut the client needs to calculate it before sending to the server15:46
rogpeppeand if there's no implementation in js, we'll need to choose another one15:47
gary_posterrogpeppe, hm, interesting.  Makyo or hatch, do you know anything?  Google gives me https://code.google.com/p/crypto-js/15:48
rogpeppehmm, looks like there are a few implementations15:48
rogpeppegary_poster: and http://anandam.name/pbkdf2/15:48
* hatch pokes head in15:48
gary_posterah yes rogpeppe 15:48
m_3gary_poster: no, flushing isn't enough15:49
m_3gary_poster: it looks like jujucharms.com is incorrectly keying off of the owners :(15:50
gary_posterm_3, oh ok :-/15:50
rogpeppegary_poster: they both look plausible15:50
m_3it might pick it up if we could delete the ~charmers branch15:50
hatchgary rogpeppe yes I have used crypto-js but only on node15:50
m_3but it's probably an actual jujucharms.com bug15:50
gary_posterthe anandam seems to work fine in chrome15:51
gary_posterMakyo, guichat for a sec to help me qa?15:51
rick_h_droidm_3 what's this about juju charms. com bug? 15:51
gary_posterm_3, ok.  yeah, rick_h_ will be on the team that might be able to fix it, but they might be swamped.15:52
Makyogary_poster, brt15:52
m_3rick_h_droid: jujucharms.com/charms/precise/juju-gui should point to the same thing lp:charms/juju-gui does (i.e., owned by ~juju-gui, and not ~charmers)15:52
frankbanrogpeppe: just update the MP in https://codereview.appspot.com/8566043/15:52
m_3rick_h_droid: but I'll file it as an actual bug15:52
gary_posterrogpeppe, what's the configuration we need with pbkdf2 to work with what you have now?15:53
rogpeppegary_poster: the implementation is in trivial/password.go15:53
rogpeppegary_poster: the salt is []byte{0x75, 0x82, 0x81, 0xca}15:53
rick_h_droidm_3 we've checked and been told time and time again that "reviewed"  == owned by charmers 15:53
m_3rick_h_droid: yeah, I know... there's a huge disconnect there15:54
m_3hazmat: ^^15:54
m_3it's tips15:54
rogpeppegary_poster: 8192 iterations, 18 bytes, using sha512, encoded as base6415:54
rick_h_droidm_3 ugh sadness. 15:55
rogpeppegary_poster: hmm, 8192 iterations takes a long time in js15:55
m_3rick_h_droid: yeah, it's probably a "list" thing15:55
rogpeppegary_poster: like, 5 seconds15:56
rick_h_droidm_3 so what is the bit of data that says "this is reviewed and the approved root charm"? 15:56
gary_posterrogpeppe, yeah, duped, 6 seconds here15:56
gary_poster5 that time15:56
m_3gary_poster: sorry, so let me know if jujucharms.com pointing to the wrong place is a problem... the store was deploying the correct (~juju-gui) branch, so that's definitive imo15:56
m_3rick_h_droid: lp:charms/juju-gui in launchpad atm15:56
gary_posterm_3 so that means that juju deploy juju-gui deploys ~juju-gui, even though jujucharms.com says otherwise, right?15:57
m_3rick_h_droid:  but kapil and I have to figure that out before you act on anything15:57
m_3gary_poster: correct15:57
m_3(it had your no-op iirc)15:57
rick_h_droidm_3 right but in general how juju charms. com is to determine this correctly? 15:57
* m_3 checks again just to make sure15:57
m_3rick_h_droid: lemme look... it's launchpadlib15:58
rick_h_droidm_3 can you expand on that in the ticket you file? 15:58
gary_posterjujugui call in 115:59
gary_posterthanks m_315:59
m_3rick_h_droid: lp_charm.setBranch(branch=charm_branch, pocket=OFFICIAL_BRANCH_POCKET)15:59
m_3rick_h_droid: but sure15:59
rogpeppegary_poster: it takes 60ms in go...15:59
gary_posterack rogpeppe, I don't think golang on metal and js on the browser is a fair fight :-)16:00
rogpeppegary_poster: no indeed, but it's difficult to know where to make the compromise. we're using this alg to make it difficult to crack the password on bare metal16:01
rogpeppegary_poster: the up-side is that i've got it to produce a matching result to the Go version16:04
rogpeppegary_poster: by changing the go version to use sha1 as a hash and an ascii salt16:04
gary_poster(sorry on call)16:11
rick_h_m_3: right, that's 'setting' the official branch from what I'm trying to see is when jujucharms.com injests the info about a charm what's our indicator that *this* is the official charm to use 16:13
rogpeppefrankban: reviewed16:23
frankbanrogpeppe: thanks!16:24
frankbanrogpeppe: can I consider this a +2?16:24
hatchgary_poster: do you have a minute to help me with this bug? I found out why it's happening but I don't know the best approach to solve it16:24
rogpeppefrankban: yeah, i reckon16:25
m_3gary_poster: just verified the store deploys the branch tip (i.e., ~juju-gui owned)... jujucharms.com is wrong 2-to-1 :)16:37
gary_posterm_3, heh, cool thank you16:37
gary_posterhatch, on call but will ping16:37
gary_posterrogpeppe, likewise :-) curious to see what you suggest16:37
hatchgary_poster: alright - I fixed it but I am looking for some insight so I'll propose and you can review when you have a moment16:38
hatchyes...I made it under 800ln diff16:47
hatchif just barely ;)16:47
hatchbcsaller: could I get a review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8578043/  please16:48
bcsallerhatch: of course16:48
hatchit's a big one but a lot of tests16:48
bacbenji: review my blocking branch?  it turns out to be not much: https://codereview.appspot.com/857904316:59
benjibac: sure17:00
hatchanyone else need any reviews?17:01
hatchbac: review done17:01
bachatch: that's a very passive aggressive review17:02
hatchlol that wasn't my intentioni17:03
hatchI even put a smiley face17:03
hatchmaybe it should have been a winkyfave?17:03
hatchwinky face17:03
bachatch: was it a land-as-is or an add a test?17:03
hatchwell do you think it needs a test?17:04
hatchI was just wondering how something so dramatic could be changed but it not fail any tests17:04
hatchknow what i mean?17:05
baci think a test would be appropriate.  i'm not disagreeing with that.  :)  i was just noting the confusion.17:07
hatchohh ok - /me levels up his review descriptions17:08
bacno how to craft such a test might be interesting17:09
hatchhaha yeah that I'm at a loss of as well :)17:09
gary_posterrogpeppe, thoughts on the login?  that's pretty critical.  is this not over an encrypted channel already?17:11
gary_posterthe hash is double encryption afaict17:11
hatchare you talking about hashing the pw before sending it over the wire? (I have no idea of the backstory :) )17:12
gary_posterhatch yes17:12
rogpeppegary_poster: the point of the hash is because the admin password gets sent over in the cloudinit script17:12
rogpeppegary_poster: but...17:12
gary_posterrogpeppe, can't we send over the real password, and go hashes and compares it?17:13
rogpeppegary_poster: well, i'll explain the rationale first17:13
bacbenji: you did it too!17:13
rogpeppegary_poster: if we send over the real password, then the real password remains around to see for anyone that is allowed to ssh into the bootstrap machine17:13
gary_posterrogpeppe, in memory?17:13
bacso we're in agreement that we wish it had a test.17:13
benjiI did esplicitly say "land-as-is" though. :)17:13
rogpeppegary_poster: on a web address17:13
rogpeppegary_poster: (you can always retrieve the cloudinit data on a machine)17:14
gary_posterrogpeppe, no, that's not what I meamn17:14
rogpeppegary_poster: (from that machine only, though, i think)17:14
gary_posterrogpeppe scenario is this:17:14
gary_posterpassword hash is sent to cloudinit17:14
bacbenji: few of those app callbacks are tested.  i'll land now and think about a test after lunch when i can concentrate better.17:15
hatchgood with me17:15
gary_posterfor API, we send *real* password.  juju hashes it, and compares the hash against the one it received from cloudint17:15
gary_posterwe don't need to hash on the browser over an encrypted channel, and hash can be kept in sync on juju side17:15
gary_posterIOW, no change to current cloudinit behavior17:16
gary_posterrogpeppe, done17:17
* bac lunches and thinks deeply about tests17:17
gary_posterbcsaller, I had some thoughts on the charm but they might be idle or too late or...who knows.  Any way, I was thinking it would be nice if we could use the arbitrary tarball functionality to also let us point to CDNs.  I was thinking that we would have a configuration for specifying a tarball folder17:18
gary_posterthe tarball folder would be expected to hold releases following the same naming conventions as our releases17:19
hatchoh btw I can't move onto the remove-relation until the add-relation branch lands17:19
gary_posterso you would specify the URL of the tarball folder17:19
bcsallerhatch: you can branch off it if you're willing to forward merge review changes17:19
gary_posterand then you would specify a version the way you do now17:19
gary_posterand then it would work17:19
bcsallergary_poster: sounds good, but I'd have to look at that code more deeply to make informed comment17:19
hatchbcsaller: won't that totally screw up the diff for it's review?17:20
hatchas it's parent won't be trunk17:20
gary_posterbcsaller, would be happy to talk through if you'd like.  hatch, you need another review?17:20
bcsallerhatch: lbox propose -for lp:juju-gui will fix that down the line17:20
hatchgary_poster: yeah https://codereview.appspot.com/8578043/17:20
rogpeppegary_poster: you're right, i think. that approach couldn't work for the mongo connection, but can work for the API connection.17:20
hatchsorry it's a big one :)17:20
hatchbcsaller: ahh17:21
gary_postercool rogpeppe 17:21
gary_posterhatch, ok on it17:21
hatchgary_poster: thanks - can you pay special attention to my modification in test/utils.js as it's functionality has now completely changed17:21
hatchit being the fake charmstore17:22
gary_posterhatch, cool! that's actually what I wanted it to do when I wrote it, but I didn't need it at the time. :-)  looks good17:22
hatchok excellent :)17:23
gary_posterhatch, why don't we subclass instead of monkeypatching though?17:23
hatchI've got nothing.... that's a better idea17:24
gary_poster:-) ok cool, will put in review17:25
rogpeppegary_poster: i'm not *entirely* sure it's a good idea to send the password in plaintext, even over an encrypted channel17:31
rogpeppeoops, i wanted to delete that line17:31
rogpeppegary_poster: ignore, please17:31
gary_posterok rogpeppe :-)17:31
hatch /gobackintime delete17:31
gary_posterwait, was someone talking?17:32
rogpeppegary_poster: what i was *actually* trying to say is that we'll need a change to juju-core, because currently you create call AddUser with a password, and that stores the hash of the password in the state. i think we'll need a way of adding a new user with the already hashed password.17:33
gary_posterI see17:33
gary_postereasy, and hopefully not contentious? :-)17:33
gary_posterthe number of times I've seen the japanese singer yui in google searches is funny17:34
gary_posterooh, I have spotify!17:35
* gary_poster discovers what yui sounds like17:35
rogpeppegary_poster: spotify is awesome17:35
rogpeppegary_poster: this was the weirdest thing i heard today: http://open.spotify.com/track/2k3CKmu9LND5bwi2ENnhog17:36
hatchno spotify in Canada :(17:36
gary_posterrogpeppe, lol that's awesome! musically adventurous klezmer, or something like that!17:37
gary_postersadly yui's music is not my thing17:37
rogpeppegary_poster: unclassifiable!17:38
gary_postermy favorite17:38
hatchholy! a passing CI test17:38
* hatch goes to buy a lottery ticket17:38
hatchyeah...I went there :P17:38
rick_h_hatch: buy one for me!17:39
rogpeppegary_poster: i found it by clicking musician links from a scandi folk/experimental band17:39
gary_posterrogpeppe, reminds me of some contemporary classical composer that I'm having trouble remembering...17:40
rogpeppegary_poster: this was the band i got to it from (i actually saw them when we were in copenhagen - a friend was depping for them on the piano) http://open.spotify.com/album/4PkoB95HnTBDomlhoQJVxi17:41
gary_posterthat's pretty good, rogpeppe .  fwiw composer was kernis http://open.spotify.com/track/6eYyd2wDS6AwCfQvJdC7aG (I love his musica celestis string quartet fwiw)17:44
hatchand there goes the CI, I knew I spoke too soon17:45
rogpeppegary_poster: cool.17:46
rogpeppegary_poster: that goes into my "to listen to" list17:46
gary_postercool, yours too17:46
rogpeppegary_poster: which has everything that i happen to hear or hear about that sounds awesome17:47
rogpeppegary_poster: too much to listen to: spotify:user:rogpeppe:playlist:7KEnRbQD0KNXdI4AE2f9OG17:47
gary_posterrogpeppe, that's eclectic!  I like it!17:48
rogpeppegary_poster: i generally exclude classical and heavy metal into other playlists 'cos they don't work well when played on random17:48
gary_postercan see that17:48
hatchbcsaller: I don't understand two comments in fakebackend.js "point of consideration" and "directly asserting these code paths"17:48
hatchcan you elaborate a bit17:48
rogpeppei've reached eod here. g'night all. authentication enabled tomorrow...17:54
rogpeppegary_poster: see ya17:54
bcsallerhatch: the pyjuju code doesn't mutate the stored charms to test juju-info, its added when asking the mayReleateTo question17:54
gary_postercool rogpeppe have a good night17:54
bcsallerhatch: as for 'directly' I mean invoke and test the fakebackend w/o involving the sandbox, call the methods directly as unittests to be sure they work in isolation17:54
bcsallerhatch: for a branch of that side to add nothing to test_fakebackend was scary :)17:55
gary_poster+1 on specific tests to test_fakebackend17:56
gary_postersandbox tests should be reserved to the code specific to that integration, in a perfect world17:56
hatchalright will do17:57
bcsallerI don't always get that divide correct either, but zero is an easy one :)17:57
hatchyeah I'll add direct unit tests although I don't think that anything other than 'charm:interface' is supported17:58
hatchas far as the inferred relation is concerned17:59
hatchat least I didn't find anything in the UI that would send that type of data17:59
hatchor is that a feature of the pyjuju backend that I didn't notice?18:00
bcsallerhatch: the cli works that way so someone missed it18:01
* gary_poster doesn't know what hatch is talking about. he just would prefer most tests to be for fakebackend, when possible18:01
hatchbcsaller: alright I'll add that functionality as it will fail right now18:02
hatchand yes gary I'll add tests to the fakebackend :D18:02
gary_poster:-) thank you18:03
MakyoDang, missed the music talk.18:05
gary_posterhatch, great work.  Lot's of comments.  Lemme know if you have any questions, and if you doubt what I said please do double check with Ben18:17
hatchthanks I'll read now18:18
* gary_poster needs some lunch. breaking now18:18
gary_posterLots of tests, I should say. :-P18:18
gary_posterI mean Lots of comments.  Maybe some lunch and a nap too :-P18:18
jcsackettgary_poster: the code killing the scrollview-ie/slider stuff has landed.18:32
jcsackett(since you were asking this morning)18:33
rogpeppegary_poster: what do you see when you go to https://ec2-54-234-173-151.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ and log in?19:04
hatchjujugui has anyone ever run into the cli tests just stopping before completing? I have ran into it a number of times today and just wondering if it's something with mocha or my system19:05
rogpeppehatch: could you have a look too, please?19:05
hatchrogpeppe: NSFW? :P19:05
gary_posterrogpeppe, nothing19:05
benjihatch: does it ever time out or is it a total freeze?19:05
gary_posterI mean, no services19:05
rogpeppegary_poster: right, that's weird19:05
gary_posteragree, it should show gui at least19:05
benji(we have seen timeouts recently, at the sprint and just after; we raised the timout and they went away)19:05
hatchno services here either19:06
hatchUncaught Developers must initialize charms with a well-formed id. service.js:83219:06
hatchbenji: it ust stops, doesn't hang, just goes back to the prompt19:06
hatchso it's timing out?19:06
rogpeppegary_poster: i ran jujuwatch on the API server and saw this, which looks ok (although i haven't looked in detail) : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5693311/19:07
benjiI can't remember for sure, but that may be timing out.  I would bump the timeout and see.19:07
gary_posterrogpeppe, the error means that the charm id does not match the regex we expect19:07
rogpeppehatch, gary_poster: i was about to destroy the environment over night, but thought i'd demo carmen the fancy new GUI first19:08
rogpeppedemo effect FTW19:08
benjithe timeout is in test-server.sh, the -t option to mocha19:08
gary_poster:-) ok, two charms, lemme try runnung those through the regex19:08
gary_posterthey look fine on the face of it19:08
hatchbenji: alright I'll give that a go19:08
rogpeppeFWIW it was working on the same environment earlier19:08
rogpeppehatch: do you want me to leave the environment going?19:08
hatchrogpeppe: nope you can kill it19:09
rogpeppehatch: ok, will do, thanks19:09
hatcham I supposed to know who Carmen is?19:09
gary_posterhatch you spoke too soon :-P19:10
gary_posterthe id is not being passed to the charm19:10
hatchaww crud19:10
gary_posterit is empty19:10
hatchsorry :)19:10
gary_postercan't determine whybecause sources are gone19:11
gary_posterwe can repro easily enough, I suspect19:11
gary_posterjcsackett, awesome thank you.  I'll see if I can land my branch now...19:11
gary_posterhatch, all tests pass in the testclean branch now, after jc's removal of the slider19:16
hatchw00t w00t19:16
hazmat just removed charmers from ~juju-gui not sure why they were there.19:20
hatchman I wish we could do `[a, b] = myFunction();` in js19:20
* hatch hopes for ES6 to come soon19:21
gary_posterhazmat, they were there because m_3 requested it as part of converting the !juju-gui charm to be the official one19:21
hazmatgary_poster, thanks. i'll follow up19:21
hatchdo I get any points for making code lines exactly 80chars?19:23
gary_poster80 points, hatch!19:23
hatchthe grader is making a mess of my block spreading the snow out to melt faster19:25
gary_posterwhat is this "snow" of which you speak?19:25
hatchhaha - 4ft pile of white stuff on my lawn after 2 weeks of melt19:27
hatchthis year we got a huge amount of snow - so many peoples houses are getting flooded19:29
hatchI learnt many years ago to shovel the snow away from the house/garage come spring19:29
hatchit's a ton of work, but a lot less work than replacing walls/carpet19:29
gary_posteryeah, I bet :-(19:30
gary_posterreview request for branch that makes our tests more robust, from me and hatch.  paired branch, so we only need one reviewer :-) https://codereview.appspot.com/858004619:32
gary_posterfrom hatch and me, I hasten to add, lest my children hear me speak ungrammatically19:32
hatchisn't it "from hatch and i"19:33
gary_posterfrom me19:33
gary_posterso "from hatch and me"19:33
gary_postermy parents were English teachers, can you tell?19:33
hatchhaha - I'll accept that you're probably right but I was sure that would be 'I' instead of 'me'19:34
hatch12 comments down....13 more to go19:37
hatchthen onto tests :P19:37
gary_poster:-) thank you19:37
hatchthe reviews were good so I'm not complaining19:37
hatchnothing in there that doesn't make it better code19:38
hatchso happy to do it :)19:38
hatchI also just found the 'Done' button19:39
hatchbcsaller: can you weigh in on the possibility of having a charm relate to itself?19:42
gary_posterhatch you mean a service relate to itself I think, but kinda the same19:44
gary_postersimilar anyway :-)19:45
hatcher yes19:45
hatch 546       if (epAData.name === epBData.name) {19:45
hatch 547         return {error: 'Endpoints must be different.'};19:45
hatchfor your comment on that check19:45
gary_posteryeah, thank you19:45
gary_posterThank you for the review Makyo :-)19:48
Makyogary_poster, np.  Finishing up testing and such on the touch branch now that it's up to date with trunk.  Should I merge it with one LGTM and a bug about android?19:48
gary_posterMakyo...sure. :-)19:49
Makyogary_poster, alright. Just want to see what else I can get to before ODS.19:50
gary_posteryes, +119:50
hatchgary_poster: we should probably have a card for Friday to educate the others on the changes in the testclean branch19:50
gary_posterhatch +119:51
gary_posterand a quick blog post or email or something' will do19:51
gary_posterlooks like our landscape integration is gebroken on trunk :-(19:51
hatchcard made19:52
gary_posterthanks hatch19:53
gary_posterunexposing does not update environment properly either :-(19:54
hatchlol gary_poster I love the "when Canonistack isn't doing that for us" comment20:16
hatchI lol'd20:16
gary_postermm, the "juju" was an aborted comment from before :-P20:17
gary_postercomputer is being weird, so restarting20:32
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
hatchbac: lol best review comment20:44
bachatch: it was truthful20:45
gary_postertwo greens in a row on CI.  what is the world coming to?20:51
hatchbcsaller: you back yet?20:53
hatchgary_poster: I'd be interested to see if our changes stop those retries from happening20:53
gary_posterme too20:54
benjislightly more picky yuidoc linter is in, along with the 700 line diff to shut it up; the real monster is commented out pending our fight^Wdiscussion Friday20:54
gary_posterwe have a nice setAnnotations method that nobody is using...20:54
gary_posteroh wait yes they are20:55
gary_posterin fakebackend20:55
benjiif we change our yuidoc comment style the diff will be around 5000 lines, but will be pretty easy to generate programmatically20:56
hatchI think it looks better without the *'s20:57
* gary_poster too20:58
* gary_poster should be quieter :-P20:58
hatchhaha it's ok I think we are all way to oppinionated to be swayed that easily :P20:58
benjiI think it looks better with them.  I think it works better without them (indentation is sainer and less fiddly hand-editing when wrapping, fixing conflicts, etc.)20:59
gary_posterheh yeah, hatch20:59
hatchhaha benji it sounds like you are torn inside about it20:59
benjiheh; not really, I'm on team function not team form21:00
gary_posterargh!!!! chromeis not making me happy21:00
benji"chromies" are friends who are made out of metal21:01
* benji updates his Guide to Made Up Etemology21:03
* benji also updates his Guide to Speling Words Almost Correctly21:04
gary_posterok, who is going to join me in guichat and prevent me from cursing at chrome21:05
gary_posterideally by helping me figure out what the heck is going on :-P21:05
benjigary_poster: I have a minute.21:06
gary_posterthanks, joining21:06
gary_posterI is here21:10
gary_posterand in guichat, benji21:10
benjigary_poster: I think I'm there too.  :) let me check21:10
hatchI think we need a combined but not minified version of prod21:21
hatchso when we get prod only errors we can debug them21:21
gary_posterhatch we have sourcemap21:30
hatchI just threw in debugger statements21:30
hatchsomehow I managed to break Y.juju.Charmstore21:32
gary_posterMakyo, do yoy happen to know why we have to convert annotation keys from hyphens to underlines>?21:33
gary_postermust run but that's source of landscape bug21:33
Makyogary_poster, I think that's a question for frankban. I don't know that we need to.21:34
MakyoFinally!  NB, guihelp, must make clean for test-prod to pass, with a recent merge.21:48
hatchoh yeah....woops we forgot to mention21:48
hatchblame gary cuz he is away and can't defend himself21:48
MakyoI'll blame myself for not thinking to try that sooner :)21:49
hatchit's ok, I Just spent 10 minutes trying to track down a bug which was actually me thinking I Had merged in our test fixes but I hadn't21:49
hatchMakyo: are you familiar with how the relationship code is supposed to function?21:56
Makyohatch, here and there, yeah.  The drawing code, at least.21:56
hatchalright I'm actually trying to figure out how to implement the juju-info implicit relation stuff21:57
hatchknow anything about that?21:57
MakyoAlas, no.   At least, I've not heard of it before.21:58
hatchalright np I'll wait for Ben to come back as this stuff has way to many conditionals that aren't spelled out very well22:00
bcsallerhatch: oops, did I miss something?22:01
bcsallerhatch: ahh, something related to itself is a peer relationship22:01
hatchyeah I remembered that after a while :)22:02
hatchso I removed that check22:02
hatchbut the thing that doesn't make any sense are the Inferred relations22:02
hatchhow is that even allowed?22:02
hatchtwo charms could relate on multiple levels22:02
hatchso not requirng the interface is just asking for complications22:02
bcsallerthat happens all the time, we have code to allow for the resolution of ambiguous relations 22:03
hatchhow does it know what to pick?22:03
bcsallerthere is a menu that pops up when its possible to relate on more than one interface22:03
bcsalleryou have to pick or be more specific 22:03
hatchoh...I've never seen this22:03
bcsalleron the cli we list the options and they have to add :whatever22:03
hatchthat will have to be implemented into this backend too22:03
bcsallerin the gui we pop up a menu22:03
MakyoOh, I see what you mean.22:04
hatchok I think that we need to cut the features of this branch down so it can be landed22:05
hatchadding support for inferred relations is going to be a whole other amount of work I'm thinking22:06
hatchoh that's already handled by the GUI22:07
hatchthat's not a backend thing22:07
hatchunless the backend needs to support it as well22:07
hatchbcsaller: can two charms neither of which aren't subordinates have a juju-info relation?22:19
bcsallerhatch: they could. for example a monitoring tool might not need filesystem level access22:26
hatchok so if they have no matches on any interface the default is to match them on juju-info?22:27
hatchso assuming `juju add-realtion foo bar`22:28
hatchand foo and bar have no shared interfaces22:28
hatchand neither are subordinates22:28
hatchare they automatically connected on the juju-info?22:28
hatchor do at least one of them have to require it?22:29
Makyohatch, I think they are automatically connected if the relation isn't ambiguous (that is, there is only one possible relation type)22:29
rick_h_droidsinzui can you invite me to the hangout please? I'm on mobile 22:29
hatchMakyo: well the issue is that we automagically add juju-info regardless22:30
hatchand those rules aren't specified....at least not in enough detail22:30
hatchif I'm reading the docs correctly22:31
hatchwe are only supposed to implicitly add it to the 'provides' so at least one of them needs it in their 'requires'22:31
Makyohatch, ooh, yeah...wandering out of familiar territory for me.22:32
MakyoIs it able to make up its own branch?22:32
hatchMakyo: it depends on how deep the rabit hole goes :D22:32
* hatch doesn't like automagic code22:33
MakyoWell, FWIW, I'm all for landable branches.  If there's a way to separate this, I think another card would be fine.22:33
hatchwell I'm still writing some tests so I'm not blocked yet :)22:34
MakyoIf you hit blocked status, I say re-evaluate.22:35
MakyoIt's James' birthday, so I'm going to run to the store real quick and grab flowers and such.  Will be back in a few.22:35
hatchthat was quick23:05
rick_h_went out back and cut the tulips coming out of the ground I bet 23:06
MakyoHaha, nah, store just down the road.  Flowers, cream for the pasta sauce, stuff for drinks, and dog food (unrelated)23:09
MakyoHe can have the dogfood, then, I'll take the pasta in mushroom sauce :)23:10
MakyoWith truffle oil, if I can figure out how much.23:10
hatchI don't even know what truffle oil is23:11
hatchI thought truffles were mushrooms23:11
MakyoCheaper than truffles, that's for sure.23:11
MakyoJust olive oil that's had truffles soaked in it.23:12
MakyoStill really strong.23:12
hatchohhh gotcha - I don't think I have ever had it23:12
hatch:/ these tests are still stopping part of the way through23:15
rick_h_hatch: does yui have any date helpers. Seems stupid I can't get a month name for a date :/23:16
rick_h_ooh, Date.format23:16
hatchrick_h_ Date.format23:16
hatchI think it's also allows internationalization23:16
rick_h_hmm, must be why it wants an obj second param vs just a string23:18
rick_h_fugly api23:18
hatchbcsaller: gary_poster I have to take off but I wanted to propose my changes in hopes that I could land it as an intermediary branch and then implement the inferred interface stuff in the morning23:21
bcsallerhatch: cool, I can take a peek later 23:22
hatchI'll be on in a few hours but untill then, have a good night everyone23:23
rick_h_see ya hatch 23:25

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