JoseeAntonioRHello! I'd like to know if you can help me with a security issue01:40
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wgrantJoseeAntonioR: What sort of security issue?01:59
wgrantIn what?02:00
JoseeAntonioRwgrant: got it sorted with IS, I got an unwanted password reset email02:00
JoseeAntonioRthanks anyways!02:01
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xnoxczajkowski: thanks for sending confused armhf developer our way ;-)09:43
czajkowskixnox: it's what wgrant said to do, it's not our area.09:44
xnoxczajkowski: =)))) yeah, we don't do random builds for randomers on distro builders ;-) he simply wants his fix reviewed and sponsored into the archive. So total #ubuntu-devel ;-)09:45
czajkowskiyup which we dont do either.09:47
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heraclidehello :) does someone knows if it's possible to recover an account which I don't have anymore access to the associated email ?13:54
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czajkowskiheraclide: yes just file an answer with all the detail in it14:00
czajkowskiwhen it was created what it was used for, the email address assciated with it14:01
czajkowskiand it will get looked at i14:01
heraclidethx a lot :)14:01
heraclideerm .. the thing is, to file an answer, i have to create another account, right ? :)14:02
czajkowskiheraclide: you can also mail us help@launchpad.net14:03
heraclideah ok thx :)14:03
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marvin24how long does it take to delete packages from a private ppa?16:27
marvin24I also like to delete superseded packages, but they are not shown "delete packages" menu16:28
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jonrafkinddid the build system on launchpad somehow change today? now this command is failing 'dh_install -pracket-common  -X"i386-" "linux" -Xmzdyn3m.o' with the error 'cp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/linux': No such file or directory'17:16
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niemeyerI'm having wild misbehavior for bzr pushes.. any known issues there?18:58
niemeyer% bzr push lp:~niemeyer/juju-core/publish-local-tests18:59
niemeyerNo new revisions or tags to push.18:59
niemeyerhttps://code.launchpad.net/~niemeyer/juju-core/publish-local-tests => This branch has not been pushed to yet.18:59
niemeyerHmm.. I'll try to delete the branch in Launchpad and recreate it18:59
niemeyerYes, that worksed19:07
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