bigjoolsroaksoax: fwiw I am getting apparmor problems with dhcp on quantal using the dailybuild package, is this known?02:39
roaksoaxbigjools: no tomy knowledge. what kind of error?02:40
bigjoolsroaksoax: Apr  9 12:35:44 maas dhcpd: Open a socket for LPF: Permission denied02:41
bigjoolsApr  9 12:35:44 maas kernel: [ 1194.554101] type=1400 audit(1365474944.338:53): appar02:41
bigjoolsmor="DENIED" operation="create" parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/dhcpd" pid=3444 comm="dhc02:41
bigjoolspd" family="packet" sock_type="raw" protocol=76802:41
roaksoaxbigjools: has packaging changed in upstream? cause trunk should have all of the fixes that were made for qusntal02:42
bigjoolsroaksoax: dunno - this is a build from a month ago02:42
bigjoolsroaksoax: the daily ppa is a mess of versions02:42
bigjoolscould do with an overhaul02:43
roaksoaxbigjools: thats weird02:43
bigjoolsanyway, testing the experimental Go-juju provider02:43
roaksoaxbigjools: i have not sern those issues running raring nor the sru prepared package02:43
bigjoolsroaksoax: I suspect the package itself is screwed, I don't trust them any more because of so many version problems (upload fail with duped files)02:45
bigjoolsthis makes me sad02:45
bigjoolsroaksoax: commissioning and enlistment are taking *ages* now... :/04:51
TheChistoso_i can't get the MAAS notice "The region controller does not know whether any boot images have been imported yet. If this message does not disappear in 5 minutes..." to go away07:32
TheChistoso_where are these logs I'm supposed to inspect?07:32
TheChistoso_anybody here?07:53
roaksoaxbigjools: i think I know why that is.. and I already have a fix for it13:26
roaksoaxallenap: howdy!! So FPI is mostly done, I do, however, have a question for you13:46
roaksoaxallenap: check https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/maas/trunk-fpi/+merge/152039 and look at line 70713:46
roaksoaxallenap: how do you think we should approach obtaining the interface in order to obtain the IP when there are no managed networks?13:46
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allenaproaksoax: I can't think of a better way than that. Do you have anything in mind?14:05
roaksoaxallenap: no idea.. wsa trying to think of a way but other than obtaining the first one, there doesn'y seem to be much of a solution14:08
allenaproaksoax: Stick with that for now then.14:10
roaksoaxallenap: will do, thanks!14:16
bigjoolsroaksoax: would be be in the ipmi detection by any chance?22:50
bigjoolss/be be/it be/22:50
roaksoaxbigjools: were you using a branch with the new ipmi detection?22:52
roaksoaxbigjools: or did you enable the IPMI params?22:53
bigjoolsroaksoax: argh, sorry, desktop problems.  my mouse keeps disconnecting itself and replugging doesn't work, I need to reboot.23:10
bigjoolsanyway, it is slow with or without ipmi params enabled23:10
roaksoaxbigjools: have you grabbed any logs? (such as cloud init ones?)23:12
roaksoaxbigjools: while i have runned into slow ipmi detection myself, Its for network issues as my network setup is a strange one23:13
bigjoolsroaksoax: not yet, fighting maas23:14
bigjoolsand I need the backdoor image... grar23:14
roaksoaxbigjools: re on your re-writing thing.. I agree. I wanted to separate the ipmi detection on a separate package/binary... however, the particular bug that's been fixed there is a bug that was targetted for 1.2 and has been there for a long time23:21
roaksoaxand the only thing that caused is longer time on enlistment/commissioning for trying to discover ipmi23:21
bigjoolsroaksoax: only longer on VMs though?23:25
bigjoolsit takes about 10 minutes to complete on the HP microservers now23:25
roaksoaxbigjools: with today's fix, it should not even try to detect ipmi in VM's23:26
roaksoaxbigjools: and that's weird, I have my microservers here working just fine23:27
roaksoaxbigjools: they were taking longer than usual only because of my network setup23:27
bigjoolsroaksoax: I suspect my maas is screwed up, I had to downgrade because of the crazy package versioning and it may have gone wrong23:27
bigjoolsI will reinstall23:27
roaksoaxbigjools: ok23:28
roaksoaxbigjools: what are you using, daily builds?23:28
roaksoaxweird then23:28
bigjoolsI previously had a home-made trunk build on quantal23:28
bigjoolsI switched to daily23:28
bigjoolsbut the south migrations in the DB was screwed23:29
roaksoaxyeah that's a likely cause of nighmare's23:29
* bigjools getting fed up of twitter follow spam23:29
roaksoaxbigjools: i'll be on and off for the next hour/2 hour so let me know your findings23:47
bigjoolsroaksoax: I'll be a while - I am upgrading the server to raring23:47

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