lee98632ok, iam back online..so wondering who can help me with a permissions error00:13
lee98632http://paste.ubuntu.com/5690593/  is the paste bin00:15
lee98632Never mind, i figured it out, but.. I an00:22
lee98632I am not sure what it is I did ...I had to "tick " 2 boxes . on was do this with all sub folders.00:24
delacseems that nautilus search defaults to Reversed (view) Order. You can change it during search, but the setting won't stick. Is this a (reported) bug?00:24
delactalking about nautilus 3.800:25
lee98632hmm no Kubuntu 13.0400:25
lee98632I wasn't able to transfer video to my videos folders nor was I able to transfer pictures and other documents.00:26
lee98632unless kubuntu is running nautlis00:28
lee98632Ah Dolphin00:29
delacyes, if you are using kubuntu, you probably dont have to worry about my problem00:29
lee98632lol, I was running ubuntu and couldnt get  thumbnsils.00:30
lee98632Well Edubuntu 13.0400:30
lee98632what is your issue?00:30
delacas I said: seems that nautilus search defaults to Reversed (view) Order. You can change it during search, but the setting won't stick. Is this a (reported) bug?00:31
delacthe reversed view order makes the search less usefull as way to quickly browse to whatever location you want00:32
lee98632eww ouch, i have not tried that00:33
lee98632i just used the regular search, didn't know about the reverse part.00:34
MneumonicIn 13.04 I am unable to adjust mouse speed.  I change the slider but it doesn't save.02:48
lee98632Hi, any one have a minute or 2, I have a bug. that has something to do with permissions.02:50
lee98632Never mind for some odd reason the thing has me listed as a "group"  and I had to have it remember me as a group..strange error though03:05
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yeahuyenhi i have a problem with the friends app, i can post to facebook but i dont get the feed,05:13
k3pl3r16yeahuyen: do you get any errors if you start the app in a terminal?05:14
k3pl3r16yeahuyen: also what is the name of the app05:15
ajovanov93the kernel is broken05:53
ajovanov93it fails to mount VFS05:53
ajovanov93at (0, 0)05:53
ajovanov93it happens only with the latest kernel05:54
ajovanov93first it said something about hd005:54
ajovanov93and unavailable to read it05:54
ajovanov93then a panic occured with the unable to mount VFS message05:54
ajovanov93ubuntu boots fine with previous versions of the kernel05:54
ajovanov93that's linux 3.8.0 - 1705:55
ajovanov93i booted with linux 3.8.0 - 1605:55
ajovanov93with no problems05:55
lordievaderGood morning07:16
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gotwighey, quick easy question: Does Ubuntu 13.04 support WPA2 Enterprise / PEAP / MSCHAPv2 / AES?08:28
gotwigI could connect easily in ubuntu 12.0408:28
gotwignow, I cant connect08:28
gotwigI have an asus zenbookUX32VD08:29
gotwigIt seems like my connection details are wrong or something like htat08:30
gotwigI am so *****ing angry : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/110447608:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1104476 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:48
alankilaI would recommend not adding 'this bug is very important to me' type messages. They do not actually help.08:52
gotwigalankila: do you want to know what I hate about ubuntu? Such stuff is now allowed to happen08:52
alankilaI know it's a lost cause because so many people already do this, but as a general rule they are useless additions that just spam involved people08:53
brendandgotwig, could you do 'ls /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/'08:53
alankilaanyway did you try to work out if you actually have the certificate authority being unofficial problem08:53
alankilathere are tweaks suggested in the bug report that could fix it if this is the issue08:53
brendandgotwig, you are using a development release. stuff is prone to break08:53
brendandgotwig, actually reading the bug report, that won't help so nevermind08:55
gotwigthere is a solution08:55
* gotwig is happy08:55
gotwigsee my latest comment08:55
alankilaagain, please do not spam the bug list. That does not add information for other people.08:56
gotwigactually its good that I noticed this bug08:56
alankilathe suggestion is already there08:56
gotwigbecause people tought that its only special08:56
gotwigto the specific unitversity site thing08:56
brendandgotwig, which file was that line in?08:56
gotwigbut it isn't, its everywhere, and I proofed that08:56
gotwigbrendand: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections08:57
gotwigbrendand: you know, there comes a dialog that asks you for the certificate. I pressed ignore, but it still did this weird thing and added the line to the profile08:58
brendandgotwig, that's a directory, which file was it in? or was that the name of the file?08:58
gotwigbrendand: every network profile08:58
gotwigbrendand: with the specified settings08:59
brendandgotwig, can you paste the contents of one of the files to the bug? censor any credentials if needed09:00
gotwigbrendand: sure09:00
gotwigbrendand: how should I mark the affected area?09:06
gotwigbrendand: or should I do a patch?09:06
brendandgotwig, did you attach it?09:10
brendandgotwig, let's just see the file first09:11
gotwigbrendand: finished. I gotta go. Thanks for the help09:18
brendandgotwig, don't get that with windows ;)09:19
gotwigbrendand: :D Ubuntu on my zenbook is gorgourusus you know :D09:19
gotwigits very nice, I cant describe :> now I think this is the last issue with 13.04 for my notebook09:20
brendandgotwig, just to confirm, you canceled the prompt for the certificate when requested, right?09:20
brendandgotwig, but that line got added anyway09:20
gotwigbrendand: yes, I pressed "ignore" and "dont show again"09:20
brendandgotwig, so i think this is probably a bug in network-manager-applet. this creates the connection file09:21
brendandgotwig, i will try to remember to raise this with the maintainer later on today (he is in canada)09:21
* brendand realises having bug-control membership is sometimes useful!09:22
zzecoolHello guys im getting a strange problem after the upgrade to raring everything is fine  with unity but i cant get a wallpaper . My wallpaper is a mess o corrupted images from windows i open and close  like ghosts.  no mateer if i try to change it to something else it doesnt work09:41
zzecoolAny advice will be helpfull thanks09:42
zzecooli will brb09:44
philinuxBluesKaj: I spoke too soon yesterday lol about breakage10:22
BluesKajHiyas all11:18
captinei all.  on 13.04, has anyone experienced their skype alerts and any other sound alert as sounding really scratchy?11:28
captinemusic plays fine, but the one off alerts sound terrible11:28
steveireYes. I noticed that11:31
steveireWith skype11:31
drhalaneveryone else having problems booting after the update yesterday?11:38
drhalangrub doesn't seem to find a kernel :/11:38
drhalanchecked the filesystem with chroot and everything is fine. also linux-image-generic is installed11:38
pmatulisdrhalan: time to open a bug11:40
drhalanmaybe my boot partiting is borken i dont know11:44
drhalanbut fsck doesn't complain11:44
drhalanim just happy my root filesystem still works. didn't make a backup for some time11:45
yeahuyencant access my facebook feed with the friends-app11:46
yeahuyen(foprmerly gwibber)11:46
yeahuyenheres the terminal output11:48
BluesKajdrhalan, boot partitions aren't really necessary as long the mbr is still intact12:01
BluesKajdrhalan, nvidia graphics ? , if so the new kernel module/nvidia driver fails to build . Drop to a tty and install nvidia-current12:04
drhalanBluesKaj: my kernel lies in boot12:04
drhalani have nvidia graphics but i get stuck at GRUB promt so i don't know if thats the problem12:04
BluesKajgrub rescue ?12:05
drhalanno idea what to do there12:13
drhalani am not home right now so i cannot try anything anyways12:13
BluesKajwell, if you upgraded to the new kernel version with nvidia then most likely the nvidia kernel module failed to build due to an apport/python package exclusion error.and ended up at tty prompt , altho grub menu itself seemed normal12:13
BluesKajI ended upa t a tty prompt , so the conditions are differnt alright12:14
BluesKajbut installing nvidia-current resolved the problem with X12:16
drhalanmaybe i will just chroot the filesystem again and run an apt-get upgrade12:19
* BluesKaj shrugs12:28
philinuxdrhalan: while in chroot do an update-grub12:30
drhalanphilinux: already did that but i was a bit confused becuase there was only one line output12:30
drhalandoesn it normally list the kernels?12:30
BluesKajdon't see how updating a broken kernel module is going to help , chroot or not12:31
philinuxBluesKaj: I had to reset unity to get my desktop back to normal12:32
pmatulisdrhalan: boot into an earlier kernel?12:37
BluesKajphilinux, I'm a KDE user , my trouble was with the nvidia driver module not building properly in the kernel , so we couldn't start X after the reboot , but the error showed apport/python was package missing.12:39
philinuxBluesKaj: same here except It booted to just wallpaper12:39
BluesKajdidn't get past the tty prompt login here12:40
philinuxBluesKaj: In haste I removed the new kernel and now wait for an update to fix the regression12:41
drhalanOFC my boot folder is on a sperate partition and i didn't mount it12:42
drhalanno wonder update-grub didn't find any kernels12:42
BluesKajthe older kernel was also affected by the error because the kernel update/upgrade included the '-16 '12:43
philinuxBluesKaj: well the 310 driver built ok for 1612:48
BluesKajphilinux, the 304  (nvidia-current) works well here , no complaints ..I don't have a real fancy graphics card anyway , 8400gs is a basic entry level gpu that suits my needs12:49
philinuxBluesKaj: indeed mines a 8600gt. no brill by any standards.12:51
Atlantic777What's happening after 13.04 final release? This is the first time I will be following ubuntu+1 development from start. :)12:56
BluesKajAtlantic777, what's happening , how do you mean ?12:57
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Atlantic777BluesKaj: when does it start 13.10 cycle? What's first to be done? When will some testing images be available?12:58
Atlantic777How can I test and help in the beginning?12:59
BluesKajAtlantic777, well some ppl reset their sourecs.list to the next release (13.10) whatever the name is going to be and do release upgrade almost immediately if the repos have it.13:01
BluesKajusually a few weeks go by before anything is available tho13:02
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Atlantic777When will 13.10 aproximately be usable? I have some basic needs like gcc, eventually qt, awesome wm, irssi, firefox and thunderbird. I jumped in with 13.04 about in december/january an it works great. I'm used to testing/unstable system (gentoo testing and arch worked well for me for past few years) so crashes and bugs don't bother me.13:05
Atlantic777I just need some basic packages so, when can I expect that from 13.10? Couple of months? Longer? Immidiately when it becomes available?13:06
BluesKajless then a month usually, Atlantic77713:13
Atlantic777Oh that's great! Thanks for the info. :)13:14
BluesKajI use a separate hdd for testing OSs13:15
BluesKajthat way the main OS isn't affected by muck-ups13:16
yeahuyenhaving trouble with friends-app/gwibber wont show facebook feed, here is the terminal output http://pastebin.com/ftT7cKUp14:08
genii-aroundAfter a dist-upgrade this morning I notice tty1 is available again during login, yay!14:16
alesanhey I got a new computer yesterday, should I install the prerelease of 13.4, wait for 13.4 final, or stick with 12.10?14:50
BluesKajalesan, that's up to you , but there is a nvidia driver bug atm14:53
BluesKajon 13.0414:54
alesanBluesKaj, mh I am not sure what graphic chip it has, I do not like 3D stuff so I hope it's a baseline integrated intel chip or something14:55
lordievaderGood afternoon14:56
BluesKajalesan, just run lspci | grep vga in a terminal , that will give your graphics gpu14:56
BluesKajoops VGA , it needs capitals14:58
genii-aroundalesan: If it's going to be your primary OS, I'd suggest to stick with 12.10 until after 13.04 hits official release14:59
alesanBluesKaj, well I have not installed it yet; I checked in the BIOS and it's nvidia/intel, I disabled the nvidia as gpus are useless to me, if I could disable anything about 3D I'd do it right away15:18
alesangenii-around, is there a date 13.04 is supposed to be out?15:18
genii-aroundalesan: April 25th15:19
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BluesKajalesan, disabling gpus ? ?15:23
jrralesan: a good approximation for release XX.YY is during month YY of year XX =]15:23
alesanjrr, one thing is april 9th one thing is 30th15:25
philinuxalesan: 25th https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule15:26
ubottuRaring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule15:27
* genii-around goes to clean out the coffeepot15:27
alesanphilinux, genii-around yes thanks :)15:27
fgintherhello, anyone familiar with deja-dup back ups? I keep getting a error message: "Giving up on request after 5 attempts, last status 400 Bad Request"15:46
fgintherbacking up to ubuntu 115:46
yeahuyeni get the same error15:49
DJonesUsing Friends are you finding that the Timeline is stucj in the top left of the screen without anyway to move it elsewhere on the screen15:51
yeahuyenDJones: hold down alt and click anywhere on the window to move it15:52
DJonesyeahuyen: Thanks, the top menu was stuck offscreen15:52
yeahuyenDJones: does facebook work for you?15:52
DJonesI've not tried facebook, its just got twitter on it at the minute and isn't updating, just stuck at 23 hours ago15:53
DJonesActually, online accounts doesn't have an option for twitter15:54
yeahuyenyeah, that just went away within the last couple of days, i had twitter working but i cant get any feed from facebook15:56
DJonesI've just added facebook, but its not updating the timeline for it15:56
DJonesAh, fixed, Facebook was turned off in online accounts15:57
DJonesThe Facebook Friends on/off switch was on, but the overall facebook on/off was switched off, as soon as I turned that on, it updated instantly15:58
DJonesJust need twitter back on it now :)15:59
yeahuyenyou kow whats funny? when you load up the friends-app in gnome-shell it appears on the screen like it is supposed to16:13
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mikehaas763Does the text seem too large in 13.04 for any of you?16:31
mikehaas763There is now only a large text on off switch. In 12.10 there was the ability to go small. :(16:32
jbichamikehaas763: if you install gnome-tweak-tool and go to the fonts tab, you can adjust the text scaling factor16:36
genii-aroundmikehaas763: As I understand, the projected timeline for Mir is for 14.04 LTS release16:39
lynxymay I ask about ubuntu 13.04 beta 2?16:44
lynxyDid someone signaled problems after latest updates?16:45
mikehaas763I didn't when I upgraded yesterday16:45
lynxycause mine stopped working16:45
mikehaas763what are the symptoms?16:46
lynxyAfter updating today when I came back to desktop I could not access anything16:46
lynxyit was dead16:46
mikehaas763What are you seeing anything?16:46
mikehaas763what are the behaviors now?16:47
lynxywell, now I reinstalled xubuntu 12.1016:47
lynxymaybe it was something related to video16:47
lynxycause the resolution was down to 800x600 i guess16:48
mikehaas763well, hard to say if you don't have more details of what was going on. It could have just been that something went wrong during the upggrade16:48
lynxyI will try install it again16:48
lynxythe daily build it's ok to install isn't it?16:49
mikehaas763maybe use a live cd first?16:49
lynxyI can't16:49
lynxyi have a problem with that16:49
mikehaas763well, not necessarily I would use beta 216:49
mikehaas763live usb?16:49
lynxylet me explain16:50
lynxyI can't install 12.04 and 12.10 normally, in install them in nomodeset and update from revovery to the latest nvidia drivers, 13.04 will install but when I try to open an application it will freeze to, so I need to install latest update too16:51
lynxyIt only works after changing from nouveau to latest nvidia drivers16:52
lynxyi'll give it another try now, thanks16:54
boldfilterMy unity isnt showing up just blank screen16:59
boldfilterChanged video drivers, reinstalled unity, nothing17:00
genii-aroundboldfilter: nvidia?17:05
IdleOneoh, known bug17:05
IdleOnethere was a lot of hooplah about that yesterday17:05
boldfilterAllright, as long as its known17:06
boldfilterIts fine with no effects17:06
genii-aroundboldfilter: The nvidia-current driver should work, but none of the nvidia-experimental17:07
boldfilterTrying that now17:10
boldfilterI cant get it to work17:59
boldfilterLooks like Im just going to have to wait18:00
genii-aroundboldfilter: You might also want to :   echo 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset" ' | sudo tee -a  /etc/default/grub    && sudo update-grub18:12
genii-around( to get rid of nouveau loading )18:12
genii-aroundboldfilter: Also does your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file have nvidia loading in it?18:15
SonikkuAmericaThe Lubuntu 13.04 release notes still say "This is still an ALPHA release." even though Beta 2 is out.18:22
SonikkuAmerica(This occurs when [ update-manager -cd ] is run.18:22
lynxyhi mikehaas76318:50
lynxyi've reinstalled beta2 14.0418:50
lynxyI still have the same bihaviour18:50
lynxyThe system fails after I install the latest nvidia drivers, but only after applying latest updates18:52
BluesKajlynxy, the latest kernel can'r build the nvidia module due to missing apport and python packages , the solution is to install nvidia-current to start , then some of the other drivers might work like the 313  or the 310 , but the nvidia-current 304.84 works for sure18:55
lynxyI understand, I am forced to install nvidia drivers soon after installing ubuntu anyway, because my system is freezing with nouveau drivers18:58
lynxyshould I install linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic too?18:59
BluesKajlooks like kernel patch is coming down the pipe19:05
BluesKajnouveau is a nvidia driver19:06
lynxyyes it is, but nouveau is in conflict with newer nvidia cards19:11
tekonivelHi, i'm afraid i am not properly understanding what is replacing Gwibber? Is 'friends-app' it?20:47
tekonivel...in Raring, i mean20:47
k1lsame for me20:48
k1li get twitter notifications but i dont know which app should handle that20:48
tekonivelk1l: i installed friends-app, and it looks like the screenshots of "QML Gwibber" which is saw on OMG! Ubuntu (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/revamped-gwibber-gets-shown-off)20:49
tekonivelit looks and behaves like Ubuntu Touch20:50
tekonivelmy update removed Gwibber, and also accounts-plugins-* packages, and installed friends-* packages instead20:50
allu3https://bugs.launchpad.net/hud/+bug/1165420 could someone test this?20:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1165420 in Unity HUD "Unable to access the messaging menu from HUD" [Undecided,New]20:51
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lynxyanyone installed skype 4.1 on 13.04 beta 2?21:47
lynxyanyone installed skype 4.1 on 13.04 beta 2?22:08

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