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Snarkwhen I'm on this page: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/armhf/gcc-4.7/4.7.2-23ubuntu207:08
Snarkhow do I find the list of known bugs?07:09
SnarkI might have another to report07:09
infinitySnark: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.7/+bugs07:13
Snarkinfinity: thanks, but where was the link on the page of the package?07:33
infinitySnark: From the binary package pages like that, I'm not sure there's an obvious way.07:35
infinitySnark: If you clicked the source link, then the "bugs" link at the top goes to the right place.07:37
SnarkI won't take the time to report that as a launchpad bug, but it certainly is :-P07:40
Snarkok, new bug submitted against gcc07:41
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1166628 in gcc-4.7 "New compile error on ARM" [Undecided,New]07:41
infinityI bet if you drop the whitespace in "[ r0 ]" it works.07:43
infinitySnark: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/125024108/gmp_2%3A5.0.5%2Bdfsg-2ubuntu2_2%3A5.0.5%2Bdfsg-2ubuntu3.diff.gz07:45
infinitySnark: I knew I'd seen that before. :P07:45
infinitySnark: It's a binutils bug/misfeature, but that works around it.  I uploaded that a few months ago.07:46
Snarkinfinity: uh... but it's still not included?08:06
infinitySnark: Not included in what?08:08
infinitySnark: That version of gmp has been in raring for months.08:08
Snarkthe fact that gcc cannot compile mpir 2.6.0 and upstream is annoying08:22
infinityThe upstream code could be changed for less tolerate assemblers.08:24
infinityBut, sure, binutils should also be fixed to be more liberal again, probably.08:24
Snarkthat would be nice, if you know whom to ask :-/08:26
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marvin24janimo`: I put a new 3.1 kernel to https://launchpad.net/~ac100/+archive/ppa/+packages12:47
janimo`marvin24, thanks. Does it work ok, just needs copying into the archive?12:50
janimo`marvin24, is the included changelog all that is different from the current package?12:51
marvin24janimo`: no, I had to increase the version number several times13:00
marvin24sorry, I didn't know how to combine them13:00
janimo`marvin24, np13:00
marvin24becasue launchpad doesn't like the same version twice uploaded13:00
janimo`marvin24, in the PPA I thought you can delete a package and then you can reupload. But I may be wrong13:01
marvin24maybe, deleteing the old package and uploading a new should work13:02
marvin24but maybe there is some better, official way13:02
marvin24janimo`: ok, should I just try to delete the old packages and upload a new version with combined changelog?13:04
janimo`marvin24, if you can do that in LP that would be better13:04
janimo`so that the new package is the next version and the changelog appears in one place and on the -changes mailing list13:05
marvin24how to notify the chnages ml?13:06
janimo`marvin24, that happens when the package is uploade to the main archives13:09
janimo`nothing to be done by developers13:09
janimo`and it's a mail showing the latest changelog entry13:10
janimo`so it's good to have all changes there in one place13:10
marvin24janimo`: ok, I'll try to delete the "test"-packages first13:11
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dannfppisati, infinity : fyi, i filed a few bugs w/ patches/MPs last night to get highbank support working again in d-i15:26
ogra_i think that was discussed in #ubuntu-installer ort #ubuntu-release15:27
ppisatidannf: lp?15:27
dannfah, ok15:27
* dannf isn't in those channels15:27
dannfppisati: yeah - this is the d-i MP, and has links to the other bugs: https://code.launchpad.net/~dannf/debian-installer/create-arm-generic/+merge/15780115:29
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marvin24janimo`: mmh, can't delete old packages because there are none selectable17:16
marvin24and also cannot upload old versions because they still exist17:16
blackjackwhere download iso file rapsbery for ubuntu20:08
* ogra_ points to the channel topic20:09

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