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pankajanybody there!04:25
pankajthis channel is dead04:31
kevin999anyone there who can help with a bind9 issue I have ????08:21
kevin999it's very quiet on here - can anyone suggest a better forum?08:23
blanqhey guys, im having trouble installing ubuntu 12.10, booted from cd, create partitions, when it begins to detect hardware the install crashes, BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dreference @ 00000000000a008:51
isiahhi all11:16
noob222Hi folks ... I have a question concerning a Live USB (with persistence) boot problem. Any takers?12:44
holsteinnoob222: sure.. just ask12:52
holsteini personally just dont.. i just install a normal install to a USB.. its persistent, and its a full install, with a normal user..12:52
noob222@ holstein .... I have a been booting off of the stick for a while (12.04) and it hung. So, I used REISUB to reboot. When it rebooted I got the BusyBox (initramfs) prompt. I am not sure what my next step should be. I have saved a number of files on the drive. So, I would like recover the stick if at all possible.12:58
holsteinbackup the data, and make a new stick12:58
holsteinyou should have the data backed up anyway, so go ahead and do that.... plan on the stick being broken12:58

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